GFWC Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs

Junior Reporting Handbook 2012-2014
Printed: Sept. 2012

press books and more. writing.optional  Reports to Junior District Directors for assistance and review January 15  Honor Score. JDDs.gfwc.GFWC Florida Junior Reporting & Awards Due Dates December 31  Club Remittance Form and Dues sent to GFWC Florida Headquarters in Lakeland January 8 .  February 15  Juniors’ Special Project (One Voice for Children) Grant Application  Nancy Crawford Leadership Award  Charlotte Meads Smith Volunteer Award  Gail Hill-Smith Marketing Award  Teddy Hulse Junior to Junior Interaction Award  Joyce Johnston Junior to Juniorette Interaction Award  Judy Lutz Federation Interaction Award  Jennie June Croly Education Scholarship Application  Mary Ann Taylor Child Advocacy Award  Youth Leadership Awards December 1  GFWC Florida LEADS Application There are additional contests and awards available through GFWC and GFWC Florida in the area of photography. Yearbooks. This must be postmarked by January 15th. Please check out the following websites for more information: www. website.gfwcflorida. Newsletters and all GFWC Florida reports sent to GFWC Florida Junior Chairmen. Junior Corresponding Secretary and Vice Director of Junior . With the exception of Club Yearbook which can be mailed. All reports will be sent via one e-mail.

Check your club minutes. Only club related activities. 2013 All of your GFWC Florida reports and Honor Score go to your Junior District Director. To Whom: When: How: Report What? Reporting reflects a club’s efforts and is an opportunity to share programs and projec ts undertaken by the club to enhance the club’s efforts which benefit the club members and their website. newsletters. Collect information from the very beginning of a project and continue through its completion. programs. 2012 January 1.Reporting Procedures Do not send anything directly to GFWC or GFWC Florida DUE January 15th 11:59 p. 2012 through December 31. You will e-mail your reports in an Excel document. and projects. Records . Directions will be sent to each club by October 15th containing how to send the reports as well as the email addresses of those to whom the reports should be submitted. Junior State Chairmen. Junior Corresponding Secretary and Vice Director of Junior Clubs. programs and projects are to be included in reports. Email by JANUARY 15 of each year. Clubs will only have to send one email containing all of their reports. EST Dates: January 1. Start Now Read this reporting manual thoroughly! Bulletins from chairmen that are published throughout the year on-line may also contain valuable information on reporting. All reports must be completed using the Excel spreadsheet available on the GFWCFlorida. 2013 through December 31. bulletins and treasurer’s records for all information pertaining to reportable activities. Your JDD and Junior Chairmen will send you a confirmation email stating your report has been received.m.

only the portions of the report that fall within those limitations will be judged. minimum. the Director of Junior Clubs will contact you by phone and in writing. Communications and Public Relations If your questions need further clarification. the Junior Chairman or the Vice Director of Junior Clubs. feel free to contact your Junior District Director. These exceptions are: 1. If a club exceeds page limitations within a report. . Programs 2. 4. Reduced copy or print smaller than 10 pt.Reasons for Disqualification of Reports 1. All reports and Honor Score not submitted on or before January 15th 3. Correct Reporting Forms were not used. Fundraising 3. 2.Dues and Remittance Form must be postmarked on or before December 31st. DOUBLE REPORTING There are very few areas in which a club can report a project in more than one are. Late Federation Dues . If a report has been disqualified.

Arts: GFWC Partnerships  American Mural Project GFWC Community Service Programs Conservation: GFWC Community Service Programs Education: GFWC Community Service Programs GFWC Florida President’s Project  Schools and Scholarships Home Life: GFWC Partnerships  Canine Companions for Independence  Easter Seals  Inside Knowledge  National Osteoporosis Foundation GFWC Community Service Programs International Outreach: GFWC Partnerships  Heifer International  Operation Smile  United Nations Foundation.Reporting Divisions Each project MUST be in one of the divisions below that are provided by GFWC. Shot@Life  UNICEF GFWC Community Service Programs Public Issues: GFWC Partnerships  Kettering Foundation  Sew Much Comfort  United Service Organizations (USO) GFWC Community Service Programs GFWC Signature Project: Domestic Violence Awareness and Protection Membership: Retain Members Renew Federation Enthusiasm and Pride Recruit New Members Rebuild by Starting New Clubs GFWC Juniorettes Juniors’ Special Project (One Voice for Children): GFWC Partnerships  Emergency Medical Services for Children  INMED Partnerships for Children GFWC Florida Director of Junior Clubs Focus: Childhood Hunger WHALE Fundraising Programs Leadership Communications and Public Relations Junior Honor Score Junior Editor .

