Analyse the significance of the Camp David agreement and the events in the Middle East up „till 1979

. In this essay I will be analysing just how significant the Camp David agreement was as well as the part events occurring in the Middle East at that time played in the Camp David Agreement. President Jimmy Carter played an extremely vital role in setting up the negotiations as well as rescuing the operation at a critical point where it seemed both parties were ready to give up. I will first be looking at the Camp David agreement as well as the events that led up to it. Then I will be looking at the main points that were made and why they were so significant. The Camp David agreement was extremely significant in that it was the first step towards peace between Israel and the Arab states. The last war which was in 1973 and had fallen on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur had resulted in Egyptian president Sadat emerging a World figure and a hero to Arabs, whilst Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir resigned a year after the cease fire was called. The Camp David agreement was led by American President Jimmy Carter and took place at Camp David. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat took the first step that inevitably led to the being an actual Camp David agreement by going to Jerusalem and presenting a speech to Israel‟s Knesset. This showed that Egypt was willing to enter into negotiations with Israel and also that Egypt would be willing to make concessions in the hope of achieving peace. This led to the condemnation of Egypt by Arab states and Palestinians. Though Sadat‟s speech was not well received by most Israelis and Begins response had been less than encouraging, the mere act of visiting Jerusalem earned Egypt and Sadat worldwide support. There were two major things that led to Sadat‟s visit to Jerusalem, he had realised that Israel could not be destroyed by sheer force and that continuously wasting Egypt‟s resources by waging fruitless wars against Israel was extremely foolish. The other reason was that Israel was experiencing economic problems due to their enormous expenditure on defence as well as the world recession at that time. This put Israel in a vulnerable position and made them more likely to agree to the concessions Egypt would be requesting. Sadat was also more confident due the UN recognising the Palestinians plight and adopting resolution 3379 which recognised “Zionism as a form of racism and racial discrimination”. Israel was also feeling more vulnerable due to the fact that they had seen they could be beaten and their appearance of invincibility had been shattered as they now knew that they could be beaten by an Arab state.

. Egypt agreeing to supply Israel with oil would further condemn Sadat in the eyes of the Arab League. Israel would now have one less enemy in the Middle East and would be able to relax their defences towards Egypt. the Camp David agreement did not achieve all the goals it set out to. The main points were as follows: The state of war that had existed between the two states since 1948 was over Israel agreed to remove its troops from the Sinai Egypt promised not to attack Israel again and to supply her with oil from southern Sinai  Israeli ships were allowed to use the Suez Canal. Unfortunately. it did however improve relations between Egypt and Israel. the treaty also led to the assassination of President Sadat by extremist Muslim soldiers in 1981and Israel refused to relinquish Golan Heights and the West Bank.    Although. the main goal being a complete sense of peace between Israel and Egypt. It was not exactly successful in that Israel did not fulfil all its promises to Egypt which was excused by the ambiguous wording of the agreement but was successful in that there was no war between Israel and an Arab state in the years following the signing if the Camp David agreement and that the first Oslo accord was signed in 1993 and had the first major breakthrough in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Both parties made concessions that they previously would not have agreed to.The Camp David agreement was extremely significant in that it was the first agreement between an Arab state and Israel. I believe the main significance of the Camp David agreement was that it led to all the other peace treaties between Israel and Arab states. The peace treaty was signed in March 1979. The treaty did however gain support for the PLO cause and condemned Israel in the eyes of the world. To conclude. who had been adversaries since 1948. The treaty was condemned by the PLO and Egypt was officially removed from the Arab League. Israel agreeing to remove its troops from the Sinai was a major concession and was the first major concession had made during the Arab-Israeli conflict. This was all made possible by the Camp David agreement which makes it extremely significant. By virtue of the treaty alone.

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