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Mercury, Clauneck, Oeilleto, Olivier, Mammon, Barhuyex, Emirex, Hamerix, Sehix, Deryx, Meyer, Deherix, Baix, Faurix to name

a few

Here's some ideas some people can use for Goetia: 1. Pick a Demon for a goal. 2. Read and really think on its original job description, and then create your o wn Demon profile That falls in line of similarity. I.e. the backstory and job description 3. Think long and hard on your will need some divination ability, and even then, taking Time out of your day and at night to meditate and utilizing your natural ability of "foresight" is useful... create different scenarios in your mind of "what if I did this or that..." etc... 4. be willing to accept consequences...or in other words come to terms with Deat h...this does. Number of things to your consciousness...including ability to cha nge...taking responsibility and the ability to move beyond morallity and obstacl es people in "normal" society generally face. 5. Take goetic sigil and do your ritual....but charge it with high frequency blu e energy...think star energy.