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a Role-Playing Rules a Miniature Rules
a Citadel & Ral Partha Miniatures
Fantasy - Role Playing Dungeons 81 Dragons (TSR) R
t t t t '
Bas~c Set 0 . 2 5 . Rule book f2.90 Monster Manual f7.90 (Softback f4.90) Players Handbook f7.90 (Softback f4.90) Referees G u ~ d e £9.90 Dungeon Module G1, G2 f 1.95 eaCh G3, D l , D242.20 each D3 f2.70, S1 f2.90 B l (Introductory) f2.30 52 - Wh~te Plume Mounta~n £3.76 T1 - V~llage of Hammlet f3.95 Dungeon Geomorphs 1 3 f2.10 each Set of three f6.00 Outdoor Geomorphs 53.20 Monster & Treasure Asst 1 3f2.10 each Set of three £6.00 Or~gtnal Set D&D f7.95 Greyhawk, Blackmoor 53.75 each Eldrttch W~zardry 63.75 Gods, D e m ~ Gods & Heroes f3.75 A d D&D Dungeon Masters Screen f3.95 C~ty State o f the l n v ~ n c ~ bOverlord le f6.50 W~lderlands of H ~ g h Fantasy f6.50 Fantast~c W~lderlands Beyonde £650 Th~eves of Badabaskor f2.04 C~tadel of F ~ r e f2.04 Under the Storm G~ants Castle f2.04 Front~er Forts o f Kelnore £2 04 Skulls and Scrapfaggot Green f3.20 Surv~val of the F ~ t t e sS t f2.50 Judge's Sh~eld f 1.85 Kandroc Keep S f2.95 Caverns of Thrac~a f4.85 Operat~on Ogre f2.40

Fantasy, Science Fiction and Gangster miniatures at manufacturers prices. p&p 10% [ 12p min. 90p max.1
Fantasy Games Board Wargames Pre X X t h Century
t' The Ironclads IYaq) f 11.45
M~ddle Sea (FGU) f13.90 Ra~ders & Traders (Chl E8.50 Napoleon at Bay (OSG) f9.90 Napoleon at Lelpzlg (OSG) f9.90 100 Days (OSGI f2.25 t * Imper~al Governor IPhl) f6.90 Zulu - 4 games (Bearhug) f2.25 each Stlcks and Stones (MGCI f2.20 Acre, Lllle, Tyre. Sevastopol f6.50 each *t Decl~ne and Fall (Phl) f6.80 t English C ~ v lWar l (Phl) f6.80 t Kingmaker (Phll f7.40 La Belle Alllance £3.95 Troy(Ch) f7.50 Grand Impertal~sm (GTG) f7.95 Gullford Courthouse (GDW) f4.25 t Napoleon's Last Battles Bxd f7.90

t ' *t
t t

Science Fiction
t* Ttmewar








t t

Dune ( A H ) B, R f11.40

t * Starfall (Yaql B £9.90


(Yaql B f9.90 Starf~re,Asterold 04 (TF) f2.95 Cerberus f2.95 Mar~ne2002 (Yaq) f12.90 Freedom ~nthe Galaxy (SPII f10.90 Starquest (OSG) f2.25 Battlefleet Mars (SPII f6.45 t Starforce. Starsold~er, Outreach (SPII f5.45 each t lmperlum (GDWI £8.40 Alpha Omega (BTLI £9.90 Starforce T r ~ l o g y (SPII Ell 40 Starf~ghter (GTG) f7.95 Belter (GDWI f8.95 Double Star (GDW) f8.50 Bloodtree Rebell~on (GDW) f10.50 t Alpha Omega (BTL) f9.90 Mar~ne2002 (Yaq) f 13.50 Colony Delta (FGU) f8.90 Second E m p ~ r e f9.75 t Olymp~ca,Ice War, C h ~ t ~ R~vets n, £2.00 each Ogre, Warpwar, Black Hole, Holy War, lnvas~on o f the Air Eaters IMGCl f2.20 each Y t h n (MGCI f6.00 t Cosm~c Encounter f8.30 K~ts 1 - 4 £2.95 each I CE Expans~on t GEV (MGC) f2.60 Warr~ors of the Green Planet Trtlogy f8.90 Creature Sheboygan, Vector 3, T~tan s t r ~ k e stargate , (SPI) f1.95 each I* Darkover (EON) £8.40 One World I Ann~h~lator, Hotspot (MGC) f2.20 each Stellar Conquest E 8 90 Godsf~re f 11 90

Demons (SPl) f 1.95 Death Maze B P I ) £1.95 Mag~c Realm ( A H ) f11.40 W~zard'sQuest ( A H ) f9.25 The Beastlord (Yaql f11.90 D~v~n Right e (TSR) f7.80 Sorcerer's Cave (Phll f5.80 Swords & Sorcery (SPII flO.40 (Bxdl M~ddle Earth (SPI) f11.75 War of the Rtng (SPI) E8.40 Snlts Revenge (TSR) f4.95 Dungeon (TSR) f7.50 Spellmaker (GTG) f7.95 Elr~c (Chl f8.50 Ktng Arthur's Kn~ghts (Ch) £7 50 Dragonlord (FGU) f8.35 Lords & Wtzards (FGU) f8.85 Fantasttc Encounters S f3.00 C~tadel (FGU) f2.75 stomp (Ch) f2.25 Melee, Death Test (MGCI f2.20 each W~zard (MGC) f2.60 Gangster (FGU) R f7.40 V~lla~n and s Vtg~lantes (FGU) R f4.25 Boot Hill ITSR) R f7.50 Quest (GTG) f7.95


Power Politics/Diplomacy /Ecpnomic Games
After the Holocaust (SPI) B f9.75 Canad~an Clvll War (SPII B f6.85 Der Fuhrer (LS) S,B f2.99 Junta (CWW) B f6.70 Warlord (Hayes1 B flO.50 Diplomacy ( A H ) f1 1.40 Class Struggle f8.95


Board Wargames X X t h Century on
War tn the Ice (SPI) f6.90 Army Group South Quad (SPI) f11.40 Dark December (OSG) f7.90 PanzerKr~eg (OSG) f7.95 Rommel & Tunlsla (OSGI f9.90 S~nk the B~smarck ( A H ) £9.30 Red StarANhlte Eagle E8.90 Case W h ~ t e (GDW) f9.45 Mar~ta Merkur (GDW) f11.90 B ~ ~ (GDW) ~ f3.95 . F ~ ~ panzer (yaq) ~ 1 1 . 8 0 Ult~matum (Yaq) f8.90 CV (Yaql ( M ~ d w a yf13.90 l Ardennes Quad ISPI) f 10.90 Westwall Quad (SPII f7.90 Bxd Modern Battles Quad I, 1 1 13.90 each Yalu (GDWI C9.30 Dauntless (BTL) £9.50 Pearl Harbour f10.90 Flat Top (BTL) f9.90 2~~,"&9~~~(f,")'~~," Cross of Iron Scenar~os f2.65 Squad Ldr Expanston Kit f2.50 Sopwlth (GTG) f7.95 Seastrlke (Phi) £7,95 Battle (Yaql f5.95



Tunnels and Trolls (FBI) R





Business Games


SF - Traveller R, S (GDW)
t t
Bas~c Rules Set f5.75 Mercenary (Bk I V ) f2.90 t 1001 Characters fl.90 t An~mal Encounters f l . 9 0 t K ~ n u n Scenar~o ~r £2.45 Logbook f2.04 Screen f 1.90 Starshlps & Spacecraft f4.50 Travellers Journal f 1.50 Snapshot f6.40


Revtsed Rulebook f2.50 O r ~ g ~ nRules al £ 1.90 Solo Dungeons Buffalo Castle. Labvrlnth. Deathtrap Equalizer. Sorcerer Soltta~re,Naked Doom f1.80 each Overk~ll, W~erd World, Sword for Hlre f2.40each Arena o f Khazan £2.20 City of Terror f 3 50 For Dungeon Masters Uncle Ugly's Underground Level 1 f1.25 Dungeon o f the Bear 1.2 & 3 f 1.25 each

Admtn~strat~ve Waltz (Phl) B f10.45 Dampfross (BuSp) ff.65 1829 (HTI B £ 14.00 Fortune (Phll B f12.50 t 0 1 1 Depots & Ironmaster IDGW) B 9Dp Ra~lway R~vals (DGWI B f1.50 t" R a ~Baron l ( A H ) B £9.10 TransClyde f4.75


Sports Games
Basketball Strategy ( A H ) f9.20 Major League Baseball ( A H ) S El1 40 Regatta ( A H ) £9.25 NBA Basketball ( A H ) S f11.40 USAC Auto Rac~ng ( A H ) S f11.40 T~tle Bout (AH1 Sf11.40

Runequest (Ch) R f7.95 (2nd edition)
Source Packs @ f1.60 each Trolls & Trollk~n,Scorp~on Men & Broos. Mll~t~ &a Mercenartes Scenar~os Balastors Barracks f2.04 Apple Lane f3.20 Snake P~pe Hollow f3.80 Broken Tree Inn (JGl f3.20 Cults of Prax f7.95



Other Games


Chivalry & Sorcery (FGU)
Rulebook £6.95 Sourcebook f5.35 Swords & Sorcerers f5.35 Destr~er f3.80 t* Arden f6.45 I * Saur~ans f8.95

Game o f A n c ~ e n K~ngdoms t (HT) f7.50 Blockade f9.95 Remy f7.95 Twtll f6.45 Epam~nondas(Phl) f3.95 ManEater f6.65 Mental~s f 4 50 The H o b b ~Game t f6.40 Source o f the N ~ l e R f8.50 Tr~butary f3.75 (Suppl.)

SF - Other games
Starsh~os & Spacemen (FGU) R f4.20 Space Patrol ( L Z I R £4.20 Spacefarers Gu~de t o the Planets Sectors I. II f5.30 each Spacefarers Gutde t o Allen Monstersf5.30

Doublethink f5.50 Ephemer~s f6.35

* Mortal Combat

R f4.00

The Space Gamer (MGC) f1.25 The Dragon (TSRI f1.60 Wh~te Dwarf 75p Wargam~ngIFGU) f1.45 Dungeoneer f 1.95 Judge's Guild Journal f1.95 Stormlord 55p D~fferent Worlds f1.50 Sorcerer's Apprentice El .15 Strategy & Tacttcs (+game) f2.75 Wargamer (+ game) f2.70 Troll crusher 80p Demonsblood 65p , lllus~on~sts Vlslon 60p Beholder 55p The Grenad~er (GDW) f1.15 Spectre 5513,Palantlr 60p Wyrms Footnotes f 1.45



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Bre you roll-playing instead of Role -Playing? .

THE MOTiON PICTUR ' THE CITADEL CATALOGUE 6 Please mention W H I T E DWARF when replying to advertisements ...ANNOUNCING .

~he Motior1 pictureTM Tony Yzrtes (4.1 6 . The players will contrive.- 24 The Halls of Tizun Thane A Complete D&D Mini-Module ~gic Brus Painting -t . 1 Dalling Road. Back Issues: 1 4 . gangsters or outlaws. - . Emmanuel Robert Owens Games Workshop B Issue N c Why do people enjoy role-playing games? This a question I am frequently asked. London W6 (Tel: 01-741 3445). and the humdrum of daily life can easily be escaped. and one I find difficult to answer in one sentence.2. and worlds and legends will grow.Other .00. O Games Workshop 1980.USA .00 each including airmail postage overseas). GPO Box PI 184. POB 110. on one side of the paper only. The referee must create a gameworld Out of his Own imagination in which the other players' characters will live.The Motion ~ i c t u r e ~ ~ ~ ~ a r a rPictures nount Corporation. Foreign cheques should be made payable to GAMES WORKSHOP.6. Australia: Models & Figurines. 2065 W. Australia: Games Wholesale Co. And to play in a role-playing game is like actually being in a world of monsters. The components of the box are also unique. Robin Hill. WHITE DWARF is publish. The experience is life-like. All rights on the entire contents of this publication are reserved and nothing may be reproduced in whole or part without prior consent of the publishers.f8. Polly Wilson.3. model figures and magazines like White Dwarf appear! What more in a game could you ask for? FEATURES 8 Miniature Rules ana bcenario 14 a starTrek .1 7 arestill availableatacostof Back issuesof White Dwarf 1.Part I I - 12 Open B News 19 20 22 26 -- Treasure Chest Fiend Factory Classifieds & #elp clubs 27 All subject matter in WHITE DWARF is copyright of the publishers Games Workshop. Overseas Distributors: N..W. Contributions: The Editor will be pleased to consider any previously unpublished articles or artwork for inclusion in WHITE DWARF..S. WI 53147 E..1 5 . Display advertising rates and trade enquiries available on request. Not to know what lies around the next bend will always be exciting. .ed bi-monthly and annual subscription ratesare as follows: U K . Steve Jack son A lbie FI Shaun Fuller . First and foremost is the fact that each game i s completely different to the next a s each referee designs differently and each player plays differently.9. The games have no end in sight as long as the playercharacters remain alive.00. Crows Nest. Contributions should be typed. The roleplaying game goes beyond the normal bounds of a game to become a hobby. Really I think it i s the combination of many factors which contributes to the appeal of roleplaying games.00 Foreign subscriptions include airmail postage. America: TSR Periodicals. N.The opinions expressed in the articles and reviews are those of the authors and reviewers and not necessarily those of the publishers.Editor: Feature Editcr : Cover: Artwork by: Production Artist: Published by: Ian Livingston Alblie Fiore Ste! v e Jackson TL. aliens. Europe £6. Supplemental rules.lad Starship E ~ ~ L C I ~ ~I aIh J rj ~t ~ . NO board or Counters.£4. double-spaced.00.8.818.7. 60p + 10p p&p each ($3. 162a Willoughby Road. connive and co-operate to reap reward. from Star Trek . Lake Geneva. Perth 6001 Subscriptions: Remittances should be sent and made payable to WHITE DWARF.

