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Statement of Former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch Regarding Minnesotas Sixth Congressional District Race

Since May 29th, when Michele Bachmann announced she would not be seeking reelection, I have received numerous calls and expressions of support encouraging me to consider running for Congress from Minnesotas Sixth Congressional District. As Senator I had the honor of representing a portion of the District in the Minnesota Senate. I knew what we achieved there-a common sense scally conservative budget that greatly improved Minnesotas economic outlook--was desperately needed in Washington, DC. I am grateful and humbled by the many people who took the time to express their condence in my abilities to continue to serve the people of Minnesota. After quiet reection, however, I have decided that I will not be a candidate for Congress in 2014. There are many ways to serve, of course, and my decision today simply means that this race, at this time, is not the best way for me to so serve. The future is full of unexpected surprises and opportunities. In the meantime, I will continue to play whatever helpful role I can in supporting and electing republicans to state and federal ofce. Congresswoman Bachmann deserves our thanks for her tireless efforts in reigning in out of control government programs and reducing suffocating taxes. Clearly anyone who thinks her

days of serving the conservative cause are over simply because she is out of ofce does not know her. Thank you, Michele. Today I am endorsing my friend and fellow Wright County neighbor Tom Emmer for Congress and sincerely encouraging him to consider running for Congress. Tom Emmer is a worthy successor to the Congresswoman and would continue to be a clear voice for those conservative principles we hold dear and which the nation needs now more than ever.