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Volume 1, Issue 6 May 2013

The PRO-Gram
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PRO6/PRO9 HHB and Alpha Battery Bravo Battery and Golf Co. Calendar /Chaplain/FRSA

2-321 Field Artillery Regiment (ABN) Bldg B-1329 Salerno Road Fort Bragg, NC 28310 BN Staff Duty Phone: 910-396-0896

PRO6 - LTC Jason Jones

Review. Although we did not have any 1st place winners in the sporting events, our efforts contributed to 4th BCT winning the overall points standings for the Division. Throughout All American Week the Battalion also held multiple fund raisers. I wanted to thank the spouses who came out to assist in these efforts. Their support was tremendous! It's not an easy task to get up at 0500 in the morning, wrangle the kids, push their husbands out, get themselves ready, and move out to support the Battalion, however these ladies made it happen. Your hard work and dedication to the Battalion are truly appreciated. As I stated in last months PRO-Gram, we continue to look for volunteers to serve as Key Callers, Care Team members, and to support general fundraising and activity support. If you are interested in serving in any capacity please contact your respective Battery/Company FRG leader. GO PRO!

Greetings to the Troopers, Families, and Friends of the Professionals. How time flies! The month of May has come and gone and what a busy month it has been. Your Professionals began the month with a two week Intensive Training Cycle (ITC) which afforded them the opportunity to enhance their delivery of fires, sustainment, and mission command core competencies. Throughout the ITC we fired over 1000 rounds, conducted multiple Air Assault gun raids and resupply operations, and established the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) to facilitate the command and control of fires. Immediately following our ITC the Battalion supported the 82nd Airborne Division Clean Sweep which focused on cleaning our post training areas and overall area beautification in preparation for the Division All American Week. The Professionals also participated in numerous All American Week events such as the Division run, Division Review, and multiple team sporting events. As always, the Professional Troopers did an outstanding job receiving multiple accolades for their performance during the Division

PRO6: LTC Jason Jones

PRO Hot Links: Like us on Facebook: PRO: 2-321st (ABN) FA 4BCT: 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division Ft Bragg Info: Army Community Services (ACS): 910-396-8682 or 8683 Military One Source : 800-342-8847 4BCT Military Family Life Consultant (MFLC): 910-709-4093 The Watters Center (Chaplain Counseling): 910-396-6564 MWR: Military Acronym's:

PRO9 - CSM John Condliffe

Once again we are moving at a pace that seems like a blur, pretty sure though that things never really slowed down. We have been talking about block leave and it is definitely needed, get ready to recharge the batteries. Your Troopers continue to raise the bar in all areas, hence the reason why we are the finest Airborne Artillerymen in the world! I hope some of you were able to get to Pike field to watch the Division Review, what an amazing site to witness. This was one of two times that I can remember the guest speaker telling the Paratroopers on the field to relax and rest! We are still knocking the artillery gold off some of our skills. We train hard and because we are non-stop, some things come to light where we need to hone our skills. Pro Troopers know how to get after it! As you have heard, we are deploying and it is always good to prepare Families early for all the chaos that ensues. Just trying to get on a plane is very difficult as a family of 4try doing it when you travel with 3,000 of your best friends! Good times! There will be long days and a few nights that will PRO9: CSM John raise eyebrows, but be mindful that we Condliffe are training Americas Guard of Honor!

Volume 1, Issue 6

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Headquarters and Headquarters BatteryHurricanes

HHB Upcoming Events
FRG Meeting : 25 June (Location TBD)

CPT Jones/1SG Martinez

Hello Hurricane Family!

TOC RTOs maintained communications for the BN in the field

The Battery began the month of May by completing its first Battalion Field Training Exercise (FTX). This exercise was the culminating event for all the training the battery has conducted thus far. It allowed us to concurrently train on and exercise our systems and operations as an entire battalion. During the exercise, HHB operated the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and executed pick-up zone (PZ) operations for five air assault/sling load missions, one of which was conducted by our own target acquisition platoon. All-in-all, it was a very successful exercise that stressed our systems but ultimately made us better. We closed the month with All American Week, the 82d Airborne Divisions annual homage to former Paratroopers. On another note, our FRG team is currently in a state of transition. A robust FRG is needed as we ramp up our fundraising efforts and social activities throughout the spring/summer. We are in need of additional key callers, care team members, and fundraiser volunteers. If you are interested, please contact me at 910-973-0067 or BN FRSA, Mr. Leon Walden at 910-396-0956.
Departures SPC Berry PV2 Namm SSG Kane 1LT Truslow CPT Winchester SSG Branstrator Arrivals PFC Bond PFC Bracken SSG Dean SGT Dumas SSG Gerhart PFC Hayes PFC Johnson PV2 Odell SPC Roy SPC Manley PV2 Nguyen PFC Rayburn 1LT Florez

