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Activity Planning Form

Curriculum Area: Creative Arts Age: ____3-5_______

Day of the Week:_ Daily Schedule Time Wednesday

10:25 10:45__________

Planned by:________Jennifer Avila_________________________

Title of Activity: ___ Making Dinosaurs Rationale for Selection: (Based on childrens culture, family, community experiences, home language, specific assessed needs and interests)

Children all have a different idea of what dinosaurs look like. They can use their own experiences to make their own dinosaur.
Goal and Objectives: The child will be able to create a dinosaur. The child will be able to talk about the features they need to add to their dinosaur. The child will be able to describe the features in the dinosaur they made. DRDP Measure(s):

Measure 2: Recognize of own skills and accomplishments

The child will recognize that they are making their own dinosaur.

Measure 12: Shared us of space and materials The child will be able to use materials that other children are also using. Measure 15: Expressions of self trough language The child will be able to express the features of their dinosaur trough language. Measure 40: Fine Motor Skills Definition: Child refines the ability to plan and coordinate use of grasp, release, strength, and control of fingers and hands for functional and play activities.
Anti-Bias Area:

Ability Race Appearance

Anti-Bias Skills: To promote respect for diversity. To value uniqueness of self and others. To foster familiarity with differences in ability.

Materials Needed: Paper plates, cut in various ways. Scrap paper Different materials of paper Teacher Preparation (Facilitation):

Feathers Colors, makers, colored pencils. Glue

The teacher will need to cut out paper plates in half circles, full circles, long ways, short ways. The teacher will need to collect different materials of paper. On the day of the activity the teacher will need to put the paper and feathers in small containers for the children to use.
*Children Preparation: No child preparation needed. *Dramatic play props used/made: None used. Book used: No book used. Safety: List any safety considerations and your plan regarding them.

No Safety Conditions
Community resources: Paper Plates Procedure: (step by step) Beginning: During large group time I will introduce the children to dinosaurs by comparing facts about dinosaurs. I will show them different pictures of dinosaurs for example, long necked, standing on two feet, flying, and I will compare them in size. I will say to them: What are dinosaurs?

Were they big or where they small? Did they have long necks or short necks? Did they walk on two feet or on four feet?
I will answer have a discussion according to the answers. I will then say to them: All dinosaurs looked different some were big some were small. Some had long necks and some had short arms. Today in art group we will be making our own dinosaurs! You will have different things to use to make it. Okay when I call your name you may get up. I will then start calling out the names of the children for the art group. Once their names are called I will say okay you can stomp like a dinosaur. Middle: I will have a poster set out behind me with different types of dinosaurs for the children to use as a visual aid. As we get to the art table I will tell them: Okay here we have a lot of different materials you can use. You can make any type of dinosaur that you want. I will then tell them: Okay you can now start making your dinosaur. I will ask them individually: What are you going to make? Is that your favorite dinosaur? What are you going to add to the dinosaur. To help each child individually I will ask them: What are you adding to your dinosaur? Do you know the name of the dinosaur? What does s/he look like? If there is a child who is not engaged in the activity I will say to them : What are you going to make? Would you like to add, feathers, or would you like the markers, the eyes, or anything to add for you dinosaur? Would you like to see some of my pictures of the dinosaurs? I will then show him/her the pictures of all the dinosaurs that I have. Which one is your favorite? I like the Brontosaurus because it has a really long neck, and I could eat from the top of a tree. Which one is your favorite? I will ask them: Why did you add that to your dinosaur? I will point out certain items in their dinosaurs, for example, I can see you made a brontosaurus because it has a long neck. I will observe them as they work as ask the questions mentioned above as time goes on. End:

I will begin to ask, what dinosaur did you make? Why did you make that one?

I will let them know that there is only about 5 minutes left to finish our dinosaurs. I will say when you finish your dinosaur we can put it in our cubbies to take it home. Once the children are finished we will go together to sit in the blue line, I will say roar like a dinosaur to the blue line.

List all references used in preparation of this plan:

I used to book, Creative resources for Anti-Bias Classroom. Nadia. (1998). Creative resources for Anti-Bias Classroom. Delmar publisher.