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Read the title of the composition and think about what your opinion is. 2. Brainstorm : think about what you want to say and write down all your ideas. 3. Choose the most interesting or relevant ideas to support your opinion. 4. Organize the ideas into paragraphs and put the paragraphs in order: a. Opening paragraph: state the topic and give your opinion b. Body paragraph(s): each paragraph develops one idea that supports your opinion c. Conclusion paragraph: summarize your opinion and give a final recommendation 5. Write a draft. 6. Edit your draft: check spelling, grammar and punctuation. 7. Have your draft edited by a peer. 8. Write your final composition Example of PARAGRAPH STRUCTURE Do you think eating a healthy diet can have a positive influence on peoples behaviour? Opening Paragraph: state the topic and give your opinion Begin with a general statement e.g.: Modern lifestyle is changing peoples eating habits ... and give your opinion e.g.: I think eating a healthy diet can have a positive influence on many areas of our daily life.

Body : each paragraph develops one idea that supports your opinion Explain the ideas that support your opinion in a logical and organized way. Use different expressions to sequence or to add ideas, and to introduce opinions e.g.: First of all Furthermore. In my opinion Conclusion: summarize your opinion and give a final recommendation Begin the paragraph with an expression that marks the conclusion

e.g.:In short/To sum up/In conclusion (summarize your opinion) e.g.: As far as I am concerned (suggest something to improve the situation) EXPRESSIONS YOU MAY USE IN YOUR TEXT TO
Introduce your opinion: In my opinion I(personally)) think/I believe/ I feel/I dont feel that In my view/ In my point of view . As I see it As far as Im concerned Its clear to me that I agree/I dont agree that Sequence ideas: To begin with The first point is First of all /First/Firstly,... Secondly/ Thirdly Finally/Lastly Add information Furthermore, Moreover, . In addition, Besides, What is more, Also/...too As well as Apart from (that) En mi opinion Personalmente creo que/no creo que Me parece/no me parece que Bajo mi punto de vista Como lo veo yo En lo que a mi respecta me parece evidente que Estoy de acuerdo en que/ No... Para empezar ... El primer argumento es ... En primer lugar ... / Primeramente,... En segundo lugar/ en tercer lugar Por ltimo Adems (formal) Adems (formal) Adems (less formal) Adems (the least formal) Es ms, ... Tambin al igual que Aparte de (eso)

Give a reason Due to(+noun)/Due to the fact that(+sentence) Debido a/Debido al hecho de que Owing to(+noun)/Owing to the fact that(+sentence) Because(+sentence) porque Because of(+noun e.g.: the rain) a causa de / por ... (e.g.: la lluvia) Since/As(+sentence e.g.: he is the boss) ya que, puesto que(e.g.: l es el jefe) Thats why ... por eso ... For this/that reason por esta/esa razn Express a consequence Cosequently Therefore So As a result of This means that Introduce the conclusion In short In brief In summary en consecuncia por lo tanto as que, por eso como consecuencia de esto significa que en resumen

To sum up In conclusion To conclude


en conclusin

According to - de acuerdo con / segn After - despus que Although - aunque, si bien And - y As - cuando, mientras, a medida que, como As if - como si As long as - mientras, con tal que As soon as - en cuanto As though - como si As well as - adems de Because - porque Because of - debido a Before - antes que Both...and - tanto...como But - pero But - sino Either... or - o... o Even though - aunque Except - excepto, salvo For - porque Furthermore - adems However - sin embargo If - si In case of - en caso de In order to - para Moreover - adems, por otra parte

Namely - a saber Neither... nor - ni... ni Nevertheless - sin embargo, no obstante Nor - ni Notwithstanding - no obstante Or - o Or else - sino Otherwhise - de otra manera, si no Provided - siempre que , con tal de que Providing - siempre que , con tal de que Since - puesto que, ya que, desde que So as to - para So as not to - para no So that - para que Still - sin embargo, no obstante Than - que ( en comparaciones ) Therefore - por lo tanto Though - aunque Unless - a menos que Until - hasta que Whenever - cada vez que, cuando Whereas - siendo que, mientras Whether - si Whether... or - si... o While - mientrar, mientras que, aunque Yet - sin embargo, no obstante

More Expressions you can use to introduce an opinion

In my opinion, ... To my mind, ... personally, ... From my point of view, ... I would say that ... opinion that .. In my eyes, ... As far as I am concerned, ... As for me / As to me, ... It seems to me that ... Speaking I dare say that ... I am of the

My impression is that ... I am under the impression that ... It is my impression that . I have the feeling that ... My own feeling on the subject is that ... I have no doubt that ... I am sure / I am certain that ... I hold the opinion/ the view that ... (I form / adopt an opinion.) I guess that ... It goes without saying that ... My view / opinion / belief / impression / conviction is that ... I think / consider / find / feel / believe / suppose / presume / assume that ...

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