October 4, 2013


through the recare system with predictable and repeatable results. Dr. Krieger will take the attendees through a step-by-step process with all of the forms and systems that are used in his practice. You will learn: ··  What is a PPO and what are you agreeing to when you sign up ··  How to build the right team for a PPO practice ··  Why you cannot be both a fee for-service and a PPO practice at the same time ··  How to collect 100% of what you

must be careful, concise, complete, and diligent. Learning and implementing my approach will result in higher reimbursement while reducing the risk associated with the coding piece of the practice. If the deficiencies in your systems are ignored both doctor and staff are at risk. You will learn: ··  To recognize the dangers in coding improperly and the benefits of coding properly ··  The most commonly misused codes and how to avoid the “usual” errors ··  To develop systems that get your services paid and prevent coding errors

Suburban Collection Showplace
46100 Grand River Ave. | Novi, MI 48374 | 248-348-5600
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Dr. Matthew Krieger Seminar #1

produce without sending statements ··  How to eliminate cancellations and no shows without using confirmation calls ··  The myth of the low overhead, low production practice ··  3 inexpensive and predictable ways to get 5 new patients per month ··  Why pre-determinations are unnecessary ··  How to maintain an overhead below 60% ··  How to properly process claims so that you get paid quickly ··  Which technology and equipment you must have to maintain efficiency ··  What type of marketing works and what doesn’t ·· Key stats to monitor


The Million Dollar PPO
4 CE Credits | Registration 8am 8:30am–12:30pm $399 Dentist & 3 Team Members Fee for service Dentistry has long been considered the gold standard in private practice. Dentists still boast about not “taking” insurance or “not participating” when discussing their practices. But, as the economy shifts, and patients become more insurance conscious, the need and incentive to participate in preferred provider organizations becomes more evident. For those of us who have chosen to participate, there is a systematic, stress-freeway to create a thriving, and profitable practice that provides high quality care and value added services. This seminar will provide a detailed blueprint of such a practice. It will take you from the initial patient phone call

Seminar #2
2 CE Credits | Registration 1pm 1:30pm–3:30pm $129 Dentist | $79 Team Members When the practice is paid rapidly and appropriately, things are good; however, when there are delays, denials, and requests for additional information, thing are not quite so good. Mistakes can be devastating to the practice. During the investigation as well as in the preparation for and during my trial it became apparent that my billing and coding systems were faulty. I now educate others so that they can bill and code appropriately. My message is; it is possible to implement systems that can form a proactive defensive systemic approach that will result in maximum legitimate reimbursement. To be prepared for this challenge the team



Henry Schein Dental is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry.

Dr. Jonathan A. Bregman

Go Beyond Teeth... Make Your Practice P.O.P to the Top
Seminar #2
3 CE Credits | Registration 8am 8:30am–11:30am $129 Dentist, $79 Team Member

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Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit

The foundation of a highly successful dental practice is outstanding (“P”) patient care. Built on that patient care foundation is the effective (”O”) organizational structure of the practice. With the two solid building blocks of P-atient care and O-rganizational structure in place, only then is an enhanced (“P”) profitability or financial bottom line achieved. Now, your practice will P.O.P. to the TOP! In this high powered, fast moving course, critically important oral-systemic connections discussed and now understood lead to effective total patient assessment/care. Attendees will create a personal ‘to do’ list filled with items that can be implemented immediately in their next business day as well as areas that deserve future research/study. Also attendees will leave with a comprehensive ‘Key Concepts’ list that they can bring back to their offices to guide their sharing the knowledge they gained in this program at the next team meeting. Key Learning Points: ·· Early Oral Cancer Detection and the new technologies…the who, what, and why ··  Salivary Diagnostics…the changing paradigm in dentistry ··  Sleep Disorders and YOU…identifying, evaluating, treating ··  Written Clinical Protocols…don’t just ‘wing-it’ ··  Blood Pressure and dentistry…do you know? ··  Diabetes…the preventable side effects ··  What’s new in 2013 to enhance patient care or…preventive burnout

·· Measure performance and align your strategies using the Straine Performance Scorecard™ ·· Identify and solve problems through resilience, optimism and willingness ··  Build relationships based on authenticity, consistency and transparency, which is the foundation for personal integrity ··  Develop your most appreciable asset – your team ··  Create positive change in yourself and lives of team members and patients

Course Outline: ·· Anatomy of the trigeminal nerve ··  Pharmacology of local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors ·· Basic injection technique ·· Maxillary injection techniques ·· Mandibular injection techniques ·· Complications of local anesthesia ·· Pharmacology of nitrous oxide ·· Administration of nitrous oxide/ oxygen sedation