Special abilities may be used here (see Alien Descriptions). Pick Up Weapon.Movement Movement in Inches Normal Movement 4 Running (Firing prohibited) 8 Moving Through Door ' Subtract1 Moving Around Obstacle Subtract 1 Re-SealingDoor Against Pursuant Subtract 2 Perform Action Whilst Moving Subtract 2 (eg. Miniatures and any model scenery used are then placed in position on the table. McCoy. In these cases. Following the rules i s a sample scenario which may be used. use skills or knowledge. The Discussion Phase will be relevant mainly to multi-player games. Spock. 5 or 6. other important members of the Enterprise crew. Sulu. This is the only time at which the Enterprise crew. characters may not fire in that 3hase.INTRODUCTION hese are an introductory set of adventure rules for Star TrekTM games. stand a chance of being unsuccessful. McCoy 16 14 Chapel 14 11 Mr. nor could a non-engineering character diagnose an engineering fault. The Main Characters are: Admiral Kirk. T EQUIPMENT Apart from the rules following. There would be a chance that he does not have the diagnostic experience to be successful. Movement/Combat Phase: Players write down actions for each character under their control. using portions of their own favourite role-playing and/or skirmish rules. Mr. etc. crew members and aliens) taking part in the scenario must first have his or her Ability Factor and Combat Factor determined. etc. the other playing the enemy. His Ability must be checked. the other will be in charge of hostile Aliens. When players are ready. I f more than two people are playing. The resulting total will be between 3 and 18. then 10 i s added to the number rolled on the latter. 2 or 3 i s rolled.The Motion PicturefM miniature figures are manufactured by Citadel Miniatures Ltd. Certain actions may modify movement as follows: rable 2 . I f the number i s higher than his Ability Factor. one will be in charge of the Enterprise crew. Multi-player games are also possible. each player must decide which of the Main Characters he will play. Move Object. This is that character's Ability Factor (AF). or the Alien(s) may discuss their plans. or the use of a ship's controls or facilities by a crew member who is familiar with them would be permitted without checking his Ability. Players may only have their characters perform or attempt plausible actions. For a further explanation. actions are read out and executed as i f happening simultaneously. Sulu. MOVEMENT Enterprise crew and aliens described here may walk 4" per turn 3r run 8" per turn. I f a 1. his Ability must be checked. either across the table or in secret. use special powers. ABILITY AND COMBAT FACTORS Each character (Main Characters. one player will become the Referee. or an alien's attempt to use a special power. and no doubt players will modify and add to the rules as they see fit. Spock Willard Decker 16 16 Uhura 14 11 Dr. Main Characters As the Main Characters are the heroes of any scenario. Other examples requiring Ability Checks would be a crew member's attempt t o translate an alien language without computer aid. START A Guided Tour The players agree on a scenario to be played. Note that normal actions such as movement. no addition is made. Other members of the Enterprise and Alien crews will be under the command of the Main Characters. Characters may move. he isunsuccessful. Scott 16 14 Rand 14 11 Sulu 14 13 Alien Leaders* 16-18 14-18 "See Alien Abilities & Painting Guide for Individual Alien Leader AF and CF values. During the game a character may take a. bearing in mind their physical limitations and their relevant skills of occupation. The numbers 1-20 can be generated by rolling a 6-sided die with a percentile die. follows these rules. each player must determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of his own character and those of all characters under his control (see Ability and Combat Factors below). with the exception of the Main Characters. one playing Admiral Kirk and the Enterprise crew. course of action which would. The emphasis is on playability rather than detail. I f running. The Combat Factor This i s used in a similar way to the Ability Factor but relates only to a character's abilities in combat. Scotty. their Ability and Combat factors are predetermined and are not rolled in the normal way . Other Science Fiction miniatures may be also incorporated. I f the number rolled (1-20) is less than or equal to his Ability Factor. Add the totals. see the section on Combat below. Close Combat Phase: Any two characters in range for hand to-hand combat will fight. Admiral Kirk 18 17 Chekov 14 13 17 18 Ilia 14 11 Mr. (For those unfamiliar with 20-sidedpercentile dice. They serve as a basis for conducting role-playing qames and tabletop battles with miniature figures. Spock. Dr. Example: An Engineering crew member tries t o determine the cause of an engineering malfunction.) . Decker. A Guided Tour. Dr. in real life. Discussion Phase: Players may discuss. and any Alien Leaders involved in the scenario. Recovery Rolls: Stunned or unconcious characters roll to see whether they recover (see Combat section). Chekov. etc. McCoy. . If two play.Two people may normally play. for example. "Star Trek . The Ability Factor This reflects a character's relative abilities in all non-combat situations. In role-playing games. A sample scenario. I f the former turns up 4. but all scenarios are likely t o include the familiar Star TrekTM characters: Admiral Kirk. or fire any two different actions in any order or fire twice each Movement/Combat Phase. Before the game commences. their plans for this move. rolling one will generate a number between 1 and 10note that a roll of "0" i s taken as "10". Ilia. Scott..this applies t o both 2-player and multi-player games. 2. Repeat steps I . Add the numbers rolled together. TURN SEQUENCE The sequence of play is as follows: 1. The procedure i s as follows: 1 Roll the three 6:sided dice. 2 Roll the three 6-sided dice again. This is that character's Combat Factor (CF). players will also need: 3 Standard 6-sided Dice 1 Pair of Percentage (20-sided) Dice A Ruler or Tape Measure Pencil and Paper Miniature Figures* le exact number and types of miniatures will depend upon the maria being played. in which case each player becomes one of the Main Characters (see below). A character's Ability is checked by rolling a 20-sided die. 5. 3. he i s successful.. walk on the ceiling. Table 1: Main Characters AF CF AF -. Further scenarios may be invented by players and White Dwarf will be glad t o consider any such scenarios submitted by readers for possible publication. Mr. Mr. A character could not.

if the CF's are t die each. Diplomatically. 2 Admiral Kirk. Security Guards are called in and a fight ensues. He firmly forbids the Klingon to use the computer. a s soon a s the Admiral's back is turned. McCoy and Will remain neutral this turn 3+4 certain of the Allen Leaders a s indicated in the Alien Abilities & Painting Guide section. For certain of the Main Characters 0 final chance of being Die' Roll . The Andorians. McCoy again moves over and is enraged to find the Klingon examining highly confidential aspects of the ship's technical specifications.also revive the ch eltans.e. However. along with his higher-ranking officers. To determine the results of firing a hand weapon. that character may roll a 6-sided 5. roll a 6-sided die on table 4 below: others believe that Kirk's actions were unnecessarily provocative and will side with the l<lingons. Upon a combat result of death for: Will side with the Enterprise crew this turn 3. Thus they may only be killed by phaser fire. Remember that Starfleet Regulations also require that all phasers carried by Starfleet personnel must be set to stun only at all times except in extreme circumstances or when firing at inamimate objects. see Bffects in Close Close Combat I When two characters are within %" of the 20sided die fir& i. Dr..Attacker's CF brmined allegia&es and may be persuaded to either side a Opponent in Force Field s . Vulcans or Arcturans. A hero's AF and CF values may never drop below 5. Following an important intergalactic council meeting. then it has hit. t I from ~ttackecs-CF' Attacker Surplrsed act 10 frm. . Willard Decker. "0" on a percentile die (do not recover. he sends Dr. thereafter phaser will function 3 Phaser slightly cker. The Klingon again reacts angrily. the shot has missed.. McCoy and 4 Security - - If the result is stun. Admiral Kirk must endeavour to capture Subtract 1 from Attacker's CF Target in Armour and render harmless the Klingons and their allies and restore the Subtract 5 from Attacker's CF Target in Force Field peace.. and aliens will of course have their own phaser-type energy weapons in their private quarters.some dislike the Klingons. in an attem unconcious. Table 4 Hit Effects HOW TO START Die Roll Effect 1 Phaser malfunction 2 Phaser's energy exhaus for effect of this hit.Modifier~~ln Clod Combat Back Attack on Victim Weapon Used to arike Add (including Claws) h to ~ t t a c k r ' s : ~ ~ r the instructions given in Supernormal Strength \ ' A'hd to ~ttackek's 'CF (eq. Hero's Roll i As befits any heroic adventure. If a hit has been inflicted. result a s stun only. the Attacker must first speciw the target and whether the weapon is set t o 'Stun'. If this attempt fails. the dor also IS accompanied lingons. . I f the number rolled is greater than the modified CF. 'Kill' or 'Disintegrate!'. The Klingons have never had such an opportunity to Subtract 2 from Attacker's CF Target Behind Cover inspect the Enterprise and will take all steps necessary to further Subtract 1 from Attacker's CF Firer Under Fire their examination of the ship's specifications. Spock. Roll a 20sided dice (with a 6-sided dice) for the Attacker.231~4 will side with the Klingons this turn a .Alien Allegiance kill. McCoy over to have a quiet word in the ambassador's ear. Subtract 2 from Attacker's CF Target Running The other alien races are divided.CFe. but now draws a hidden phaser from his uniform. As he shows them round the bridge.* d__X__-e :he battkgrogresses.Vulcans) OpDonent wear& . At the start of every turn.Allegiance saved from death exists. Mr.Armour Subbact 3 from Attacker's. If it is less than or equal to the modified CF. Two attempts may be attention may . Admiral Kirk is giving the attending aliens a tour of the Enterprise. their allegiances Attacker Attacked by N R~~ t N from Attacker's CF nust be checked by throwing a 6-sided dice once for each race Opponents and consulting t&le A below. he begins to feel uneasy upon seeing the Klingon ambassador taking a great interest in the ship's computer.. The Klingon grunts in annoyance but turns back to the tour. Modifiers on Phaser Attacks Table 3 In this scenario. The Attacker's Combat Factor i s then modified according t o table 3 below. he returns to the computer. most combat will be hand-to-hand a s phasers may only be carried by Security Guards (Starfleet Regulations) during normal trips. Table 5 . higher goes first. .On board the Enterprise.A GUIDED TOUR The Starship Enterprise is in dry dock. the he@es are more difficult to Table M. SCENARIO ONE . Admiral Kirk may order phasers t o be issued under certain circumstances.

they will fight against that race for the rest of the game.5 or 6 indicates the figures have been separated (move them I in. Captain Decker and Mr.). ALIEN DESCRIPTIONS & PAINTING GUIDE I Weapons The only weapons (phasers) present on the scene are one each held by the two Klingons. of the combatants. Leader. Cover The normal bridge artifacts may be used for cover. They have the ability to manufacture all their normal requirements. They generate their own clothing from out of their mouths. I WINNING The game i s won by the Enterprise crew when the Klingons. Spock or if they are able t o read from the ship's computer on 3 successive turns. If attacked by any other race during the scenario. A 4. the four Security Guards and the two Andorians (hidden in their tunics). Robes: White.Ability Factor: 15 Combat Factor: 14 Hero's Roll: Yes . Rigellians. Vulcans & Arcturians In keeping with their philosophies of peace and justice.Deltans. A Klingon may make two attempts to read per turn i f no other action is taken. Shamins and Zaranites have been overpowered (stunned). 1 1 Aaamazzarites A race of Therbians from the planet Aaamazzara. the dice is rolled before the two commence their combat on that turn. They will move every turn towards the nearest Close Combat skirmish between two figures. Andorians. The Security Guards and Klingons wear armour. apart. these races will try a s far as possible to intervene and stop fights. Other Skin: Flesh. The Klingons win if they either kill Admiral Kirk. When within %in. A Klingon may read from the computer i f his Ability is successfully checked. Painting Guide: Facial Skin: White. from furniture to clothing from inside their own bodies using their own body chemistry.

They can communicate mentally with anirhals and are used in the Earth System a s Ecologists to look after animals. Unlike Vulcans they value and delight in emotion. They are also able t o breathe a number of g a ses.Skin: Brown. a s they evolved from giant leopard-like birds. Their advanced intelligence makes them excellent service members. with senses much more highly developed than humans. but Federation scientists are able to sustain them by weekly intravenous injections. Reptilian Green. Their spines come over their heads and down their foreheads and they are covered in hair. a combination of musical instrument and weapon. Their features combine those of an eagle and a leopard. While they achieved earth's present technology a hundred centuries ago. Painting Guide . I unlc: m i t e . Robes: Spiraling Stripes of Dark Brown. Although they have a complicated vocal language of their own.Skin. Physical appearance distinguishable by tall stature. Painting G ivide . similar to that of a rhino's hide. O'Ryan's planet i s a complete theocracy ruled by priests who make prophecies and foretell omens. who serve.Ability Factor: 16 Combat Factor: 15 tiero's RolI: Yes Shamin Priests Originate from O'Ryan's planet. Painting Guide. from a population of 100 billion.Ability Factor: 16 Combat Factor: 15 Hero's Roll: Yes PAINTING GUIDE TO FEDERATION CREW UNIFORMS Captain Kirk wears apalegreen Admiral's uniform when entering the Enterprise.Ability Factor: 14 Combat Factor: 15 Hero's Roll: No Saurians These lizard-people are able and excellent space officers. which they use to communicate over long distances.Skin: Brown.Ability Factor: 16 Combat Factor: 15 Hero's Roll: Yes Vulcans Unemotional. feed and care for the Lords. Leader. They are a sensual race. This additional brain structure performs functions we are not capable of. Leader.Ability Factor: 18 Combat Factor: 14 Hero's Roll: Yes Kazarites They are from a planet which is a strange mixture of rural simplicity mixed with sophisticated technology. but with violent tempers. a c:tor: 15 H Leader. Painting Guide . Their sharp and deadly claws are used in close combat. Painting Guide . discovered In the zznd century by Paddy O'Ryan. . llia can handle the most complex spherical trigonometric complexities of space navigation a s easily a s a human can learn a simple multiplication table. They are great jewelry makers and their jewelry is sold throughout the galaxy. They have blue skin and antennae protrude from their foreheads. Leader. . Like shepherds they raise great herds of strange beasts. t o over 7ft. Robes: Gold with/Red Black/Silver Trim. Power lies with the attendants of the race. They grafted artificially created organs onto the skin and skull giving the appearance of an open brain. a grey uniform with whlte chest when briefing the crew on their mission and a white tunic with grey trousers when on the bridge.Skin. which they breathe. they can be distinguished only by the colours of their uniforms. scientific people ruled by logic. tall. Painting Guide . Casual Dress: Purple. thus when serving with Starfleet. a sort of combination of camels and goats.Ability Factor: 16 Combat Factor: 16 Hero's Roll: Yes K'Normians Similar t o earthlings but they have an additional brain structure which grows in a kind of structural shell formation on the top of the forehead. A very militaristic race. Painting Guide .They also have an dimensiori s of timle and eighth sense: thev can deal wi space.Skin: Dark ~lesh.Ability Factor: 15 Combat Factor: 17 Hero's Roll: No Betelgeusians Tall humanoid creatures measuring over 7ft. They are intelligent and can withstand great temperature changes. Uniform: Black. They are warlike both in attitude and appearance. they are extr emely valuable in exploration of new areas. They are able to clone each other and therefore all are identical.Ability Factor: 14 Combat Factor: 15 Hero's Roll: Yes Klingons Enemies of the Federation. They inhabit a gigantic planet and have an enormous population. Painting Guide . a fleeing member of the IRA who stole a spaceship . Leader . Leader.Tunic & Robes: Black. Painting Guide . Leader. They are unisex and lay eggs. they have learned to communicate in the earth tongue. Painting Guide . When they visit other planets they must wear breathing masks. Deep Tan Brown. which are attached to back packs generating the gas. covered with Rags: Dark Brown. They have a keen sense of humour and are extremely advanced. Cream and White Fur.Skin : Blue.Ability Factor: 16 Combat Factor: 17 Hero's Roll: Yes Zaranites Live on a planet of fluorine gas.Skin: Tan. Hair: Black. They have powers of telekinesis and can transport themselves mentally. Painting Guide .Skin: Flesh. Deltans are hairless. they turned away from the materialism of technology towards the richer rewards of self-realisation and they have learned t o live each moment of life to its fullest. these are musical poems. Hair: White. Rigellian Lords are merely political puppets and have no real power. communicating with song-like sounds which are admired in our galaxy. Armour: Gun Metal.Andoreans A musical people. Light BrcPwn. Leader . and aloof and carry themselves gracefully. Other crew members wear sandy brown or pale blue uniforms.Ability Factor: 16 Combat Factor: 14 Hero's Roll: Yes Rigellians They are descended from a race of feathered turtles which learned to walk upright and stand anything from 6ft. they must take an oath of celibacy. Painting Guide-Skin : Brown Tan. Leader . Helmet: Gold. Robes: White or Black.Skin: Mauve Eyes: Orange/Yellow. They have a limited mind reading capacity and may communicate on a mind-to-mind basis with any intelligent creature through manual contact. . Helmet: Black.Ability Factor: 15 Combat Factor: 17 Hero's Roll: Na Arcturians Federation allies used to provide infantry for federation forces. Robes: Cream with Red Trim. Metal Armour: Gold. They have four lips which Incorporate a filtering mechanism with which they strain food from the waters of their planet. They have the bone structure of a condor but walk upright. Leader . UniiFor-m: Dark Brown.Ability Factor: 16 Combat F I: Yes Megarites A hydrophilic species with a tough sE<in . They are poised. Leader. including long-distance communication. Males carry flabbjellahs. Painting Guide . Security guards wear black armour and llia wears a white tunic a s 'probe' in the film. proud. They are a poetic people. an army of 20 billion can be ready overnight. Most of their possessions are made of jade although their clothing comes from sea animals. Unusually power'ful and knowledge of anatomy such that Vulcans may disable adversaries with ease. It is difficult for them to live away from home. Beca~ ~se of their tolerance to temperature changes. Robes: Fawn or Light Grey: MedalIions&BreathingApparatus: Gun Metal.Skin: Pale Green.Ability Factor: 15 Combat Factor: 17 Hero's Roll: Yes Deltans From the planet Delta-1 14. Robes: White Leader. Their ships are apparently crude.Ireland was still not free.Robes: Black with Brown & Gold Trim. Dress: Cream: Armour: Black. Hair: Platinum/Gold. but are run by mental powers. fish and birds. Leader. solemn expression and pinnate ears. Robes: Black with Gold/Silver Trim.Skin: Flesh.

