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As his party, Pakistan Peoples Party, no longer enjoys majority, Asif Ali Zardari said he no longer has the right to contest the next presidential election
KARACHI: Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari yesterday said that being a President of the country he was glad to see the smooth transition of power, adding that not only Nawaz Sharif but also other political parties supported them for sake of democracy. Talking to a panel of journalists, President Zardari said that he has no right to participate in presidential elections for the next tenure. This time, I will not have the right (to contest the presidential election) because we do not have a majority, he said. He said that if Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) asked him to lead the party so he would do, otherwise he would work as a party worker. He expressed happiness on the first successful transition of power between democratically elected governments in the 66-year history of Pakistan, a milestone in a country with a history of military coups, adding that not only Nawaz, but each party had played an equal role for the sake of democracy. Responding to the Swiss cases, President Zardari said he had already spent eight years in jail and yet no charges had been proven against him. The president said it was a controversial matter which did not hold any importance in his eyes. When asked about the US drone strikes, Zardari said that he was not aware of any agreement between the government of Pakistan and the US administration. May be General Musharraf had made some sort of agreement with the US, but I am not aware of any such agreement nor I have seen it during my five-year tenure, he told journalists. AGENCIES

Nawaz Sharif formally nominated for PMs post

A NEW DAWN: Premier-elect Nawaz Sharif arrives to take the oath at parliament house in Islamabad amid much security and chaos. The lawmakers took the oath in presence of National Assembly speaker Fehmida Mirza after the national anthem and traditional recitation from the Koran a ceremony broadcast live on national television. Following the oath, the national assembly secretariat announced to elect new speaker and deputy speaker through vote on Monday. PIC/AFP

ALMOST DIDNT HAPPEN: Had it not been for the police, British PM David Cameron would not be able to enjoy his family holiday in Ibiza.

The best break-up letter ever? Woman hides boyfriends belongings

LONDON: Breaking up is so very hard to do goes the old Burt Bacharach song, yet the writer of this letter seems to have done rather a good job of compartmentalising her emotions as she writes to her lover to inform him that its all over. The woman dumped her cheating boyfriend via a classic break-up note that leads him on a scavenger hunt for his hidden belongings. Guess who left his Facebook open and got a message from Kelsi? Yeah! You! she writes. But dont worry, I didnt break anything! The woman then tells her cheating beau that she was nice enough to package his possessions. And I even invented a neat game, since I know you like looking for things (like other girls!).

Cops make 30-mile dash to airport after British PM forgets passport

LONDON: British PM David Cameron nearly missed a family holiday to Ibiza after he forgot his passport. Police officers had to rush Camerons passport to Gatwick Airport after he realised he had left it in Downing Street. Cameron reportedly thought it was among papers being held by his bodyguard but an officer had to radio Number 10 and have it rushed to the airport in West Sussex. The police were able to deliver the passport to Cameron just in time for take-off and Cameron, his wife Samantha and their three children flew on holiday to Ibiza. Luckily, his staff were able to locate the passport swiftly and it was delivered safely into his hands just in time for take-off, a source said. Cameron was heavily criticised for going on holiday so soon after the Woolwich terror attack, which killed Drummer Le Rigby. It was last year disclosed that Cameron accidentally left his eight-year-old daughter Nancy behind after a pub lunch with family and friends. Nancy had gone to the toilets while her parents were organising cars to take the party back to the Chequers, Camerons Buckinghamshire residence. Cameron immediately phoned the pub when he realised his daughter had been left behind and returned to pick her up. AGENCIES

ITS OVER: The woman fed up with her boyfriends cheating ways organised a scavenger hunt for all of his items
She tells him shes left his clothes where they first met, his video games where they first kissed, his television where they first went all the way. I didnt break or damage anything! she writes. She signs off the letter with, Happy hunting! The letter was posted on social networking site Imgur yesterday and has prompted many comments from readers, including, I loved the restrained rage and Anyone up for a bet that he only found the TV? A nation waits with baited breath to find out more about this intriguing couple and not forgetting Kelsi. AGENCIES

I didnt break anything. Actually, I was nice enough to package your things
The woman in her letter