Judy Bendit, RDH & Patti DiGangi

Course Objectives: ··  Figure out how to navigate through the many assessment tools to determine what is right for you and your practice ··  Learn to utilize cancer, salivary and DNA screening tools and have an opportunity to judge for yourself the ease of using them ··  Investigate caries and periodontal assessment products to familiarize yourself with their functionality and ease of use ··  Guided by your flight instructors, use real patient data to formulate treatment plans using risk assessment and screening tools ··  Have a flight plan in hand to evaluate and decide your instrument armamentarium ··  Together, look at many ergonomic issues and how to avoid bad habits ··  Practice with and evaluate hand instruments, magnetostrictive and piezoelectric ultrasonic scalers ··  Look at which adjunctive therapeutics choices are best for your patients ··  Assess major emerging enamel therapies and select the appropriate modalities for patient’s needs based on risk assessment ··  Now, to EMPOWER yourself with this knowledge

Creating a flight plan
Hygiene Mastery Program

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Novi, MI · October 4, 2013
To register: To expedite your registration, please register online. Online: Phone: 800-686-4200 x3608 Fax: 1-414-290-2557

Seminar #10
6 CE Credits | Registration 8am 8:30am–3:30pm $159 per person Imagine you are seated comfortably in an airline seat, waiting at the gate. You watch the luggage being loaded, hear the familiar announcements and feel the push back, taxi, and take-off. You enjoy watching as the land below you fades from view. As you ascend, you suddenly become enveloped in the clouds. You lose all sense of position. Nothing is anchored. There are no indicators to judge distance. You have to simply trust that the pilot is taking you to your destination. In these turbulent times, the old way of practicing dentistry is rapidly changing. There is dissonance between the old ways and the new, as if two storm fronts are colliding. The ebb and flow makes things confusing and often frightening. If you are the pilot however, a different picture emerges. There are reliable guides through the clouds. Even when the sky is occluded, pilots use their instruments to lead them confidently to their destination. This course is designed to give you the tools to pilot yourself through all types of weather. The presenters are your air traffic control, there to remind you of guideposts they learned long ago as well as introducing new ones. On any journey there are many risks. They will help you learn to manage those risks by outlining clear steps toward developing a flight plan.

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Doctor’s office: ____________________________________________________ Contact phone number: ____________________________________________
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Merilee Karanickolas

Dr. David Smith


Local Anesthesia & Nitrous Oxide
Review for the Dental Professional

Equipment Maintenance & Handpiece Repairs
Done in Your Office

Attendees: ( Attach additional sheets if necessary)
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The Most Successful Dental Practices Grow From The Inside Out: Do The Right Things Now

Seminar #8
Registration 8:30am, 9am–12pm

Seminar #6
Registration 8:30am 9am–11am

Seminar #9 (REPEAT)
Registration 12:30pm, 1pm–3pm 3 CE Credits | $99 per person Attendees will learn how to make basic dental equipment repairs in their office! Henry Schein Dental demonstrates how the “pros” do it. From fixing the leaky water syringe to making adjustments, you’ll get a better understanding of how to maintain your equipment . . . and save money! This is a hands-on workshop. Whether you have owned your own practice for years or are just beginning your career, you’re certain to benefit from this participation course. All equipment and supplies will be provided, courtesy of Henry Schein Dental.

Seminar #5
4 CE Credits | Registration 8:30am Seminar 9am–12pm $99 per person Key Learning Points: ·· Ensure that your vision and your mission are clearly communicated to and understood by your team ··  Differentiate strategic from operational thinking ··  Develop meaningful goals and communicate them to the team ··  Create policies based on your philosophies that your team will embrace and implement consistently ·· Learn that leadership is influence – nothing more and nothing less

Seminar #7 (REPEAT)
Registration 12:30pm, 1pm–3pm 2 CE Credits | $79 per person Course Objectives: ·· Analyze the anatomy necessary for the successful administration of local anesthesia ··  Specify injection sites and areas anesthetized for nerve blocks ·· Review the armamentarium for local anesthesia administration ··  Discuss the pharmacology of local anesthetic agents and nitrous oxide ··  Summarize the indications and contraindications of nitrous oxide/ oxygen sedation

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Total Due $__________________________ Payment: Enclose check payable to Henry Schein Dental, credit card information, or Henry Schein Account Number below: Henry Schein Account No.: __________________________________________ Credit Card No.: ___________________________________________________ Exp. Date: ________________________________________________________ Print Name: _______________________________________________________ Signature: ________________________________________________________ Billing and cancellation policy: A $25.00 administration fee will be applied to cancellations received within 14 business days prior to the seminar. All seminars will be billed at time of registration.

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