I assure you. he need Darkover is a 2-4 player game not perform the Ghost Wind and leaves his tokens where they based on the world created by are. This method can be restricting and is ignored in the advanced game. When a player loses a battle. these are kept off the winner's token into the Overworld with his tokens. representing both the combat strength and move. he flips the next plot card over and must move his tokens to the domain shown. the excellent standard set by and Stone'. laugh.) none if he wishes to bluff the winner into wasting some peril into a territory within the domain shown on the plot card until chips) and casts them. Each domain has a Laran. on a player's turn. the higher numbers). have maintained Most people are familiar with the game 'Paper. He places his two nine. All players voting no must *remove all their tokens from the board and place them in their home DARKOVER domain. each domain is divided into about a half a dozen counting from 1-30 followed by the word or phrase (example. until they each have a home domain. Players watch the player on their right for any break in for each tower he holds (with at least three tokens). has very sturdy taneously. this sounds a lot easier than it actually is. they must perform the Marion Zimmer Bradley. The peril chips are psychic spells numbered wise manner. on a 1-10 wale. The plot cards are shuffled and turned face down they are and the loser must remove his tokens to the 'Overworld' (each shows a domain). which are psychic gifts reminisent of those possessed by the the outcome of the battle i s changed and he becomes the Cosmic Encounter aliens. or almost anything The summaries are the Test Panel's opinion of four good and four bad points of the game reviewed. in the rules is 'crawl around the room barking like a dog'. Darkover.token value wins. but Please note that reviews carried out by people not on the Test Panel do this is a very unimaginative example. Contest. the Sword defeats the Keeper. A player don't burn. his home domain. Products. may always move one token and may move one additional token etc. or miss two clan. If he should win. the offensive player calls out a word or phrase and begins an exile. peril chips are included and if these are played by the loser. They chant "One Please territories equal to the number shown on the token. "that does not cause harm to the players". The duelling players reveal a disc simulmic Encounter. Darkover's two most fascinating features. or Elhalyn. and the Starstone defeats the Sword. a player must withaand an attack by one player and have the winning number of tokens remaining (the winning number begins at three and is always one less than the threshold number). 0-3 (spell strength) and specials. (The example given rates the game itself taking all factors into consideration. thereby losing any castles and towers held outside Eon Products f8. The Ghost Winds.When 3 or more tokens are moved into vinner. Inc. and Fire similar to the Starstone v s . etc. The activities may be funny. Keeper and Starstone . two purple aardvarks. are the Ghost Winds and the combat system. For each castle occupied. These are explained below: An activity is written on a piece of paper by each player before play starts. A few of the special peril chips are: Kite giving extra a tower. a player chooses the first one and this (off the board). may be chosen. then 7. There i s a lot of player interaction and diplomacy plays a large role. if two It is played on a small (10" Starstones are revealed. and is a very enjoyable same disc is revealed. he loses. The two duelling players stare directly into each others The board is a map of Darkove eyes. The object of the game is to occupy and hold the Elhalyn Tower during the Wars of Succession. independent authorities or members of the White Dwarf Test Panel. the highest token value wins (defender game to play. this is the combat system for Darkover. etc. After this. I believe. to increase player skill. or one of each. The reviews have been written by eithnr is chosen at random and this is to be performed by the players. can be much more interesting!) Players must then vote whether or not they wish to perform the activity. wins if the token values are the same). A watchful eye must be kept on the other players to see that they are not getting too powerful. The psychic gifts clan token movement. He may cast a psychic spell (by using in his home domain's tower. two peril chips (explained later). the all players continue to draw from the plot card deck and place loser chooses a s many peril chip psychic spells he wishes (or their next consecutive lower numbered token (8. he still has one is his home domain. if not receive a rating. looking territory. Eon Ghost Wind and leave their tokens where they are. If only one player should vote yes. Cosmic E n power discs . To win. During a turn more power must be gained by occupying towers and castles to make a player powerful enough to begin the 'Wars of Succession' (explained later). the colour of which represents his player should break eye contact. ~layerkstart the "One Purple aardvark.replace the counter. The Wars of Succession begin when a player has the threshold number of tokens in Elhalyn Tower at the end of his turn (the threshold number begins a t four and may be reduced during the game). A few sword board and used a s replacements. These are put aside and kept secret from the players. and one ten tokens last chance for revenge. Scissors.the peril chips). Tokens may move the number of contest with all players participating.).Sword. Upon selection OPEN BOX examines Science Fiction and Fantasy games and rulebooks of the Ghost Wind peril chip. If the learn. To throw a psychic spell. embarrassing. If thirty i s reached. The occupation of castles is very important. Three their first game. OPEN BOX - . If either game with 15 Clan Tokens. that domain's Laran is acquired. The plot concentration. etc. Storm stops players from entering a include: doubling of token values. territories and contains a tower and a castle. smile. If two or more players vote yes. is easy to the Starstone. The battle winner leaves his tokens where ment factor. Starstone psychic at player's hidden tokens. the Keeper defeats game components. All players follow suit in a clock. The OVERALL figure. two replacement clan tokens. the activity written by one player currently in the shops. like C04 hand movements. unlimited movement. Two Please don't burn. However. played by an imaginative group of people.50 their home domain. The tokens are numbered 1-10 (two each of the odd consecutive counts.card deck determines movement. Three Please don't burn". the outcome i s decided by a Psychic x 18") but adequate board. This is called 'writing the Ghost Winds'. the loser drags the they have only a two and two ones.

95 Task Force Games is a new company operating from Amarillo. a dragon control counter or something to help in combat. and. Only one scenario i s given.ystem also lacks colour. Controlling the dragon is a 2edged sword. of Eourse. It seems their folio is to expand to include military games and a larger boxed range of games. The reason becomes clear when you examine the components.andalf the Grey and challenges them to mortal combat. The driving force behind TFG appears to be Stephen Cole. but Stephen used to be the editor of a wargaming magazine called Jagdpanther. fight him like gentlemen and die ~ravely. hip. Bill Paley) have now put out their first attempt at a complete adventure.the Vazgul line up one at a time. Overall: 9 John Olsen SWORDQUEST Task Force Game . In 1979 they released a number of science fiction and fantasy minigames. thoughtful player who will be rewarded with survival and bringing home the fruits of his investigations. quote from memory!) The combat . On this score.Darkover i s an excellent game and I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone. etc.~p my feelings on this sort of combat system. As for playing Dra'K'ne Station. Although this powerful beast i s very good at smiting one's opponents. Please. and many may be foreseen by the careful. Each player starts in a city on one side of the map. (N. 'layers have identical forces and identical victory conditions. cities called Merthyr.95). variants to published aames.Right? Wrong . Wales i s heavity represented by.B. or it could be friendly to another player. if the other 2 are counterfeit the third i s automatically genuine. The magic token counter could be one of the swords. and I look forward to seeing further adventures from the JG stable. Appropriately. To set up the game nagic token counters are shuffled and placed face-down on all the city hexes. "Half a dozen Iazgul are sitting around the camp fire one night discussing the =A cup and the monetarist economic theory. The guard could be a character or unit friendly to the phasing player in which case it joins the character. much like S&T. The game works by the player moving an active :haracter into a city hex whereupon he can examine the guard counter.ystem i s very unrealistic and is in fact similar t o the much :riticised system used in SPl's War of the Ring. Aberystwyth. even those set in s 'human-only' background. The rationale i s :hat characters and monsters will only fight on a 1-1 basis lecause ganging up on somebody would be dishonourable. There are in fact 3 swords. It should be possible to fit this sdventure into almost any Traveller campaign. a tactical display sheet and 2 damage point charts. In fact the whole game lacks cotour. . forests. The guard could also turn out to be a monster of some sort oranother which would have to be defeated. a play-through reveals this to be an interesting example of the problem-solving type of adventure. Each player has 5 active characters which can nove independently and initiate combat. The same CRT is used irrespective of vhether the characters are fighting with swords or magic. when up steps . has to find a magic sword. a spell counter enabling a character to fly. have made i t s mark a Ayr is a devastated ruin (perhaps the designer arrived in Britain via Prestwick Airport?). to aet back to the-matter in hand. once the initial vigilance has worn off. Most of the 60 pages of text are taken up with descriptions and floor plans of the station. The 3 sides are the evil. Overall: 8 Bob McWilliams . Cornwall i s represented by Holywell city. and places such as Carnarvon Forest and Llandrindod Lake. In the very centre of the map is a dragon lair! The game was designed by someone called Vance Buck (developer. I look forward to any future release from Eon Products. the only comment I had in this respect was the fact that one had to decipher the composition of the adventuring party from a short piece of narrative:Surely the player-characters deserve their own short section? Anyone who has read the SABLE ROSE AFFAIR (WD 17) will realise that I am firmly in favour of giving a s much information as possible in the introductory sections to cut down on preparation time and allow referee and players to get into the game with a minimum amount of paperwork. Stephen Cole). Anvwav. in which case the phasing player's character has to fight it to get at the magic token counter. Rhyl. The new generation of fantasy garners will probably not recognise this name. especially. and. and. The sheer size of the station. surely an American. The first one taken into a fortress has a 66% Ehance of being counterfeit. for example. Combat can take a vhile to resolve and i s tedious a s the only skill involved is the ~bilityto throw dice. Texas. and druids. The dangers are by and large logical. It seems to be mainly free of the misprints and amplabiguities that odcasiona~~y gue this type of production.. the seeming harmlessness of much of i t s contents encourages laxness with possibly fatal failures to identify dangers where they do occur. but the notes give some guidance on other uses of the material. This is therefore a good effort in a new field. Any Zxtra troops on one side wait in a queue for their turn in :ombat. and take it to his fortress on the far side of the map. it has an unpleasant habit of turning on i t s controller. A 20" x 15" six colour map and 84 coloured counters come with the game. but the articles were about the theory and practice of wargaming. a know counter enabling a player to examine a guard token stack without combat. Swordsuest is the most expensive of the TFG mini-games (the normal price is £2. The hex grid map has mountains. rivers.f3. Dra'K'ne Station is rather weak. Colwyn.f3. though. The combat . the remainder being introduction and referee's notes on playing the adventure. thereby proving that Nazgul are Englishmen or the game ystem i s wrong". thigh and everywhere else.50 Following the release of general laving aids for GDW's Traveller rules. a little more information and clarity in the introductory sections. A quote from Charles Vasey in a review of WotR sums . What rappens: 6 Nazgul do the old fool over . jood. and yet the names on the map reek of British Celts. JG (and specifically. The other components are 14 page rules booklet. I :an? see this appealing to the involved fantasy gamer. John Lambshead herall: 6 (Ealing Games Group) DRA'K'N E STATION Judges Guild . This mag had a free game in every issue. The game stops a s soon as a player gets what proves to be a genuine sword into his fortress. Guard counters are shuffled and placed face-down 3n top of them. . the second a 50% chance. Scotland appears to s well with names like Troon. Swordquest is a game for 2-3 players. cities and roads displayed on it. Magic okens only act as die roll modifiers etc.

it is left to the DM to complete the descriptions of rooms.a gu'endeeko (64).) A magic user named Tizun Thane lives to the south. Numbers in brackets are cross-references to other rooms. so they lure adventurers to the palace. Tizun used to come regularly to the village. Should they be foolish enough to ignore this advice. MM denotes the monster is described in TSR's Monster Manual. 5. 14 . especially in the nearest village.3ackground (for D M only) ~im and were constantly plotting to overthrow him. where Diker sometimes sends men for supplies. Tizun always ensured that there was a human sacrifice to keep the Shadow Dancers during the night. open their shuttered windows because of the Night Things. the Shadow Dancers roam free. Sega devised a plan to use the bodyguard again TizuIn. Believing Ti decilded to kill Tizun with his As rthey returned through a Thr: aaak struck silently from right. DESCRIPTIONS FOR THE D M The Village of Cahli The village is shown on the map opposite. He is quite genial and will t e l l the players the following: That the players should retire to their rooms and not. Remember. a s he now knows that Tizun had no intention of killing him. He then devoured Tizun -. rs in the tavern. andnow at nightfall the frightened villagers DM'S Notes 1. The walls of the palace are of smooth stonework. villagers. The buildings are all made of stone with metal shutters a s the old wooden buildings proved no defence against what the villagers call the Night Things which have been marauding in the woods for the last six months (theshadow Dancers. The main characters must be played with care. I t is Diker who places the scrolls in the backpack of the body in the ravine. could prevent threat from them. There are also a few travellers. he was told that Tizu inte~ nded to slay them both and Thraaak. not all monsters are hostile. the landlord will lock and bolt the doors and pull the shutters closed and fix them with heavy iron bars. ' each would aid in destroying the other. on pain of death. dreved in Tizun's ill fitting robes. A few villagers can be seen closing the and have strong doors and metal shutters. The only sign of the village comes from the Ferryboat Tavern and the stable next to it. Important points are noted. it is 100% certain that they will see dark shapes in the woods and that one will come to the tavern and climb up to their open window. Thraaak . as the party could well be killed if they do. etc. The level or number of Hit Dice along with ability scores of monsters are given for the DM to roll hits and award bonuses depending on whether Advanced D&D or Basic Rules are being used. 3. Tizun tolera hi@ with condescending amusement. He has proved too powerful for Sega and Diker. An assassin was hired to slay Tizun. he has roamed the palace. 2. confident that his powerfu con!rtant bodyguard. quietly finishing drinks whereupon they will scuttle home. Many villagers have been slain. The Night Things first appeared shortly after. see 39). 4. have been forced to stay overnight. The path that runs south out of the village leads there. - 1 he village by the river (which is too dangerous to cross by other than the ferry). and so deplete his spells. WD denotes a monster from the indicated issue of White Dwarf. above. other travellers. The nture is now ready to start. the sun i s setting. As the sun sets. to weaken him for them. who like the players. Rooms are cheap. rememberingthe storyline. and also come up from the south. terrorising the local population. whom he had tired o assassin was also informed that Tizun was at his weakest. after ~aak has been dealt with. hoping that the will do battle with Thraaak. whe and but norr wha come to know it. The two half-brothers now no longer trust each other. but hasn't been seen for six months. Cahli. ilso in the palace is the Temple of the Shadow cers (39). (This should be stressed. insane with power and grief.

