Spring 2006

Building Dedication Celebration You’re invited! Outpatient Diagnostic Center high-tech meets comfort Mental Health Services meeting the needs of young people

Welcome to Healthy Connections
From the President/CEO Healthy Connections is published quarterly by Winona Health to provide you with information about health, wellness and the many resources available to you, close to home. Sending you Healthy Connections is another example of how we’re striving to fulfill our mission: Winona Health is devoted to improving the health and wellbeing of our family, friends and neighbors. We welcome your questions, suggestions or comments about Winona Health and this publication. Please contact: Loretta Bronson Chief Communication Officer 507.457.4116 Michelle Foerster Graphics and Web Content Specialist 507.457.4136 Jennifer Olson Community Relations Specialist 507.457.4161 Karen Sibenaller Marketing Communication Coordinator 507.457.4157


elcome to spring … and to a new era in healthcare for our community!

If you’re one of the hundreds of community residents who toured the new facility, you’ll know why all of us at Winona Health are so excited: The new Outpatient Diagnostic Center opened April 10th, and Winona Clinic moved into its new facility on the hospital campus that day. The new surgical suites have been up and running since January, and the Emergency Department entrance and triage area has been renovated and streamlined. We encourage everyone to join us on Sunday, May 21st, to view the beautiful new facilities during our community Dedication Celebration (see page 3). You’re invited to the program, which begins at 12:30 pm. Then enjoy refreshments, community musical groups, and self-guided tours, where experts will be on hand throughout the facility to answer your questions. We are expecting several thousand people to stop by! You’ll see for yourself on May 21st how we’ve transformed the medical campus to better meet your healthcare needs. What you’ll also notice as you talk to our staff and physicians is our personal commitment to providing you with exceptional medical services. I also want to introduce you to new physicians joining the medical staff. In this issue you’ll find information about Dr. Laurel Littrell, radiologist (page 7); Dr. Kevin Quinn, child/adolescent psychiatrist (page 8); and Dr. Tim Gabrielsen, orthopedic surgeon (page 9). We are excited to welcome these outstanding physicians to Winona. As part of our commitment to meeting your healthcare needs, we continue to aggressively recruit physicians and providers to practice in Winona. These physicians join their 50-plus colleagues, our 900-person staff, and the staffs of Winona Clinic, Family Medicine, and other local providers in meeting your healthcare needs. At Winona Health, we’re proud to be the community’s healthcare system!

In this issue...
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On the cover: Winona Health and Winona Clinic board members pictured include (left to right): Matt Broghammer, MD; Gary Evans; Mark Wagner; Cindy Donahue; Susan Cornwell; Scott Birdsall, MD; Rachelle Schultz, Winona Health president/CEO; Hugh Miller; Michelle Michener, MD; and Scott Turner, MD.

Rachelle Schultz President/CEO


Healthy Connections ~ Spring 2006

The building project is complete!

A community celebration
Welcome to your new healthcare facility! his building project was made possible with the support of the community—and the support of all the people who use our services. From the initial planning phase through completion, our staff has appreciated your positive comments, suggestions, and, especially, your patience with the construction process. Your comments are always welcome.


To thank the community for its continued support and to celebrate the future of healthcare in our area, we invite you to the Building Dedication Celebration!

Join us
Sunday, May 21, 2006 12:30-4 pm Winona Health Campus No hard hat required! Activities
Welcome and brief program Tours of the new facility Refreshments Live music from local performers Children welcome... See center pullout section!

The groundbreaking for the $32 million building project took place in July 2004, with the Dedication Celebration set for May 21. For more about the building project, see pages 4-7 and visit winonahealth.org.

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Healthy Connections ~ Spring 2006



The future of healthcare is here
t’s spectacular!” said Gary Evans, Winona Health board chair. “For a guy who’s been around a long time, it’s an exciting new era in healthcare. The building project is a visible sign of outstanding collaboration… not only with Winona Clinic, but also with Family Medicine of Winona and other providers. “There’s a spirit of cooperation that affects all these organizations,” he continued. “This project shows a universal understanding that collaboration will enhance the services we provide to meet the healthcare needs of our community.” With strong leadership and a shared vision, the project broke ground in July 2004. The opening of the new building on April 10, 2006 was a very visible sign that the tradition of community driven and supported healthcare continues in the Winona area. Offering patient-centered care “We are committed to offering more cohesive and efficient healthcare that’s truly patient centered. Our services are designed to make healthcare convenient and comfortable for patients and the people who accompany them to our facility,” said Sara Gabrick, patient care administrator for Winona Health. “We’ve listened to patients and their families and many of their ideas were incorporated into this project.” Added Mike Allen, CFO, “Winona Health’s number one goal is to provide quality healthcare to the community. As a not-forprofit, community-owned organization, we reinvest our resources to ensure that we continue to meet the healthcare needs of area families.


