TL “Trunk Link” is SIAE solution for long haul and high capacity microwave SDH networks. TL series supports the whole range of frequencybands from 4 GHz up to 13GHz according to ITU-R channel plans. TL series is based on a full indoor structure providing scalable data rates from 1 to 14 STM-1 in a single ETSI rack.

1 Fax +(39) 02.A. 250W.a. Via Michelangelo Buonarroti. L1.1. Mo-demodulator and base band functions.TO POINT TRUNK LINK SDH Series MAIN FEATURES TL equipment has been designed according to state of the art solutions to achieve best radio performances and functionalities.703 per STM-1 Express and Omnibus Order Wire XPIC for frequency reuse STM-1 Occasional channel Extended housekeeping input and output Housed in an ETSI rack (2200x600x300 mm) .004 • Data subject to change without notice • All right reserved © SIAE Microelettronica Additional features (optional) Mechanical Dimensions Power Supply Power Consumption (per Terminal) Environmental Performance 1 2 2 64 QAM MLCM 128 QAM MLCM . 3+1 conf. 13 GHz (N+1)xSTM-1 alternate channel (N max=7) 2x(N+1) Co-channel operation (N max=7) TLE.1 (class 3. N+1 with or w/o space diversity 2x(N+0).75 ± 10 ppm 10 dB range Electrical / Optical STM-1 (S1. 8L.A.p. Minimization of frequency dependent spare part has been achieved using of wide-band techniques: MSTU can cover a complete half band.5 .1E short term operation) siae microelettronica s. performance and security management features Out-band and in-band communication ports for TMN connections Wide variety of Service Channels Overhead bytes for both SOH and RFCOH used in accordance with ITU-T and ETSI specifications Compact design: up to sixteen (16) SDH radio channels in a single ETSI rack Easy maintenance and spare parts minimization Easy and fast Installation Excellent Reliability High Capacity Long Haul SDH Backbone Networks (NxSTM-1) Back-up transmission medium to Fiber Optics STM-1 / STM-4 / STM-16 ring closure Spur Links for Optical SDH Backbones / Rings New radio infrastructure in difficult environment Technical Specifications Frequency Range Supported Configurations Modulation Schemes Supported Capacities Output Power at MSTU unit output (Standard/High Power) (dBm): Standard Version (dBm) High Power Version (dBm) RF Tuning range (N° of MSTU to cover a complete half band) Receiver Sensitivity at BER 10-6 MSTU unit input: Rx Power (dBm) (typ) Frequency Stability ATPC Tributary Interfaces Service Channels 4-8 GHz + 29 + 32 11 GHz + 29 N. Easy operation and maintenance: no adjustment or provisional settings are required. 6L. 7L. 5.1) 2x2 Mbit/s wayside channel per STM-1 1x64 Kbit/s G. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > on ITU-T Recs. 7U. configuration. Full coverage of ITU-R channels from 4 to 13 GHz N+0.siaemic. Full coverage of ITU-R frequency bands Scalable capacity from 1 to 14 STM-1 Electrical and Optical Line Interfaces Adaptive demodulator with fully digital linear transversal equalizer (TVE) and decision feedback equalizer (DFE) High efficiency error correction using Multilevel Coded Modulation N+1 protection scheme for alternated operation and 2x(N+1) for Co-channel operation Hitless protection switching with early warning detection Space diversity reception with combiner available as standard Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) XPIC feature for Co-channel operation Tributary interfaces: STM-1 electrical or optical (optional) Standardized Management: Embedded SNMP Agent Embedded HTTP server for web browser connection Extensive fault.27325. to reduce size and to increase reliability still further > Fully SDH compatible digital radio based > > > > POINT TL TYPICAL APPLICATIONS > > > > > Trunk Link SDH Series Trunk Link SDH Series Trunk Link SDH Series Trunk Link SDH Series Trunk Link SD Trunk Link S Tru Trunk Link Trunk Link S MSTU MAIN SIGNAL TRANSMISSION UNIT The adopted high integration allows to package in a single board (MSTU) the Transmitter (TX).25391585 . 480W EN300019-1-3 class 3. Receiver (RX).75. 11 GHz (40 MHz channels) 128 QAM MLCM for 4U. 21 20093 Cologno Monzese (MI) IT Phone +(39) 02. 13 GHz +27 N. 2x(N+1) with XPIC for co-channel operation 64 QAM MLCM for 4. 6U.48 Vdc (-36 to -72V) 1+1 conf.

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