49a & 49b. Walls bedecked with tapestries and pennants. bul the indications are that something has happened to Tizun Thane The Halls of Tizun Thane are rumoured to be littered with treasure The daughter of a merchant in a nearby town has been missing. Dust on every surface. 3: The Ferry The boat and boatman are locked up for the night. thc Night Things will not be able to get beyond their room. 3andits encountered are 80% likely to be former guards. 5. and 30' in doublt height rooms. The courtyards are all open Walls are of smooth stone. Piles of seasoning timber lay ir the yard. I t is instructed to peaceably repel intruders. the sound of Nandies (41 running and chattering on the roof will be heard. The eyes are peepholes through which Thraaak (64) will be watching if alerted by any commotion on arrival or in the building (30% chance). The path leads out onto a rocky . The skull has been smashed and the brain chewed out. General The ceiling height of single storey rooms is 15'. Diker. he will lock up and bed down in the stable. is a large painting of a wizard (Tizun Thane) dressed in purple robes. A ~aterfallcascades down in the south east. However. At the end of the peninsular stqnds an impressive . The path that the villagers s a Halls of Tizun Thane. but will tell them that they can't get the horses back before daylight as he will be locking up because of the Night Things. Hay on floor. Brief overall descriptions are given. a +I sword and 500 g. 4fter two hours ride (it is very mportant to keep track of the time in this scenario) the party lave reached hill-lands at the foot >f a cliff.The colony will have i t s lair in ruins or a cave complex where there will be an additional 80% of young (1 hit point. of the Shadow Dancers (39). He will gladly stable the party's horse for a small fee.100 Giant Smrpion Determine number sppearlngamording to rtrengrh of party. of Sega (38) and Diker (59) and hat they plotted against Tizun (but not how) and have no love for one mother.K. lumps of wood. The titles of the rooms denote their use when Tizun Thane was alive. someare cracked and overgrown with weeds.9 (Level I in 12 levels) These simian carnivores are found in rocky hillcountry or thick forest/ jungle. 18b. He will recommend that they stay overnight in the Tavern. .p. If encountered in their lair. A colony of nandies has torn holes in the roof and set up residence. 4:The Timber Yard A large building with a stockade round it. only affected by magic of electrical naturej(MM1stands guard in front of the main doors. THE HALLS OF TlZUN THANE Nandering Monsters =or any chance encounters in the Halls of Tizun Thane roll on the 'allowing table: D l 0 ROLL OF: 3: BanquetIEntry Hall Musty decadence.arely legible. Nandreri41 67-79 Wild Dogs 8 3 8 8 Troglod~ter Berbalangrt 8083 Stirges 89-94 Harpies Bandits 94-100 Bandits 95. there is a 40% chancel3 turns that they will ignore anyone encountering them: a 30% chancel3 turns that they will attack and a 30% chance that they will follow inquisitively. but the merchant is still offering a reward to anyone who recovers her. though many footmarks. The ravine leads into an old volcanic crater filled with water. i t is left to the DM to complete room descriptions. according to taste. Only human occupants of a room will bar the door shut. The upper section of a double height room is denoted by the number on the plan being underlined. They are rarely encountered more than 1 mile from their colony.aws (1-2 each) and 1-3 bite." There is nothing else of interest on the ~ody.I. They will only cnow that: Tizun was slain by Thraaak. They only arrive while the summoning screech is issued. Doors with a short bar through the centre have a heavy metal bar that can be used to bar the door shut from the room side. which i s a vast pile of glittering shards and objects plus that detailed above. where they can swing through trees. At the point marked 'x' is the jead body of a man in armour who has obviously been killed by a rock 'rom above. 5 6 6 1 Rust Monster 71-76 Nandie-Bead41 Girl'. 80HP. tamed ones lose the natural impulse to summon others. 28-32 Mites ltmpl Bug Bear 4 1 4 6 Nandiesl4) 3 3 4 8 Evil Conjurer* 49-64 G~rl. can only be struck by +3 magic weapons or better. Once used to ambush guests. e When the party retire to their room. Att 4-40 + poison breath. Through the entrance arch can be seen a arge figure. to the corpse in 23 where it will leave them and return to i t s post. wall leading up to trapdoor in 49.other than those in the tower (61-651. The small shaded areas in the ravine are caves in which men and iorses can shelter. usually (75%) headed by a mated pair (bath with 3D8 and doing 1-411-411-6 hit points of damage) or a nandie-bear (25%). Nothing has been said. Only access is by a ladder on N. NANDIE No.. I t will restrain any who attempt to wander off en route. The track leads through 9 narrow ravine shown on the large nap on the opposite page. The painting is also a secret door (49). Berbalangrt Nandie. tables etc. However. Written on the parchment is "To gain entrance. silver boxes. He still has some weapons and in his back pack is a roll of 3archment bearing a wax seal in which the words 'Tizun Thane' are . large nuts.L. 10-150 in colony 6 6'' 1-4 % Monster 5-7 59 % % Mon- 10 % Monster die 14 58 9-12 13-16 17-25 26-30 3133 34-35 3740 4145 46-50 51-54 5565 66-79 M O M dim dio die 1-2 3-6 7-1 2 13-18 19. The floor is littered with bits of roofing.24 2530 31-36 3740 41-70 71-76 7782 8398 89-94 95-lW Koboldr Ora Skeletons GiantRats Bandits Stlrges Centipedes Gobi~nr smrts Plxles Mites ltmpl Neutral Warrior. Nandies frequently attack by throwing rocks. They make loyal pets if captured and suitably trained by one skilled in animal training. The villagers would reward anyone who could put a stop to the marauding of the Night Things.M. To the east is a itagnant marshy area in which can be seen some giant frogs (MM) and heeling over some rocky islets to the west can be seen some large birds bloodhawks -WD2). 6 2 6 6 Giant Tick 7 7 8 2 Cutpurse. 4: Barracks Chairs. unless the visitors say 'Take us to your master: whereupon i t will gesture them to stable their horses in 2. presumed dead for over a year. the victim of an accident while tree felling. He will not attack unless the painting is fired upon or some other attack is launched. necklaces. describe the appearance of the occupants and to value trinkets. There is also a trading store in the village. They could muster 2000g. The boatman will refuse to take anyone across until daybreak.. now looking a little unkempt.the leader(s1are always the last to arrive. The ravine is wide enough for single file only.eninsular with sheer sides dropping 20' to water level. In any of these instances there is a 30% chancelturn that they will screech and chatter to summon other nandies who will arrive at the rate of I-4lmelee round until all the colony are there. 2: The Stables These are run by a deformed cripple. doubling their normal ground speed. and lead them via 3. is a small. 1 attack for 1 point of hit damage). and the layaut and former use of ooms 1-5 and 49. etc. He says this from behind E locked door. They live in colonies. Any other attempt to gain access to the palace will be peaceably warded off.141 Evil Warrior. These were the last instructions to i t from Tizun Thane and it is impossible for anyone to countermand them. those present will always screech to summon those that are elsewhere. etc. if they do open their window.p. high on the wall. have protective iron bar grids on the outside. ~ h may o give advice to the party. grown track running south from C The forest is dense. 95-100 t Physical projection only. beams hang down at crazy angles on which the nandies climb and leap. patios.Q all in lair 2c. The colony is headed by a nandie-bear which will be in one of the rooms a . Hobgoblins 4 7 4 9 Berbalangrt Giant Batll7) 50-55 Ogre 65-70 Nandie. On the body: a phial of poison. In the room is the long-dead body of an assassin. apparently a guard of some sort. If unmolested. The only time that they are barred i s at nightfall to prevent the Shadow Dancers (39) from gaining access. towards this. In a secluded corner of the colony will be their 'treasure' hoard. Outside the colony they are encountered in groups of 2-12. Any encounter in the forest will be with pixies. Once the horses are stabled. the landlord will lock them in. where the party can buy supplies in the morning. A zncounters in the ravine will be ei ~hysical projections of berbalangs Jr nandies (4) who will attack fro ~y hurling rocks. 2: The Stable Lined with wooden stalls. the whole place is a mess. Appearing: Armour Class: Movement: Hit Dice: Treasure: Attack: 2-12. In most rooms. An iron golem (AC3. 1: The Entry Courtyard A few decorative clay urns lie around in this gravel yard. has sometimes sent men to the village for the supplies in the last six months.Tizun Thane's brother. down from a vantage point if possible. etc. Large table and many seats. say to the yuard 'Take us to your master.141 Zombies Fire Beetles Gnolls 18 Nandie-Baari4) 1-3 Thraaskl63) Troglodytes 7-16 Mule 4-9 Evil Adept* Zombler 17-22 Ghouls 10-15 Wight FireBeetler 23-28 Hugespider 16-21 Gargoyle 22-27 Shadow Lizard Men 29-34 Neutral Ewker' Giant Ants 3 5 4 0 Girl. jepending on alignments and ~hether there are elves present. A t the north end. nandies will always go to the summons of their leader once the leader has summoned them and there is a 5% chancelturn that they will be summoned away (if a nandie-bear see below for fear) if the leader is not on the scene. The victim of Thraaak (see Background). There are 10-80 present at any time. and the high level ones in the various halls. The windows in the tower all have heavy metal shutters which can be barred shut. All windows. the water flows west quite 'ast indicating a subterranean exit. Alignment: Chaotic neutral Intelligence: Semi Monstermark: 2.uilding. or leap from rock to rock. H explains that he has done this because. Nandies (4) can be seen :lambering about on the roof. 3a: A small room with narrow secret panels for firing arrows through. i ~ 8 J.

including the main treasure but is unlikely to reveal - 7: 1-3 troglodytes: 216 g. Secret compartment in side of fire place contains wooden box in which are 569 g. quiver + 20 arrows. composite bow.p. The bubbles are so fragile that they shatter on impact with any surface. 97 mint copper pieces. tables. Part of the floor is missing. 10-16a: Guest Wing All are guest bedrooms.. pack horses. wall behind a throne on a dais. 1D8+1. I t has no interest in treasure. including E. pot of honey. Amongst the rubbish on floor: garlic.p. if it is desired to extend the adventure. The few occasions i t ventures from the colony are always in the dead of night. Plus. morning star. a small gold ring. 108. gold wristband. hand-axe. 2D8. and a parchment a s found in ravine. 5: Hall of Audience Richly decorated. short bow. though dusty. steel mirror.p. the upper (a) chambers for their masters. dogs.p. Apart from th~s summoning cry. small stoppered glass phial (empty). a gold dragon scale. etc.7 (level V . one has sword. There is a secret steel shutter in the wall above each window capable of sliding down to seal the window (see 50).to test the morale and loyalty of the party to the limit). The only other occasion i t will leave the colony i s if summoned by the nandies. In rubbish: 9 iron spikes. This leads deep below to the Troglodyte Caverns.p. silver dagger. 2 gems. the beast is totally silent. scattered on floor along with rubbish. Under a loose floorboard is the old head servant's savings of 1. hammer. the lower were for aides. The beast also emits a powerful aura of evil (detectable by magic). They may possibly be caught unbroken by someone with 18 dexterity. 112 g. Any who fail to save will have the sound inbly etched on their memory and will automatically be filled with whenever they hear the cry in the future unless a saving roll of 20 nade.p. viewing into the rooms from 50. 2D8. 5 e. where it will laze while the nandies hunt and scavenge for it.. to skitter and start if i t i s roaching (within 400' radius) even if it is concealed.There is also a small secret compartment in the ceiling of all rooms (see 50).the secret doors.p. empathy. 7 iron spikes. Those who save must still save again in any future encounter. even if they have never encountered nandies before. etc. I t is a carnivore with a natural preference for human flesh.in 12 levels) The nandie-bear is a loathsome. items of interest to be found. 13-13a: In the corner of 13a. The mirrors are one way.p. light crossbow. 527 g. while all (with the exception of rangers) and their !ds (a ranger's steed gets +I on save) must save versus spells or be !d with fear for 1 turn. tailless simian.p. 6: Servant's Dining Room Wooden chairs and table all bearing scratch marks. 1D8+1.p.l l a : Empty 12-12a: The barred grids are missing from the windows. crystal ball with clairaudience only (half normal values. 3' length of pole obviously broken from a longer one. Most furnishings are now wrecked. 27 e. Also: 1-6 giant rats (AC7. both have possessions. 45: 1-3 giant ants. nestling on a ripped up mattress is Tizun Thane's pet carbuncle (AC2. heavy crossbow. who have tunnelled up to the surface world. silver mirror. Their screech to summon others is indistinguishableto all save druids and rangers of at least 4th level who can recognise i t a s such. silver necklet.P. one is a leader type with 3D8 hits. inlaid with a light coloured wood. due to its empathy i t knows their alignments.p. 2 dead bodies on floor. 32 c. 168 gold pieces. (Play wisely .. mace or hammer. I t conducts such forays alone..). sword. The upper chambers have the same except plusher. in one of the rooms. with shields and swords. 2handed sword. leaves. Marble floor with sweeping patterns and strange symbols. ken beds. etc. I t is an extremely agile climber performing in this aspect a$ a 10th level thief. wooden club. A nandie-bear invariably (95%) heads a colony of nandies. 50' rope. bits of mirror. sheets etc. a scenario for the DM to develop. silver hookah. shelving with broken plates etc. Att 2-8) (MM). The dots either side of each door mark the positions of standing figures clad completely in plate armour. though i t is always the last to answer. except 9 . mules etc. black-brown. A tunnel leads down following a fissure in the rocks below.p. large teeth and shaggy black hair. 47: 1-4 fire beetles (AC4. They have on them 389 g. dogs. 48: Bedding stores relatively unscathed. Strewn with cooking utensils. on.and 48 . I t can move silently in its natural habitat of rocky hills or forestljungle. -I: Bunkrooms: Scattered in each is an amazing amount of debris..THE HALLS OF TlZUN THANE A nandie is a 5' tall. shards of glass etc. I t will never portray events contrary to the nature of the subjects in the telepathed pictures. Heavy purple drapes against E. Att nil.a storeroom. small empty earthenware pot. surprising 516 of the time. the other has: belladonna. The cry can be heard for a radius of 1 mile and is one of the most htening sounds of the wilderness. and 2 gems. telepathy and prophecy) (WD8) a fine specimen worth 2000 g. In the rooms at the moment: 10-10a: 11 goblins (AC6. but even then there is only a 15% chance of success. 8' tall ape-like creature of great power. They are emissaries come to meet with Tizun Thane and are at the moment debating what they should do having found him slain. The lower rooms all have wooden beds. spear. Att 1-3 + disease) (MM) 6a: Kitchen: 2-6 giant rats a s 6. a silver phial (contains potion of heroism). infested with human fleas.. attack a s 4 hit dice monster) (MM). brooms etc. NANDIE-BEAR 1 5 12" 5D8+5 See below 2 dlaws (1-6 each) and 1-8 bite plus rending Alignment: Chaotic evil Intelligence: Low Monstermark: 86.. I t appears semi-neanderthal in facial features with baleful eyes. 125 s. will i c on hearing it. Att by weapon) armed with sword. I I . filled with ashes and half burnt logs. military pick. marrow-bone. 315 g. t will cause horses. If a compartment i s forced open the bubbles still fall enough to shatter. Appearing: Armour Clan: Movement: Hit Dice: Treasure: Attack: Ground Floor 8: 1-3 giant ants (AC3. 4m: a s 3b but no body. the nandies' treasure: everything that glitters and gleams in any way (highly burnished weapons. split sacks and broken barrels leaking flour etc. In each compartment are two small fragile bubbles containing a sleep gas a s the spell. 3 silver tipped arrows. 1 wooden stake and mallet. buds of flowers are carved eyes.p. Large stone cooking hearth in S W corner. 4 silver pieces. 46: 1-4 troglodytes. 89 c. Att 1-61 IMM) 9: 1-6 troglodytes. . Whole place smells foul. horsehair mattresses. 50' rope. pouch of powdered kobold horn.p. mules. plain wash stands and bowls etc. Whether encountered in its nandie colony or outside (unless it i s not the leader of a colony). 7-9 & 45-48: Servants Quarters All were bedrooms. Any adventurers holing up in one of these rooms for the night will probably fall prey to Diker Thane (59). In the upper rooms there are floor to ceiling mirrors . It knows every nook and cranny of the palace. Nandies have their own primitive tongue which consists of screeches and chatters -they do this almost incessantly. They are nothing but suits of armour containing solid stuffing. Att 1-311-312-5 and their pets.it only attracts wandering monsters as a last resort .Tlie unsavoury smell of putrid food lingers in the room. 1-6 stirges (AC8. 15 s. 1D4. large sack. Throne is of ebony carved with writhing vines and flowers. In each room: No.a lounge area . rotten food. 108 g. small sack.).p. 62 c. the nandie-bear will always issue a terrifying hauntingcry to summon any absent nandies which will arrive at the rate of I-4lmelee round. 1D8-1. 2 flasks oil.258 g. but if heading a colony there will be nandies' treasure a s detailed above. 49 g.. The only trace of these are a hairline crack in the upper surface of the each window opening and a faint groove in the cill where they land. Att 1-3 plus drain blood.p.p. The nandie-bear fights with two claws and a bite with an additional 1-6 rending damage if both claws hit. I t can walk and fight on two legs or scamper on all fours. Piles of blankets. 2 empty water skins. giant insect legs. twigs. small silver box. Rooms are now occupied by a tribe + revulsion odour) (MM) of trogolodytes (AC5.

