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Stacy – as a former LULAC member and present member of other organizations, I offer you the same advice: “BOYCOTTING” should not be an option. Not one single war in history has been won by “boycotting” it. If you believe a change of leadership is needed, then YOU NEED TO VOTE THEM OUT!!! You say that: “until State allow us our Rights to vote how we see fit for our Council needs;” when do you think that will happen? NEVER!!! If they know what’s going to keep you away, do you think they are going to give in to you? Placido Salazar, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran
From: [] Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 12:42 PM To: Mary Almendarez Subject: Re: Some Facts for consideration for voting at LULAC State Conference

I Stacy Lopez, President will boycott the Las Vegas Convention until State allow us our Rights to vote how we see fit for our Council needs. No need to waste our monies like SA! Stacy Lopez, Pres. Council 4221, Dist.7 Sent from my iPhone On Jun 4, 2013, at 12:07 PM, Mary Almendarez <> wrote: Dear LULAC Leaders, May I congratulate Bea on her excellent recommendation? Personally I agree that it would be useful to send complaint letters to the National and State Offenders and to all on this email list (minus the person who demanded to be taken off * see note below.) I will write my complaint either tonight or tomorrow in between tending to an ill fussy 8 month old. If you would allow me to state my unsolicited "dos centavos," I would

appreciate it. With all due respect to all, it would be great if the dialogue shared between State LULAC Officers and their constituents since we left the fiasco Sunday would be continued. I have focused on reading each and every email and updated blogs found in the "Voice of the Mainland." They are all informative and would, in my opinion, give us more ideas on resolutions on handling this dreadful situation. This would not mean that our leaders would not proactively, at the same time, develop the path to success in dealing with the issue at hand and the upcoming convention. It is just my opinion, but it would be useful to strengthen any communication gaps experienced between officers and members.

We really need to have our members as fully informed as possibly prior to the convention. "Forewarned is Forearmed."
In the event some of you do not know, San Antonio PBS was filming at the convention on Sunday, including interviews. I was told we could order his filming. I have already started my request. It was very disheartening to me to read the received email:

I do not know this lady and I do not believe our paths may cross. These communications ARE NOT NONSENSE! Either someone made a mistake, she did not attend the convention, is not interested, does not care or any other number of possibilities. What she does not know is that this group did not create the issues; we are only trying to right some wrongs and establish our rights as citizens of this country and members of this organization, etc., etc. Either way I have removed her email address from the list above and hope you do too. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. See you in Las Vegas.
Mary Almendarez; 713 699-9716 Phone; 832 687-9981 Cell; “The future depends on what we do in the present. - Mahatma Gandhi

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