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Brief profile of Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh


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Brief profile of Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh

The Gajapatis of Orissa then came to rule the territory after overthrowing the Eastern Gangas in A.C. The Nandas ruled the area between 467 B. the area came under the control of the Mughals. (situated in the Bobbili block). one of the political divisions of ancient India. the Eastern Chalukyas of Vangi. The rule of the Gajapatis over the area lasted for about 140 years till the Qutb Shahis conquered the territory around A. Consequent on the Occupation of Golconda by the Mughals in A. the Gangas of Jantarunadu (the track now known as Srungavarapukota).C. the Reddis of Rajahmundry and the Velanati Cholas who ruled over the area constituting the present Srikakulam district till the Kakatiyas appeared on the political scene by A.C. the Vishnukundins. When the Viceroy of the Mughals in Deccan.1443. the late Eastern Gangas. 1210. General Characteristics of the District 1. Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. Nizam-ul-Mulk-Asaf Jah declared his independence in A. Only in modern times. the early Eastern Gangas.D. The Kalinga empire extended from Cuttak in Orissa to Pithapuram in East Godavari District even as far back as the 4th Century B. the Satavahanas. the Vasisthas. the upper part of Kalinga was gradually merged into Orissa State and the lower part into Andhra Region. Prithvisvara who was rulling over the territory in 1210 but the territory was recovered by the Eastern Gangas during the region of Ananga Bhima III. the Pitribhaktas. the area came under the rule of the Asaf Jahis. and the Gangas of Narayanapura. The silas of Nandapura with Capitals at Nandapura and Bobbili who acknowledged the suzerainty of the Gangas of Kalinga held away over parts of the district for nearly a hundred years from the middle of the 14th Century. Andhra Pradesh .D. the Matharas.D. The Kakatiyas under Ganapatideva defeated the Velanati Chola Chief. and 336 B.1574. They were followed by the Mauryas.D.1687. Recorded evidence shows that some local dynasties like the Rapatri Chiefs. the Chedis.3 Brief Industrial Profile of VIZIANAGARAM District 1. HISTORY OF THE DISTRICT The history of Vizianagaram district is connected with hoary past of Kalinga.1724.D. ruled over parts of the district from the 12th century to the middle of the 15th century at various periods of time.

bifurcating it from Visakhapatnam district. Andhra Pradesh . It is Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. 1979 with Headquarters at Vizianagaram as per G. Salabat Jung who came to power with the backing of the French General Bussy.700/Revenue(U) Department. The district is a part of the Northern Coastal plains of Andhra Pradesh and lies between 17o -15’ and 19o -15’ of the Northern Latitude and 83o – 0’ to 83O – 45’ of the Eastern Longitude.Ms. Bobbili. Badangi and Cheepurupalle from Srikakulam district and some taluks of Visakhapatnam. Visakhapatnam district was found to be unwieldy for administrative purposes. rewarded the French by ceding four Circars including the Chicacole Circar in 1753. After abolition of the Zamindaris in 1948.4 In the war of succession after Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jah died. the three divisions were merged and a Collectorate for the whole district was established in 1803 after the introduction of the permanent settlement in the area. Salur.15th May 1979 with portions carved from Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam Districts.No. Almost the entire area of the present area of Vizianagaram district fell under the second division. However. The bravery and valour of the soldiers of Bobbili displayed in this war is still remembered by the people of the area. Shah Alam in 1765 which were placed under the then existing Chief and Council at Vizagapatam. 1. The constitution of Vizianagaram district in 1979. popularly known as Bobbili Yuddham. In 1794. An important event in the history of the district which occurred by about this time is the war between the Rajas of Vizianagaram and Bobbili. and the Rajah of Bobbili on the 24th of January 1757.O.2 Topography A) GENERAL PHYSICAL ASPECTS Vizianagaram District was formed as 23rd district in the State on 1stJune. Another important event in the history of the district is the war between the French and the English fought at Chandurthi in 1758 in which the French were defeated and the Northern Circars were made over to the British under a firmana from the Mughal Emperor. The war was fought between the Rajah of Vizianagaram aided by the French General Bussy. Consequently. the Chiefs and Councils were abolished and Vizagapatam was arranged into three divisions each under a Collector. Srikakulam district was carved out in 1950. Kurupam. by transferring the taluks of Parvathipuram. dated. forms the latest development in the history of the district.

