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Microsoft Visual Studio Image Library

Use Restrictions These images are offered in various sizes although only one size is displayed in the table below. The same usage restrictions apply to all sizes of a given image. As part of a visual language, the following images (or any part of the images) must be used in a manner consistent with the image name Common Name .JAR File 2 (two) columns 2 (two) columns, left split 2 (two) columns, right split 2 (two) rows 2 (two) rows, 2 (two) columns 2 (two) rows, bottom split 2 (two) rows, top split 3 (three) columns - Horizontal Stack 3 (three) rows - Vertical Stack 4 (four) columns 4 (four) rows abstr_assoc1 abstr1 Abstract Class Accessibility 2010 2012

Active Document Host Active Server Page (.asp) Actor
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Common Name Add Mark



Add / Insert Conditional Loop

Add / Insert Conditional Rule Add a comment Add Association Add Button Add Child Node Add Class Add Component Add Connection Add Control Add Event Add Existing Item Add Form

Add HTML Page

Add Indexer Add Inheritance Add Inherited Control Add Inherited Form Add Interface

Add Items to Folder (Source Control)

Add Link to Selected Work Item Add Method Add Module
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Common Name Add new data source



Add New Item

Add Node from File Add Property Add Reference Add Server Add Style Rule Add Table Add Team Project Add to Favorites Add Using Namespace Add Variable (Field) Add Web Form Add Web Service

Add Web User Control

Add/Remove Columns AddDataItem AddGroup Address Viewer Administer Test Controllers

Airbrush Tool
Align Bottom Align Left Align Right
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Common Name Align to Grid



Align Top
All Loaded Tests Analysis Analyze All Tests (Code Coverage) Animation Appearance Editor Part Application Page - Add Item apply code changes Architecture Explorer (Progression) Arrange Selection Arrange Tables ASP.NET Configuration Assembly

Assembly - excluded
Association association Association Editor Asynchronous Message Attach/Detach

Audio / Record Voice Audio Playback / Audio:DRM Support Autos Window
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Common Name Autosize column



Autosize Selected Table

Autosize: Fixed Width Autosize: Optimize Autosize: Stretch AXAX File Background Color BackgroundWorker Bar Series BDC Model Template Behavior Editor Part BindingNavigator BindingSource Bitmap file

Blank (Empty) WWA Project Template - C++

Bold Bookmark Bookmark Bookmark Clear Bookmark Next

Bookmark Previous
Border Element Box Branch
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Common Name Break all



Breakpoint Enabled
Breakpoints Window Bring Forward Bring to Front Broken link to File Broken Reference Browse Definition Browse Next Browse Previous Brush Tool Bug Build Definition Build Error List

Build Selection
Build Solution Build Style Bullets Business Objects Datasource BMP Button

C# Empty Code File

C# file C++ File - Solution Explorer Node C++ Project - Solution Explorer Node
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Common Name C++ WMI Event Provider



CAB Project
Call Browser Settings Call Hierarchy Call Stack Window Caller / Callee View Calls From (ambiguous) Calls To (ambiguous) Camera Orbit Cancel (build) Cancel XSLT Output Canvas Element CatalogZone cctprojectnode_ID10.png

Center In Form Horizontally

Center In Form Vertically Centered Change Node URL from File Change Password Change Query Type: delete query

Change Query Type: Insert Results

Change Query Type: insert values Change Query Type: update query Change Source Control
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Common Name Changeset



Check Constraints...
Check In Check Mark Check Out for Edit CheckBox CheckBoxList Checked-out by Another User Checked-out for Edit Class Class Class - Friend Class - Private Class - Protected

Class - Sealed
Class - Shortcut Class and Method reference Class and Method reference (ambiguous) Class Details Tool Window clear all breakpoints

Clear all requests

Clear window content Close Close Results
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Common Name Close Solution



Cloud Storage Container

Cloud Storage Container Collection Code Coverage Not Enabled Code Coverage Results Code Snippet CodeReviewShowAllComments Collapse Color Selection Tool ColorDialog colorPalette Column Missing Column Series ComboBox