Collaboration will enhance the services we provide to meet our community. the healthcare needs of

Gray Evans Winona Health board chair

Healthy Connections ~ Spring 2006

“This building project is a direct reflection of our commitment to area residents,” he said. “The entire community benefits from having quality healthcare close to home.” Community healthcare services Winona Health provides services to meet the healthcare needs of families at every stage of life: Community Memorial Hospital and its Family Birth Center; Lake Winona Manor, Watkins Manor, Roger Metz and Adith Miller Manors; Home Care and Hospice services; and our physician clinics including Rushford Clinic, Mental Health Services, weekend Urgent Care, Allergy and Asthma, and Occupational Health. In addition, two independent physician clinics are located on Winona Health’s main campus on Mankato Avenue: Winona Clinic purchased 52,000 square feet of space in the new clinic building on the south side of the campus. Family Medicine of Winona is located on the second floor of the Parkview Office Building on the north side of Community Memorial Hospital.

confidently, to greater community healthcare for

generations to come.
Hugh Miller Winona Health board member


We can now look forward,

Space is still available on the third floor of the new clinic building to accommodate Winona Health’s future growth or for other independent healthcare providers. “The building project means better quality healthcare for our community,” said Winona Health Board Member Hugh Miller. “We can now look forward, confidently, to greater community healthcare for generations to come. Thanks to our healthcare leaders for taking us there.”

See center pullout section for a map of the Winona Health campus along with a list of area companies involved in our building project.
A visible sign of the collaborative spirit of healthcare in Winona. Several new signs were installed at the end of January, and Winona Health's Outpatient Diagnostic Center and Winona Clinic opened the doors to the new building on April 10.

Healthy Connections ~ Spring 2006



High tech and comfortable
inona Health’s Outpatient Diagnostic Center was designed to combine high tech services with increased patient comfort,” said Ann Baker, administrative director of radiology services at Winona Health.


The new diagnostic center is in Winona Health’s recently completed building adjacent to the hospital. Anyone coming in for outpatient services including surgery, lab tests, or other diagnostic testing should use the new south entrance to get to the outpatient registration area. “The new facility incorporates ideas gathered through surveys, along with comments from patients, their families and the community,” noted Baker. “For example, the women’s imaging center is set off from other clinical and public areas to provide a quiet, comfortable atmosphere and a higher degree of privacy. “We’ve heard many positive comments from people, beginning with those who toured the new area during various

stages of construction,” she added. “The facility was designed to be very patient centered. Whether someone is here for a routine mammogram, a blood draw, or to have tests for a specific concern, we will do everything we can to ease their anxiety and make the experience more comfortable, and this new area helps us do that.” Diagnostic services at Winona Health are available to the public no matter where they receive primary care. “We frequently perform diagnostic testing for those who may see doctors out of the area. People are pleasantly surprised by how quickly we can accommodate their schedules. And with our digital capabilities, in most cases, results can be sent to their physician for immediate review,” said Baker. In addition, digital images and lab test results are stored in each patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR), making those images a permanent and secure part of your medical record

Stan Schliep, lead MRI technologist, prepares a patient for an exam. MRI tests help doctors pinpoint the source of problems in the spine, joints and brain. New technology makes this particular unit quieter than others, and patients can wear headphones to listen to the music of their choice during the exam. In addition, this unit’s shorter, wider bore is more comfortable for people who are claustrophobic.


Healthy Connections ~ Spring 2006

New radiologist joining the team
he radiology practice in Winona is a great chance to be involved directly with patient care and to work closely with referring clinicians in a collaborative effort to take care of patients,” said Laurel Littrell, MD, who will join the radiology team at Winona Health in July. “Winona is deeply committed to providing the most up-to-date care, yet maintains the friendly atmosphere of a traditional small-town community hospital.”


She noted that one of the things that drew her to radiology is, “that I can still be involved in all the different areas of medicine and work with practitioners of all specialties.” Dr. Littrell earned her medical degree at Rush Medical College in Chicago, Illinois and completed her residency at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Special expertise in bones and joints Jim Erwin, MD, a radiologist who’s been practicing in Winona for more than 20 years, noted that Dr. Littrell “has done a partial residency in orthopedic surgery and also has special expertise in bones and joints. She will be especially helpful in our MRI unit.” An MRI test may reveal the source of problems in the spine and joints including degenerative diseases and cartilage tears.

