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Innovative solutions for complex water and wastewater challenges
Established in 1990, Nirosoft specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of advanced water and wastewater treatment systems. The company provides turnkey solutions in all types of environments — its tailormade systems can reliably deliver high quality water to densely populated areas, remote communities and complex industrial sites. The company is committed to supplying water wherever it is needed, such as deploying emergency mobile water treatment units in disaster areas, using desalination to supply potable water, treating and reusing wastewater, and producing demineralized water for industry. Nirosoft supplies water and wastewater treatment systems to customers worldwide, including the Middle East, Australia, South America, Africa, and Europe. The company holds ISO 9001:2000 and IS0 14001:2004 certifications for the design, development, production, installation, and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems, including desalination facilities. Headquartered in Israel, Nirosoft has an Australian subsidiary, which is self-managed and equipped with engineering and service capabilities. The company has sales and services representatives in Italy and South America and a global network of local distributors and service providers.

Our tailormade systems can reliably deliver high quality water to densely populated areas, remote communities and complex industrial sites.

Every application is unique — thorough consultation and planning is required to meet specific water and wastewater challenges.

Plan. Create. Deliver.
Implementing an effective water or wastewater system involves a number of critical stages The design, manufacture, commission and aftersales service of the project must all work seamlessly together. A complete turnkey solution offers many benefits — including faster project delivery, optimum cost-efficiency, and simplified project management. Nirosoft has the experience to provide this type of end-to-end service. The company’s flexible approach allows every system to be customized to unique requirements and site-specific conditions, meeting the highest standards and regulations. To ensure results meet expectations, the company provides in-depth consultation and rapid response, both during and after completion of the project. Nirosoft’s multidisciplinary team works closely with clients at every stage, providing consultation during the project and support services after commissioning. Ongoing support is managed through on-site visits and remote monitoring.

Harnessing Natural Resources for Human Consumption
To ensure consistent and reliable supply, many communities, water authorities and private companies are turning to desalination to provide their water needs. Implementing an efficient system, under a cost-effective business model, can greatly reduce the cost of clean water.
Desalination systems can be tailormade based on site-specific feed water characteristics and specific water quality requirements. Nirosoft custom designs, manufactures, and supplies state-of-the-art desalination systems for brackish and sea water. The company specializes in reverse osmosis systems — membrane separation processes that allow the removal of a wide variety of dissolved materials from water and effluent. Sea water desalination systems incorporate energy recovery systems which reduce energy requirements by up to 40%, resulting in more economical production of drinking water. Systems can be supplied on a contractual supply, turnkey, BOT, or DBO basis, in accordance with clients’ specific needs.

From Island to Inland
Nirosoft develops tailormade solutions for remote communities and urban populations — catering to the needs of both rural and city dwellers, transient and permanent populations — from independent mobile units to containerized modular systems and fullscale plants.

Delivering Demineralized Water
Many industries are dependent on demineralized water which must meet stringent standards. For power stations, food
processing, pharmaceutical, medical and other applications requiring ultrapure water, the use of electrodeionization (EDI) technology is essential. EDI modules continuously produce high quality demineralized or ultrapure water. Nirosoft’s EDI systems meet stringent industry standards, providing reliable, chemical-free operation and delivering a continuous supply of high quality water.

Process Water Serves Wide-ranging Needs
The need for exceptionally high quality and pure process water necessitates world-class systems. Nirosoft designs, manufactures, and supplies systems for the delivery of process water for a large number of industries including power, oil and gas, food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemical, textile, paint and dye, and more — utilizing a wide variety of advanced technologies.

Treating and Reusing Wastewater
To meet environmental regulations, overcome water shortages and reduce costs, wastewater treatment and reclamation can provide a safe and reliable water source. Clean water, safe for either reuse or disposal, is the end product of treated effluent.
An effective, long-term solution must take into consideration wastewater characteristics, effluent quality requirements, and potential for effluent recycling or reuse. Nirosoft’s fully customized approach includes a cost-benefit assessment, balancing investment costs with ongoing operation and maintenance costs. Designed to offer optimal process reliability and consistency, the systems offer complete automation and control, with optimal use of chemicals and minimization of wastes from the treatment process. Treated effluent can be recycled for reuse within the factory for various processes, utilized for irrigation or dust abatement, or safely discharged to the environment.

Nirosoft’s mobile purification units
provided emergency drinking water in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami, after flooding in Bangladesh, and for refugees in Kosovo, Albania, and Sudan. Produced water meets stringent World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water quality guidelines.

Dealing with Disaster
Preparation is the key to maintaining potable water supply following natural disasters or a humanitarian crisis.
Regular sources of water can be disrupted with little warning in situations such as flood, fire, earthquake, drought and population displacement. In these events, mobile water purification units (WPUs) stand ready to provide a constant supply of safe drinking water in areas where normal water supply is temporarily unavailable. Nirosoft’s WPUs can produce drinking water from almost any source including seawater, surface water, and brackish groundwater. WPUs may also be used effectively to supply water to troops in the field, isolated communities, or mining sites. These self-powered units, each with a built-in generator, can be mounted on trailers and skids or transported by truck, boat and helicopter.

Modular Space-Saving Solutions
When space is at a premium, containerized water and wastewater treatment units can provide a practical and cost-effective solution. The company’s pre-assembled, pre-wired, and pre-piped water and wastewater treatment systems are easily installed and quickly operational. Nirosoft supplies skid-mounted pre-filtration systems and containerized components, shipped to the site after complete validation testing. To ensure successful deployment, Nirosoft personnel supervise installation and commissioning.

Local Focus. Global Reach.
Founded in 1990, Nirosoft is a member of the RWL Water Group. RWL Water, controlled by Ronald S. Lauder, is focused on creating a global water treatment business that will meet the growing need for clean water through water-treatment, wastewater-treatment, and waste-to-energy solutions. With an installed base in excess of 3,200 systems in more than 70 countries, we serve densely populated areas, remote communities and complex industrial sites in virtually every region of the world. Our core operations are strategically located in North America, the Middle East and Europe to provide rapid response through our network of sales, service, technical and engineering professionals worldwide.

Nirosoft Industries Ltd.
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