Compare Compare Folders Compare_RefreshScriptPreview Compilable file Compile

Compiled MS Help File

Complete Word Completion Mode Complex Property
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Common Name Complex Type



Component Class
Component Diagram File (.component diagram) Conditional Loop Conditional Rule Conditional Rule - If... Then Conditions conePreview Configure dataset with wizard Conflicts (large) Connection Connections Zone console Constant

Constant - Friend
Constant - Private Constant - Protected Constant - Sealed Constant - Shortcut Content

Content Placeholder
Context Menu Strip Contract Control
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Common Name Convert to Coded Web Test



Convert to Hyperlink
Copy Copy Web Site Correlations Counter Counter Set node Create Schema Create User Wizard Cryptographic Provider CSharp File - Solution Explorer Node CSharp Project - Solution Explorer Node CSS Class CSS Element

CSS Element (used on current)

CSS ID cubePreview Curve Tool Custom Actions Custom Actions Editor

cylinderPreview Data Collection Control Data Compare
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Common Name Data Connection - Connected



Data Connection - Not Connected

Data Form Data Generator Data Table Data View Database Options Database Project Database Reference Database Reference Node Database Role Membership DataGrid Date / Time Picker DB Schema

Dead Letter Messages

Debug All Tests Debug Checked Tests Debug Selection Debug Template Debug XSLT

Declarative Catalog Part

Default List Instance 16 Delegate Delegate
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Common Name Delegate - Friend



Delegate - Private
Delegate - Protected Delegate - Sealed Delegate - Shortcut Delete Clause Delete Column Delete Filter Delete Table from Database Dependancy Deployment Configuration Extensions Deployment Diagram (Subsystem Mapper) detach process DGSL File type

Dialog Group Dialog ID Direct Links Query (One-Hop) Disassembly Window Disconnect

Display Full Signature

Display Name Div tag Dock Panel 24x
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Common Name DockPanel Element



Document Outline
Document Viewer Element 24x Documents Library Domain Type Domain Up Down 12x Domain Up Down 16x Domain Up Down 24x Domain Up/Down Download web settings Driver Test Cancelled Result Driver Test Passing Result Dynamic Help Dynamic Help

Edit Association Edit dataset with designer (Edit Query) Edit Key Edit Label Edit Line

Edit Link
Edit Relation Edit Title String Editor Zone
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Common Name Element Path (Many to Many)



Element Path (Many to One)

Ellipse Element Embedded Font Encapsulate Field Entity Container Entity Set Enum Enum - Friend Enum - Private Enum - Protected Enum - Sealed Enum - Shortcut Enum - Snippet

Enum Item
Enum Item - Friend Enum Item - Private Enum Item - Protected Enum Item - Sealed Enum Item - Shortcut

Enum Item - Snippet

Enumeration Erase Tool Error
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Common Name Error Provider Control



Event - Friend Event - Private Event - Protected Event - Sealed Event - Shortcut Event Log Event Log Failure Audit Event Log Success Audit Example Element References Target Builder Excel Worksheet View Exception Exception - Friend

Exception - Private
Exception - Protected Exception - Sealed Exception - Shortcut Excluded from build Execute

Execute Filter
Execute query Expand Expander Element
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Common Name Export filter



Export Report Data

Export Test Run Results Export to Script Extend Extended Stored Procedure Extension Manager Extension Method Extract Interface Extract Method F1 Help Favorites Feature Not Available Field

Field - Friend
Field - Private Field - Protected Field - Sealed Field - Shortcut Fields Header

File - exclude
File From Project File From Web File Service Configuration (.cscfg)
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Common Name File System Editor



File Upload
Files Fill Tool Filled Ellipse Tool Filled Rectangle Tool Filled Rounded Rectangle Tool Filter Alphabetically Filtered Folder - closed Filtered Folder - open Filtered Object Find Find in Files Find Next

Find Previous
Find Results 1 Find Symbol Flag thread Flag Thread - Not Flagged, Not Hot, Not Selected Flag Thread - Flagged, Not Hot, Not Selected)