Winona Health’s radiology department performs more than 30,000 exams per year and believes the new Outpatient Diagnostic Center will help them be more efficient: “The radiology staff is excited about the new facility and the benefits it provides to the community,” Dr. Erwin emphasized. “For example, digital mammography Laurel Littrell, MD decreases the need for retakes and it’s faster than film screen mammography.” He added, “We’re looking forward to having Dr. Littrell join our team. She is a friendly, down-to-earth person. Patients will enjoy her helpful attitude.” Dr. Littrell, her husband and two-year-old son will move to the area this summer. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family hiking, camping and fishing.

Imaging services available at Winona Health include:
CT (Computerized Tomography) Scans provide a three-dimensional image of the body part being examined. CTs may be ordered as a result of trauma, headaches, abdominal pain, and evaluation of a new or recurring malignancy or clots in the lung. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is used to get a visual image of areas of the body to reveal the potential cause of specific symptoms, such as headaches, back or joint pain or symptoms consistent with a variety of degenerative diseases. Digital Mammography is the recommended way to examine breast tissue along with self-breast exams. Digital mammography has been found to be more effective in getting images of dense breast tissue. Nuclear Medicine is used to detect early warning signs for problems involving the heart, bones, lungs, gall bladder and thyroid. Images from nuclear tests show your doctor how your organs are working. Ultrasound and Echocardiology technology uses sound waves to obtain images of the heart and abdominal organs, detecting vascular disease, and detecting the growth and health of a fetus. Bone Densitometry (DXA) is an enhanced form of X-ray technology and today’s established standard for measuring bone mineral density. The test is often used to detect osteoporosis.

Healthy Connections ~ Spring 2006


Betsy Rowekamp, RNC, welcomes Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Kevin Quinn, MD, to the Winona Health Mental Health Services staff.

Mental Health Services offers specialized care for youth
inona Health’s Mental Health Services recently welcomed Kevin V. Quinn, MD, child and adolescent psychiatrist, to its staff.


“We saw a definite need in the community for a boardcertified child and adolescent psychiatrist,” noted Christina Friederichs, director of Winona Health Physician Clinics. “Our office frequently receives calls from parents, schools and even the courts looking for specialized mental health services for area youth. Until now, we’ve had to refer families out of the area for these services. “We are excited that Dr. Quinn joined our practice so children and young people in the community have access to his services right here in Winona,” she stated. Primarily working with youth ages six to 18, child and adolescent psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in evaluating, diagnosing and treating children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders. These disorders may cause problems with feeling, thinking and behavior.

The rewards of working with children One of the most rewarding aspects of child and adolescent psychiatry, according to Dr. Quinn, is “When my young patients are able to make big improvements in their behavior at home and at school.” An initial evaluation with a psychiatrist may involve input from important people in the child’s or adolescent’s life, such as parents or guardians, teachers, and other caregivers. This evaluation may indicate whether or not medication might be effective. Because psychiatrists are fully trained physicians with a medical degree, Dr. Quinn can prescribe medication. Additional treatment options include behavioral therapy, counseling, psychotherapy and/or environmental changes. In addition to providing specialized care for young people, Dr. Quinn is board certified in adult psychiatry. He said he is looking forward “to serving my future child, adolescent, and adult patients at Winona Health.” Continued


Healthy Connections ~ Spring 2006

Ties to the Winona area He added, “I have always liked the Winona area. I graduated from St. Mary’s College, now University, many years ago. My wife, Nancy, and I will enjoy the many bicycling opportunities in this area.” Dr. Quinn was most recently the clinical director of Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services at Willmar [MN] Regional Treatment Center. His medical degree is from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, and his psychiatry residency was completed at the Medical College of

Ohio at Toledo and the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. He also completed his fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Mayo. Dr. Quinn also earned an MBA from Loyola University in Chicago and has experience as a high school teacher and librarian. He also served as acting principal at a school for children with physical handicaps. Dr. Quinn joins Winona Health’s Mental Health Services professionals: Cullen Schwemer, MD; Mark Bronson, LICSW; and Betsy Rowekamp, RNC. For a confidential appointment, call Mental Health Services at 507.454.2606.

