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Automated pump and screen changer systems

maag is the worlds leading manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing systems and ltration systems for demanding applications in the plastics, chemical, petrochemical and food processing industries. maag develops, produces and distributes highly innovative, customer-specic solutions as complete pump/pelletizing systems, with corporate and engineering traditions dating back to the year 1910. At its headquarters in Switzerland and operating locations in Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Brazil and the USA, the group employs a staff of more than 500. maag serves the global market under the product brands maag pump systems, automatik pelletizing systems and maag ltration systems. maag will become part of the Pump Solutions Group, a business unit operating within the Fluid Solutions platform of Dover's Engineered Systems, a segment of the Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV).

maag pump systems is known around the globe as a pioneer and technology leader in the development and manufacture of gear pumps and complete system solutions tailored to customer needs. Its pumps are used to convey high-viscosity products such as polymers, chemicals and lubricants, meeting the most demanding requirements of industrial users in terms of both reliability and performance. maag pump systems is the worlds market leader in the areas of polymer pumps and compounding pumps. automatik pelletizing systems has for decades been renowned for the quality and innovative technology of its pelletizing solutions and is the worlds number-one provider of underwater strand pelletizing systems. Its leading market position is built upon its state-ofthe-art technologies, along with its comprehensive and balanced expertise across all pelletizing processes and pellet forms. As a complement to its long tradition of excellence in the development and manufacture of sophisticated pelletizing equipment, the company offers a comprehensive range of advisory and support services. maag ltration systems develops and manufactures advanced, application-specic ltration solutions which ensure maximum performance and operational reliability. Its highly innovative large-area ltration systems and screen changers are widely used in polymer processing applications around the world, where they guarantee superior ltration results with the shortest possible dwell times.

For high-quality nished products
Gear pumps optimize the extrusion process of thermoplasts as they supply the required melt very precisely and efciently build up the tool pressure thus relieving the extruder itself from building up the pressure. This enhances the performance of the production line, improves the quality of the nished product due to reduced melt temperatures, and increases the lifetime of the extruder. In addition, pressure pulsations and pressure peaks of the extruder are eliminated or at least smoothened as the gear pump dampens such pulsations and peaks. Further benets of the gear pump are that the chips produced during the cutting process can be recycled and that the pump supplies the melt very uniformly through the die, which in return ensures a constantly high quality level on the nal products side. In terms of processing quality and optical characteristics, products are subject to high standards. Another important aspect in manufacturing and processing of plastic material therefore is ltration, with the lter discharging impurities from the liquid plastic melt. maag pump systems supplies the devices necessary for ltration in numerous elds of plastic production and processing. Permanent development processes improve these ltration devices and thus contribute to our customers and end users satisfaction concerning quality.