Flat List
Flat View Flow Layout Panel Folder - Closed
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Common Name Folder - Open



Folder (special - open)

Folder (special) Folder Browser Dialog Control Folder Offline Font Font Color Font Dialog Control Font Size Foreground Color Form tag Format Document Format Selection Frame

Frame Selected FSharp File - Solution Explorer Node FSharp Project - Solution Explorer Node Full Screen / Maximize Function

Function Missing
Function View Function Warning Gauge
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Common Name Generate Change Script



Generate Method
Generate Page Resource Generate Table Generated file Generic VS Editor Generic VS Project Generic VS Tool Window Representation Get Latest Version Get Specific Version Global Application Class (asax) Go To Declaration Go To Definition Go to Events

Go to Fields
Go to First Row Go to Last Row Go to Next Comment Go to Next Row Go To Next Uncovered

Go to Previous Comment
Go to Previous Uncovered Go to Properties Go to Recorded Test Session
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Common Name Go To Reference



Go to Row
Go To Source Code Go to the location of the current line Go to the next location in the list Go to the previous location in the list Go to type definition Go to Web Test Grid Dark Grid Element Grid Light Grid Splitter Element 24x GridSplitter Element GridView (MoCo)

Group Box
Group Box 12x Group Box 24x Group By Group By Access Group By Type

Group Clause
Hard Drive HEAD Heading1 <H1>
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Common Name Heading2 <H2>



Heading3 <H3>
Heading4 <H4> Heading5 <H5> Help (grey) Hidden Field Hidden Folder Hidden Folder (Open) Hide Member Hierarchy Tracking High Contrast High Performance Computing (HPC) Performance Session Wizard History Home

Horizontal ScrollBar Control

Hot Spot Hot Spot HTML Page (.HTM) HTML Page (.HTM) 24x HTML tag

Icons ID Edit Balance Braces ID File Page Setup
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Common Name ID Highlightcolor Dropdown



ID Site Publish All

ID Table Fill down ID Table Fill left ID Table Fill right ID Tools Spelling IFrame Ignore Trim White Space Image Button Image List Control Image Map Image Map File (.map) Immediate Window Implement Interface

Import Catalog Part

Import filter Import/Load Include Indent Indent

InfoPath Document View 2010 Information Information (Help 32)
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Common Name Inheritance



Input Parameter Insert Clause Insert Column Insert Expansion/Surround With Insert Mark Insert Request inst Install Web Components Instance Instrumentation Performance Report IntelliSense - Keywords IntelliTrace / Debug History

Interface Interface - Friend Interface - Private Interface - Protected Interface - Sealed

Interface - Shortcut
Invalidated Linked Item Irregular Selection Tool Italic
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Common Name Journal Messages



Key Down Key Output Label Large (filled square) Large (line) Large (spray nozzle) Large Circle Large Left Diagonal Large Right Diagonal Larger (filled square) Larger (line) Launch

Launch Conditions Editor

Launch Instrumentation Target Binary Launch Sampling Target Project Layer Diagram file (.layerdiagram) Layout Editor Part Left Justify

Left Side Only

Legend Library Line Control
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Common Name Line Series



Linked Server List Item <LI> List Members List View ListBox Lists of Tests Load Profile node Load Test Plugin node (Add in) LOB System Instance BMP Local All Controls Locals Window Locate Control

Lock (column header)

Lock Controls lock X axis lock Y axis lock Z axis lock_16x16

Login Name Login Screen Login Status
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Common Name Macro



Macro - Friend
Macro - Private Macro - Protected Macro - Sealed Macro - Shortcut Macro Explorer Main Menu Control Manage Counter Sets Many Threads Stopped Map Map - Friend Map - Private Map - Protected

Map - Sealed
Map - Shortcut Map Item Map Item - Friend Map Item - Private Map Item - Protected

Map Item - Sealed

Map Item - Shortcut Map Tile Layer Marquee
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Common Name Masked Textbox



Master Page
measure Media Element Element 24x Media Type MediaElement Element Medium (filled square) Medium (line) Medium (spray nozzle) Medium Circle Medium Left Diagonal Medium Right Diagonal Memory Window Merge

Merge Module - exclude

Merge Module Reference Merge Module Reference - excluded Merge Results Messages (info) META tag

META tag (special ?)