3. 4…) consecutively for clarification. Narratives will be entered on the same sheet as the statistical data. Use more than one line if needed. 2. 2. o In-kind Donations. There is a 6 page maximum for narratives of each area reported. Indicate the year (2012 or 2013) in which the projects or programs were completed. Round to the nearest dollar. STATISTICAL SHEET Heading     Use the official name of your club as printed in the GFWC Florida Manual. 4. Number of members for which dues were paid. For Fundraising Reports you will show the total monies raised or profited  . For each project provide the following information o Number of Members participating.Reporting Guidelines 1. Cash donations are monies sent directly from the club whereas in-kind donations are items or monies donated by club members. Round to the nearest hour. For each report submitted. 6. o Hours spent on the project. Round to the nearest dollar. Give each project a name. Group all projects by divisions (listed on previous page). 3. use the corresponding statistical form. Information     Number each project (1. 7. This number cannot be greater than the number of members you paid dues on. Round minutes up to the nearest hour and monies to the nearest dollar amount. Each project must be reported within a division of the Community Service Program/Area. 5. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms that the chairman will not understand. o Dollars Donated. Club Chairman or member responsible for the report and her information. These divisions are listed on the previous page. but do not write any descriptive narrative on these lines.

Narratives will be entered on the Excel Spreadsheet next to the corresponding project. what. where and how of the project or program. Junior Chairmen and the Junior Executive Committee.NARRATIVE(S)  Narratives are optional. but will enhance chances of recognition. demonstrations. speakers. Clubs receiving a score of 100 points or more will receive an Honor Score Certificate at GFWC Florida Annual Convention.     SUPPORTIVE MATERIAL Do not send supportive material. Tell the who. EST. performers. All Honor Scores points will be verified by JDDs. As long as some kind of information is presented to your members. Be sure to retain a copy for club files. Narratives should be numbered to correspond to projects on statistical page.. Isn’t that a project? Yes! A project can also be a one-time informational event at a club meeting. it is a program. why. The left hand margin should be at least 1/2”. games.” you would report that in Membership and Programs. Tell the successes. It will not be used to judge reports.m. JUNIOR HONOR SCORE Send the completed Honor Score form to the Junior Corresponding Secretary AND your Junior District Director by January 15th 11:59 p. Program or Project? What is a program? A program is a one-time event that is presented to your club membership. EVERY item in a Programs report should be in ONE other report also! For example: If you had a speaker about Library Services. understanding and appreciation of the project. when.. Programs can be videos. usually but not always at a regularly scheduled club meeting. failures. you would report it in Education and Programs. If you had a “federation bingo. etc. . hands-on activities. (non script) type is the minimum acceptable size. reactions and if it met the needs of your members and/or community. A 10 pt.

