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Case Study

With Floktu, Conexus Financial Has Fostered Client Loyalty And Improved Productivity

An independently owned niche publishing and events company based in Sydney, Conexus Financial was presenting events for high-profile clients in institutional and retail financial services in Australia and globally. Growing rapidly because of its client-centric philosophy, Conexus needed to be able to mount more events while maintaining its hard-earned reputation for delivering superior quality and attention to detail. The quality of the overall experience for our delegates was paramount, from marketing to registration, scheduling, feedback, social events and post-event reporting, says Rayma Creswell, a senior manager at Conexus. We have no interest in highvolume, low-quality events. However, Conexus was managing its events manually, with spreadsheets and paper-based tallying. While they knew it was time to move events management online, the firm had a very small in-house technical staff. They needed outside help to move to the cloud. The developer they initially contracted with, however, could not deliver the degree of customisation that would match the level of quality Conexus was determined to uphold.

Floktu ( offered the ideal combination of an out-of-the-box event management system with the flexibility and talent for the customisation Conexus needed so the Floktu platform would mesh with its workflow. Already built into the Floktu wizard were tools for easily building and cloning custom-branded, professional-looking event sites with real-time online updates, web-based registration and ticketing, automated RSVP emails, speaker profiles, schedules that could be modified on the fly, event locations, maps, comprehensive instant reports and related news, videos and photos.

Floktu exceeded expectations, says Conexus. The new interface was so intuitive that administrators did not need training, with its accompanying downtime. Productivity doubled, enabling Conexus Financial to expand its event offerings, not only in Australia but in China and the United States as well. Labour and software costs dropped dramatically. Accurate, real-time analytics enabled the firm to improve customer satisfaction. Using Floktu, Conexus was also able to enrich the delegate experience with up-to-the minute schedule changes available on laptops, tablets or smartphones, along with information on exhibits, recommended restaurants, sightseeing and other off-site social opportunities. This is particularly crucial for fostering client loyalty, notes Ms. Creswell.