Method Method - Friend Method - Private
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Common Name Method - Protected



Method - Sealed
Method - Shortcut Method Instance BMP MFC Class Wizard Miscellaneous file Modeling Project Module Module Module - Friend Module - Private Module - Protected Module - Sealed Module - Shortcut

Modules Window
Month Calendar Move Previous Move Up MS .NET Framework Dependencies MS Help Collection Definition File

Multiple Output - exclude

MultiView My Application Namespace
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Common Name Namespace



Namespace - Friend
Namespace - Private Namespace - Protected Namespace - Sealed Namespace - Shortcut Navigate Backwards Navigate Forward Navigation Path navigationproperty Negative Acknowledgement Message Network Mix node New Application Manifest New attribute

New Bottom Frame

New Build Definition New Class New Console App Test New Constant New Counter Set

New Data Compare

New Dependent Request New Deployment Manifest New Event
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Common Name New Extraction Rule



New Field
New File New Header New Image Type New key New Left Frame New Linked Work Item New Load Test Plugin New Manual Test MHT format New Manual Test TXT type New Methods New Ordered Test New Performance Session

New Project
New Property New Query String Parameter New Recording New Request Plugin (Add in) New Request with Payload

New Right Frame

New Row New Run Setting New simple Type
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Common Name New Solution Folder



New Stylesheet
New Table New Team Project New Test List New Text Annotation New Threshold Rule New Tool Window New Top Frame New Transaction New Trust License New Unit Test New Validation Rule New Web Site

New Web Test

New Web Test Plugin (Add in) New Window Next error Next request Non-compilable file

None (Blocked)
Not on disk Numeric Up/Down Object
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Common Name Object - Friend



Object - Private
Object - Protected Object - Sealed Object - Shortcut Object Datasource Object Lifetime View Object Rotate On Task Changed One Level Up Opaque Background Open Open Open Attachment

Open Comparison Result

Open File Dialog Open Topic Operator Operator - Friend Operator - Private

Operator - Protected
Operator - Sealed Operator - Shortcut Ordered (Numbered) List <OL>
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Common Name Outdent



Outlined Ellipse Tool Outlined Rectangle Tool Outlined Rounded Rectangle Tool Outlook Document View 2010 Output Parameter Overload Behavior Page Catalog Part Page Inspector Page Style Paginator Pane Appearance 24x Pane Camera 12x

Panel Layout Parallel Stacks Parallel Tasks Parameters Info Password Recovery

PasswordBar Element
Paste Pencil Tool (Edit) Pending Add
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Common Name Pending Branch



Pending Delete
Pending Merge Pending Rename / Move Pending Undelete Permission / user with password Phone Project - VB Phonecall / phone link Pie Chart 12x Pie Chart 24x Pie Series planePreview planning white Pointer

Policy Warnings (large) Pop Browse Context Positive Acknowledgement Message PowerPoint Document View 2010 PrepareProcess

Preview (Thumbnail)
Preview Tab Preview Tab for Selected Items Previous error
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Common Name Print



Print Dialog
Print Document Control Print Preview - Four Pages Print Preview - One Page Print Preview Control Print Preview Dialog Control Print Setup Private Queue Procedure Procedure Missing Procedure Warning Process Window processes

Progress Bar 24x

Progress Bar 26x ProgressBar Project Document View 2010 ProjectSystem_SqlCommandVariables Promote Local

Property Property - Friend Property - Private
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Common Name Property - Protected



Property - Sealed
Property - Shortcut Property Grid Editor Part propertywkey Public Queue Publish to Web Publish View Push Pin PY File - Solution Explorer Node PY Project - Solution Explorer Node QueryResultsNewRow Queue new build Quick Find

