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GA001163/63A/63B GLIMMER 22.12.2007 SARAVANAKUMAR.R D. RAJKUMAR HCL Internal name Release Version Date of Release Prepared By Approved By

HCL Infosystems Ltd. PED

Keyboard special function Features
Fn+F1 : Wireless LAN ON / OFF Fn+F3 : To decrease the volume level Fn+F4 : To increase the volume level Fn+F5: To toggle the display between LCD and External CRT Fn+F6: To decrease the brightness of LCD Fn+F7: To increase the brightness of LCD Fn+F10: To mute the loud speaker / Inbuilt speaker Fn+F11: To Switch ON / OFF the LCD Display Fn+F12: System Sleep button (with pause symbol)

Function Key

Executive Summary

LED status Indicators
CapsLock LED NumLock LED HDD/ODD Access LED Wireless LAN Activity Battery charging indicator Power status indicator

GLIMMER is a VIA VN896 chipset based Portable Notebook computer with 15.4" Wide LCD supporting single CPU with Intel® Core2Duo® / Intel® Celeron® processors with 533/667/800 MHz system bus and DDRII SDRAM SO-DIMM 667 MHz support.

LED status Indicator

Specifications : Manageability Form Factor CPU No.of CPU ### CPU Speed
Portable Notebook Computer Intel® Core2Duo® / Intel® Celeron® with 533/667/800 Mhz FSB in a uFCPGA 478 socket (Socket-P) One Intel® Core2Duo® CPU of speeds upto 2.4 GHz (Santa Rosa Merom) Intel® Celeron® CPU of speeds upto 2.0 GHz (Santa Rosa Merom) Intel® Pentium Dual Core® T2310 of 1.46G (Santa Rosa Merom core) 64KB in Intel® Celeron® /Core2Duo® ~ Inbuilt in CPU (Santa Rosa Merom) 1MB inbuilt in Intel® Celeron® CPUs 2MB/4MB inbuilt in Intel® Core2Duo® CPUs 256MB to 1GB at 667 MHz DDR II SDRAM (SO-DIMM Package) No.of Memory slot Maximum total system memory Minimum total system memory Max Memory supported per slot Supportability (Non-ECC and ECC ) Usage of Memory Two 2GB 256MB 1GB Non-ECC Single channel operation

HDMS (HCL Desktop Management S/w) LDCM (LANDesk Client Mgr) PC Health Monitoring in BIOS Power Management ACPI Compliant


NA 2.0 complaince

L1 cache L2 cache Main memory

Chipset System Bus BIOS Make Bios Flash Rom Size I/O Ports

VIA VN896 CHIPSET(North Bridge) + VIA VT8237A (South Bridge) 533/667/800 MHz Phoenix Bios

Security Features Kensington lock provision Chassis Intrusion Sys Admin / Usr Password Change HDD Password Enabling / Disabling Serial Port Enabling / Disabling Parallel Port Enabling / Disabling USB Port Diskette Write Protect (FDD) Operating System Supportability Windows 2000 Professional &Windows XP - HOME Windows XP - Professional (32 bit) Redhat Linux WS 4.0 Windows Vista premium(Home,ultimate,business)

Yes Not supported User password is available (with admin privileges) NA NA NA Not Available No internal floppy drive No YES No Yes (32bit only)

DC -IN Jack S-Video TV Output IEEE1394 RJ 45 - LAN port VGA Port 15 Pin D- Sub Line In IrDA PS/2 port Others One NA NA One One NA NA NA NA Card Reader Port USB Port RJ 11 - Modem Port

Four (Ver 2.0) One Windows Vista Starter Windows Vista Home Basic Yes (32bit only) Yes (32bit only)

PCI express (external) New card 34/54mm External MIC Input One External AudioOut One External SPDIF Out NA Internal MIC NA

Physical Dimensions 358mm(W) x 263mm(D) x 20~36.6mm (H) 3.0Kg (15.4" W TFT,ODD/HDD/MEM/CPU,6 cell battery (without external packing box) Weight Weight of Ac adapter 480 Grams with AC Power cable ***Battery Life: (subject to change according to test configuration & conditions).
Mentioned Battery Life figure was tested with following parameters & configuration Under Power Schemes: settings need to take care as follows: 1. Power Schemes:Power saving mode. With Audio muted condition. 2. Turn off display : Set as NEVER with LCD brightness set to lowest. 3. Turn off HardDisk: NEVER 4. System Standy By : NEVER 5. Put the computer to sleep :NEVER 6.Set hibernate option :NEVER 7. Keep screen saver as: NONE

