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Integrated Skills


ZERO, FIRST AND SECOND CONDITIONALS 1 Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets. 1 We wont arrive late if the car doesnt break down. (unless) 2 The company will close down unless business improves. (if) 3 Unless he gets injured, hell win the championship. (as long as) 4 They can stay here as long as they dont start arguing. (unless) 5 Ill prepare the meal unless I get home late. (provided that)

2 Complete the sentences with First, Second and Third Conditionals. 1 Speak up! If you (not / speak) so quietly, I (understand) you better. Hes really competitive. He (always / get) angry if he 2 (not / get) top marks. (phone) you tomorrow as long as I (not / be) too busy. 3 I (be) better, Canada (be) a great place to live. 4 If the weather (miss) the plane unless we (leave) soon. 5 We (like) something, he (buy) it. 6 Pete never follows fashion. If he (like) the film more if it 7 I (not / have) such a silly ending. (kill) someone if you (not / drive) more carefully. 8 Slow down. You 3 a) Complete the dialogues with words from the box to form First or Second Conditionals. (not) need (not) enjoy admit (not) speak live (x2) (not) apologise (x2) to climb all these stairs. such wonderful views.

on the ground floor, we 1 A Gosh, Im tired. If we on the ground floor, we B Yes, but if we 2 A Im really angry with him. If he ,I to him again. unless you B Yes, but he that you were wrong too. b) Now do the same with the dialogues below. go out be (x2) have find not find 1 A I not want sit

with her if she more intelligent.

B Yes, but if she 2 A I B Well you

more intelligent, she serious financial problems unless I a job if you on the sofa all day!

to go out with you! a job soon.

4 Complete the sentences below so that they are true for you. 1 2 3 4 5 6 If I were the president of Spain, If I pass all my exams this year, If I had more money, . If there were more public libraries in Spain, Ill have a good time this summer as long as My English will never be perfect unless . . . . .

THIRD CONDITIONAL 1 a) Match the sentence beginnings (1-8) to the endings (a-h). 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 a b c d e f g h If I If I If I If I If I If I If I If I I I they I I I I I more English, (learn) enough money, (have) so fast, (not / drive) the windows open, (not / leave) what he was like, (know) my alarm clock, (set) some proper running shoes, (buy) so much noise, (not / make) out with him. (never / go) able to buy that house. (be) my car. (not / steal) them up. (not / wake) an accident. (not / have) a translator. (become) . (not / oversleep) my knees. (not / injure)

b) Write out the sentences in your notebook. They are all Third Conditional sentences.

Rewrite the sentences below as Third Conditional sentences. 1 I failed my driving test because I didnt stop at a red traffic light.

2 Saviola left Barcelona because they didnt offer him a good contract.

3 My car broke down because I didnt look after it properly.

4 I accepted the job because the salary was good.

5 We didnt sleep well last night because the neighbours had a party.

6 I got thrown off the train because I didnt buy a ticket.

THE PASSIVE 1 Correct the underlined passive structures in the sentences below. 1 My car is been repaired at the moment. 2 When did these houses be built? 3 The new golf course wont be finish until next month. 4 Excuse me. We havent being served yet. 5 A lot of people was injured in the accident.

Put the active sentences below into the Passive. 1 A man was following us.

2 Do they update the computers every month?

3 Theyve finally sold their house.

4 Theyll pay her next week.

5 The policeman didnt see them.

6 Uncontrolled development is destroying the countryside.

Which three sentences do not sound natural in the Passive? Rewrite the unnatural sentences in the Active. 1 A new bike was bought by me. 2 The painting has been carefully

3 Dont worry the cleaning will be done by us today. 4 My school was vandalized last night. 5 Some weight has been put on by him.

Complete the gaps with an active or passive form of the verbs below. Make sure you use the correct tense.
1 A new toy called Jumpy (just / withdraw) from the market by Northern Toys Ltd. Earlier this morning, a spokesman for Northern Toys Ltd 2 3 (explain) that the toy, which (sell) throughout the country, can cause serious injury. The spokesman 4 5 (urge) all buyers of the toy to return it to the shop where they (buy) it.

6 7 A ten-year-old boy (already / injure) after using the toy. He (take) to hospital 8 yesterday suffering from minor burns but he (now / be) released. The toy 9 (still / examine) by health and safety experts to determine the cause of the problem.

1. REWRITE THE SENTENCES IN PASSIVE WHENEVER POSSIBLE -I really like this hotel -People ate most of the food at the party -Jane won the poetry competition. -Peters new car cost over 200.000$ -Paul always wears casual clothes -One of the visitors lost his cigarette lighter -They havent decided the exact time of the match yet -Most of the guests had left the hotel by 10 -Some parents read to their children every night -This bike belongs to my sister 2. DECIDE WHETHER YOU CAN MAKE ONE OR TWO PASSIVES A tall thin man was following him An ambulance took the people to hospital Did they teach you Greek at school? Everyone has to suggest different routes Have they asked you to go to the party? Hes going to invite that boy Huge waves threw the ferry onto the beach. Millions of people hear the programme.

3. CAUSATIVE Are you going to (these shoes/repair) or shall I throw them away? He kicked another player and the referees took his name He made such unpleasant remarks to the girls that one of them slapped his face He started a fight and someone broke his nose

His hair is too long, in my opinion. (He should )

I (four new tyres/replace) on my car last month. I took my glasses to the optician (mend) Ill ask someone to make a copy of the report

Ive got no change, only a 10$ note (Id like)

If you put your glasses on a chair like that, someone will break them My watch is out of order. (I must)