63 g. 19 & 20: Open Lounges Both have embroidered cushions. The door to 29 is heavily padlocked on outside. until this i s accomplished when he will return to normal. tapestries. 80 s. Each is in an elaborately carved frame. In front of it lies the longdead corpse of Tizun Thane. Roosting in the shadows under the roof are 2-12 giant bats (AC8. . 4D8+1. ' b ' is as 'a' except that pulling the sword arm down opens the secret door behind. He has 562 g. It can fly at 24" and can ooze through small openings.p.. Two silver hookahs on tables with a small silver box (empty) and a small onyx box containing dried Cagayan Sable black lotus leaves. There is a 50% chance there will be 2-12 nandies screeching in the trees. 'f' is shattered. 6 ) 61 s.p. It i s old . steel mirror. animal pelt worth 1-50 g. All but one of the girls (29) has fled. shrubs and trees. I t is left to the DM to fit the scenes to the scenarios he has available. On the floor are 4 bodies: A) chainmail. Diker Thane allows him to stay to ensure that none of his men injure her. 26 & 27: BedIChambers: Empty 28: Bed Chamber: Ogre eunuch (AC5. They are there to guard the girl in 29.N. Walls have mystic murals on but rooms are full of old..p. Jude C.p. 'a' is a statue of a warrior with sword aloft.. (Key in 59).the Lichway in WD9. battle-axe. Towards the end of the 2nd turn it will be drawn inexorably back to the smoker. low tables and brass hookahs. now thrown in with Diker Thane (59). who. small rosewood tables. ring of standing stones around a tranquil pool .g. empty wine jugs. now just a skeleton. or carry anything. withering at the rate of one ability level per month until 0 is reached. apart from food and rest. C. highly manoeuvrable fliers .p. While in this area there is a 10% chancelturn that Diker and 1-6 men (51-60) will come.Pool of the Standing Stones in WD12: etc. and drains-back down to crater. imprisoned in an airtight cell) the smoker will remain in a catatonic trance until it does. In the corner of the room are some bamboo flutes and a lute type instrument. Will berserk should anyone cause her physical injury. all armed with swords. They know nothing of what transpired with Tizun Thane. 1 14 13 13 15 8 8 49 g. 25: Master Bedroom: 3-6 bandits (working down list from top) exmembers of Titun Thane's guard. wearing chainmail and shield.p. C) chainmail and shield. It ehables the wearer to view. Margen C.p. D) chainmail and shield. One hand is concealed beneath the body. 1 12 14 11 10 11 11 12 g. s t i l l clad in purple robes. 24 e. it may be thrown through. Fountain in centre fed by natural spring.. He is then dead.First Floor 14-14a: Empty. 23: The Hall of Mirrors 8 huge mirrors (a-i) adorn the walls. cobwebby bits and pieces. 18: Cloistered Courtyard Overgrown. The ring is gold with a zig-zag bright green line running round it.) Anyone wearing the ring can step through the mirror into the scene viewed in it. I t cannot pass through solid material including water. 21 & 22: Meditation Rooms Last used a s junk rooms.N. There i s enough in the box for 2 smokes.p.p. 1 14 12 5 7 9 12 18 g.none of them is the merchant's daughter. etc. 2 arrows.N. feet towdrds the mirror.+etc.g. on its return. There is solid wall behind all the mirrors.even Tizun had forgotten it was there. There is enough for two smokes.p.N. 24: Patio: large silk cushions. but they know of Thraaak (64).p.The iron golem (1) will do this when ushering the party in.N.e. 2 15 12 8 12 14 13 116 g. This 'ghost' is in full mental communication with the smoker at all times and is controlled by him. 15-15a: Empty 16-16a: Emoty 17: Guest Patio Embroidered cushions. a ruined wharf in an underground cavern . Att 1-2. The point of return to the mirror will be visible to the wearer a s a shimmering silvery area from that side through which he can return to the Hall of Mirrors emerging from the mirror. be affected by magic. in 'a': a deserted. The scene need not be of the entrance.p. it merely observes.. The girls on the wandering monster tables are ex-harem girls . Former harem guard who has stayed voluntarily to protect girl in 29 for whom he has a dog-like devotion and loyalty. 67 g. and transport through the mirrors. there is no trace of the brain. and lying facedown. The skull i s caved in. 1 9 10 10 14 13 11 32 g. Stitched in to the lining of the robe is a scroll with two levitation spells on it. short bow. The ring can pass through on i t s own i. The wearer will see no reflections. but instead will see a scene from another scenario (e. in 'b'. Water is warm and pure. morning star.. buried under loose stone slab in floor.p. 104. Karmell C. Att 1-10) (MM). - 24--29: The Harem Lavishly furnished but now dingy. but still inside the partly ripped mattress downstairs is a small pouch containing 5 g. hand-axe. The bandits are: I W D C Ch Carries: Al Level S Name Brazuro C. A wish only will revive him but he is then compelled to liberate and then unite with his 'ghost' (he is aware of i t s location) scorning any other actions. Anyone smoking this will go into a catatonic trance for 2 turns during which an ethereal ghost like image will separate from their body. 1 Atama 14 8 1 0 9 9 9 24 g. awakens.anyone of dexterity less than 13 who fires a missile at a flying bat does so at -3). Ignall C. on this is a ring (see below). Should it be prevented from returning (e. A small wooden box beside the hookah in 20 contains dried leaves of Umrissian 2nd grade black lotus which will enable the smoker to fight at + l to hit and +1 damage for 1 turn. be harmed. the mirrors reflect a s normal unless the viewer is wearing the ring from the body.p. it may even be of one inside a dungeon. composite bow.N.

with l i t t l e reminders in the s the sun description of other rooms (e. 1D8. 36: 13 large animal bones spread about on floor. Beside each is a silver button. only revealing himself to attack if molested in some manner e. gem. long limbed green. They are all tied up in a bundle of silk: 207 g. Their bite only can instil fear. 1D8. W14.N. a blue-gold. 34a: The green gremlins 'treasure': the most amazing collection of bric-abric the party will have ever seen including: mummified human legs and arms. fights & saves as 2nd level fighter and has characteristics of: S15.N. The eyes are peepholes to look out. shield. fur pelt worth 1-100 g. crossed swords & halberds etc. 52 p. There is a large secret door in that wall to allow the boat out into the lake.a weighted net is concealed above and can be released by the guard at N.N. gem.victim must save versus paralysation or become paralysed for 6 turns. clad completely in plate mail with visors down (as in 51. wall. lzis knows what the arrows are.. and directly under.save a s versus spell or flee for one turn) which are impish. anyone interfering with the lock will cause a poison tipped spike to flick out beside it.. garlic bud.p.679 g. end of 50. 3D8. large sacks of flour. There are oars. forelegs.. Tha statues are in various poses.59. chair etc.are aware of the time a s well. 1D8. The large double doors to the E.the 1-8'skeletons in 37. black ebon statue.g. chairs etc. wolvesbane. has 8 hit points. 100 g. They collect all sorts of odds and ends. empty 42: Bedroom: Bedroom now used as storeroom by Diker Thane's men (51-60). a 1'6" long wooden tube of 1" diameter. a scroll with the spells of magic missile. 49a & 49b: These are areas of flat roof from which Tizun Thane's guards fired arrows when ambushing guests in 3. braziers.p. Locked . beans etc. 2 12 6 12 5 16 13 1 Sword (AC includes +1 shield) - . 2 rust arrows (have red flights with runes on. They are allies of Sega (38). almost completely covered with large water lily leaves.Att 1-6) (MM) under the command of Sega Thane (38).N. 61. and Diker's men. the room is partly in shadow a is low in the sky behind the lip of the crater). short bow. 1 12 13 11 11 8 16 5 Sword Agapor C.E.N. They are made of a magical stone and cannol be defaced or broken in any manner.skull. (have fun dreaming up odd items) plus ring of thievery (10% to anybody wearing it to pickpocket).p. D10..p. However. are elaborately carved.a s cleric spell (but must not exceed 8 already controlled). their other attacks are with claws.dexterity 15. but there is a trapdoor in the floor upder which steps lead down under 42 to the boathouse which is the same size as. two 1-6 claws and a 1-8 bite. The secret doors to 10a-16a are all one way nirrors viewing into the rooms. When alive they are AC -5. But there is a 50% chance there will be 1-6 berbalangs (projections) (see 44) in the area. As well a s beds etc. 1 13 7 9 16 8 8 3 Mace Beza C. but all look a s though they are performinc some kind of ritual dance. 38: Sega Thane's Chamber: Macabrely furnished. . 1 14 11 8 11 10 5 5 Hammer Viga Sprago C. 73 c. wall contains a large ring of keys hanging on a hook.p.. The lizard men will generally (70%)avoid contact unless their treasure is located.) Pushing the button a second time. lzis has concealed items she has stolen from Tizun Thane. 30: Open Courtyard A covered walkway runs along the W . 31 c. Chinks of daylight are visible and nandies (4) can be heard scampering across the roof. door handles.N.a s if affected by a rust monster). There i s a pool. Att 1-311-311-6 plus fear . vertebra etc. The secret compartment in the E. She may give some or all of her possessions if a party need persuading to rescue her. If any of them is knocked over (they arc delicately balanced) the southernmost 5' wide strip of flooring of thc entire length of the room swings down dropping any on i t down a chute which ramps slightly to the south of east and comes out 10' below watel level (the last 10' of the ramp i s water filled) in the part of the lake out. except Diker's rcrom . side room 33. small sack. etc. 2 dragon eggs. and a gem.N. She is Neutral and would be grateful to any who aid her to escape. he is a loner.p. is directly under the sloped roofing running down over the :taisters. They activate if commanded or interfered with. keg of oil. torch. They 'live' only to shed human blood in the service of some dark lord of the lower planes. Diker has kept her here against her will (though the ogre in 28 doesn't know this. E) chainmail.. sword. In the 15' deep pool are two lizard men (AC5.THE HALLS OF TlZUN THANE 29: Bed Chambers: Harem girl named Izis.. lifts the shutters and :loses the ceiling compartment.on dying he may curse his killer. large sack. D) plate mail. he has the following powers (usable once per week): Control Undead . there are: large kegs of wine and water.p. In the centre of the hall is a circular blood-stainedaltar with chains and manacles set into the stone. a shepherds crook. wall decorated with various weapons. They have a horrible visage with vampire like fangs and drooling lips. 1 15 9 12 9 8 14 5 Mace Vado C. streaked ring (ring of free action). Their treasure is concealed in large clutches of bubbles adhered to the underside of four large lily pads in the centre of the pool.arty that stays the night in these rooms. There are 22 berbalangs (AC6. I t consists of: 429 g. wooden cross. 1 11 10 12 12 6 12 4 Mace Duval C. 44: Torture Chamber Torture implements. 3 swords. Obviously not all will acti. side. C12. The nhabitants are: 3oom Name Al Lvl S I W C D Ch AC Armed with 51 Churk C. The 5' wide section running to the south and then west. the secret shutters to the ~indows also slide down. This is also the reason why the DM should keep careful track of th. In the secret compartment in the W . The central secret door in the S side is the painting in 3.. shield. 87 s.trap set by lock. the statues come alive a s the moonlight hits them.p. The shrubs and flowers are overgrown with weeds. At night. 32: Empty 33: On the floor are five bodies carrying: A) chainmail. 78 s. 7 arrows of berbalang slaying which will kill the berbalang if they hit either the berbalang or i t s projection. 'physical projection') (WD11) of which 1D6 + 4 are in a trance. 32-34 Eunuch's Rooms Contain bed.. still dressed in harem clothes though she is a 2nd level thief . N. otherwise he will not bother. etc. harmless lichen with tiny pink mould spots is growing on the bones.g. The two trapdoors marked open to iron ladders leading down to 3a or 4m. 45-48: Servant's Quarters (see 7-91 49: Secret Passage A passage that opens for attack on lower rooms. 42 copper pieces. 1 1311 9 8 7 1 1 3 Hammer C. A green. Tizun Thane's half-brother Sega i s a tall figure swathed in black robes under which can be seen the glint of black plate mail. someone fires an arrow at the painting and hits it. 117. Sega Thane has key (38). and on cloudy nights only some may come alive. except that these contain skeletons (AC2!!. Att 1-411-411-6. hence their name.p. Move 9". table etc. 38a: Trap: The dots mark the positions of 3 armoured figures a s in 3 i but these contain solid stuffing. A trap is set on the stairs ..p. 51-60 Diker Thane and his men 4 1 1 contain bunk. then north. the arrow going through the canvas. 3 gems and a book Tome of Leadership and Influence (+1 to charisma on reading) Sega is considered by many to be mentally unstable. 39: Hall of the Shadow Dancers Each niche contains a 12' tall. elegantly slim. leathery creatures that are equally at home climbing across walls and ceilings a s they are on the ground. His curse is "may you never refuse combat and always fight to the death! He is chaotic evil. hammer. They were dumped there by Sega Thane to be activated at a later date. Door to 37 has secret spy hole. The merchant will give half the reward for the news of his daughter.N. 1 13 9 13 13 7 9 5 Sword Ulgon C. 43: Cellblock All cells are empty. 1 12 17 12 6 12 12 5 Hammer To ku C. He wields a black 2-handed sword with a gem in the hilt. wall. If this is ~ushed the gas bubbles (see 10-16a) are released in both the upper and ower chambers corresponding to that button. being creatures of magical origins they are immune to al magical attacks other than magic weapons.the 40-42: Personal Servant's Quarters 40: Lounge: tables. 7 arrows. 37: Sega's Guardroom: The dots mark the position of standing figures with swords and shields. will rust any armour they strike . They can climb a sc 10th level thief. 34: Some pets of Sega Thane: 1-6 green gremlins (AC7. stored around the room. She knows that the merchant's daughter was killed in the forest by the Shadow Dancers (39) which she also knows about. Att 1-211-211-8). sword. lantern. Speak with Undead . table. 50: Corridor The two dots mark the position of guards of Diker Thane. The bones are of varying sorts .p. The clasp of his cape is a small gold skull. 35--38: Sega Thane and his Minions 35: 4 zombies (AC8. In a secret compartment in the floor is a chest containing 2. Ch 17. mace. 2 picture frames.e time and make sure that the players. all plain. assorted weapons. They are +1 to hit either. 18 charisma. There i s a large rowing boat (seats 12) in a water filled channel leading to the E. Cannot re-animate undead slain. fishing nets etc. a+l sword. hold portal and invisibility (3rd level). a s the moonlight shafts in through the upper openings.a s speak with dead but only with animated undead. 31: Guard Hall Deserted. A large black hood covers his head and shadows his face in the shadow only two gleaming eyes are visible. 1 15 9 13 11 11 12 4 Hammer Roker C. 2D8+1. He is a 2nd level Necromancer (a sub-class developed by Lew Pulsipher and a s yet unpublished). vate at the same time. 41: Bedroom: Bed etc.. 2D8. (This is how Tizun acquired sacrifices for the Shadow Dancers. 32 e. to him she is still doing her job) to consort with his men. 145 g. I t is from this vantage that Thraaak (64) will watch arrivals and departures. In a side pouch he carries the key to the chest in 35a. B) chainmail. They will be two of the men from 51-58 (roll die to determine who ison guard at any time). These are the keys to the cells in 43. sword. Evil Eye. wine skin. Diker will use this method to capture any . when alive move at the rate of 18' in a curious. gold necklet. C) plate mail. The DM should roll on the Weather Tables in this issue's Treasure Chesi to determine the weather for the night. door handles. Att 1-8)(MM) 35a: Chest. sword. 2-handed sword. They are the 'Night Things' that have terrorised the villagers of Cahli.p. Animate Dead . Curse . 42a: Empty. elegant skipping gate. The Shadow Dancers.N. 1 13 14 10 13 10 12 2 Sword 5 2 Amnor C.N.except magic armour .