Without gear pump

With gear pump

Pressure Homoge- Plasticizing Pumping genera- nizing and comtion pressing

Pressure generation Homogenizing Plasticizing Pumping and compressing

Pressure Temperature

Pressure Temperature

Modular downstream equipment for customized extrusion processes

Optimal performance can only be expected from systems which are truly designed to work together
Thermoplast producers and processors need to compete in the global marketplace. With our worldwide network of service and parts centers located close to where you are, maag helps you to do this better. Together with our local representatives and OEM partners, we are always ready to provide rapid and competent support to our customers, wherever they are. In planning and optimizing your production system, the experienced sales engineers from maag provide comprehensive advice which is balanced and takes an integrated view across your entire production chain. Our entire staff understands that your success in the marketplace depends upon your product quality and operating productivity. Our approach is therefore to analyze your requirements in precise detail so that we can offer you complete, optimized solutions. Our systems and components are designed for optimal rheological performance and tailored to your material and operating requirements to ensure unsurpassed process reliability and production economics. maag helps you to get the most out of your investment by recommending the processes and solutions which are best suited to your specic application. The maag technical development and testing center provides you with expertise and equipment to perform trials on your material and to put your most innovative ideas to the test under real operating conditions. Our development and testing facility is also ready to perform test runs on your behalf or to devise solutions tailored to your exact ltration and pelletizing needs. With more than 2.000 m of oor space, this state-of-the-art laboratory facility is fully equipped with multiple complete extrusion lines, including gear pumps, screen changers, and both underwater and strand pelletizers. We also offer a special test line for elastomer intermediates. The valuable data obtained through this precisely controlled testing, such as ow consistency, surface nish and processing temperature, helps you to maximize your product quality. The maag development and testing center also offers a drop pelletizing tower for low-viscosity melts and liquids. If interdependent components are to seamlessly work together as an integrated system, they must be more than just compatible. The entire product range of maag gear pump, ltration and pelletizing components is designed from the very start to t together and work together perfectly. The end result to you is a highly ef cient, troublefree production line which delivers best possible product quality and output. Our commitment to technical excellence means that long operating life and the highest possible energy ef ciency are more than just vague promises. And our commitment to you, the customer, is ontime delivery of the ideal solution at a highly competitive price integrated and complete, from initial requirements analysis through to installation and start-up, and with training, maintenance and support you can count on from day one.

We have the appropriate solution for every application

The compact, durable gear pumps made by maag pump systems meet highest requirements for thermoplastic applications. Thanks to optimized ow channel geometry, short and quality-supportive dwell-times are feasible even for temperature-sensitive products. The gear pumps are easy to handle and guaranteee reliable and quick start-up and shutdown processes for processing extruders and compounding extruders. High conveying stability and task-oriented conguration in combination with a high level of reliability support production stability for repeatable processes. The maag gear pumps convey the medium in a low-pulsation way even when exposed to high differential pressures. Special materials and material process-

ing steps as well as innovative bearings, mainly made from highly wearresistant tool steel, allow high revolutions with corresponding high throughput rates. The excellent degree of efciency is also due to the ow-optimized design of the ow channels. The modular design and three different series meet varying requirements: extrex GP is the allrounder, extrex HV features a 25% higher pumping volume, and extrex HP is capable of dealing with a differential pressure of up to 400 bar. The trudex gear pumps have been especially designed for high-pressure applications. These high-pressure gear pumps ensure reliable supply quantities at up to 700 bar. This guarantees highest possible product quality. Special, spur-toothed shafts and special sliding bearings ensure excellent efciency factors while the conveyed medium is stressed only to a very little extent. Optional accessories such as cooling for shaft seals, melt pressure sensors, or temperature sensors complement this efcient gear pump line.

extrex GP General Purpose

extrex HV High Volume

Technical data:
Sizes: Throughput rate: Specic volume: Temperature: Heating: Inow pressure: Outow pressure: 20-180 4 to 15,000 kg/h 10.2 to 3,224 cm /U

Technical data:
Sizes: Throughput rate: Specic volume: Temperature: Heating: Inow pressure: Outow pressure: 45-90 80 to 4,000 kg/h 57.6 to 453 cm3/U Up to 350 C Electric or liquid Up to 120 bar Up to 300 bar

Up to 350 C Electric or liquid Up to 120 bar Up to 350 bar

extrex HP High Pressure

trudex High Pressure

Technical data:
Sizes: Throughput rate: Specic volume: Temperature: Heating: Inow pressure: Outow pressure: 36-140 10 to 6,000 kg/h 15.6 to 959 cm /U

Technical data:
Sizes: Throughput rate: Specic volume: Temperature: Heating: Inow pressure: Outow pressure: 36-140 60 to 4,205 kg/h 11 to 690 cm3/U Up to 350 C Electric or liquid Up to 120 bar Up to 700 bar

Up to 350 C Electric or liquid Up to 120 bar Up to 500 bar

Best product purity for any ltration application
Depending on the particular application, there are various screen changers available for extrusion processes. The sturdy CSC screen changers are based on the proven double-piston design, which operates in a leak-free mode without any additional seals. Rheologically optimized ow channels result in minimized pressure losses. CSC-PE screen changers are particularly suited for applications under restricted space-related conditions. CSC-DV screen changers are perfect at extruding, for example, start-up melt from twin-screw extruders or also change material. The continuously operational CSC-BF/4F backush screen changer is used for the purication of highly contaminated polymers mainly in recycling processes.