The following list is for guidance on where to report frequently done projects. did you do it to decorate the wall or to cheer up the patients? If you wanted to decorate the wall. you would report this in Home Life Collaboration CSP. as only you know why the project was done. If you painted a mural on the wall of a pediatric ward in the hospital.Where Do I Report Projects? Here is a list of just a few projects and which CSP/Focus Area they should be reported. —Home Life (P) Children’s Book Council—Education (PR) Club Socials—Membership Club Strategic Planning—Leadership Comfort Pillows—Home Life (PR) Coupons for Soldiers—Public Issues (PR) Doctors w/out Borders—International Outreach (PR) Drug Free America—OVFC (PR) Earth Day Network—Conservation (PR) Easter Seals—Home Life (P) Emergency Medical Services for Children— OVFC (P) FEMA—Public Issues (PR) GFWC ESO—Education (PR) GFWC Florida Director of Junior Clubs Focus: Childhood Hunger – OVFC (PR) GFWC LEADS—Leadership GFWC Florida Convention Attendance— Membership GFWC Florida Fall Board Attendance— Membership GFWC Florida President’s Project : Schools and Scholarships – Education (PR) GFWC Signature Project: Domestic Violence and Awareness and Protection – Public Issues (PR) Guardian ad Litem—OVFC (PR) Habitat for Humanity—Home Life (PR) Hacienda—OVFC (PR) Heifer Project—International Outreach (P) Humane Society—Conservation (PR) INMED Partnerships for Children —OVFC (P) Identity Theft Resource Center—Home Life (PR) Inside Knowledge – Home Life (P) Internet Safety and Cyberbullying—OVFC (PR) Keep America Beautiful—Conservation (PR) Kettering Foundation – Public Issues (P) March of Dimes—Home Life (PR) Mentoring USA—Education (PR) Mom’s Rising—OVFC (PR) Nat’l Cancer Institute—Home Life (PR) . If you wanted to cheer up the patients. This is only a guide. Alzheimer’s Association—Home Life (PR) American Cancer Society—Home Life (PR) American Heart Association—Home Life (PR) American Library Association—Education (PR) American Mural Project—Arts (P) Annual District Meeting Attendance— Membership Box Tops for Education—Education (PR) Bullying and Children—OVFC (PR) Butterfly Gardens—Conservation (PR) CARE—International Outreach (PR) Canine Companions for Ind. the project would be reported in the Arts Collaboration CSP. (P) = Partnership (PR) = Programs When deciding where to report a project. the first step should be to determine the intent of the project.

Nat’l Foster Parent Association— OVFC (PR) Nat’l Heart Lung Blood Institute—Home Life (PR) Nat’l Highway Traffic Safety Admin.—Public Issues (PR) Nat’l Osteoporosis Foundation – Home Life (P) Nat’l Safety Council—Public Issues (PR) Nat’l Wildlife Federation—Conservation (PR) Nike Reuse-a-Shoe Program—Conservation (PR) Operation Smile—International Outreach (P) Organ Donor Programs—Home Life (PR) Patriotic Activities. CSP Chairmen or your JDD. Outreach (PR) Yard of the Month—Conservation (PR) Youth Leadership Nomination—Leadership If you are unsure on where a project should go. For a Secure Retirement— Home Life (PR) Women for Women International—Int. please feel free to contact the Vice Director of Junior Clubs. . Flag Etiquette—Public Issues (PR) Plan USA—International Outreach (PR) Project Vote Smart— Public Issues (PR) Read Across America—Education (PR) Reading Rockets—Education (PR) Safe Kids USA—Public Issues (PR) Save Our Streams—Conservation (PR) Sew Much Comfort—Public Issues (P) Skin Cancer Foundation—OVFC (PR) Special Olympics—OVFC (PR) Stop Medicine Abuse—OVFC (PR) Take Stock in Children—Education (PR) Teacher Appreciation—Education (PR) United Nations Foundations shot @life— International Outreach (P) UNICEF—International Outreach (P) USO – Public Issues (P) Very Special Arts—Arts (PR) WHALE – OVFC (PR) Women in Military Service for America— Public Issues (PR) Women’s Inst.

$189.) GFWC Florida Headquarters Maintenance Fund Junior Scholarship Fund Junior Travel Fund "One Voice for Children" Fund Youth Leadership Awards Grants Juniorette Scholarship Fund 1895 Society ($18.2012 GFWC Florida Junior Honor Score Club Name: Club President: Email Address: Phone Number: District #: Possible Points Community Service Program Areas: (Club had at least one activity reported) Arts Conservation Education Home Life International Outreach Public Issues Juniors' Special Project GFWC Advancement Areas/Other (Club had at least one activity reported) Communication and Public Relations Fundraising Programs Junior Editor Junior Editor Yearbook submission Junior Editor (4) Newsletters submission Junior Editor GFWC Florida Clubwoman submission 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Earned 5 5 5 1 2 2 Earned . Max Pts.00 = 5pts). 50 cents or more per member = 5pts. $1895. 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 . (2 or 5) Contributions Contributions sent with dues remittance on or before 12/31 of reporting year (less than 50 cents per member = 2 pts.95 = 1 pt.50 = 3 pts.

