American Sounds: Ballads, Blues, & Roots Music SYLLABUS REQUIRED MATERIALS: 1. Book: Jones, Leroi. Blues People.

Perennial/Harper Collins. 2002. (earlier edition is ok too) 2. DVD: The Unbroken Circle: VT Music—Tradition & Change. Multicultural Media DVD MCM 1001 3. CDs: The Alan Lomax Popular Songbook RECOMMENDED: The Smithsonian Folkways American Roots Collection 4. Other, short readings are available on UVM Library e-reserve and will be linked directly from both the module pages and the resources file on the course menu. SCHEDULE WEEK I Introductions Terms and Concepts: Vernacular, Folk, Traditional, Popular The "Folk Process" WEEK II Anglo/Celtic Roots & Branches: From Ballads to Bluegrass WEEK III African Roots & Branches: From Field Hollers to Chicago Blues WEEK IV Topical Songs & the Folk Revival WEEK V Your Turn: Final Projects COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. To increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of a variety of American music genres and styles and to see connections and relationships among them; 2. To increase understanding of American culture and history (the music's contexts); 3. To explore relationships between music, ethnic/cultural communities, American history, and society; 4. To think about the ways in which we think about cultural categories. HOW THE COURSE WORKS: 1. Weekly activities: 2. Read my introductory comments for each module. 3. Listen to and/or read the text of my comments on the previous week's materials and work in Discussions/From Mark. 4. Read all assigned readings. 5. Listen to the music (both the online MP3 files and the required CD collection); watch the videos (both online and from the required DVD). 6. Complete exercises and assignments. 7. Participate in on-line discussions. WORK EXPECTATIONS:

1. Each weekly module contains lots of audio and video clips. They are essential and are possibly the most important part of the course, and I expect you to listen to and watch all of them carefully along with the materials listed under Audio & Video. 2. Complete all the readings on time. 3. Submit all papers and projects on time. 4. Participate in on-line discussions. 5. Submit 2 evaluations at the end of the course: a self-assessment (for me only) and an assessment of the course and me (for UVM). 6. You are expected to spend an average of 2 hours/day on this course. GRADES: 1. Papers: 25% (each paper not submitted = 0; late papers = minus 1 grade, unless you've made special arrangements with me) 2. Course Project 40% 3. Participation in Discussions 15% 4. Use of course materials (audio, video, readings) 20%

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