CSC Continuous double-piston screen changer

CSC-PE Screen changer with optimized ltration area

Technical data:
Screen diameter: Filtration area: Operating temperature: Operating pressure: Differential pressure: 30 to 400 mm 14 to 2,513 cm2 350 C 500 bar 100 bar

Technical data:
Screen diameter: Filtration area: Operating temperature: Operating pressure: Differential pressure: 159 to 560 mm 266 to 3,312 cm2 350 C 350 bar 100 bar

CSC-DV Screen changer with start-up valve

CSC/BF-4F Backush screen changer

Technical data:
Screen diameter: Filtration area: Operating temperature: Operating pressure: Differential pressure: 30 to 508 mm 14 to 4,052 cm2 350 C 500 bar 100 bar

Technical data:
Screen diameter: Filtration area: Operating temperature: Operating pressure: Differential pressure: 30 to 300 mm 28 to 2,826 cm2 350 C 350 bar 100 bar

Minimum pressure loss and leak-free operation
The C-SSC single-piston screen changers are based on the proven design which operates with two screen cavities. These two screen cavities are also well suited for continous operation thanks to simple screen aeration. DSC and SSC are an alternative for extrusion applications which accept a disruption in melt ow during the screen changing process. The FSC plate screen changers are all equipped with a pressure-related sealing system and are particularly suited for the handling of thermally sensitive materials. The continuously operational C-FSC screen changer allows a screen change without any melt ow disruption thanks to several screen cavities. The manual screen changer HSC is available in size 45 with a transmission which allows easy screen changing even when space is limited and the device is exposed to high sealing forces.

C-SSC Continuous screen changer

DSC Single-piston screen changer

Technical data:
Screen diameter: Filtration area: Operating temperature: Operating pressure: Differential pressure: 58 to 270 mm 27 to 572 cm 350 C 350 bar 100 bar

Technical data:
Screen diameter: Filtration area: Operating temperature: Operating pressure: Differential pressure: 30 to 508 mm 7 to 1,256 cm2 350 C 700 bar 300 bar

FSC Plate screen changer

C-FSC Continuous plate screen changer

Technical data:
Screen diameter: Filtration area: Operating temperature: Operating pressure: Differential pressure: 45 to 300 mm 16 to 707 cm 340 C 700 bar 200 bar

Technical data:
Screen diameter: Filtration area: Operating temperature: Operating pressure: Differential pressure: 45 to 180 mm 32 to 1,414 cm2 340 C 550 bar 220 bar


HSC Manual screen changer

SSC Compact screen changer

Technical data:
Screen diameter: Filtration area: Operating temperature: Operating pressure: Differential pressure: 20 to 160 mm 3 to 201 cm2 340 C 700 bar 200 bar

Technical data:
Screen diameter: Filtration area: Operating temperature: Operating pressure: Differential pressure: 30 to 200 mm 7 to 314 cm2 350 C 350 bar 100 bar

Process-reliable start-up and shutdown of extrusion lines
The DV melt valves are based on the proven bolt design operating without any mechanical seals. Such melt valves are applied as diverter valves, safety valves, or start-up valves in plastics production and extrusion and compounding applications. The sturdy design and a reliable electric, liquid, or steam-driven heating system ensure leak-free and trouble-free operation for years, e.g. as start-up aid for underwater pelletizing processes or when start-up material has to be discharged in extrusion applications. When set to production, the melt stream ows down the melt channel and reaches the next downstream station. In order to divert the melt to start-up, the bolt is activated hydraulically. This switching can be slow or quick, depending on the individual process control-related needs and is ensured through various hydraulic systems.