the hilly region consists. on the South-East by Bay of Bengal and North-West by Orissa State. All these individual ranges form part of the Eastern Ghats. Champavathi. Saluru. the district is divided into 2 Revenue Divisions viz. In December 1979.. Since it is hilly tract its elevation is also uneven. plain and hilly regions. Vegavathi and Gomukhi which pass Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. The district was formed with 9 taluks viz. Andhra Pradesh . 1985 the taluks and firkas were replaced with 34 Revenue Mandals in the district. The hilly region is mostly covered with densely wooded forests and comes under Agency tract of the district. The Agency tract mostly consists of the hilly regions covered by the Eastern Ghats which run parallel to the Coast from the North-East to the South-West.. Srungavarapukota and Bhogapuram taluks from Visakhapatnam district. Kodagandi and Gamatikonda. In the Parvathipuram division the hills are lower than elsewhere and consists of steep and rugged lines devoid of plateau and hedging in the too broad and almost parallel. Kurupam and Cheepurupalli from Srikakulam district. on the West and South by Visakhapatnam district. Gosthani. Gajapathinagaram. Viyyampeta and Badangi duly bifurcating the taluks of Vizianagaram. Vizianagaram. The highest peak is the Shankaram in Srugavarapukota mandal which is over 1615 metres.5 bounded on the East by Srikakulam district. For administrative convenience. Bobbili. 3 more taluks were added by creating Nellimarla. Parvathipuram. Suvarnamukhi. These ranges with their detached hills show a distinct North-West-South-East trend. The plain portion of the district is a well cultivated tract.. The average height of these hills is over 914 metres although there are several peaks of even 1219 metres high. Palakonda. especially in the north. In the areas transferred from Srikakulam district. Vizianagaram and Parvathipuram. parts of the former Parvathipuram and Saluru taluks and they are known as Agency tracts. C) RIVERS The district is drained by the rivers of Nagavali. Antikonda.e. The areas transferred from Visakhapatnam district are mostly hilly and pictures one. Srugavarapukota and Bobbili respectively making the total taluks to 12 and these taluks have been further sub divided into 52 Firkas. In May. The main hill ranges are Dumakonda. B) HILLS The district can be divided into two distinct natural physical divisions i.

A stream coming from the western side and joining this Gosthani River near Borra caves is only a hill stream.21 million hects. almost parallel to the Suvarnamukhi and finally joins Nagavali. it is called Gosthani river. K.Ms. A brief description of these rivers is given below: Nagavali The Nagavali also known as the Langulya in the lower reaches. Andhra Pradesh . Its total length is 200 KM and flows for about 112 KM in Vizianagaram district. a few kilometres away from the famous Borra caves. Suvarnamukhi. near Srikakulam. Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. deep in the caves there is a Sivalingam over which there is an idol of a cow and that water comes from the udder of this cow.964 Sq. The main tributories of this river are Vegavathi. Jiyyammavalasa and Garugubilli mandals and enters Srikakulam district. The local tradition states that. It passes through Komarada. Janjhavathi and Vottigedda. After passing through the Jami mandal. Gomukhi The river Gomukhi originates from the Eastern Ghats and flows North-West of Saluru. falls on the Sivalingam and flows down in the form of a river. is the main river in the district. which finally disembogues the Bay of Bengal at Mofuzbander.6 through plain and hilly regions. Gostani The river has its origin in the Ananthagiri forest area of Srungavarapukota. it enters Visakhapatnam district. It takes its birth in the steep hills of Rayagada taluk in Orissa State and enters the district in Komarada mandal. Vegavathi It originates in Pachipenta hills of Pachipenta mandal and flows in the same direction. The annual flow of water in this river is about 1. It flows mostly in Bobbili area. After serving a few villages it joins the Suvarnamukhi. Suvarnamukhi The river takes its birth in the hills of Saluru and takes eastern direction and finally joins the Nagavali river in Palakonda mandal of Srikakulam district. The total catchment area of this river is 8. As the river is said to commence from the udder of a Cow.