. . If the party are on the verge of defeat. insane since he slew his master. .. Shield. Though i t eats most things. Also in the space is the final guardian.just released Mythology. a game of Greek gods and heroes. gold statue of T i z ~ n 62: Lounge: Fireplace in E. unless attacked. In this concealed space is a huge hoard of treasure. wears plate armour and has a black shield (AC2). . Tower of Ulission and Verbosh being scenarios for D&D. Within the tower. 63: Library: Tomes on arcane arts etc. though lacking Tizun's confidence. This treasure is left to the DM'S discretion. Skills and knowledge fade after 1 year but not the spells. a fantasy game. . 59a: Diker's Treasure: The door to 50 i s wired and rings a bell in 59 if opened. now available) for magic and combat. a Necrophidius (AC2. In one phial is a potion of polymorph self in another is a potion of healing. 59: Diker Thane's Chamber Plush furnishings etc.Task Force Games are to bring out the boxed game of War of the Worlds. Tollenkar's Lair i s the first ready-to-play labyrinth now available.but he will protect it. Diker is a 4th level cleric. New titles include The Mines of Custalcon.. should be of Empire of the Petal Throne which was formerly produced by TSR. wall.his version of Tizun's laugh when bettering a foe. falsely. If Thraaak is successfully dealt with he may enlist their aid against Sega if an opportunity presents itself.. although once used. he may even pay them after. wall is a large chest. FGU * Next Issue: ~. . 65a: Minor Treasure Room: A large chest contains 2. .. 61-65: Tower of Tizun Thane All the windows have heavy metal shutters. if the creature is wounded. The real treasure is in the roof space above 65. a spell is gone. a sa dwarf and the skills of a 2nd level thief. . He appears both fearsome and comic in the ill-fitting garments.G. It lets you create worlds and guide characters on adventures. Appearing: Armour Class: Movement: Hit Dice: Treasure: Attack: Alignment: Intelligence: Monstermark: 1 4 12" 5D8 + special Nil 1-811-8 plus special Chaotic neutral Low (but knowledge varies) Varies The gu'endeeko is believed. . 2 in 62. Basically he wants Thraaak attacked and weakened and will free the party to do this. 20 hit points. He has the following skills at the moment: detect traps etc. 65: Workroom: Magical tomes abound. +2 protection thereafter and +2 on saves versus magic and other attacks) and a larger version of the ring in 23. but needs explanation. Phantasmal Forces 1st level: Charm. In book format Skull & Crossbones will also include a map of the Caribbean and ship deck plans for use with figures. Excalibre Games have released a boxed role-playing system entitled Adventures in Fantasy. He i s cunning and machiavellian. in their room. . .". co-author of D&D. chaotic neutral. ."NN~~~~~Em~~~~~. He would prefer to leave them in the hope that they battle with and weaken Thraaak for him. Sleep. All rooms are lavishly and ornately furnished. He wears a ring identical in appearance and powers to the one on the body in 23. .p.They have also released four titles in their new Album Game range. which he will be doing if there has been any commotion. 1 15: W 15. and characteristics of: S 13. I t contains 3.g. large fireplace in E wall.". 2D8.TSR have recently released a brand new role-playing game set in the modern era. ) most of his 64: Bed Chamber: This is where Thraaak ( 5 ~ 8 j 1 2spends time. and instructions necessary for a series of adventures . A small Thane stands on the mantelpiece. If he captures them either with net or by sleep bubbles during night. background. . Diker Thane would prefer to make a deal with a party even if they initially attack. Fireplace in E. mapping notes.4-10 in 64. i t gains the knowledge of that person plus one hit point for each level its victim had.p. At last it has arrived. but it i s unlikely. He places the parchment on the body in the ravine to allow adventurers in. and Hellpits of Nightfang being a Runequest scenario . rafters etc. and 2 gems. This treasure is a dupe should any ever invade Tizun's Tower. . but is a light grey in colour. including a Tome of Clear Thought. 61: Dining Room: Plushly urnished. Should a party be attacking Thraaak anywhere other than in the tower (61-65a) and he thinks he and his men will turn the tide against Thraaak. for a long time now.. which are all closed. . It is written by Dave Arneson. If AD&D rules are being used. In The Labyrinth is the first Game Master's module. . wall. and 4 gems. . it concerns players as agents in a James Bond-type scenario. Protection from Good.. . . He knows everything about the palace except the location of Tizun Thane's treasure. .Each will have 1-50 g.. Ch 15. the DM should decide which additional spells to use. its preference is for human flesh. It also gains any spells or abilities that the victim had. Hold person 2nd level: Mirror Image.p. The Maltese Clue and Temple of Ra Accursed by Set being scenarios for AD&D. He i s wearing Tizun Thane's purple robes which have ripped on being forced over his massive frame and a black cape (see below). Att 1-8 plus death dance and paralysation) (WD7). pestle and mortars etc. gems.539 g. He will observe without attacking. I t is similar in appearance to a yeti. . Judges Guild continue t o flourish as manufacturers of play-aids and adventures for other companies' games. C 13. Knights of Camelot is a multi-player game based on the legendary Britain of King Arthur . He ventures from the tower on rare occasions.. He knows where Titun's treasvre is though he is unable to reach it . 3 in 63. none magical. . Two boardgames to be released are The Awful Green Things From Outer Space which is a whacky game previously seen in The Dragon.. . He is wracked with guilt and sorrow and believes himself to be Tizun Thane. I t is locked. His spells are: 2nd level: Hold Person 1st level: Cause Light Hounds."~2min scenario TREASURE CHEST FIEND FACTORY OPEN BOX MOLTEN MAGIC 19 . Included are Hero Talents and copiable play-aids. . accessible only through a secret trapdoor in the centre of the ceiling 20' above. He wields a +1 (to hit and damage) mace. roll a D10: 1 he is in 61. The ceiling is shaped to follow the lines of the roof above and has beams. phials. have all been slept) he will rescue them to prevent Thraaak gaining more power. Also needed is Melee and Wizard. . His assassin's skills have faded He has the following spells left: 3rd level: Fireball. He is a gu'endeeko: GU'EN-DEEKO No. Protection from Good When casting a spell he utters a strange laugh .. If he is not observing from 49. by the northern tribes to be a human who has been cursed by the gods and turned into a giant ape-like creature for partaking in cannibalism. he will tie them up and then make a deal with them.390 g. including Hero. . and provides maps. In the room against the E."H". Those in 60 will have from 50-100 g. Thraaak is wearing a Cloak of Displacement (first attack automatically miss. lurking in solitary silence is Thraaak. . The hit points gained become permanent additions and are regained on resting etc. There are many parchment rolls and Tizun Thane's seal in his room. in dealing with interstellar war in unknown space. (e.. though he suspects it is in the tower somewhere. . each. Entitled Top Secret. The key is in 59. de wears a dark green cape and in a side pouch has the key to 29. or the expanded modules will be releasing another roleplaying game later in the year based on the age of piracy. 114 p. GDW have now released their new Traveller-size boxed Series 120 games of which Dark Nebula. H. I t attacks with two powerful hands doing 1-8 damage each. The Fantasy Trip.Metagaming have been promising their role-playingsystem. he may attack the party if he feels i t will benefit him. Hidden in the room is the key to the chest in 59a. The room is packed with ingredients for potions. a gu'endeeko. Wells' classic novel about Martians invading the earth in 1898. and cannot be relearned in the normal fashion..Yaquinto Publications have . D 11.p.. a s though it were the underside of the roof. particularly the brain. On devouring a human brain. jewels and 2 magic items. he will come to the aid of the party.p.

Roll a 020. All i s alright. Cloud: If a None is obtained on the Cloud Table. by rolling one D20 4 times. The two dice are rolled together and s follows: the table is then consulted a If the result of the d l 2 is higher than that of the d6. Temperature: If a Temperature of 3-8 degrees is obtained in an Arctic. and Wind. If a storm result is obtained for both Precipitation. you cross-index the humbers rolled. up to 5. right-handed or left-handed. then the character would be left-handed. A Squall in a desert will cause a violent 'Flash Floodf. Wind: Gale force or higher. in a desert. and temperature. Finally. and a Violent Storm for Wind indicates a Hurricane. unless a Squall is indicated by precipitation. Druids may summon lightning (via Call Lightning) one bolt every 5 minutes in a thunderstorm. of course) will nullify fog. the character can use both his hands at the same time. A storm for rainfall. Decide upon your own rules for any hapless souls who get caught in one of those! Wind of any strength (bar Calm. and. then the character can make use of either the right or the left hand but not at the same time. consider it a cyclone with all the usual effects. precipitation. will automatically signal a sandstorm. I f the d l 2 i s the same a s the d6. clouds. or Sub Arctic spring. until you happen to roll for instance. however. (See Duration of Weather for more on this). and having found the climate and season. tricks and traps etc. objects. capable of destroying whole towns in i t s path. . then the character would be ambidextrous.which will rush down from the dunes. and leave a clear sky. the result of the d l 2 is lower than that of the d6. depending on the season and the climate of the area. to get a general weather condition: wind. determine the weather for the area to be adventured in. one on each table. If. Any desert conditions will contain no clouds. Use a six-sided die and a twelve sided die. The only precipitation which can fall under a clear sky is snow a t a maximum temperature of 0 degrees C. A Storm condition in precipitation indicates a 35% chance of a Thunderstorm. Any temperature of 3-8 degrees changes all rain to sleet. fog and gale! If you do roll such a suspect result consult the following notes.e. magic systems. i. crossreference for the result: This issue we present a varied selection of Tables on which readers should rattle their dice: WHICH HAND? by Paul Markovitz A practical method of establishing whether player-characters are ambidextrous. then the character i s right-handed. - d6 Right 1 2 3 4 5 6 b dl2 Left Either 1 2 3 4 5 Ambi- 2-12 3-12 4-12 5-12 6-12 7-f2 1 1-2 1-3 1-4 1-5 - 6 - WEATHER by Barney Sloane On a given day. character classes. Precipitation: Any temperature of -7 to 2 degrees changes all rainfall to snow. if the d6 and the d l 2 both show 6. ignore all precipitation unless the temperature i s -7 to 2 degrees (see Precipitation). i t may be the beginning of the Thaw. in co-ordination.a%ca&aaaa@@@a TREASURE CHEST IS open for contributions relating to D&D additional rules.

legends.p. weapons and trans port. 35s. should be allowed elementary articles of survival.p. 21s. though penniless. 2 4 5 5 6 3 4 3 7 5 5 5 7 10 10 10 8 . viz. 'om this. if any. if so last 2 days.Y 1 1 uration nce a Weather Condition has been established. 15g. but flavour and personalisation should be added. Statistics should be given a s per the table below. 14g. but measured in turns. MORE USELESS ITEMS by Ian Livingstone Roll 1-4 5-8 Item Tln of dead maggots Dunce's cap Carved wooden cuckoo Map of the Isle of Wlght Can of rat glzzard soup ~ o o of k Russtan anagrams Burnt toast Rubber sword One boot Two corn doll~es Old l~brary t~cket Jar plckledontons Four flngered glove ROII 53-56 57-60 61-64 65-68 69-72 73-76 77-80 81-84 85-88 89-92 93-96 97-00 Item w~g Pouch of tooth f l l l ~ n g Book of pressed flow1 ~ ~ f e . . if so last 7 days.p.2TION Season I ONE Sorina Arctic A % !i I Cool Tern0 I Warm Tern0 1 Sub Trooical 11-8 1 1-2 1 1-4 11-7 11-8 11-11 1 HERITAGE by Colin' Reynolds A very basic table for a new characteristic: Player-Character Heritage Die roll (3D6) Title Slave Pauper Peasant Cavalier Gentleman Patrician Nobleman Knight Landed Knight Prince 1 I I RAIN Spring Summer A U ~ U ~ . if so last 9 days: 20 Note: Paupers and slaves. 25s. 16 12 13 14 13 16 14 13 15 7 14 12 8 13 10 11 6 13 13 13 In. and the last three categories should have their pick. Make those 'little old men' come alive! I hy NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS Ian Livingstone Roll Name MIF M M M F F M M M M F M M M M F F M M F M Race Human Human Dwarf Dwarf Gnome Human Half-elf Human Human Half-elf Half-orc Human Human Elf Human Human Human Human Halfling Human Class Level Align. 52c. "Armour Class indicates armour worn. rainfall and temperature. Summer Autumn Winter Spring Summer Autumn Winter 1 1 3-7 2-4 8-16 11-18 7-15 5-7 I 1 5-10 4-fi 11-17 13-18 13-18 7-11 18-19 19 / 8-13 10-12 7-13 I fi-8 14-18 13-19 14-18 9-15 19 20 1 2 1 :8 9-13 11-14 110-13 I 8-14 14-18 15-19 14-18 115-18 / 1 12-15 14-16 13-15 11-13 16-19 17-19 16-17 14-18 20 20 18-19 19-20 9 11c13 110-13 10-17 11-13 14-17 114-17 118-19 14-17 18-19 18 20 18-20 20 19-20 I 1 I I I 1 SQUALL -ORM 1 / I - / 1 1 1 1 17-19 19-20 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 20 20 19 20 19-20 19 1 1 1 Multipliier for initial funds No money No money - 19-20 11-20 - 20 16-20 20 20 20 19-20 - 20 20 1 1 18 .p. W e suggest physical descriptions. Roll each day.Bow.p. if so last 8 davs. defensive adjustments for dexterity should be added or subtracted.11 15 15 12 8 9 14 13 18 12 15 6 10 9 12 W C D 15 9 10 9 9 14 8 10 9 16 14 12 11 11 12 17 13 14 14 12 Ch 7 WeaponsISpells Bastardsword Short Sword Hammer Hammer Shortsword 2-handed Sword S.13.p. 24s.p.0.p. and special abilities. Winter Spring Summer Autumn Winter Sorino . any characters in armour of any sort would probably be gasping and sweating. 33g. if so last 4 days. and 19. and the DM rolls 4 times: 6.p. within reason.Spear Longsword Macellxlst Clubl2xlst Macellxlst Hammerl2xlst Dartl3xlst Staffllxlst Dartl2xlst Daggerllxln Shortsword Club Club Scimitar AC*. HP* 2 1 3 2 1 4 3 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 1 N NG LN LN N LG LG LG NG NE NE LG N LE NE CE NG N N CE 14 9 30 14 6 32 23 12 11 7 8 6 4 3 6 2 11 9 5 5 St. 1-5 Drago 6-10 Arrion 11-15Darrow 16-20Arlette 21-25 Punne 26-30 Derrion 31-35Brabo 3 6 4 0 Gareth 41-45 Pubus 46-50 Starque 51-55 Phliin 56-60 Hector 61-65 Yannur 66-70 Quaat 71-75 Rinwin 76-80 Vagos 81-85 Brett 86-90 Red 91-95 Grogon 96-00 Raak Fighter Fighter Fighter Fighter Fighter Paladin Ranger Ranger Cleric Cleric Cleric Cleric Druid MU MU Illusionist Thief Thief Thief Assassin 8 9 9 6 8 13 14 14 12 13 11 13 15 7 6 16 12 10 4 12 15 14 18 16 8 14 14 14 7 9 10 15 13 17 11 5 7 9 15 5 13 12 *13 11 15 11 10 11 8 10 7 16 9 15 11 13 11 12 11 'Hit Points given include constitution bonus.2. 8 8 11 14 10 . Similarly Landed Knights and Princes should have an abode of some sort.p. of armour.s palntlng ~ze of an emu Jar of sparrow skulls 'rs Box of d r ~ e d seaweed D~rty towel SIX ~ n c h hlgh stone p) Bucket of sand Bowl of ranc~d butter Green flao Bale of t 1~~~~ 17-20 21-24 25-28 29-32 33-36 37-40 41-44 I I I Example: Characters are adventuring in the Tropics. if so last 3 days. if so last 5 days. 8 8 7 Treasure 22g.p.p. 43s. for wind cloud. 10g. 15g. ~~~~~ TREASURE CHEST Next issue we invite readers t o submit their tavourlte nonplayer characters. the DM would probably heavily ~enalise any metal -. the next thing 1 do is find out how long it will last.p.p.p. 7g. consulting ie following table: 95% chance it will 85% chance i t will 75% chance it will 60% chance it will 50% chance it will 40% chance it will 30% chance it will 15%chance it will 5% chance it will last for 1 day.moured characters. any rolls for Temperature with a result of less than 3-8 degrees are to be disregarded until summer.p. 18c.p. The results are: GCALM 13-218th~ covered 2-NONE 19-26 degrees C . Special Notes Any Storm result for Tropical Conditions. In fact. It is spring. 3794. 22s. 18g. if so last 6 days. 13s. Any Squall result will last for twice as long as a Tropical Storm.p. If a temperature of 3-8 degrees is obtained for an Arctic spring there is a 20% chance that it will be the beginning of the Thaw. 20g. abnormalities. 30. rags and a weapon such as a club or staff. can be assumed to last for the above duration.