SSG Hampson and his wife after being promoted to Staff Sergeant

CH Jones provided Worship Services to the Battalion while in the field

SGT Draper, Trauma Medic Team Leader, receives his PCS award

Trooper of The Month

SPC Alexander

Birthdays PFC Bond 2LT Jantzen

TA Platoon conducting Air Assault Operations

PFC Mallea

Volume 1, Issue 6

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Alpha BatteryAssassins
Alpha Battery Upcoming Events

CPT Turner/1SG Dean

Next FRG Meeting: 20 JUNE - Location TBD (3rd Thursday Each Month)
Family and Friends of The Assassins Another outstanding month has come and gone for the Paratroopers of the Assassins. Compiling the many core Artillery and soldier skills concreted in previous months training, we centered our focus this month on the two week Battalion field training exercise. During the exercise, Paratroopers lived the Artillery phrase of shoot, move, and communicate, traveling to over ten different firing points by land and air, and effectively firing over 600 rounds during day and night operations. In addition, the Assassins supported 3 Fury as they trained on maneuver lanes. Upon return from the intense two week training cycle, Troopers prepared themselves and Fort Bragg for All American Week and performed flawlessly throughout the week long, Division-wide event. May has set us up for continued success in the month of June as we will continue to provide timely and accurate fires for the Brigade Combat Team, conduct multiple airborne operations, and live fire from the Drop Zone. Your love and care regenerates the will of the Assassins, and we appreciate your outstanding support of the men of Alpha Battery!

SSG Dominguez & PFC Majchrzak prepare to emplace

A Btry sling loading a M119A2

1st Platoon Occupying

A Btry conducting an Air Assault

SSG Kirkpatrick SPC Esguerra SPC Samuel SPC Wood

Trooper of the Month

SPC Semrinec

SSG Dela Cruz: 5 JUNE SFC Walker: 15 JUNE 2LT Boone: 18 JUNE SPC Erickson: 22 JUNE PFC Eisenman: 27 JUNE PFC Gutmann: 28 JUNE

SGT Hamel SSG Kapp

SGT Gonzalez SSG Carden SGT Rogers

Baby Births
SGT Burnettes wife Kristy: Austin James Burnette is due 27 May

Alpha Paratroopers loading a CH-47

Volume 1, Issue 6
Bravo BatteryBarbarians

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Bravo BatteryBarbarians
Bravo Battery Upcoming Events

CPT Gilstrap/1SG Carter

CPT Gilstrap/1SG Carter

Next FRG FRG Meeting Meeting : 19 : 16 JUNE January (Time/Location 2013 TBA)

Hello Barbarian Family! In the month of May the Barbarians continued to hone their skills as Artillerymen, during a two week field training exercise that stretched from the 29th of April to the 9th of May. This two week exercise was comprised of a Battery training week and a Battalion training week. During the Battery training week the Platoons were able to conduct live fire missions as well as practice firing point occupations and movements during day and night. During the second week the Battery was controlled by the Battalion and was directed to move to different locations around the Fort Bragg Training Area during all hours of the day and night. The second week really tested our Battery/ Platoon systems and provided our leaders and troopers a chance to test their skills under stressful conditions. Once we returned from the field the Battery immediately shifted focus to preparing for All American Week. For those of you that dont know about All American Week, this is a time for Paratroopers Past and Present to come together and celebrate the history and traditions of this Great Division. I want to personally thank all of the Troopers and Familys for their hard work and support during this past month.
4th Section, 2nd Platoon conducting Emplacement Drills

2nd PLT conducting Firing Point Occupation

Bravo Troopers & Families at the MAY FRG Meeting at Pope Park

Barbarian 6/9

1st PLT Air Assault Operations

PFC Saunders: 9 MAY PFC Rinehart: 10 MAY SSG Rodelo: 15 MAY

SPC Golliday PFC Rinehart


SPC Valentin SPC Stephens CPL Willis

Trooper of the Month: CPL Willis

2nd Platoon Live Fire Exercise, shooting through the rainbow!

