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3D Modelling of Cehegin Historical Drilling Data

El Coloso Longitudinal Orebody open to the West and East

El Colos Profile Orebody open at depth

During early exploration, several holes were drilled to over 200 metres in length. These holes intersected several layers of magnetite, however the original company - AHV subsequently only

concentrated on only the most superficial layers which they planned to exploit by open-pit. El Coloso Open Pit

El Coloso Digital 3D Image of Open Pit Design


3D Model of the Soledad Concession, which shows the orebody open to the East & West. Several holes were drilled to depths over 200 meters, which intersected many magnetite layers at depth.

The focus of the original operating company AHV was to only prove out sufficient quantity and grades for open pit operations of up to 30 meters.

From the historical data already revised, we can conclude that there is a good potential to increase the mineral resources in the vicinity of virtually any of the deposits studied
Orebody Open to the As a general summary of the analysis on the historical North data we are presently doing, it can be concluded tha the project has potential far beyond what was know up until now

Dr. Alfonso Gracia, Senior Orebody Geologist Open at May 15, 2013