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Drugs Test Review

Mac Schmidt

Over the Counter drugs- does not require a prescription to purchase. Does not cure disease but only hides the symptoms. Prescription drugs- requires a doctors script to purchase from a licensed pharmacy. Prescription drugs do cure the disease How a drug is classified: The CSA classifies each drug by the safety, medical utility, and risk for dependency. It is broken up into five schedules. The lower the schedule (ex. I and II) the more severe the drug is. Schedule V: May or may not require a doctors note, Often OTC drugs. Psychoactive drug: drug that affects the mind and receives a high, in Marijuana the drug is TetraHydroCannabinol. 4 stages of drug dependency: 1.Experimental 1 or 2 times curiosity 2. Occasional 1 or 2 times/ week social/ problems 3. Regular - daily psychological 4. dependent constant - physical and psychological 4 negative behaviors of dependent drug users: 1. Violence 2. Stealing 3. Selling Drugs 4. Prostitution Revolving Door Theory: If the police crack down on a certain drug, another becomes popular to replace it, used as an analogy of Revolving Door Define: Toluene: a colorless, water-insoluble, flammable liquid, C 7 H 8 , having a benzene like odor, obtained chiefly from coal tar and petroleum: used as a solvent in the manufacture of benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, TNT, and other organic compounds. Caffeine: a nervous system stimulant, most commonly used stimulant world wide. Freebasing: involving an accelerant and smoking crack, is employed allowing a quicker and more concentrated high. Marijuana: a drug that contains THC as its psychoactive drug. It can be smoked or ingested in its solid form. Acceptance for treatment of cancer as a pain reliever and for people with H.I.V and A.I.D.S for appetite encouragement. Tranquilizer: drug that reduce anxiety and account for over 20% of all drug abuse

Hashish: a more concentrated version of Marijuana. It is easier to sell because of the better high and lower volume. Morphine: a highly addictive pain reliever and sedative. It is used medically. It was discovered in 1802 and used in civil war. God of Dreams Codeine: a narcotic in Schedule II, least addictive opiate- based drug. Used in cough medicines and beneficial fro medical use if there is no fear of addiction. Opium: a liquid that comes from the poppy plant. Is an ingredient in many drugs including Heroin. Addiction: also known as dependency Cocaine: can be smoked or snorted, made from coca leaves. Used for an anesthetic. Discontinued because of high chance for dependency. Crack Cocaine is solid and purified form. THC: TetraHydroCannabinol. Main psychoactive drug in Marijuana Mainlining: directly injecting the drug ( commonly Heroin) into the bloodstream to achieve a quick and more intense high. 4 ways for drugs to enter body: 1. Ingesting 2. Snorting 3. Injecting 4. Inhaling 6 Main Drug Categories: 1.Inhalants nitrous oxide, aerosol propellants, glue, and petroleum products 2. Stimulants Caffeine, Amphetamines, and Cocaine 3. Depressants Tranquilizers, Methaqualones, Marijuana 4. Hallucinogens- LSD, PCP, Peyote & Mescaline 5. Narcotics Opium, Morphine, Codeine, Heroin 6. Synthetic Drugs- KHAT, Ketamine, Ecstacy Main Psychoactive drug in Marijuana - THC( TetraHydroCannabinol) 3 Ways Cocaine can be Introduced to the Body Inhaling, Snorting, Vaporizing 2 Negative effects of Heroin: Long Term: Physical and Psychological Dependency Short Term: Euphoria and in and out

On the Nod- The dream state the opiate users feel Designer Drugs- K2, Ketamine, ecstacy Commonly abused prescription drugs- Vicodin, Adderall, Morphine Hallucinogens cause flashbacks that can occur 10 to 15 years after drug use Stimulants are the opposite of depressants Narcotics are used to fight drowsiness and fatigue. Drug Treatment: Emergency Aid- Call 911, stay with the person Detoxification- Drugs are excreted from the body, other drugs are sometimes used, other treatment is needed. Maintenance- Medically supervised, counseling and support groups, takes more than 1 year of treatment. Hazeldon Is a treatment center found in Center City, takes 6-8 weeks. They want to improve your lifestyle. Can talk to Clergy, Friends, Older Students, Parents, Teachers