Judith Lutz General/Jr.) State Director of Junior Clubs Junior District Director Junior Officer or Junior Chairman Membership Started/Mentored a New Club Names and addresses of newly elected officers sent to JDD.Regional and GFWC Conventions Southern Region Conference GFWC International Convention Nominations/Applications submitted GFWC Florida LEADS Nancy Crawford Leadership Award Youth Leadership Award (any dept) Gail Hill-Smith Marketing Award GFWC Florida Website Contest Jennie June Croly Education Scholarship Charlotte Meeds Smith Volunteer Award Teddy Hulse Jr. Interaction Award Mary Ann Taylor Child Advocacy Award Application for One Voice for Children Grant Total Points Earned Max Pts./Jr.State Functions Fall Board of Directors' Meeting GFWC Florida Annual Convention . (2 or 5) 5 5 5 Possible Points Earned 10 5 5 Points Earned 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 176 . GFWC Florida Headquarters and Junior Director within one month of elections Dues and Remittance Form received by GFWC Florida Headquarters on or before 12/31 Representation at Federation Functions: Representation is defined as at least one member in addition to JEC/JPC members .Contributions sent directly on or before 12/31 of reporting year (less than 50 cents per member =2 pts. Corresponding Secretary. Jr. Interaction Award D. 50 cents or more per member = 5pts.District Functions District Arts and Crafts Festival District Spring/Summer Meeting Annual District Meeting .

Junior Awards Distribution at Convention Six Community Service Programs Membership Leadership Programs Fundraising up to 4 awards in each category up to 4 awards in each category up to 4 awards in each category up to 4 awards in each category up to 4 awards in each category 96 16 16 16 16 16 32 16 1 1 up to 229 Communications & Public Relations up to 4 awards in each category Junior Editor Juniors’ Special Project OVERALL up to 4 awards in each category up to 4 awards in each category Emmy Awards Mary Clark Total possible number of Junior Awards .GFWC Florida Junior Awards Clubs compete for awards on the state level in Community Service Program Areas (CSPs). and GFWC Focus Areas. These categories may fluctuate from year to year and will be determined by the Junior Executive Committee. Clubs are divided into categories based on the number of members in the club and the number of clubs which report.

4 points Juniors’ Special Project: One Voice for Children (up to 4 awards each category) 1st Place............ This tea service is a revolving award and awarded to the most outstanding Junior Club in the state with a winner chosen each year.... GFWC Florida Director of Junior Clubs.................8 points 3rd Place...........4 points 2nd Place. Mr............. and Leadership (up to 4 awards each category) 1st Place.10 points 3rd Place....1 point 11-20% ...... 8 points 4th Place..3 points Total Points Possible: 175 points Factors for determining Mary Clark Winner in case of a tie: Total Honor Score Points.2 points Honor Score: 1-100 points 5 points 126-150 points 15 points 101-125 points 10 points 151+ points 20 points Other areas : these areas will be verified and should be included in the specified report Membership: Membership Increase : 1-10% .3 points 21%+ ...................4 points 4th Place………………………..14 points 4th Place....... Arthur Yates of Yates Jewelers in Tampa......5 points 3rd Place…………………………....... The first club to win the Mary Clark Award was the Ocala Junior Woman’s Club... Fundraising.6 points 4th Place.............… 4 points Club Member (non-JPC member) attends Summer Planning in odd-numbered year …......16 points 3rd Place....3 points 2nd……………………………....…3 points Communications and Public Relations Maintain and Update a website that is linked in both directions to GFWC and GFWC Florida…….... In recognition of the Florida Juniors’ outstanding community service.................. then if a tie still exists...........6 points 2nd Place...................12 points 2nd Place......2 points Junior Editor Yearbook and Junior Editor Newsletter (up to 4 awards each category) 1st………………………………............. co-identified with another organization. total Honor Score Points in “Representation at Federation Functions” Section ..5 points Community Service Program Report: Joint Project with another community organization other than a Federated Club........................ Six CSPs...............Mary Clark Point System The Mary Clark Award was named after Mrs... This is a project that is co-sponsored..............…………5 points Leadership: One or more club members holds a State (JPC/JEC) or GFWC Leadership position ……......... Joseph (Mary) Clark......................10 points Programs..... donated a silver tea service to Florida Juniors in Mary Clark’s name...... Membership....... Communications and Public Relations (up to 4 awards each category) 1st Place......