DV Start-up valve
Technical data:
Channel diameter: Operating pressure: Advantages: 25 to 100 mm 500 bar Operating temperature: Up to 350 C

Compact dimensions Any installation position feasible


For integrated systems
The automation systems of the maax series are especially suited for retrotting and for comprehensive modications on extrusion and compounding systems in combination with the installation of a melt pump or a screen changer. Central operation, optimal control circuits, and permanent monitoring through maax control systems ensure a signicant rise in quality of the nal product due to the interaction with the new components. The maax100S with its well-adjusted standard version covers another system range and gives access to a production routine under optimal and repeatable conditions. The maax600S is particularly suited to equip entire and complex coextrusion and compounding systems requiring tailored solutions.

maax 100S for common extrusion processes

Technical data:
Display: Temperature zones: Features: 5.7 colour touchscreen Up to 16

Integrated lter monitoring Congurable control function for

pump inow pressure values

Monitoring of all desired process Quick fault detection due to plain text

Online language changeovers

maax 600S for complex extrusion processes

Technical data:
Display: Temperature zones: Features: 15 colour touchscreen Up to 48

Integrated melt pump control and

lter monitoring Semi-automatic lifting and retracting of the extruder and of the gear pump Freely congurable control functions for all components Drives for downstream devices can be synchronized Monitoring of all desired process values Quick fault detection due to plain text messages Online language changeovers



Automated processes do a better job
maax3 is a control concept for small extrusion units with low throughput rates and thus reduced investment volume. The pre-pressure control for gear pumps integrated in the frequency converter in combination with the simple operation and information display offers considerable savings if a gear pump is retrotted and integrated into the existing system. The maaxBF automation system, especially designed for our continuously operational CSC BF/4F backush screen changers, is the proven control system for recycling applications. As a tailored solution, it offers simple lter operation as well as fully automatic screen cleaning and multiple screen utilization to the fabricator of highly contaminated polymer melts.

maax 3 cost-effective solution

Technical data:
Display: Temperature zones: Features: Operating panel Optional

Simple and unambiguous operation Integrated pressure control Price-optimized for reduced investment volume Fault detection through diagnostic trouble code

maax BF optimized for backush screen changer

Technical data:
Display: Temperature zones: Features: 5,7 colour touchscreen Optional up to 6

Anti-blocking mode with movement

monitoring Integrated melt pressure measurement Online language changeovers Composition memory Integrated heating zones Screen changer mode Manual or fully-automatic backush mode



Improving quality and results
The expac system made by maag reduces negative impacts such as the pulsation of an extruder. Pulsations may lead to dimensional deviations of up to 5% on the nal product due to wear or added recycling material. The expac system signicantly reduces such deviations and thus improves product quality. The quality of the material, and of the product later on, also depend on short dwell-times of the melt inside the pumps, screens, and mixing elements. The speed of the entire process and resource-conscious usage of energy dene process productivity. expac systems are mainly intended to retrot already existing systems but can also be integrated into new systems. expac consists of: Drive unit with gear motor and drive shaft Pump Control system, installed in switch cabinet Corresponding instruments Interfaces to already existing systems Screen changers, if applicable



