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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Amanda Rodriguez for a teaching position at your school. I have served as Amanda's student teacher supervisor for the Spring euarter of 2013. Amanda has successfully completed her student teaching and will soon receive a Bachelors Degree from DePaul University School of Education. Her student teaching experiences has been at the Galileo Scholastic Academy Elementary Public School, chicago, lllinois.

that Amanda Rodriguez is an exceptional teacher with the potential to become an award winning educator. She is well loved by the students and teachers. She will bring diversity to the classroom and educational community which makes her a valuable asset in any school. She is well prepared and includes the cognitive and effective domains in each lesson. Amanda devotes time beyond the school day to prepare lessons and fun classroom projects. She avails herself of varied, interactive materials and methods focusing on building upon students' current knowledge, sequencing and scaffolding lessons for growth, returning work for immediate feedback. Amanda has shown particular strength teaching in the primary grades.
Amanda's lessons are planned with attention to age-appropriateness and student participation. As a result of her excellent planning and classroom management she is able to use a variety of

I recognized during this practicum period

differentiated instructional strategies to engage students in active learning. His lessons include rigor and are carried out with a sense of learning potential with high expectations and a keen eye toward individual growth and assessment among the students. Creatively, Amanda has developed an assessment rubric that appropriately measured student learning and growth during a series of lessons on Money Sense, the Butterfly, and units in Geography. She uses ongoing assessrnents to evaluate student progress and to determine future planning of teaching and learning.
Professionally, Amanda has attended staff and grade level meetings, institutes, professional development and training seminars, grade days, and all cultural celebrations at the school and at DePaul University. Amanda is excited and enthusiastic about learning and researches new teaching methods. She feels strongly about teacher reflection for her professional and personal growth and is aggressively active about staff development for her educational growth and student learning

Amanda Rodriguez is the kind of bright, enthusiastic professional that we all hope for in our classroom with our children. I am so pleased to give her my highest recornmendation.
I am more than confident that she will be an asset to your school. Please do not hesitate to contact me if further information is needed.



Fran McConnell Williams, PhD DePaul University Student Teacher Supervisor