a three-pound bantling will sell for 1. - by Glen Godard No. all creatures within twenty feet must save vs. Druids and treants understand the mandrake people's plight and are extremely sympathetic. usually peacefully. However. they are (50%) in a hunting party (1 to 10 appearing). Creatures with sensitive ears (elves. in qll cases the number learing depends on the size of the group. similar to those of a shark. The relationship between mandrakes and humans i s a gic one. will cure any impotency (including t h a t which i s magically induced) and will cause in females an extreme desire for sex. or (35%) in a warren (4 to 20 appearing). edited by Albie Fiore. to preserve her human form. Mandrake females give birth to a bantling. Little of his skin actually shows through the great masses of dark-green hair-like rootlets that cover his body. clerics and rangers will not fight them unless forced to defend themselves or their charges The final aspect of mandrakes is that their young (from birth to five years of age) females can "pass" a s humans. (Mandrakes often have a stock of fresh s a gift). can be a sign of extreme good or extreme poor fortune. Those with protected ears and those that successfully save must still muffle the sound of the scream (by the blowing of a low-toned horn.2 levels) A mandrake resembles an extremely thin humanoid with very large genitalia and bark-like skin the colour of a beech trunk. They use coal or dung for their fires and stone or tin for their utensils. dogs. Lawful good clerics would be caught in a dilemma of concious . in their warrens a The mandrake's favourite mode of attack is to overwhelm their opponents with superior numbers. but eat people. The mandrake-vampires are able to draw the blood straight through the skin-pores. mistletoe. Several of these monsters were inspired by well-known fantasy and SF books.. Their tie with the woodlands is so great that a mandrake will go to great lengths to avoid destroying living plants. etc. In extreme pain. This. Mandrake root. almost certainly wouldn't harm them. the result i s blood poisoning. The mandrake people are creatures of the forest. would hunt them down. The female mandrake.e. They will avoid encounteis'in which they are'outnumberedunless there is a bantling involved.) save at -2. Mandrakes revere the druids and if they encounter a druid they will usually perform any one non-violent act of assistance they can. Their warrens are usually rocky catacombs with dead grass or straw a s beds. an acorn? seed. When encountered. but would seek out the root.2 (Level III in 1. ecent Fiend Factories have featured monsters that never quite made it to the Fiend Folio. Red eyes glow from deep hollows above a hair-lip mouth with triangular teeth. which must gestate under mistletoe in an oak or ash e. woodsmen. Being carnivorous. magic or die. plus special Unlawful neutral Low 31. depending on the area culture. mandrakes will occasionally eat solitary humans who are caught in the forests. magic or sustain 1D4-1 damage. These are sometimes viewed a s faerie "changelings. which developed them from the mandrake of folklore. noting that life is easier for humans. This scream also runs the danger (20%chance) of attracting mandrakes or wandering monsters. such a s death by a blade. foresters. If the bantling is discovered (their rootlets grow above ~und and sprout purple bell-shaped flowers) prior to birth. toresters and peasants would view their presence a s a battle for survival. will cause selfrighteous humans (i. A well drawn monster that virtually cries out for i t s own scenario. Because of this worship of the cross." which. Both will intervene. or in --bush (15%) (4 to 20 appearing). will attempt to trade human babies for their own. on the mandrakes' side in a conflict. Other woodsmen.000 to 3. A thief wouldn't give a toot. so a checklist for some interesting reading for those who haven't already read the books concerned. Comments: This monster is rare in that it would provide a conflict of alignments within a party (hence the Unlawful). and even if they don't aid them. Therefore. will use their powers to steal the root. or Stone mace.they are not evil. Due to these properties. (If it does. This issue presents a selection entirely s to provide a brief inspired by fantasy and SF novels. it can be cut up and used a s an extremely powerful aphrodisiac. and the occasional raids into villages for livestock. lacking the money. Houris especially prize mandrake root.A regular feature introducing new and interesting monsters. Appearing: Armour Class: Movement: Hit Dice: Ileasure: :tack: ~ligtment: Intelligence: Monstermark: See below 5 12" 1D8+1 See below 2 fists (1-4 each). paladins). in which case the mandrakes attack t o the death with (+2) to hit and damage. it comes from Thomas Burnett Swann's story Manor of Roses in The Dolphin and the Deep. a s humans call it. for example) or take ID10 damage. Paladins. Wise forest-types (elves. within reason.) Even after her twentieth year in human life. repelled by the fact that they eat humans. The only treasure a warren will have is a number of gem and jewelled crosses (treat a s Type A gems and jewellery only). and peasants to attack the mandrakes whenever within reason. Mandrakes are generally nocturnal and have infravision to 60'. horses. The Holy Symbol for mandrakes is the cross and they can be persuaded from attacking by gifts of small iron crosses. which are porous and dark-brown rather than* solid and ivory-white. The mandrake people. and will either pay one-anda-half times normal value or. . 1 to 4 days old. mandrakes are hostile to all humans except Druids. druids and rangers) would view them with compassion and sympathy. worship a god. must consume an ounce of human blood daily until her twentieth year in human life. view this practice a s genocide.p.000 g. quite justifiably. Druids and treants will either attack immediately or extract revenge later when they witness or hear of a bantling being up-rooted. Done with care this will rarely (5% chance) affect the victim. or the unearthing of a bantling. through processes a s innocent a s breast-feeding or simple kisses. if a Mandrake is hurt. Mandrakes attack with their fists or with stone cudgels which hit a s maces. he will scream in such a way as to cause all unprotected ears within a twenty-foot radius to save vs. the changeling can be detected by her bones. Mandrakes.

5D&6D: LevelV in 12 levels) lignment: itelligence: onscrmark: rese creatures are distant relatives of the hell hound that '' 1 "" XY . The species prefers to run and spring into the attack.E. However. It comes from Ti. don't forget to roll for the morale of hirelings. be mistaken for a tall. Perhaps the oddest point about the poll is that the Dahdi came in both the Top Ten and Bottom Five. WD13) Volt (Jonathan Jones. The couerl is a jet black feline with a mass of fairly weak but dextrous tentacles hanging from i t s shoulders. 2. Couerl are immortal. an enthralling though monsterless wilderness adventure. 7.6. Nas Nas (worst) (Roger Musson.yffj araud in the icy wastes. deadly and very cunning. but a cert for those who enjoy an opportunity to terrify their adventurers. 6.hy Graham Staplehurst by Phil Masters No. Some of Vance's other books that you may find interesting from a D&D standpoint are Showboat World. WD12) Githyanki (Charles Stross. presenting them with 'unknowns' and 'unseens'. the book that was originally rumoured to be the inspirition of the D&D magic system. who has now stepped down from the post of editing this section because of pressures of work. Incidentally the Monstermarks given are for AD&D. 3. . - . Appearing: Armour Class: Movement: Hit Dice: Treasure Type: Attack: Alignment: ~ntelli~ence: Monstermark: o. Comments: The couerl. WD6) Pebble Gnome (William Maddox. %xR ID10 bite plus cold Chaotic evil LOW 3D348. and hate all other intelligent life forms. WD7) Russian Doll Monster (Mike Ferguson. here are the results of the Fiend Factory voting: TOP TEN 1. Phung have only ever been encountered individually. WD9) Dahdi (Mewyn Lemon. tmments: A straight forward monster that is nevertheless a eful addition to campaigns set in icy regions. phung do not use magic. then 1D8 + 1 bite Chaotic evil High 62. I Despite i t s visual similarity to the displacer beast. Lightning is useless against it. magic missiles and fireballs do not work against i t 50% of the time and the creature has + I on i t s save against all other magical attacks. The couerl can manipulate catches and controls with i t s tentacles. insane. 6D399. 8. WD9) Dahdi (Mervyn Lemon. and may even fight with any small devices it can get hold of.they rely on the imagination and fears of their victims. WD15) Svart (Cricky Hitchcock. It has the build of a lion. 5D373. 5. Van Vogt's Black Destroyer. 4. 4D:63.8. They are very rare and are incapable of cooperating with each other. gaunt human. They rarely close in for the kill. I hope I will be able to maintain that standard.6. 2. Appearing: rmour Class: ovement: Hit Dice: Treasure: Attack: 2-12 3 1 4 15" 7D6 + 1 Nil . I hope in the near future to be able to publish updated Monster Level Tables with Monstermark based on AO&D. from a distance. They may be found in the company devil dogs and other creatures of the cold. 4. In the meantime. WD7) Urchin (Nick Louth. r e Bull and the Spear by Michael Moorcock whose many fa1 itasy novels provide a rich s o G e of ideas. the head of a phung is that of a giant mantis. this species has i t s own individual powers.n~~\~. readers preferred logical. flaming swords cannot flame within a 50' radius. though it is assumed that they have villages or strongholds in secret places Each individual has a dexterity of 18 and functions as a thief or monk of level 3 times the phung's hit dice. "0 I A d v p . WD9) Needleman (Trevor Graver. These beasts can withstand any degree of cold.5 (3D&4D: Level IV. I think that Don Turnbull. They are. revivification is impossible without a wish. but i s nearer the size of a leopard. The phung is from City of the Chasch by Jack Vance.an unmanned portcullis rumbles down behind them etc. and The Dying Earth. . Nothing gives a phung greater pleasure than to terrify i t s prey. although the Russian Doll Monster proved to be a popular and amusing exception. 3. WDlO) Withra (Don Turnbull. 5. This is done when the beast has 2 melee rounds in succession with the body and no fighting. 9.N&Q !tack: By weapon type ignment: Chaotic neutral Intelligence: Average (exceptionally cunning) onsterrnark: 30: 15.t. although adept. once the beast has fed. They feed by draining fresh corpses of a chemical crucial to life. Stollery. It nonetheless fights quite ably otherwise. which demonstrates the editor's dilemma when choosing entries! Finally. without actually killing them off. Their tactics are subtle . The hound of Kerenos can breath a cone of cold %" /hit dic3 long and of similar base diameter doing damage of 1 hit P Clint per hit die of the hound unless a save versus dragon breath is made. Congratulations to Simon Tilbrook and commiserations to Roger Musson. with the mouth in constant motion. it can analyse and control any technological devices from up to 50' away. Incidentally.2 (Level I V in 12 levels) 12" 3 to 6 M. needing a 10 yard run-up but gaining +3 to hit by so doing. with regard to aging. Comments: Not every DM's monster. The couerl is ravenous. do they occupy themselves with the plebian skills of physical combat unless necessary.lair at DM's discretion First spring 3D4. like the phung could cause considerable disquiet t o a party if i t s power over technological devices were carefully used .c~~[. WD12) Imps (M. 10. I t s strangest power i s i t s absolute mastery of electrical and other forces. preferring to leave their prey in a state of abject terror. Appearing: 1 Armour Class: 9(-4 for Dex) 1 5 Movement: Hit Dice: 3 or 4 easure: M. for individuals of the race dress in human garb. believable beasts with interesting abilities to the 'one-offs'. especially i f they start disappearing one by one. but more on that next issue. As far a s is known. WD10) BOTTOM FIVE 1. Necrophidius (Simon Tilbrook. nor. in which case the victim takes no damage but is )wed by 50% for one turn. The beast was derived from A.4. WD7) Stinwicodech (Eamon Bloomfield. -- -- by Simon Tilbrook No. WD6) Hook Horror (Ian Livingstone. WD15) In the main. There are countless cases of 'fun-loving' phung passing over an easy kill in order to track their victims for hours to wring every last drop of sweat from them. should be congratulated for the high standard he has maintained in the Factory since i t s inception. 4D:18 (Level II in 12 levels) The phung could. This may be used 3 times per day. by human standards.

Obviously. Obvious examples of those areas to be painted in figure 2: j a guide to the correct consistency remember that the paints 1: The cuff of the robe where i t meets the bare arm. The basic aint glossy and slow to dry. unless dealing with really fine detail. and holding the brush close to the bristle. When dry. J. the best one awing motion. finish. Give the undercoat plenty of time to dry. 10: Between the fingers (unless using full technique). which they would not. Imagine that you are drawing a three dimensional line ot. flaky.almost a cartoon. 'Painting by Numbers': This is the easy way. ush you will get exactly the amount of paint you want to take 4: Between the legs. No matter what sort of paint you are using. This i s an operation that practice will If this isn't done. under the hair and around the eyeball. a spirit based paint will run. just pick them out in white again. Both require a matt white undercoat and the use of black line shading before colouring. When the mix is fairly liquid but of a usable consistency Ipe the brush. uch and the paint will go where you don't want it. There are two basic ways to paint a figure. check to see that you haven't gone over areas that should stand out. The most effective and economical way to accomplish this is to stand all your figures in a group and spray i e Mix :ir the paint with the wooden end of your paint brush or them from various positions at a distance of one foot. so that the hairs are kept for this particular purpose i s a matt black Humbrol which flows raight and the paint flows in the right direction. Too much pigment and not enough medium can soluble paint will form little globules covering the figure make for a weak. Short simply gouge'out a bit of the sticky pigment in the bottom and bursts are best here. You should now have a figure with clearly defined features and proper bordering. one can do themost intricate w&k with ease. The second requires a great deal more attention to be given to shading. Draw i t lightly along the surface a t an angle (fig. otherwise have done in a solid figure of this scale. 1) so that the properly thinned paint flows naturally off the brush onto the surface in precisely the right place and quantity. it is best to err on the side of excess and make these black lines a s bold a s possible. This i s the beginningsof a realistic 3-D effect. It is best. the 5: Where the cloak folds over the body. I from the mixture in the right place which is. spray. Finally black out all armour. covers well and dries quickly. described last issue. With a clean 3: Between the arm on the left and the body. If you have. . ~od cover all over. brhaps. I Figure 1: Using the Brush Brush held between thu and forefinger. brush or otherwise deposit a matt white or pale green undercoat... Trv to be] as comfortable and relaxed a s possible. and many more blends. to err on the side of caution a s it's easier to get another 8: Between the lips. and precision. of course. it i s ready for the next stage. When mixing ~ n ' tpush the brush. there is only one proper way to use a sable brush. too 6: Around the buttons and belt plates. deposit it on the palette. The necessity for care here cannot be overstressed. 111 have to be thin enough to flow but thick enough to give a 2: Either side of the belt. I have called this technique 'painting by numbers' and here's why: at the simplest level you simply colour in the white areas with washes or a simple highlight.7 :asy Figure Painting As An Art Holding the Brush This i s very much a matter of personal style. 7: Around the sword and its bindings. This should pick out the relief of the figure and make the different parts look separate. but it is most important to have both hands resting on the table for steadiness. and a water make perfect. Don't 9: In the recesses of the helmet. dip i t in the thinners and wipe clean again. When you have done this. ush full than to go back to paint over your mistakes. Also. close t o ush rnovem rection of estlng on edge of table . drawing . Undercoat I by Step Guidelines To start. wipe the end clean. By doing this. This more painstaking method i s my ~yShaun I own standard treatment of 25mm. Too much medium can make the Black Outline This stage is probably a s important a s any other. The first i s simple and quick and only employs two coats apart from the undercoat. unless you are using a wash. object is to outline and separate the shape of the various different parts by painting a matt black into the recesses that hinning ip the brush into the thinners and add the liquid so acquired separate them and by blacking out those areas which would be the paint on the palette. without causing blobs or disturbing any paint that may be underneath. Use a fairly thin mix for this because it flows into the cracks more easily. especially chain mail. splay the hairs or drive paint into the easily. Take care not to lay i t on so thickly that it obscures the detail or so thinly that i t will rub off when painted over. 1 Figure 2: Black Lining f? i e use of the Brush whatever paint you are using. Remember: too little and you have to keep going back. When doing this always use the in deep shade anyway.. Iep your mixes waiting too long a s they get glossy and.