Orthopedic surgeon joining Winona Health


’m excited about the opportunity to grow and develop a comprehensive orthopedic practice in Winona,” said Tim Gabrielsen, MD, an orthopedic surgeon who will join the Winona Health medical staff in June. “I’m looking forward to working with an organization and individuals who have expressed and demonstrated enthusiasm for expanding the orthopedic services available for area residents.” Dr. Gabrielsen has expertise in adult reconstructive surgery, including knee and hip replacements, and sports medicine and arthroscopic procedures, such as ACL reconstructions, shoulder arthroscopy and rotator cuff repairs. Kris Cichon, director of Surgical Services at Winona Health, said, “Dr. Gabrielsen will be a wonderful addition to our surgical team. His expertise in general orthopedic procedures is needed in our community and will allow his patients to enjoy a more comfortable and active life.” “Orthopedic surgery has become very technology dependent,” Dr. Gabrielsen added. “The new operating room facilities at Winona Health are capable of handling the large amount of equipment necessary for certain orthopedic procedures.” When he’s not working, Dr. Gabrielsen enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, ages 10 and 7. “They keep us very busy,” he said. “This winter, I had the opportunity to help coach their hockey teams, which I really enjoyed. Personally, I enjoy golfing, basketball, skiing, boating – just about any reason to get outdoors!”

“I’m excited about the opportunity to grow and develop a

comprehensive orthopedic practice in Winona.”
Tim Gabrielsen, MD


A graduate of North Dakota School of Medicine, Dr. Gabrielsen obtained his orthopedic surgery training at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. Following his residency, he practiced in Fargo for three years before returning to Rochester and working with the Olmsted Medical Group. Winona area residents also have the services of Richard Romeyn, MD, of Southeast Minnesota Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists, who performs surgical procedures at Community Memorial Hospital. For more information about Dr. Gabrielsen and orthopedic surgery at Winona Health, call 507.474.7830.

Healthy Connections ~ Spring 2006


Community comments
My experience with Dr. Birdsall and the surgical team at Winona Health was wonderful. I felt like a person— not just a chart number. What impressed me most was the feeling that they were all familiar with my case and they were prepared to take care of me. They obviously did their homework and were familiar with my medical background. They exceeded my expectations. I didn’t feel like I was getting lost in the crowd. I also have asthma and have been to other hospitals to be treated for that in the past. None have compared to the care I’ve received here. I’d definitely choose to come back here. Angela Jonus I went to Urgent Care for a finger laceration. The receptionist, nurses and Dr. Lossen were friendly and efficient. My finger was sutured and it only took about a half hour! Fantastic! Patricia Przybylski Before counseling at Winona Health, depression was a major part of my life—it was controlling me. Now, I control my depression. Counseling has helped me find myself again. It’s helped me ‘live’ what I’ve been through. I know I have a future now. Before counseling, I couldn’t see a future. Renay Sotelo Thanks so much to all the nurses who took such good care of us while we’ve stayed with you over the past three years. You’ve made childbirth more bearable! And thanks to the wonderful nurse midwives.Wishing you all the best in your lives and upcoming years at Winona Health. Thank you for being such a special part of our lives! Kimberly S. Pronschinske When I fell on the ice and broke my arm, the emergency room staff and X-ray technician treated me so quickly and kindly. Thank you all so much. Winona has the best! Pat Meska I brought my 83-year-old mother to Urgent Care. She was seen in a timely manner and she was given excellent care. Dr. Schawe was excellent with her and Pam, the attending nurse, was very kind and helpful. The Urgent Care Clinic is a wonderful asset to the community and I am glad it is there for me and everyone else! Thanks! Lynn Englund The doctor and nurses in the Emergency Department did an excellent job with my daughter. She came in scared and walked out smiling. Thank you so much for that! They did an excellent job of informing me of things to watch for and how to use the medication. Thank you! Jeana Stigney

Auxiliary Update
inona Health Auxiliary volunteers are in a growth mode. The recently completed building project brings new opportunities for volunteers to help at the information desk and escort services, as well as in our new Outpatient Diagnostic Center and family surgical waiting lounge.


