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SIM Shortcut

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The SIM menu is generally difcult to find on a handset, which limits the use of SIM-based services. With the SIM Shortcut application, Oberthur Technologies offers a simple solution to nd the SIM menu.

746 Calling .

To access SIM based services, the end user simply needs to dial and call 746. The call will be aborted by the application and the end user will be automatically directed to the SIM menu. At any time, the end user can change the shortcut number.




For mobile network operators

Optimize the use of SIM-based services Increase voice calls and data trafc due to SIM services Give more presence to the SIM Reduce customer care costs Enhance user experience and satisfaction

For end users

Access to all SIM services easily, whatever the handset is Save time and efforts Discover new services |

SIM Shortcut
Use Case
Montgomery - Bobs dad - just bought a new mobile phone. He had access to many SIM services with his last handset but cant nd them anymore. Bob shows to his dad how he can easily access his SIM applications: - He calls 746 - A pop-up message explains that no call is launched. - Montgomery is automatically directed to the SIM Menu (1) Now Montgomery can select any SIM service via this menu (2). The SIM Shortcut applet also allows checking or changing the shortcut number (3). Bob shows to Montgomery how to change the default shortcut number of the SIM Shortcut application. He enters a new shortcut chosen by Montgomery (4). The new shortcut is changed and saved (5). At every start up of the SIM, a message will remind Montgomery that a shortcut to SIM services is available.
Calling 746 aborted Now accessing the SIM Menu SIM Menu ----------------------Dual IMSI SMS Box SIM Vault SIM Token SIM Shortcut Back OK SIM Shortcut ---------------------Check code Change code Help Disable .. Back OK SIM Shortcut ----------------------Enter new shortcut number: 987 OK Back SIM Shortcut --------------------Shortcut number changed OK Back


Technical Requirements
Size: 5 Kbytes Java Card 2.1 and above Call Control events management Over The Air (OTA) updatable

Events: Call control event, menu selection event, prole download event Handset commands: Fetch, terminal prole, terminal response Pro-Active commands: Display text, select item

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SIM Applications and Browsers

Empower every (U)SIM with smart applications to increase revenue for operators, to bring new features to end users, to open a new market for new partners. Get access to more than 50 applications to generate ARPU (increase calls, SMS, data trafc, etc.) or optimize costs. Offer to your end users an access to SIM-based services: it is easy, exible and reliable.

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SIM Browsing


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