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Circuit power audio amplifier integrated circuit tda2002 8 Watts.

Simple assembly with PCB

This is a class AB audio power amplifier circuit which built using a TDA2002 or TDA2003 power amplifier IC module. These are replacements for the original LM383 which is no longer available. It is easy to build and has a minimum of external components. The module has both short circuit protection and thermal protection. It can drive loads as low as 1.6 ohm and is capable of delivering over 10 watts from a 16 V supply. The TDA2002 and TDA2002A are integrated circuit amplifiers specially designed for use in car radios, where the adverse electrical environment places great demands upon the reliability of circuits. Eagle 3D + povray image of the circuit tda2002

The supply voltage may be anywhere between +8 and +18V, and the IC will accept transient voltage peaks of up to 28V without damage. The IC can supply a shortcircuit output current of 3.5 A and 15W of power at a case temperature of 90C. At a supply voltage of 14.4V (fully-chargerd battery ) the maximum output power isat least 4.8W, and typically 5.2W into a 4 load. The IC will, in fact, drive load impedances as low as 2, in which case the maximum output power is at least 7W and typically 8W. The above power are all measured at 10% distortion, but obviously at lower output powers the distortion is much less (Typically 0.2% ). Specifications:

D.C. Input: 8 18V, 10 20 VA min. Power output: > 10 W RMS, 2 ohm load, 16V DC supply. > 6W RMS, 4 ohm load, 16V DC supply. > 4W RMS, 4 ohm load, 12V DC supply. THD: < 0.2% (1W, 4 ohm load) Gain: 40 dB maximum. S/N ratio : > 80 dBA. (G = 20 dB) > 60 dBA (G = 40 dB) Frequency response: < 20 Hz to > 40 kHz (-3dB, 4 ohm load) Input level: < 100 mV for full output (G = 40 dB) < 1V for full output(G = 20 dB) Schematic diagram of the audio power amplifier tda2002

Suggestion for PCB amplifier circuit tda 2002 1:1 scale

Layout component side

List of components for the amplifier



Capacitors C1 10 F 25V Electrolytic Capacitor

C2 C3 C1 , C3 C2

1000 F 25V Electrolytic Capacitor 470 F 25V Electrolytic Capacitor 100 nF Polyester or ceramic capacitor 100n, 0.1, .1, or 104 39 nF Polyester or ceramic capacitor .039, 39n or 393

Semiconductors IC1 TDA2002 or TDA2003

Connectors IN OUT PWR Two-terminal connector signal input Two-terminal connector Audio Output Two-terminal connector Power Supply

Resistors 1/4 watts 5 % R1 R2 R3 R4 220 Ohms Red, Red, Brown, Gold 39 Ohms Orange, White, Black, Gold 1 Ohm Brown, Black, Gold, Gold 2.2 Ohms Red, Red, Gold, Gold

Miscellaneous P1 Others 100k -Ohms Potentiometer to adjust the volume Heat-sink, power supply, wires, pcb, etc.

Circuit power supply for use with tda2002 - 15 volts / 1.2 amps

Schematic circuit of power supply for tda2002

Suggested pci for mounting the power for the circuit with tda2xxx 1:1 scale

Layout component side

List of components for assembly of the power supply Parts Capacitors C1 C2 C3 ,C4, C5, C6 100nF 100 nF Polyester Capacitor 100n, 0.1, .1, or 104 4700F 35V Polyester Capacitor 10nF Polyester or ceramic capacitor 10n, 0,01, or 103 Value

Semiconductors D1, D2, D3, 1N4004

D4 LED1 Led 5mm any color

Resistor 1/4 watt 5% R1 Miscellaneous T1 AC VCC Other Transformer Primary according to the network and secondary 12-volt / 1.5 amps Connector for transformer Output Connector VCC Wire, Plugs, box, pcb, etc. 10k Brown, Black, Orange, Gold

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