however these are not club projects. An example would be if 5 members drove from Tampa to Orlando together for a club or state level project. Writing a check to an organization should only be listed as 1 hour. it did not take all members to write the check. reading to your children at night are great things to do. 3. please contact the appropriate Chairman. Although all club members voted on the check being written. 4. . 10. Get started now. than the club would report 5 members and 2 hours collectively rather than in the past we have seen 5 members and 10 hours individually. Projects need to be club projects. All forms needed for awards can be found on the GFWC Florida website. 5. 8.TEN THINGS TO REMEMBER ABOUT REPORTING 1. An example of the statistical form can be found on the GFWC Florida website. a. chairman look at quality versus quantity. For example. 6. State chairman will provide feedback to all the clubs regarding their reports after Convention. 7. Conservation is one of those areas that tends to be over reported. All deadlines will be strictly enforced. This means they are looking for projects with high member involvement and that are well described in the narratives. State chairmen are available to answer your questions. When judging reports. things such as volunteering at your child’s school. The earlier you begin collecting information the easier it will be. 9. 2. Avoid over reporting. If you have a question regarding where a project should go.

com Phone 352-843-3008 352-538-1293 863-255-0216 727-365-7112 813-784-7375 561-379-4737 386-215-9482 863-644-0818 863-797-5465 850-527-9919 904-434-2550 772-532-8055 850-728-8824 850-728-8431 610-201-6857 864-621-7425 561-339-0920 407-469-4427 561-371-1975 772-801-6165 772-480-4989 850-832-0197 850-459-1794 352-373-3366 321-727-9888 813-763-8083 863-682-5430 561-676-2008 305-302-7010 Title Director of Junior Clubs Director Elect of Junior Clubs Vice Director of Junior Clubs Corresponding Secretary Leadership Chairman Junior Editor Junior Special Project Program Chairman Junior Special Project Partnership Chairman Communications and PR Chairman Arts Program Chairman Conservation Program Chairman Conservation Partnership Chairman Education Program Chairman Education Partnership Chairman Home Life Program Chairman Home Life Partnership Chairman International Outreach Program Chairman International Outreach Partnership Chairman Public Issues Chairman Fundraising Chairman Programs Chairman JDD District 2 JDD District 3 JDD District 5 JDD District 6 JDD District 8 JDD District 9 JDD District 10 JDD District 11 onevoice1214@gmail.Contact List If you have any lguadamuz@communitybankfl.hall@gmail.gfwcflorida@gmail. please contact a Junior Community Service Program Chairman. Junior Special Area aprilita12@hotmail. JDD and Vice Director of Junior Clubs by 11:59 p. your Junior District coone842905@aol. the Vice Director of Junior Clubs or the Director of Junior . Name Dara Bergdoll Catrina Sistrunk Sandra Roth Shannon Bailey April Simons Mary Ward Tabitha Townsend Joy Wright Theresa Bright Alicia Gainer Cassie Denney Katie Hulse Candice Melton Carrie Starr Wendy Snee Christa Nuckols Jeanne Takeda Robin Caravajal Cecilia Hudnet Dionna Farmer Cynthia Hall Elaine Locke Cherie Hall Sara Ben-Shoshan Diane Baccus Horsley Bethani Coone Tracy Bright Claire christan@drummondpress. Portmann Lynne Guadamuz E-mail darabeth1@hotmail.  Each Community Service Program/Area report IS DUE to the Junior RobinCarvajalArtisan@gmail. EDT on January dbaccushorsley@yahoo.


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