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Eka Vilvam Shivarpanam By Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar

Vilva is a tree. The leaves of the tree are called vilva leaves. Lord Shiva is pleased with the prayers using vilva leaves. Bringing baskets of flowers and offering the same for the archana in the temples are the regular custom used everywhere. Lord Shiva is known for his profound gracefulness towards his devotees. He is pleased, with just only one leaf of Vilva and grants boons to his devotees. Lord Shiva kind-heartedly blesses his devotees and fulfills their ambitions. For those who need good jobs, promotions, and any development in their careers they have to worship the Lord Shiva in the form of Sukashna Moorthy. The beginning of the name is explaining the comfort and happiness. Peacefulness is at the atmosphere where Lord Shiva appears. The face is adoring with gracefulness and genorousity.

Lord Shiva is the deity with the name Pranatharthihara. True meaning for this title is the savior of his devotees. People are used to attend the prayers every day. Due to their busy moments and tight engagements, they are unable to schedule long time for prayers. So the practice to chant the Mantras is disturbed. Many of the sages have guided us to chant in a simplified form Om Shivaya Namaha.

Sukashna Moorthy to be worshipped by all the members of the family. Specifically the ladies engaged in the domestic routines. And also for those who are awaiting for good education and proper appointments. It will be helpful to the circle of profession and business. The name sukashna is

combined with Sugam and Asana. Sukam means pleasure and Ashana means the place of comfort. Asana is involved for, firm and right status of sitting. To be steady and to have positive improvement the devotees have to pray the Lord with the Manthra given above.

Lord Shiva and Lord Maha Vishnu Happened to meet each other in their avatars and incornatins. In one of the event, Hiranya Kasibu a notable demon King secured several boons from Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma was the creator of the worlds stars and universe. All kinds of living beings were also created by him. For living, one should eat food. For that purpose, the duty went to the hands of Lord Maha Vishnu. If all the living beings happen to stay permanently, then there could be no space and only the births would be filling up to cover the world. So, the destruction of all the beings were also needed. Lord Shiva accepted that job. Therefore, the creator and the accommodator and destructor were the three charges under taken by Lords Brahma Maha Vishnu and Shiva respectively.

Lord Brahma gave the boons to Hiranya Kasibu as he asked. Boon related to his life and age. His opinion was to live forever with out death and that he preferred that no one could put an end to his life, either by man or by Divine. He specified that neither in daytime nor at nighttime should the death occur to him. The condition was further claimed that it should not be through animal, birds or reptiles. In both earth and heaven, the death should not reach him. He had composed for himself all the measures in the boon and wanted to live as a sole authority for all the worlds including Divine Land.

He had restricted every one worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord MahaVishnu. He inducted his name Hiranya in the manthras and prayers. Instead Om Namo Narayana the prayer for Lord Maha Vishnu, he compelled to worship as Om Namo Hiranyaya Nama. His atrocious actions were boundless and no one lived with happiness. Lord Maha Vishnu was requested by the Divines and sages to put an end to this arrogant giant. Lord Maha Vishnu promised them to do the essential remedies. As per the proceedings, Prahalad a male child born to Hiranya Kasibu. From the beginning, that child behaved as devotee to Lord Maha Vishnu. When the boy grew, he was sent to the Gurukulam, the residing school for studies. The teacher began to teach him the manthra Om Hiranyaya Namaha.

However, the boy boldly expressed the manthra of Sri Narayana as Om Namo Narayana. The adament nature of the boy was brought to the knowledge of king Hiranya Kasibu. He punished the boy, by sending the Elephant to crush him at the soils of ground. However, the animal did no harm to him and returned. The Boy was brought inside the palace. King Hiranya asked the Boy Who is Narayan and where is he? The Boy told to his father that The Lord dwells in the pillar of palace as well in every dust surrounded.

Hiranya got angry and went near the pillar and gave a forceful kick upon the pillar. As a strange and miraculous appearance, a big body of a lion with the legs of a human came out ferociously from the pillar. It was not day or night. It was evening. The hands were four in number, the flying wheel of Maha Vishnu (Sudharshan) and the conch Pancha Janya were in the upper hands and the body was streaking ahead to the sky. It was not earth or heaven. In the mid place, the lion faced strange being lifted the king Hiranya. The stomach of Hiranya was torn and the blood was streaming down in huge quantity. The anger of the lion was not over even after killing Hiranya Kasibu. As per boon the death was not through animal or reptile. It was partially a lion with other part as man. Time was not the day or night. It was evening. Therefore, the ferocious manner of lion Faced Narsimha moorthy could not interfered by any one. The temper and mood in the victorious from Narasimha Moorthy started roaring and the sound spread over the world to face the stage of destruction. In order to save the world from danger Lord Shiva, wanted to divert the attention of Narasinga Moorthy and bring down to the observation of normalcy. Narasimha means, Nara denotes the human and simha denotes animal. Simha means lion. So, it was a combined avathar of man and animal. Lord Shiva turned as a bird with horrible beak, extended the shape to the hight of the sky, and stood before Narasimha. For a moment, the lion faced Narasimha astonished to look a very big bird with terrifying nature. Of course there took place no quarrel, but, Lord Maha Vishnu in the from of Narasimha Moorthy came down to the normalcy and attained to the atmosphere of piece. This is what needed at that juncture. The killing of the demon king was over and the Lord Narasimha Moorthi and Sarabeswara (Lord Shiva in the form of Bird) blessed the human beings and the divines. Prahalatha the son of the Demon king fell at the feet of both Lords Maha Vishnu and Lord Shiva and got their blessings.

In the world if any one is fearful to oppose a big person for a noble cause, the prayer to Sri Sarabeswara will be helpful. The proper way and plan will be blessed to the devotee who can claim for

justice and win the event. Om Sri Sarabeswaraya Namaha for prayer, one leaf of vilva will derive the purpose. Eka Vilvam Shivarpanam.

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