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. Dirigentgatan 6.A. Hastings.. Nancnn 11 . 5 0 1 5 Westheimer. 1 Dalling Road... .M. London.00pm. Sweden Fantasy & wargames convention t o be held o n 1 5 t h & 1 6 t h May. Helston 'Player aged 1 6 w o u l d l i k e t o meet f e l l o w players o r take part i n a postal campaign. Berserker a n d Aboriqine. It was EggOgames Lane. Texas 77056.C.00am-5.6 t h July. A. w r i t e t o la. U B 2 4 N D . f o r details a n d say w h a t y o u w o u l d l i k e t o see appearing. L o n d o n W 8 o n Saturday. Contact: R.. Games Workshop.00 pm. 1 3 8 5 Gallaria Mall.-. D&D/T&T.30 a m a n d 10. Healer. Kingstanding. Contact Karle Bolt.24. London. Helston. charts. Frolunda. Ipswich. I D & D Reading . Applications i n w r i t i n g please t o "Manchester Shop". . I .. as well as their capabilities? w r i t e t o ~ e t e .. Sweden. f o r D&D. H o r n t o n Street. Games Galore . . Sussex.and t h e applicant should also be able t o type. . 1 4 Gailey Croft. 1 Dalling Road. ~lea. etc. General gaming experience necessary. c o n tacts a n d ev'ents can b e advertised once at n o charge u p t o a m a x i m u m (~f 40 w o r ds. 3 0 Donegal Rd. California. U S A (Tel: 713-622-0760 after 4. Hankins. Birmingham.E.E. W. T h e premier wargaming convention i n the southwest f r o m 4 t h .2 8 t h May. IP1 5NQ. Sweden. Send a SSAE listing y o u r preferences a n d interests N O W t o : EggOCentral.6. Fantasy & Wargaming Convention.. 88-1 . U S A f r o m 2 5 t h . open between 10. Alchemist.V. EggOCentral w h o discovered someone living in the same village! Central is the Gamer's Register.00pml. c / o White Dwarf.. 3 2 W i n d m i l l Southall. S.S. 6 2 3 Kingstanding Road. Rosslyn. 1 0 t h May f r o m 10. F o r f u r t h e r details contact: Mr...please ~ 'Ontact ~ ~ Oavee On ~ ~ Salute '80 A t Kensington T o w n Hall.. Suffolk. . a " " &. ... E. Monday B a n k H o l i d a y ( 5 t h May). Gamma World. Birmingham B44.. I[ . 1 Dalling Road.Convention. 1 9 8 0 i n Goteborg.D. Tel: 021-360 3898. Carrier (Ram) 2 for 50p SF41-Solar Lance (Ram) 50p SF42-Ramorian Troops 40p --. F o r f u r t h e r details contact: Mikael Borjesson. N o t t . Cornwall. 1 2 8 Hoadswood Road. Please enclose SAE. - Wanted C o u l d some k i n d l y soul please send m e the Prime Requisites o f the Samurai. NEW RELEASES SF23-Troopers on Jet Cycle 4 for 40p SF24-Laser Cutter with Gen and Troops 40p SF25-Compran Riding Giant Lizard 2 for 40p SF25a-Compran Infantry 40p SF26-Compran Riding Giant Lizard 2 for 30p SF27-Compran Riding Giant Lizard 2 for 30p SF28-Compran Riding Giant Lizard 2 for 30p SF29-Compran Riding Giant Lizard 2 for 30p SF30-HVY Hover Tank 2 for 50p SF30a-HVY Hover Mortar Carrier 2 for 50p SF31-E. . S-421 3 8 V . Vialls. Porthleven. Oakland. Hovercraft 2 for 40p SF32-Location Hovercraft 2 for 40p SF33-Command Centre (Ram) 2 for 50p SF34-HVY Tank (Ram) 2 for 40p SF35-Armoured Scout Car (Ram) 2 for 40p SF36-10 Druids + Carrier (Ram) 40p SF37-Armoured APC (Ram) 2 for 40p SF38-Mortar Carrier (Ram) 2 for 40p SF39-Howitzer Carrier '(Ram) 50p SF40-E. 8 4 4 9HB. interesting a n d varied w o r k m a k e t h i s a n excellent o p p o r t u n i t y f o r hard-working and energetic people (ages 17-30) t o start t h e i r careers i n h o b b y games. B i r m i n g h a m Circle Battle G r o u p are holding t h e i r second Annual O n e D a y Shom 'Games Galore' o n t h i s year's M a y Day. Job Opportunity Games Workshop require an Editorial Assistant t o h e l p i n t h e Production Deoartment. A lively atmosphere. D & D Idea Exchange Willing t o exchange ideas. Knowledae o f r o l e .E. ~ ~ . etc. F u r t h e r insertions a t t h e rate o f 5p per word. L o n d o n W6. . Middlesex. Houston. Clubs. G r i m c o n II Fantasy a n d science f i c t i o n gaming convention a t t h e H y a t t Edgewater Hotel. Livingstone. tables.~ l a v i n a aames and board aames essential. ~ ~ ~ . Goldingay. 3 0 R e d Post ill. Please w r i t e w i t h f u l l details t o Steve Jackson Games Workshop. G o o d salary and prospects f o r t h e right people. Vacancies Manager a n d Assistants wanted f o r n e w games shop soon t o b e opening i n Central Manchester. a t Circle C o m m u n i t y Association.J o b Vacancies Games Workshop require personnel i n their Hammersmith shop and Harlesden warehouse. . . 3 Please m e n t i o n W H I T E D W A R F when replying to advertisements . L o n d o n W6. Wellington Road.. please c o n t a c t M.= A n y o n e interested i n a D & D related newsletter w i t h some Traveller. Tel: 031-476141. EggOCentral Magic o r Wizardry were n o t used t o f i n d a n o p p o n e n t f o r Nigel. " . Contact Nan's T o y s and Games. Please enclose S.

£2. . ....m. 46 Butlin Road. Wargames....AYRSHIRE Cunninghame Boardgames Club Games: Boardgames.... .30p INVASION OF THE AIR EATERS: Allens rwlpe a l r l . . . ..00am t o 6....normally ~ 2 .95 £2...25 £2... Gangster. . . . eagre for C.terns . [Vols....L 1 8 0 L A ~ Y R ~ N T SO. . Cheshire S K I 5 1DG. 2 & 3 are suppl e mentsi €2. TRAVELLER: SF ~ o l e ~ l.. . .. 5 0 Herbertson Crs. ISANDHLWANA: Imperial disaster. 'Traveller'combat game ..00 FREE BUSHI SERIES. Luton..50 Over £4. Metamorphosis Alpha..£2 25 NEW MICRO GAMES ALSO AVAILABLE ~ ~ A E Ed I S .~ ... .. ~ ....... HEX SHEETS. 1001 CHARACTERS Pre-rolled..25 COMPLETE TROVE.. 9am to 6pm.... Boardgames. Beds. ... Very d e t a ~ l e df a n t a s y what you want and sooner -.25 Vol 1: A R O U l N GRIMOIRE.00am . .00 10% V o l 2 : WELCOME TO SKULL TOWER.We can try to answer any queries and you will be 'IJre are getting exactly €2. ... OVERSEAS ORDERS. 50p .. .. BEDFORDSHIRE Proposed Gaming Club D & D . 10. Cheshire. €2. 2 5 role-playing rules ~n3 Volumes. .. .. SFIF Games... Stalybridge.-SAT... E 275 WE PREFER THIS METHOD .... . ADVANCED CARDS f 595 . .... H dungeon E 180 D E A T H T R A P E O U A L l Z E R SOlodunQe0" N A K E D DOOM Solodungeon S O R C L R O R S O L ~ T A $ Rs Fo ~ o d u n ( i e ~ n DUNGEON OF THE BEAR L E V E L ? ~ ~ r ~ d ~ f ~i 2 ~5 e O~NGEONOF rHt etan LEVEL^ ~ e f ... ........50 ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS 'Traveller'aid .. .. some SF and D&D. Stanmore Comments: Desperate for more players in campaign.. Traveller.. Oxford. .€3. .50 POSTAGE: U p t o £4.. .. ..N. El 50 ...... KINUNIR 'Traveller' Adventure.. .. .f6. .. 'Traveller' Book 4 €2..25 ICE WAR.. NEW FROM PHILMAR MYSTlC WOOD Fantasy ~ a m r SORCERORS CAVE.... .. Ayrshire. . ano r o meet w i t h other clubs Contact: Paul Abell (address as above) Tel: 01-952 4279 LUTON. OXFORD Gaming GroupIProposed Club AD&D. ..... .. Time: Weekends Place: 63 Lamurna Grove.25 -ARDUIN GRIMOIRE. Time: T o be arranged. . Ayrshire Contact: lain Dale... ZULU SERIES: [ t r a d e avatlablel ULUNDI.. .. Place: Tory ~ d o m s ..Forcer w a d e Mm. . . M E R C E N A R Y . RIVETS' The humans are dead but the Robots flghton. . . . Hyde. EEARHUG GAMES three . .. Games: Probably the largest selection of Games 50-54 MANCHESTER ST. Irvine. ..£2..... Irvine.95 ... . . MEN vs MEN ~ El095 E895 C 250 <OHEIGN LEGION MOULAY ISMAEL 7&7 Reviled Rvicl BUFFALOCASTLE Solodungeon .95 g ...25 OLYMPICA U. . ..50 TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME WE REGRET THAT WE CANNOT PROCESS ORDERS FOR FIGURES O R f1...50 SNAPSHOT.... Games: Time: 11. . 26 Hague Place. £6..152 High Greet..00o.. Contact: Alan & Charlie Paull.. . SF ~~ ~~ ~s m e i no* boxed ~ S l ~ l i aC r o n q ~ e s l Now boxed TUNNELS & TROLLS ... ~ ~£5.. .E 6. Acornbination of theabove . . £1. ... Sword vssword Vol 3: RUNES OF DOOM . or bring own Dungeon. . t d u n g s o n f t 2 5 DUNG CON OFT HE BEAR LEVEL^ R e i .eldr aver the ~ce-cap £2..95 . . .. .. Cltrnactic battle NAKA: Zulu Clvol war.. Tabletop Games Time: T o be arranged Place: T o be arranged Comments: Members age around 16 Contact: Conrad Weiskrantz...00pm on 2nd and 4th Sundaysof each month... .. l d ~ n s ~ o n E 1 2 5 UNCLE U G L E S U N O E R G R O U N D R e r r d u n g ~ o n € 125 GDBLiN LAKE Soloadwnfure f 095 A R E N A OF KHAZAN 5010 dungeon. ..~ ... 270mm x 400mm 116rnm hr xesl 10 for . new f 225 all a t OTHER o n ... .. Rushwood. Place: Hyde Festival Theatre (nr Town Hall).. . RORKES DRIFT: Melee & Mealie Bags.5. THAMESIDE Mailed Fist Wargames Group D&D.. Contact: Rod Beck.. . . . D&D. Jack Straws Lane.. Place: T o be arranged. .. . by return of post... wargames Time: Sundavs. .... . Headington. Attack an Arctic ollf. . £5. .75 ' Please mentlon WHITE DWARF when replying t o advert~sements 77 . . ..travel t o Dragon's Pike Mountain or South March Hold... Tel 0294 74581 NORTH LONDON Existing Club Games: Runequest.... D8. . LIVERPOOL L1 ~ E RTel: 05 OPEN: Mon....25 POLYDICE SET 2x . .. .... ..

..50.95 & 'NAPOTelephone LEON A T WAR' (SPI) @ f o r further information f6. American and Bri i Oooks.... . P E 1 32JD.... Cambs. address and order. Marvel.. P L A K A PAINTS.TSR.. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS BASIC SET f6. M E T A G A M I N G ... articles and a comprehensive postal games service. P H I L M A R ..... FGU..mmmm=-m-. O n m o s t items w e charge P&P a t cost and y o u w i l l b e credited w i t h any difference. giving y o u r Card Number.. M A I L O R D E R A D D 10% P & P. TABLETOP..... 30+ pages a month....... self-addressed envelope. (or send SAE for our .this is the place to get them I with thousands of back issues. S T A R N is a medieval fantasy campaign run by post.mmmmm~m-~~~~~~~~~ 59 Park Street... Birmingham 83 15 021-233 1302 Our range o f games is t o o wide t o list b u t we have a complete stock of all major game cornpatlies & most minor D&D isa speciality... 20p per m o n t h l y turn f o r Necromancer subscribers 35p otherwise.t o r n u games or all kinds. and Warren). WE S E L ~ S P IGAMES AT 10% O F F LIST PRICE. -. W b the largest sci-fi and comics shop outside London for list send SAE 8 for Metal Hurlant Lmmm~-m-mm.JUDGES GUILD...... P A R K E R .. Wisbech.8 C J I I BATTLELINE.... w r i t t e n A ~ C E S S / B A R C L A Y C A R Dorder:- have a range of We special offers available... SotTIe of short life such as the Battleline games below and some permanent such as 'WAR O F T H E RING' (SPI) @ £6... 45 L T L r Row.....mmm~mmm. 4 0 p o r $ 1 an issue... M A G A Z I N E S ........50 TO PE I all the la~test imports (DC.___ way .- 1 3 2 Ramnoth Road.. Why n o t order w i t h ACCESS o r B A R C L A Y C A R D ... GDW... . W A D D I N G T O N S ...... based o n D&D and C&S. F o r single magazines please enclose a large stamped. . G A M E SCIENCE....... -... I I > - . SF & Wargames. Cardholder's Address ACCESS/BARCLAYCARD:I authorise y o u t o d e b i t m y ACCESS/BARCLAYCARD Account w i t h the amount o f ~y ACCESS/BARCLAYCARD umber is Name (as o n ACCESS/BARCLAYCARD) (Block TO I _. . JIGSAWS. . Reviews.. C H A O S I U M ... Name (as shown o n y o u r card).. Bristol 1 wange@n# U STHRLI r Games Seecialists I M u THE MIDL A N D S ' PREMIER GAMES SHOP m Fantasy.. .. Strategic and tactical level....NECRC NECFLOMAN( our m o rlthly zin ?d . RULES ACCESSORIES. full range T R A V E L L E R i n stock as well as the latest SPI & I f y o u wish t o oroer o y mall: U K Please add 10% p o s t & pacKlng...... U&U and C...GAMETIME. either w r i t e details as shown b e l o w o r telephone y o u r order. -7 ....&S in particular.. ETC..

D.D. - send f o r 1i s t s F i g h t Medieval Quad Crea : Dungeons & Dragons Ba R i g h t H e x Sheets t e D w a r f G.W..: Traveller Ironclads T i m e War b o o k Destrier Castle JUDGES GUILD:C astles Island Book er Screen & L o g b o o k Star r a f t RUNEQUEST: META ROS: TASK FORCE GAM m i c E n c o u n t e r & Expansio r d u i n G r i m o i r e Welcome t ave D i p l o m a c y K i n g m a k e r o i i s Jigsaws AVALON H I m Squad Leader Cross EON: Cos n -K i tES: s Darkover A II T o w e r Sorcerer's C TlON PUBLICATIONS: le Fleet Mars M i d d l e d o m i n Galaxy B l o o d y ture Slboygan Starque . oscowa Belter nzer Ironclads Tel: 031-226 3354 Tel: 041-334 21 11 ..SCOTLAND'S SPECIALIST GAMES SHOPS B o o t H i l l F i g h t i n t h e Skies D i v i n e W h i t e D w a r f G.



w i t h you as an sperm! ' ..L e t missions.all the action ofan i n t e r n natimal thril-r. .N6w it% spy&coun inanewmle$q.inggameofespionage. assassinatims.

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