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ITHACA COLLEGE ATHLETICS FACT SHEET DESCRIPTION: Ithaca College, a private, not-for-profit, 4-year university provides its students ways to go beyond the classroom and be involved with the institution and community by way of athletic activities. To consistently provide the highest quality athletic activities available to the students of Ithaca College. Besides competing against other schools and universities, IC athletics is designed to allow all students to stay active and lead healthy lifestyles while on a college campus. Through the multitude of opportunities available, IC strives to encourage and challenge its young adults to seek out non-academic activities and gain skills they would not be able to gain elsewhere. Ithaca College provides different areas of activities for students to be involved in under the Ithaca College athletics umbrella. NCAA DIVISION III: Ithaca College varsity sports are members of the NCAA and are in Division III. There are 11 men’s sports and 14 women’s sports. Athletic Training: According the Ithaca College Athletic Training webpage, “Injury prevention, care and rehabilitation of Ithaca’s student-athletes are overseen by a staff of five full-time clinical faculty/athletic trainers, plus three graduate assistants and over 80 undergraduate students in the athletic training education major.” Recreational Sports: The Office of Recreational Sports is divided into five parts that serve the IC community: fitness, informal recreation (pick-up basketball games, indoor soccer, etc.), intramural sports, outdoor recreation equipment center (equipment available for the community to rent such as snowshoes, kayaks and camping equipment) and sports clubs.



Student Media: Within the Roy H. Park School of Communications, students can become involved with various award-winning student media and learn how to broadcast and report on sporting events. - more Ithaca College Athletics Page 2 of 3 FACILITIES: Fitness Center: The fitness center is one of the busiest places on Ithaca’s campus. It houses more than 50 pieces of cardio equipment and other fitness materials, a 1,900-squarefoot aerobics room, a 26-foot-high climbing wall, as well as over 14,000-square-feet of free floor space for different activities. Athletics and Events Center: Opened and dedicated in 2011, this sate-of-the-art facility is one of the largest indoor venues in Tompkins County and the largest construction project ever completed at Ithaca College. This LEED-certified building is home to most of the IC sports teams, but is available for use by all students, faculty, staff, friends of IC and Longview residents. Roy H. Park School of Communications: There are several locations within Park that aid students in broadcasting and reporting Bomber news. There are four television studios, two radio studios and an HD remote production truck that allow students to gain valuable hands-on broadcasting experience. The Ithacan, Ithaca’s student-run award-winning newspaper also allows students the opportunity to report on Bomber sports events as well as other athletics. RIVALRY: Ithaca College’s athletic rival is the State University of New York at Cortland Red Dragons. The yearly football game match-up between the Bombers and the Red Dragons is called “Cortaca”. In 1991, John Walters of Sports Illustrated dubbed Cortaca as the biggest little game in the nation. In 1959, a jug painted red, blue, gold and white was introduced and the winner of the game now carries it back with them, and it is known as the Cortaca Jug. Ithaca leads the trophy series 34-19, but Cortland is currently in possession. Personal: Students stay active while expanding their skills to become successful in all aspects of life. According to the Office of Recreational Sports, athletics at IC “help educate,


encourage, and endorse life-long, positive and healthy activity.” Physical: Through athletic activities, students improve their physical fitness. Whether they are playing a Division III sport daily or using the fitness center, students are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at college. Mental: Through coaching, personal training and positive atmosphere, the IC athletic experience will build students’ confidence to peruse their academic dreams. Whether it is through a mind-clearing work out at the fitness center or training to live-broadcast a football game, Ithaca College provides the opportunities for students to succeed. -moreIthaca College Athletics Page 3 of 3 AWARDS: Ithaca College Division III athletics has won 15 National Team Championship titles: 2004 and 2005 women’s crew, 2002 softball, 1998 gymnastics, 1994 wrestling, 1991 football and women’s soccer, 1989 and1990 wrestling, 1988 football and baseball, 1982 field hockey, 1980 baseball, 1979 football, as well as individual national championship titles. Individual Bombers have also received Empire 8 Awards since the 1999/2000 academic year in the three categories: Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Coach of the Year. (Ithaca College) (Ithaca College Athletics) (Ithaca College Office of Recreational Sports) 953 Danby Rd. Ithaca, N.Y. 14850 607-274-3011 ### October 2012



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