2013 Summer special offer Small scale sunflower oil refining machine

Detailed Product Description
small scale oil refinery/purification plant 1.Easy to Operate 2.Easy to Transport& Install 3.Light Weight and Movable

Oil refinery plant including a series of refining processes which are aim to remove phospholipids, FFA, pigment, gums, waxes, off-flavor and other impurities from the oil. To impart uniform color by removal of coloring pigments and to get rid of unpleasant smell from the oil by removal of odiferous matter. However, small oil refinery plant has the same purpose. It is suitable for smaller capacity of various vegetable oil refining.

Main features
1.Simple operation, less premise, good-quality oil product. 2. It's suitable for refining plant/animal oil with capacity 10-300TPD.

Technological process
1. It's a kind of intermittent small senior edible oil refining equipment, the special equipment for oil degumming, deacidification, decoloration, deodorization( senior edible oil, salad oil). 2.The complete set of equipment includes heat conduction oil furnace, steam generator. It can process chemical refining without purchasing other pot. 3.Deodorized tea seed oil, rice bran oil and corn germ oil etc. with much fat or wax should be further dewaxing and degrease.


Easy to Operate Easy to Transport& Install Light Weight and Movable .Advantage of Our Small Oil Refinery Plant      Can Change Different Kinds of Oil Easily Full Function but needs less space.



level 4 steam injection pump. oil materials with high acid value and more impurities. heater. fatty acid capture device. Change the conduction oil every time. rice bran oil etc. . Main equipments Heat exchanger. combined-type deodorization tower. soybean oil. . such as palm oil. Gas chromatography. animal oil. heat conduction oil furnace units Operation Points: 1. the thermal oil furnace must keep the temperat ure at 90 °C and also continue protecting this temperature for at least 5 hours.Application area Plant oil. cooler.

high output. The neutralization pot and decoloration and deodorization pots equipments. Grade one for salad oil . Our refined petroleum is not only a strict selection and excellent after sales service. Before firing the thermal oil furnace. all the conduction heat shim should changed to graphite shi m. When the thermal oil furnace stop fire. When deodorization. 3.2. the characterizer of prouduct is simple using. we are able to afford the good after sales service. Meanwhile. the heat energy should be reasonable distributed and adjusted. the tech nical staff to client throughout unqualifi The oil quality outcome 1.transfer oil pump is not working Description: Oil Refining machine: It can purify the animanl/ plant oil to vedible cooking oil. the other equipments mainly adjusted by valve. We have professional oil equipment at the world market. It'sgood fineness. It has a perf ect system. and when the oil water reduce below 100°C. The valve should use high temperature valve. Forbid to fire without heat transfer oil Forbid to fire when heat. It is also pressing excellent oil and high quality. The series of products can also protect our environment. Installation of equipment from the equipment inspection process. it must keep working. The fineness of the product ca n be dajusted as requirement of customer. the temper ature should be 240-260 °C.low engery consumption and low investment. 4. then close the Heattransfer oil pump. the Heattransfer oil pump should be opened first. After examine and repair. it is not impur ity.

we provide technical solutions for clients at any time If you are interested in our products. Ltd.one year warranty. when you feel convenient.2. 2. thanks.we have many agency in different country. Grade two for high quality cooking oil After sevrice 1. Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment Co. . please contact us.. 3.

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