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Simple Troubleshooting in Computer 2013

TROUBLESHOOTING Basic Troubleshooting Technique: 1. Problem Identification 2. Zero in on the cause 3. Repair or Replace Meke the plan Follow the process from beginning to end Conduct the repair or replace 4. Conform the result 5. Document the document Problem 1 No Display Cause 1 Cause 2 Cause 3 Cause 4 Cause 5 Cause 6 Cause 7 Cause 8 Cause 9 Cause 10 Loose connection of monitor cable with display card. Solution: Connect properly Display card not fixed properly Solution: fox properly RAM installed improper/ loose. processor not fixed properly failure of display card failures of SMPS Solution: check output voltage defective RAM defective Motherboard check CMOS battery monitor resolution is improper Solution: set safe mode (enable VGA) (normal size (600*800)) Not clear display (only 16 colors)

Problem 2

Cause 1

improper display driver Solution: Install proper driver.

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Simple Troubleshooting in Computer 2013

Problem 3 come. Continuous beep comes when switch on the system but display doesnt

Cause 1 Cause 2 Cause 3 Cause 4 Cause 5

RAM not installed properly Memory slot damaged Solution: Change motherboard. Display card not installed properly. defective display cards. Keyboard failure or any key pressed

Problem 4

Floppy LED glows continuously

Cause 1

Reverse data cable

Problem 5

Floppy drive does not read

Cause 1 Cause 2 Cause 3

Disk may be damaged Wrong CMOS setting about floppy disk drive type. Head may be dirty (Use cleaner)

Problem 6

Hard disk failed

Cause 1 Cause 2 Cause 3 Cause 4 Cause 5

Power and data cable not connected properly Power and data cable may be damaged Wrong CMOS setting wrong jumpers setting Hardware may be damaged

Problem 7 Memory Test Failed

Cause 1 Cause 2 Cause 3 Cause 4

Improper memory chip installed Mismatches memory chips is installed Memory slot damaged RAM is fault

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Simple Troubleshooting in Computer 2013

Problem 8 Mismatched processor speed

Cause 1 Cause 2 Cause 3

Improper selection in CMOS setting Improper jumper setting (Older) Motherboard does not support

Problem 9 automatically resisted the system

Cause 1 Cause 2 Cause 3 Cause 4

Defective RAMS (Replace after check) Hard disk is full of data Defective motherboard Due to virus attack

Problem 10 shows lower memory RAM slot

Cause 1 Cause 2

Any gold connection of RAM is damaged Memory slot may be damaged

Problem 11 System hangs frequently

Cause 1 Cause 2 Cause 3 Cause 4 Cause 5 Cause 6 Cause 7 Cause 8

CPU cooling system failed RAM defective or low memory Motherboard defective Hard disk is full of data (For virtual memory) Improper setting of peripherals is CMOS Virus attacked the program Bad Sector in the hard disk Monitor resolution is high

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Simple Troubleshooting in Computer 2013


Find through beep and error code. Check power source. Check power cable connections. Check ports of connections. Check cable in the system CMOS battery. Check RAM, Display Card and for proper installations. Be sure motherboard is not touch to its chassis. Sure the problem and find faulty hardware.

If problem in software or operating system then BOOT with floppy or CD ROM supported transfer system file to system drive or hard disk. If problem is not solve by this process, the backup necessary file to another drive in DOS mode the format C:\ drive and install fresh copy of operating system. If any device driver is having problem see in device manager. There will yellow exclamatory sign (!) there and right clicks on it and uninstall the device. If again seems for the hardware then installed proper driver by CD ROM or floppy.


GENERAL OPERATON ERROR Windows protection fault General protection fault Illegal operation It is caused by memory division problem or if any program enters into another programs memory area t hen this types of error occurred. This type of problem can be solving by rebooting, if not then check memory (RAM) module.

Fatal exception error or error exception It is caused by poor CPU cooling system or defective memory module (RAM).

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Simple Troubleshooting in Computer 2013

Registry problem This type of error may caused by corrupted operating system or often caused by hardware problem (Hard disk or motherboard or processor). Seems press F1 when switch the system It is caused by:1. Due to improper CMOS setting. 2. CMOS battery low. 3. CMOS chip defective.

Windows protection error It is caused by:1. Conflict between peripherals. 2. Defective memory module (RAM). 3. Defective operating system or software program. 4. Defective motherboard, CPU etc.

Error on menu bar/ saving (Can not save a file during work or hidden menu or bar.) It is Caused by:1. Virus attacked. 2. Improper CMOS setting (see BIOS Hard disk read/ write.) 3. CMOS battery low. 4. Jumper setting is improper.

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