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Principles of Management Discussion 1.2 Explain the nature of business ethics including differences between ethical and legal issues; concept of business social responsibility; the role of organizational policies and procedures in business ethics; and the concepts and principles underlying ethical, Business Ethics 12/3/2012 I am including this discussion, because the article that is being shown is an instance of ethical dilemma.

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1. The NCAA seeks to regulate advertising and sponsorships in collegiate sporting events in order to prevent colleges from being overly privatized in a way that preys upon athletes. In the case of Budweiser, they were marketing an alcoholic beverage with the use of sports teams that had many under-age players. 2. The ethical dilemma that involves students being paid by marketers is severe conflict of interest. Athletes are being bribed into considering a certain professional team or into supporting a specific product. Companies try to use the image of a highly talented player in order to market their brand, which effects how the rest of team is viewed. This is also an issue of fairness and honesty because by favoring certain professional teams or companies they are harming the competition as well as the teammates. Competition may not have the ability to bribe players which puts them at a disadvantage. Once a player is associated with a company, the rest of their team often becomes associated as well, due to the players being on the same team as that one player. 3. The ethical objections raised by the stockholders regarding the Budweiser college can campaign were related with the advertising of an alcoholic beverage to fan base that includes a large amount of underage citizens. Although Budweiser argued that the alcohol was only being sold to those over the age of 21, it was very obvious that because of the type of marketing that was being done, this campaign catered to a younger crowd. There is also the dilemma that arises when a company tries to advertise a substance that is illegal to a certain age group, with that age group. A similar situation would be if a tobacco company was using 15 year olds to sell their product, which is only legal for those over the age of 18.


The skills I acquired by completing this assignment are not very significant, but still very useful. I learned to form my opinion on subjects that I might not be too familiar with based on the information that is provided. Creating an opinion also forces me to provide evidence as to why I feel such a way, or what validates my thoughts. This is very crucial for other situations that might require a backed up opinion.

Growth and Improvement Statement

There is nothing about this assignment that if given the chance I would change. I voiced my opinions on how the companies involved acted, and those views have remained the same.