In addition to helping visitors at the hospital, volunteers organize fundraising events to purchase equipment and provide scholarships to future healthcare professionals. (For information about upcoming events, see the calendar on the back cover.) Last year, volunteers raised $84,100 for Winona Health to benefit the Winona community! Funds raised in 2006 will help purchase a patient pager system to increase privacy and provide patients with the freedom to move around. The pager system also will improve communication with families waiting during diagnostic or surgical procedures. We’ll also continue to offer healthcare scholarships and fund special projects in Winona Health’s residential facilities. Auxiliary volunteers are pleased to be part of the phenomenal growth at Winona Health. We welcome men and women of all ages to join us in supporting quality healthcare. To learn more about the opportunities available, call the Volunteer Services office at 507.457.4316. Fran Edstrom, Auxiliary President


Healthy Connections ~ Spring 2006

Staff in the news
Dennis Coon joined Winona Health as laboratory director in February. “I was attracted to Winona Health by the culture of the organization,” noted Coon. “This is a progressive organization with a team of talented, hardworking and caring individuals.” Previously, he served as the administrative director of the lab at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, IL, and as administrative director of HealthLab, a reference laboratory business in the western suburbs of Chicago. Ann Baker, director of Radiology Services and William Davis, MD, chief medical information officer for Winona Health and a physician with Family Medicine of Winona, recently participated in the Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMSS) annual conference in San Diego. Baker and Dr. Davis were on hand to answer questions about technology implementation and its impact on patient care. Winona Health Radiology Services uses the latest in digital technology for mammography and other diagnostic imaging services. Kim Rock Stockheimer, MS, OTR/L, CKTI, occupational therapist with Winona Health Rehabilitation Services, recently returned from a lecture tour in the United Kingdom, including stops in London, Turo, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester. Rock Stockheimer lectured and shared research on Kinesio Taping for orthopedics and sport injuries. She will return to the UK in May to teach athletes how to reduce symptoms and improve performance using Kinesio Tape. Mike Allen, chief financial officer for Winona Health, participated in a round table session in Washington D.C. with a group of professionals led by David Brailer, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Allen was tapped to participate because of Winona Health’s reputation as a pioneer in implementing an Electronic Medical Record system to improve patient care.

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NEW Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Orthopedic Surgery For more information: 507.454.3650 winonahealth.org

Healthy Connections ~ Spring 2006


Alzheimer’s Support Group Second Wednesday of every month, 6-7 pm CHM Parkview Conference Room Call 507.457.4560 Breastfeeding Class June 1 or August 3, 6:30-8:30 pm CMH Lake Winona Manor Classroom $10 per participant/couple Call 507.457.4491 Childbirth Education Class Six-week course, 6:30-8:30 pm May 2-June 6; June 7-July 12; July 11-August 15 or August 2-September 6 CMH B.A. Miller Auditorium Registration required. Call 507.457.4491 Childbirth Experience Weekend Class Friday and Saturday, May 12 & 13 CMH B.A. Miller Auditorium Registration required Call 507.457.4491 Grief Support Group Second Wednesday of every month, 3:30-5 pm Watkins Manor Parlor Call 507.457.4468 For a complete calendar of events and more information about our services and programs, please visit our website: winonahealth.org. We welcome your questions and comments. Healthcare CPR Certification (First timer) Two-night course, August 28 & 29, 5-9 pm CMH B.A. Miller Auditorium Registration required, $40 Call 507.457.4491 Healthcare CPR Recertification 4-hour course offered on many different dates May 2 or 18, June 15, July 20, August 1 or 17, 7:30-11:30 am May 4 or August 21, 5-9 pm CMH B.A. Miller Auditorium Registration required, $30 Call 507.457.4491 Health Care Directives Informational Session May 15, 6:30-7:30 pm or July 17, 9:30-10:30 am CMH Parkview Conference Room Call 507.457.4316 Health Care Directives Working Session This session is for those who have attended a Health Care Directives Informational Session and are seeking assistance in completing personal directives. May 22, 6:30-7:30 pm July 24, 9:30-10:30 am CMH Parkview Conference Room Call 507.457.4316 CMH = Community Memorial Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group First Monday of every month, 7-9 pm CMH Parkview Conference Room Call 507.457.4491 Public First Aid May 25, 5-7:30 pm or August 10, 5-7:30 pm CMH B.A. Miller Auditorium Registration required, $25 Call 507.457.4491 Winona Health Auxiliary Events Auxiliary Garage Sale (100 mile sale) May 5, 7 am-5 pm and May 6, 7 am-noon, Winona Health parking ramp Victorian Tea at Wakins Manor May 13, noon or 2 pm seatings. Tickets are available at the Glady D. Miller Gift Shop for $12 each and must be purchased in advance. Call 507.457.4316

Building Dedication Celebration
Sunday, May 21, 12:30-4 pm Program 12:30 pm Refreshments, music & tours

855 Mankato Ave. Winona, MN 55987

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