Volume 1, Issue 6

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Golf CompanyGrizzlies
Golf Company Upcoming Events
FRG Meeting: 26 June (BN Classroom)

CPT Ferretti/1SG Cox

Greetings from Team Grizzly!

G Co. conducting field maintenance during ITC 1

The month of May has been a very important month not only for training but also for historical significance as well. This month the Troopers participated in a week long event honoring those that have come before us in this great Division. During All American Week, Troopers competed in a multitude of sporting events from volleyball and basketball to combatives. The week ended with our Troopers proudly executing the Division Review ceremony on the 23rd of May. The month began with a two week Field Training Exercise (FTX) from 29 APR to 09 MAY. During this time our Troopers refined their skills by providing logistical support to the Batteries for everything from fuel and ammunition to food and maintenance.

Recovering water blivets off the LZ after a successful sling load mission

G Co conducting sling load operations with water blivets

Team Grizzly thanks you for your support and we look forward to great days ahead!

Distro PLT transporting dunnage from the field

PFC Napoli: 2 MAY SGT Sangalang: 3 MAY PFC Smith: 14 MAY SSG Downey: 17 MAY SPC Nichols: 28 MAY PFC Randolf: 29 MAY

SGT Monahan, Bryan SGT Diaz, Richard SGT Newble, Terrel SGT Sangalang, Jefferey

Trooper of the Month: SGT Diaz, Julio

G Co. Paratroopers maneuvering to sling load a second CH-47

Training Schedule and Important Upcoming Events

Upcoming Training Events
03 - 14 JUN: FSCX (BN will be in the field) 07-09 JUN: Strong Bonds Couples Event Myrtle Beach

Upcoming Events
20 JUN: PRO Spiritual Resiliency Breakfast0830-0915 (BN Classroom)

Pass and Review on Pike Field During All American Week 2013

Chaplains Corner

FRG Representatives FRSA: Mr. Leon Walden: 910-396-0956 HHB: Sherry Rodriguez (Leader): 718-715-3769
Sandra Scott (Co-leader): 360-489-8285

FRSA Corner
Telephone tree roster. Maintaining an accurate roster of the company's family contact information is important and needs to be done on an ongoing basis. Phone tree lists can be developed from these rosters in a number of different ways in order to group family members according to platoons, geographical area, or alphabetically. To make the key caller's task manageable, consider setting up the tree such that each key caller is responsible for contacting a small number of families (PRO policy is no more than seven) and preferably in the same geographical area to minimize the volunteer's phone expenses. Mr. Leon Walden (FRSA)

All American Week is in the books. A time to honor our past, enjoy our present and focus our collective sites on the future. A lot of amazing Veterans were in our midst and a lot of great insights were shared. Several major events took place, including the DIV Review, sporting events and a Prayer Breakfast. One of the most reflective events was the Memorial Ceremony where a wreath was placed and all Troopers that gave their lives for our freedom were remembered and honored. This type of ceremony always stirs my heart, not only in a patriotic way, but also in a spiritual way. I remember my freedom as an American and I cant help think of my freedom as a Christian; freedom from guilt, shame, my pain and my past because of Christs sacrifice for me. This All American Week and Memorial Day, I remember and Im extremely thankful. What about you?
List of Chapel Services on Ft. Bragg: chaplain/chapels/Pages/Default.aspx

Alpha: Mrs. Christina Turner: 859-433-1627 Mrs. Mellissa Dean: 910-574-3664 Bravo: Mrs. Brittany Gilstrap: 912-401-1546 Golf: Mrs. Amy McKenzie: 978-580-6576

COL Watson reenlists SPC Mata


PRO Troopers Of The Month

HHB: SPC Alexander Alpha: SPC Semrinec Bravo: CPL Willis Golf: SGT Diaz CONGRATULATIONS!

Here to Serve, CH (CPT) Cliff Jones 910-396-0909 SPC Grant Van Brimmer (CH Assistant)

SSG Dominguez SGT Sangalang SGT Newble SPC Mojicamoto SGT Ambrose CPL Dowsett