Quick Replace
Radio Buttonhjgjhg RB File - Solution Explorer Node RB Project - Solution Explorer Node Recalculate Page Breaks Receive Reply

Record LED Rectangle Element Rectangle Selection Tool
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Common Name Rectangle Tool



Redirected request Redo Redo Refactoring Log Referenced Elements Reformat Selection Refresh (generic) Registers Window Registry Editor Registry Value for Binary Type Registry Value for String Type Relation

Reload XML
Remove Link Remove Parameters Remove Using Namespace Rename Reorder Parameters

Replace in Files
Reports - collapsed Rerun resize
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Common Name Resource Symbols



Resource View
Restart Restore Default View Results to File Results to Grid Results to Text Resume for Win8 Return Value Return Value Rich TextBox Right File Only Right Justify Roles Node (Invalid, Closed)

Roles Node (Valid, Closed)

Roles Node Website (Invalid) Roles Node Worker (Invalid) Roles Node Worker (Valid) root.cimv2.win32_Battery root.cimv2.win32_bios

root.cimv2.win32_computersystemproduct root.cimv2.Win32_DisplayConfiguration root.cimv2.win32_dmaChannel
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Common Name root.cimv2.win32_drivervxd



root.cimv2.win32_infrareddevice root.cimv2.win32_logicalmemoryconfiguration root.cimv2.win32_memoryarray root.cimv2.win32_memorydevice root.cimv2.win32_motherboarddevice root.cimv2.win32_networkadapter root.cimv2.win32_networkadapterconfiguration root.cimv2.Win32_ODBCAttribute root.cimv2.Win32_PageFile root.cimv2.Win32_ParallelPort root.cimv2.win32_patchpackage root.cimv2.win32_pnpentity

root.cimv2.Win32_Processor root.cimv2.win32_scsicontroller root.cimv2.win32_tapedrive root.cimv2.win32_uninterruptablepowersupply root.cimv2.win32_usbcontroller

Rounded Rectangle Tool RPC Thread rules
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Common Name Run



Run Checked Test

Run Concurrency Profiling Run Memory Sampling Run Tests Sampling Launch website Sampling Target Binary Sampling Target Project Save Save all Save File Dialog Control Save Selection scale Schema Object Properties

Schema View
Scope the UI to Type Script File ScrollViewer Element Search (Go) select

Select all rows from <tableA>

Select all rows from <TableB> Select Cell Select Column
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Common Name Select Row



Select Table
selTree uncheck Send Backward Send Feedback Send Reply Send to Back Separator Element Sequence Diagram File (.sequencediagram) Server ServerProject Service Pause Service Start Service Unknown

Services Stop Set Hot Spot Tool Set Iteration Count Set Page Breaks Settings

Setup Project Wizard Shader Shader Others
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Common Name Shader Spot



Shader Unlit
Share Share Link SharePoint Connections Shortcut Shortcut Show All Files Show bottom panel Show Call Graph Show Callers Graph Show Code Coverage Coloring Show Colors Window Show Data Sources

Show Details
Show Diagram Pane Show Filter Show Grid Show Grid Pane Show Member Types

Show Method Pane

Show only Branches that contain Tracked Changes Show Only Flagged Threads Show Performance Session
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Common Name Show References



Show Relationship Lables

Show Results Pane Show Script Preview Window Show Start Page Show top panel Show/Hide Comparison Data Show/Hide Solution Folder Show/Hide Work Item Icons Side by Side Signing Key (PFX) Silverlight Application single Single Message

Single Output
Single Output - exclude Site Collection Site Connection URL Slider Element Small (filled square)

Small (line)
Small (spray nozzle) Small Circle Small Left Diagonal
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Common Name Small Right Diagonal



Small Square
Smaller Snap to Grid Snapshot Snippet Checked Software Definition Model Solution Sort Ascending Sort By Type Sort Descending Sort Using Namespace Sound file Source Control Manager

Source/Target Selection Wizard

Space Across Space Down spherePreview Split Container Control Split Screen Horizontally