For maximum productivity and production reliability
Products from maag are known not only for their superb operating performance but also for their durability and long operating life. Tailored to material-specic and customer-specic requirements, they help to maximize process efciency and thus ultimately protability. Our customers can count on us for comprehensive technical and operating advice, for a complete range of accessories, and for fast, reliable service and parts delivery where you need it, and when you need it. Process reliability and precisely controlled product quality are critical to your competitiveness in the marketplace and a promise that maag makes to its customers from planning and start-up through to maintenance and ongoing system operation. Our gear pumps, screen changers and pelletizing systems are installed and put into service by our experienced technicians, working closely with the customer to optimize operating parameters and system conguration according to technical requirements. Following successful installation, we then provide comprehensive, hands-on training to your operators and production staff. And needless to say, the technical support team at maag is always just a phone call away, whether for routine maintenance or any other needs. This ensures maximum availability and minimum downtime. maag offers its customers the benets of a truly global service network, including the worlds largest network of rotor and knife regrinding services in the pelletizing industry. This enables us to provide fast, reliable, expert service and support which is close to where you are. Rounded out with our pump repair service, our comprehensive range of service offerings means that you can rely on us to meet all your needs. maag repairs and overhauls gear pumps for an extremely wide range of chemical, extrusion, polymer, compounding and other industrial applications. The engineering team at maag is constantly working to offer upgrades for existing systems, so that your production line is always at the leading edge. This serves not only to improve production reliability but also to improve process efciency, such as by reducing energy costs. Maximizing the operating life of your capital equipment, minimizing production waste, improving operator convenience and safety, and ultimately helping you to achieve the best possible nal product quality at the lowest cost these are our objectives in serving you. Because of our installed worldwide base of thousands of systems, along with our own commitment to ongoing R&D, our customers are in a unique position to benet from our expertise in providing state-ofthe-art solutions tailored to individual process requirements. Superior product quality together with high operating productivity thats our commitment to you.




Reliable, expert service and support

Our global team of experts and qualied engineers ensure that your production equipment is correctly maintained for maximum reliability. Your components and systems are tailored to your exact requirements, thus optimizing production efciency from the very start. Your system is installed and put into service by our own qualied engineers. maag components and systems are designed to work together perfectly and built to ensure long, trouble-free operation, thus yielding excellent production economics and reliable operation long into the future. We provide you with a single comprehensive source to furnish and maintain all your production equipment, thus reducing the cost and administrative burden associated with purchasing, operation and maintenance and eliminating the nger pointing among different individual providers.

You can count on fast, guaranteed repair and maintenance service from our experienced, highly trained specialists. Because your production availability depends on getting critical parts quickly, our global service network puts our spare parts and accessories close to your doorstep. We offer training for your staff on your premises, or in our service centers helping you to motivate your employees while maximizing operational efciency, thus ultimately lowering production costs. Our technical support is ready to assist you, or to answer your questions, quickly and unbureaucratically, saving you time and money. Among our application-related services are viscosity measurements and ow simulations by our experienced application engineers, bringing process transparency to help you (and us) perform better.










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maag has business roots extending back more than 100 years. The foundations for todays maag pump systems AG were laid by Max Maag in the year 1910, beginning with gear manufacture. The business grew, and in 1928 the companys factory in Zurich shipped its rst gear pump. In the decades to follow, maag engineers developed ever more sophisticated and capable gear pumps. Today, these process pumps are in operation around the world, serving customers in the plastics, chemical, petrochemical and food processing industries. At the start of the new millennium, maag pump systems expanded its product range to include high-performance screen changers and large-area ltration units so that, since this time, it has been able to offer complete systems.

After more than six decades serving the plastics industry, it is hard to even imagine this market without pelletizing systems from Automatik Plastics Machinery. Originally founded in 1947 as Automatik Apparate- und Maschinenbau GmbH, the company began developing strand pelletizing systems from its earliest days, bringing the rst automated strand pelletizer to the market in the 1960s. The 1970s saw a further burst of innovation, particularly the companys launch of the rst underwater strand pelletizer in the middle of that decade. In the late 1990s, Automatik went on to bring its unique drop pelletizing system for low-viscosity products to the market, lling yet another industry need. The company completed its product portfolio in 2003 with the introduction of its SPHERO underwater pelletizing technology. Since this time, Automatik has offered solutions covering a comprehensive range of pellet shapes, operating throughputs and production requirements. The paths of these two extraordinary companies have crossed many times over the years, as both have long been providers of complementary, superior quality systems and components to the plastics processing industry. With their merger in 2010, maag pump systems and Automatik Plastics Machinery were brought together under the umbrella of maag, offering complete and highly efcient production solutions from a single source. maag has been a part of Dover Corporation, a U.S. industrial conglomerate, since 2012.


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