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European conquests of the Americas.

The discover of the Americas was a very important fact in the world history, more if we consider the context where it happened, the social state of the nations, the crisitianism, the advance of the islamic world, the complicated circumstances that was around the west of Europe, specifically Spain or Portugal by their remotness with the silk road, (India, China, essentially Asia). Indeed, the last fact was determining in the devemploment on this way of the history. Sometimes I think that, even if the Americas had not been discovered, something extraordinary could have happened with west Europe, principally 'couse their circunstances, I really belive that in some way they were required to search for a solution for their problems of location. Some people say that in the worst circunstances everybody comes more creative, so I think that the west Europe is not the exception, in some mean they should have found how could conected with the exterior world or survive by their own ways. Well, we know that it doesn't happened, however, the discovered of the Americas was a great chance for Europe to grow up, get stronger and powerfull, maybe in part with a fake sense of an own wealth that bring a lot of complications than we can see across the history after the conquests, some good for Europe, anothers bad for them, I mean, when the extraction of wealth was the more important activity of Spain and started to get bigger and flowing, they start to have an incredible inflation as a nation, and as a continent. I'll explain it. When they brought the precious metals they used it like a currency, not like products, I mean, imagine that there is a village who have a small market where is a producer of 20 blankets and other of 30 water bottles and there is too another village have a producer of 30 packets of cookies and a second producer of 20 pair of shoes, both of they have 100 interchange unities (U.N.) and the total attach of those comoditys are 100 UN too, so, the first village find 50 UN, you could say that their wealth had grew, but when that 50 UN have to incorporated to the market, the producers will note that everybody have more UN and if they decide sell more expensive the people on the village will buy it becouse they can do it, they have alredy the UN. So, if you could buy a bottle with 1.6 UN, now you will pay 2.5 for the same bottle becouse you can pay it. At the end, with the increase of the price by the grew up of the UN and the same level of production the local economy will be the same (becouse the UN just represent the production that sombody does and if there isn't any increase of production the amount of the UN will increase for each comodity produced, what is what we pay for? the work). So, the increase of the village it's there when they need interchange, they won't can do it like before becouse the other village don't have the same UN for pay the increase. Yes, the first village will can buy more but they won't could sell the same amount to the second village and that becomes into a problem with the interchange. So you can imagine that but between nations, at first it's an advantage and if you use it with a strategy, like a springboard could help you so much (like England or France) and make you stronger, but if you use it without an organization and long term plans thinking that it isn't forever could make you much more week and dependent (like Spain and Portugal). PD: I want to apologize for the economistic point of view, it's just what I used to hear and I would like share it with every who's interested.

PD2: I want to apologize too for my vocabulary, i know that it isn't well, I'm just learning yet, so I'm sorry if it make you mor difficult to understand it. Any comments about it will be well welcome, Tanks for the time.