Split Screen Vertically

Split Tree Splitter Control SQL Server
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Common Name Stacked Area Series



Stacked Bar Series

Stacked Column Series StackPanel Element Start Page Video Volume Start Selected Test Project Without Debugger Start with Profiling Paused start without debugging Status Strip Step Back Step In Step Into Step out Step Out

Step Over
Step Over Step-Run Test Stop Stop applying code changes Stop Filter

Stop Refresh
Strings stroke Structure
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Common Name Structure



Structure - Friend
Structure - Private Structure - Protected Structure - Sealed Structure - Shortcut Style Block Style Sheet (.css) Sub System Sync Contents Tab Control Table Table Layout Panel Table Missing

Table View: keys

Table View: name only Table Warning TableHeader Tables Tag

Target Pending Change

Task List Team Project Collection (Team Solution) Team Project Collection Disconnected / Offline
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Common Name Team Project Explorer



Team Queries
Teapot Preview Template Template - Friend Template - Private Template - Protected Template - Sealed Template - Shortcut Terminate (Stop) for Win8 Terminate process Test Dialog Test Manager Test Result Details

Tests Not in a List

Text file TextBox TFS Server Think Time node Threshold Error on Graph

Threshold Rule node

ThumbnailView Tile Vertically Timer
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Common Name toggle (pivot) Freeform



Toggle All Breakpoints

Toggle Grid Toggle Guides Toggle Office Keyboard Scheme toggle Wireframe togglePivot toggleWorld Tool Tip 24x ToolBar Control ToolBarPanel Element ToolTip Transform All Templates translate

Transparent Background
TreeView Type Type - Friend Type - Private Type - Protected

Type - Sealed
Type - Shortcut Type Definition Type Definition - Friend
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Common Name Type Definition - Private



Type Definition - Protected

Type Definition - Sealed Type Definition - Shortcut UI Thread UML Model File Unavailable Folder Unavailable Web Project UnComment Underline Undo Ungroup Clause Uniform Grid 12x Uniform Grid 24x

Union - Friend Union - Private Union - Protected Union - Sealed Union - Shortcut

Unique Key
Units of Measure Unknown Thread Unloaded Project
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Common Name Unnest related files



Updated Jscript IntelliSense

Upgrade Report Use Case Use Case Diagram File (.usecasediagram) User / Linked Server Login User Defined Data Type User Interface Editor User Profile node Validate Document Value Type Value Type - Friend Value Type - Private Value Type - Protected

Value Type - Sealed

Value Type - Shortcut VB Empty Code file VB File - Solution Explorer Node VB Project - Solution Explorer Node Vertical Scroll Bar Control

View Changeset Details View Code (Markup) View Designer
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Common Name View in Browser



View Missing
View UML Model Explorer View Warning View_Portrait viewBack viewBottom ViewBox viewFront viewLeft viewRight Views viewTop Virtual Machine

Virtual Machines
Visible Borders Visio Document View 2010 VS .NET Web Service Dynamic Discovery Warning Warning

WCF Data Services

Web Browser Web Custom Control (.ASCX) Web Form (.ASPX)
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Common Name Web Part Manager



Web Part Page Menu

Web Part Zone Web Reference (folder) Web Server Web User Control (.ascx) Windows Form Wireframe View wmi_task Word Document View 2010 Word Wrap Work Item Work Item Query Node offline Work Item Tree

Write to Database XAML XML File XML IntelliSense Attribute XML IntelliSense Attribute - High Confidence

XML IntelliSense Attribute - Low Confidence

XML IntelliSense Descendant XML IntelliSense Descendant - High Confidence XML IntelliSense Descendant - Low Confidence
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Common Name XML Intellisense Element



XML IntelliSense Element - High Confidence

XML IntelliSense Element - Low Confidence XML Intellisense Namespace XML Schema XML tag X-ray View XSDSchema_AttributeIcon XSDSchema_ElementIcon XSLT Transform file X-World File (.vrml, etc) Zoom Zoom Control Lock Zoom Control Toggle

Zoom Out
zoom To Fit zoomToWidth

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