Hard Disk Optical Disk Drive Mini Pci-e slot Floppy support On board Modem On board Audio Inbuilt speaker On board Video On board LAN (Wired)

One 2.5" 9.5mm SATA HDD supporting 150 MBs speed (1.5 G bits/s) of capacity 40/60/80/100/120 GB One 5.25 " Slim Optical Storage Device. One - (internal) No Internal support ( External USB FDD of 1.44MB ) * Optional Onboard Modem, 56Kbps(V.90) Fax Modem(MDC) Realtek ALC 268 Azalia Audio controller Inbuilt 2 speaker system. (1 Watts each) Does not contain Inbuilt MIC VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family WDDM VGA Shared memory 128 MB / 256 MB 10/100 Mbps On-Board VIA VT 6103 Rhine II Fast Ethernet Controller. PXE for onboard LAN Yes RPL for onboard LAN No Onboard LAN Speed 10/100 Mbps
LAN Activity LED on RJ45

Configuration : Intel Pentium Dual core (santa rosa merom )processor T2310 ~ 1.66 GHz/533, 512GB DDR2 667 SO-DIMM /Fujitsu 120GB SATA HDD /DVD super multi./15.4" Wide LCD LI-Ion ,6 Cells, 11.1Volts, 4400mAh battery pack Under Windows XP (32Bit) --- Running battery monitor (under Idle time)


Wireless (optional) AC Adapter details In Built Battery Pack Webcam Keyboard Pointing device LCD Display Harddrive support Power Mangement Chassis material PHOTOS:

Embedded WLAN Single antenna inbuilt ( IEEE802.11b+g) Supports 802.11 b/g wireless LAN through Optional upgraded using internal mini-e PCI slot . External Adapter with 19V DC 3.42A , 65W OUTPUT & INPUT 100-240 Volts AC 1.5A 50~60 Hz. (with Three - pin standard power cord) Inbuilt Rechargeable Li-ion, 6 cells, 11.1V 4400mAh ***. 1.3 Mega Pixel webcam without swivel. (optional) US Layout Keypad with 88 Keys(Including Functional Keys) Built-in touch pad with click button for Left & Right Click operations. 15.4" wide Glare TFT-LCD WXGA resolution : 1280x 800 pixel 1 x 2.5" SATA HDD - 9.5mm Design, with 4200rpm or 5400rpm ACPI 2.0 PC+ABS

Battery Life: 2 Hours 20 Minutes Under Windows Vista Home Premium (32Bit) --- Running Mobile Mark 2007 (under work load) Battery Life: 2 Hours 00 Minutes

Product Level Impact **
# No support on Windows2K,Windows 98SE,Windows Me,Windows home/pro, Linux, WinNT Operating systems # No support on Windows XP 64 bit , Windows Vista home basic 64 bit. # Enviormental temperature specs are limited to 5~35Deg C # Non Operating Temperature specs are limited to -20~60Deg C. # No support for COM /PARRALLEL/Inbuilt FDD drive. # No PS/2 for KBD/MOUSE support. # No S-Video OUT , Card reader and IEEE1394 ports # No Support for battery multibay or Hot swappable battery docking station support.


# No Inbuilt IR support , requires external Dongle. # "PAUSE" symbol is assigned as an indication on the System sleep button by supplier design # Suggested to use external amplified speaker for extra louder volume requirement. # Touchpad doesnot have physical scroll bar marking. # Doesnot support simultaneous movie file display on inbuilt LCD + external VGA due to graphics driver limitation under Windows Vista. # Doesnot support MIC playback

Special Features:
# Entry Level notebook with 15.4" Wide LCD Display # supports santarosa merom CPU's # Synaptics touch pad with two click functions.

Major Milestones
Data given is subject to change w/o further notice.DATA is based on documents of vendor and MR plan of PED † Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. ** Product Level Impact should specify major material changes, new material required, Specs. change w.r.t nearest running product. 1st Shipment : OCT 2007 Other Common Notation KB -Kilobyte (1024 bytes) GB- Gigabyte (1,073,741,824 bytes)

MB -Megabyte (1,048,576 bytes)

For the exact CPU support list please refer the current CPU support matrix.


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