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The Squash Coaching Club is a private club which employs several professional squash coaches to travel to squash clubs in Central Scotland giving one-to-one lessons to promising youngsters in the 10 to 17 age bracket. Players up to the age of 14 receive a 1 hour lesson while those aged 15 to 17 receive a 2 hour lesson. Each player has the same professional for each of their lessons. A player cannot have more than one lesson in a week. The Club holds its information on the lessons in its database. The data dictionary for four of the entities is shown below. Entity Professiona l Attribute Prof ID Name Address Tel No Player ID Name Address Tel No Age Club Prof ID Player ID Place Date Time Duration Name Address Tel No Secretary Name Description Unique professional identifier, required, text Professional’s name, required, text Professional’s address, required, text Professional’s telephone number, required, text Unique player identifier, required, text Player’s name, required, text Player’s address, required, text Player’s telephone number, required, text Player’s age, required, number Lookup from Club entity Lookup from Professional entity Lookup from Player entity Place of lesson, required, text Date of lesson, required, date/time Time of lesson, required, date/time Length of lesson, required, number Unique club identifier, required, text Club’s address, required, text Club’s telephone number, required text Name of club secretary, required, text 3




(a) (b)

State the relationships that exist between these entities. A number of reports are prepared by the Club each month. State the entities involved in producing each of the following reports. (i) (ii) The names of the players who have received a lesson from each professional. The names of the club secretaries whose clubs have had players receiving lessons in July. Another of the reports the Club prepares at the end of each month shows the names of each Professional in alphabetical order with their total time spent giving lessons during the month. Describe the steps taken by the Club to produce this report.

3 3 Marks




One of the professional coaches says that under the Freedom of Information Act (Scotland) 2002 the Club must show him the data which it holds in its computer about the salaries it pays its coaches.

Is he correct? Give a reason for your answer.


Using Information Marks Getfit Fitness Centres Ltd wish to construct a new Gymnasium and Fitness Centre. They have earmarked three possible development locations and the table below gives some information about each one. The construction period is the time taken from commencing building to opening for business. Population within 10 miles Distance from nearest similar centre Costs to buy land, construct and complete centre(£ millions) Construction period Location A 44000 26 1.3 10 months Location B 60000 9 1.5 7 months Location C 95000 2 1.9 13 months

The company have a budget of £2 million to purchase the land, construct the building and install the equipment. They also have an advertising budget of £30000 to be spent in the first 6 months after opening. Once a final location was chosen, construction on the centre began. During the construction phase, the company commissioned a Data Gathering Service to collect information on how many people could be expected to become members of the Centre within the first 6 months of opening. These figures are shown below, along with actual membership numbers once the centre was finally opened. Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Amount spent on 12000 8000 4000 2000 2000 advertising (£) Expected no. of 550 450 300 150 100 new members Actual no. of new 364 216 105 96 34 members The information in the tables can be used for decision-making and control. (i) (ii) (b) Month 6 2000 50 9


Give one example, from above, of information which would be used for decision making. Justify your answer. Give one example, from above, of information which would be used for control. Justify your answer.

2 2

A large amount of information was available to the company. This information can be categorised as internal or external. Give an example of each of these types of information. 2 Marks



During the construction of the Centre, severe weather delayed the project by two weeks. Explain how the company was able to complete the Centre on time by using its project management software to control the project. The project management software was also used to produce a weekly report on the progress of the project. Part of the information given was in graphical form charting the progress made on a weekly basis. What is the name given to these types of project management charts?




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