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How your nationality dresses : Do people in your country have a reputation for dressing well or badly?

Nivel basico .es una respuesta basica quizas no apunta mucho a responder con un si o no First of all, Peru is a country where there is a variety of styles in the way of dressing. People like dressing how the feel like, so I cant say that my country has a good or bad reputation for dressing well or badly. Secondly , affirm that Peru has a bad reputation for dressing is wrong due to that there are different cultures , what is called syncretism, this one of main reason for which is not correct to say that it is true that our country had a bad reputation for dressing. Finally, can say that my country is known by its traditions in which are included the way of dressing. The most important in Peru is that you feel fine about yourself and what you wear.

Do you think women pay more attention to their appearance than men, or vice versa? Nivel basico .es lo que pide responder.esperoe ste bien ..estas en ingles 4 .si queires borralo o revisalo I think both pay attention to their appearance. However, women pay more attention how they look or what they are going to wear , for example : an important meeting. Woman wants to look themselves beautiful because is part of their nature. They want to be the center of attention so they try to wear appropriated clothes, without taking into account all the processes that they make in their face to look themselves beautiful. Are people generally very fashion conscious?

Rspode tu ose muxo de moda jejeeeee What is in fashion at the moment for men and women? Nose jajaaa What are the current tribes of young people? What do they wear? You like the way they dress? Dees leer el texto del libro

Are there any celebrities in your country who dress in very eccentric way? What do you think of them? Do people tend to judge others by the way they dress? In some cases, people judge others by the way they dress. This is due to the people has a bad thought of what really a person is. Many people think that the most important is to wear a good dress , in other words the most important is how people look externally and not what they have inside of them.

Do you think you dress like a typical person from your country? Why (not)?

Ingles basicse me ocurrio No, I dont think so. I wear clothes according to the new fashion because I think that way of dressing of a typical person from my country is not very common and in some cases seems to be a inadequate way of dressing. I dont discriminated it , but it is important to recall that our country is place where fashion has taken the control of every young people and also adults.

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