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NAME: Florentina Filimon SCHOOL: Gimnazial Iacobini (Brazii) DATE: 24th of May, 2013 GRADE: 7th TEXTBOOK: Snapshot Pre-Intermediate UNIT 16: They used to hide here. LESSON: Smuggling in Cornwall LESSON TOPIC: Vocabulary, word building from different parts of speech (Verb verbal noun noun ) TIME: 50 min LESSON AIMS: to enrich students vocabulary to teach word formation techniques (suffixation er/or, transforming a verb into a verbal noun by adding the ing suffix) to practice word building and using new words in appropriate contexts SKILLS: reading comprehension writing speaking TECHNIQUES: explanation group/pair work observation COMPETENCES: By the end of the lesson the students will be able to: form families of words by correct word building integrate new words in meaningful sentences/phrases RESOURCES: textbook notebooks worksheets blackboard, chalk ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS: Students may encounter difficulties in understanding the meaning of verbal nouns Students may need more time to solve some tasks than predicted

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: The teacher will explain thoroughly the meaning of the verbal nouns and there will be an additional worksheet with definitions and pictures so that the students understand the exact meaning of each word. The students will be working in pairs in order to finish tasks quicker.

Stages of the lesson

Activity 1 warm up Aim: - to create a pleasant atmosphere for the English class - helping students feel relaxed Interaction : T Ss , Ss T Procedure: * T asks students How are you today? / Is anyone absent? / Are you ready to start the English class? * T asks the Ss to come in front of the class and do what they do sometimes to feel relaxed. Estimated time : 2 min Activity 2 checking the homework Aim: checking if there were any problems with their homework Interaction : T- Ss, Ss- T Procedure: Ss read their homework aloud so they can check answers with the rest of the class as well. Estimated time: 3 min Activity 3 pre-reading activity Aim : introducing the topic of the new lesson Interaction: T- Ss, Ss-T Procedure: Ss are asked to watch a video to guess what are we going to speak about, then look at the pictures from their textbook and compare. Estimated time : 5 min Activity 4 reading activity Aim : practicing reading Interaction: T-Ss Procedure: Ss read the text aloud, one after another. Estimated time: 10 min Activity 5 post- reading activity: understanding new vocabulary, checking if Ss understood the general meaning of the text. Aim: introducing and explaining new vocabulary Interaction: T- Ss, Ss T, Ss-Ss Procedure:

* Ss are asked to guess the meaning of the words from Ex.1a)/pg. 93 and write in their notebooks the unknown words. * * T checks if Ss understood the general meaning of the text by asking them to answer True or False to the statements from Ex.1b)/pg. 93 Estimated time: 5 min Activity 6 vocabulary: word building from different parts of speech Aim: teaching Ss how to form verbal nouns and nouns from verbs Interaction: T- Ss, Ss-T Procedure: * T writes the example from ex. 3 pg 93 (smuggle smuggling smuggler) on the blackboard. Ss are asked to explain the meaning of the three words and the difference between them as parts of speech. * Based on the Ss conclusions a general rule for word formation is made: We can form verbal nouns by adding ing to the vb; verbal nouns refer to the activity while nouns formed by adding er/or refer to the person performing the activity. Estimated time: 3 min Activity 7 word building practice Aim: Ss practice word building in order to better understand how it works; Ss learn how to integrate new words in meaningful contexts. Interaction: Ss- Ss, T- Ss, Ss-T Procedure: * T gives the example on the blackboard (paint painting painter) and asks the students to do the same for the rest of the words from ex. 3 a) pg. 93. * Ss work individually to fill in the chart on their worksheet. * T checks if the students understand the meaning of the newly formed words * Ss answer the 2 questions from ex. 3 b): 1 painting, building, heating; 2. cooker, heater * Ss are asked to do Ex.4/pg.93 from their textbook. Answers are checked with the class. ( 1. painting; 2. cooker; 3. heating; 4. driver; 5. cooking; 6. singing, acting; 7. builder; 8. heater) Estimated time: 15 min Activity 8 Production Aim: Ss show that they can use the new vocabulary in sentences of their own. Interaction : T- Ss, Ss-T Procedure: T asks the Ss to make sentences using the words built in the previous activity and also give other examples. Estimated time: 5 min Activity 9 Feedback and homework Aim: to get feedback from Ss about the lesson; to make Ss practice at home the new vocabulary.

Procedure: Ss will be asked to do the Ex.5/pg.105 as a homework. Ss are asked if they have any questions about the lesson or homework and if they enjoyed the lesson. Estimated time: 2 min