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A. Fill in the spaces with a word formed from the words in brackets.

The first one (0) has been done for you. After the (0) discovery (discover) that 2,500 Missouri residents have spent the last 10 years being exposed to (1)_________________________ (danger) levels of chemicals, a state-wide search is being conducted to find other (2)_________________________ (neighbour) where hundreds more people may be at serious risk. The (3)_________________________ (contaminate) stems from a (4)_________________________ (wide) followed practice in the early 1970s of mixing (5) _________________________ (chemistry) waste with used oil and spreading this (6) _________________________ (liquefy) on dirt and gravel roads as a means of dust control. The first (7) _________________________ (communal) to have problems was Times Beach. Built on a river bank, it is a shanty town of (8)_________________________ (work) class houses which flood every time it rains (9)_________________________ (heavy). Last December the town people were evacuated for several days, but some were (10) _________________________ (will) to leave their homes. 5 marks D. Fill in the blanks with a word formed from those underlined. The first one (0) has been done for you. Undersea oil provides an (0) increasing (increase) amount of the (1)_______________________(globe) supply. In 2020 wells more than 400 metres below the sea surface will (2)_______________________(probable) provide 10 per cent of the worlds oil. But although oil (3)_______________________(explore) is going ever (4)_______________________(deep), there are serious (5)_______________________(technique) challenges and (6)_______________________(safe) risks. Since the early 2000s, the oil-industry has issued (7)_______________________(warn) of deepwater blowouts, and the (8)_______________________(difficult) of stopping a deepwater spill after it started. However, such concerns were downplayed because it was found that from 1992 to 2006, only 39 blowouts occurred during the (9)_______________________(drill) of more than 15,000 oil and gas wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Few of them released much oil, although it is rumoured that (10)_______________________(official) sources suggest that the number might be much higher. 5 marks A. Fill in the spaces with an appropriate word. The first one (0) has been done for you. For many years, Hawaii, Australia and California seemed to have the (0) exclusive (exclude) rights to surfing, but it is now a multimillion dollar (1)_________________________ (globe) industry. On their (2)_________________________ (arrive) in 1963, at Newquay in Cornwall, a small group of Australian lifeguards helped to popularise surfing in the UK. Their (3) _________________________ ( excel) surfing technique captivated the towns locals. Today, Newquay is Britains Surf City. Each August it hosts Britains biggest surfing event, and it is also on the doorstep of the Cribbar, a (4)_________________________ (legend) big wave that has been ridden only by a few expert surfers. But surfing is far from (5)______________________ (mere) a Cornish (6)_______________________ (pursue). Surfing communities can be found all around the UKs coastline. Wetsuit technology is becoming (7) _________________________ (increase) popular and in Cornwall, there is even a company that has decided to (8)_________________________ (special) in making ultra-warm clothing, (9)_________________________ (specific) for the cold water surfing experience. But why is surfing so (10)_________________________ (resist)? A lot of time and effort goes into catching a wave, but its pure pleasure when it happens. 5 marks