Feroncia Elephantum(Velaga). Termindia tomentosa(Nalla Maddi). Shorea robusta(sal or guggilam). Southern Tropical Moist Mixed Deciduous forests Northern Tropical Dry Deciduous forests – Sal type Brief profile of Vizianagaram District.7 Champavathi This river takes its origin in the Eastern Ghats in Srikakulam district and after flowing through Saluru area it enters Vizianagaram mandal. altitude. Semecarpus Anacardium(Jidi). The floristic diversity is noticed in the quality and density of forests which range from 6 metres in poorer areas to over 20 metres in better areas. Carissa Carandas(Kalimi). Cedrela Toona. Mangifera indica(Mamidi).. Adina cordifolia(Bandaru). These forests range from Xerophytic in the dry and inhospitable conditions to less Xerophytic and Mesophytic species at higher regions with more moisture. Gmelina arborea(Gummadi). Plerocarpus harsupium(Yegisi). Dodonaea Viscosa(Bandaru). Butea frondosa(Moduga). composition and density depending upon the soil moisture. climate. Andhra Pradesh . Sapindus emerginatus(Kunkudu). Garuga pinnata(Garugu). Memecylonedule(Pedda alli). Randia dumetorum(Manga). Dendrocalamus strictus(Veduru). Artocarpus integrifolia (Panasa). The forest exhibit a variety of local changes in quality. Acacia lencophloea(Tellatuma). The forest types found in the district are: 1. Thus it is seen a wide spectral of vegetation from the sea to the Sheltered spurs. Albizzia lebbeck(Dirisanam). Xylia Xylo Carpa(Kondatangedu). Pongamia glabra(Kanuga). Terminaia Chebula(Karakkayi). Forests vary in density from vast extents of full density seen in the inner remote areas to sparce open forests due to biotic abuses around habitation. cooler climate and better soils in the valleys. Albizzia amera(Nalregu chickreni). The main floral species found in the distinct are spinifex squarrosus (Ravanasurunimisalu). Borassus flabelliformis(Tadi). The river finally falls into Bay of Mengal at Konada village in Pusapatirega mandal of the district. slope and distance from the sea. Bambusa arundinacea(Mulla veduru) etc. Coculospermum gosypium(Konda Buruga). Pandanus odaratissimus(Mogali). Bridelia retusa(Koramadi). high ridges and the valleys bordering the state. 2. Michelia champaka(Champakam). Cassia auriculata(Tangedu). Mahotus phillippinensis(Sinduri). D) FLORA The district receives rains from both the monsoons and the climate is tropical.

all the year round with oppressive summer and good seasonal rainfall. Jackal. Andhra Pradesh Southern Tropical Dry – Mixed Deciduous forests Dry Deciduous Green forests. Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. Sloth Bear. Common Myna etc. 4. December to February is the season of generally fine weather. depending on elevation.8 3. House crow. Fox. Hare Hyena. The weather is very oppressive particularly in the coastal region where humidity is also generally high. Consequent on the enactment of the Wild Life Protection Act of 1972. Wild buffaloes. G) TEMPARATURE In the interior low level area of the district. Since hilly regions receive heavier rainfall they are cooler than the plains. This is followed by the South-West monsoon season. The principal animals and birds found from along the sea-coast to the high plateau are Yellow Bat. House sparrow. and Dry Ever Green forests. . In the hilly tracks. but it is heavily threatened with extinction. the temperature in general may be lower than in the coastal region by about a couple of degrees or so. The Climate of the hill parts of the district is different from that of the plains. which lasts up to about the 2nd week of October. the temperatures rise rapidly till May which is the hottest month with the mean daily maximum temperature at about 35oC and the mean minimum at about 27oC. F) CLIMATE The climate of the District is Characterized by high humidity. Thunder showers and sea breezes in the afternoons bring some relief from the heat in the coastal region. The summer season is from March to the middle of June. the temperatures in summer are about 2 to 3 degrees higher than in the coastal region.. Mongoose and birds of blue rock Pigeon. 5. From about the middle of February. The period from Mid October to the end of November constitutes the post monsoon or retreating monsoon season. With the on set of the south-west monsoon by about mid June the day temperatures drop by a couple of degrees. E) FAUNA Fauna in the district is fairly high in the interior hill regions. The reasons for the depletion are mainly due to shrinkage of habitat and un-controlled poaching. The maximum temperature will be recorded during May and the minimum temperature will be during December. it is hoped that wild life would improve and attain the past glory.

the night temperature may some times drop down to about 11o C. September (321 MM) are the heavy rainfall months in the year. The Normal annual rainfall for the district is 1131 MM. early in October. Sandy Loams and Sandy Clay and they constitute 96% of the total area. the decrease in the night temperature is only slight. The soils in the District are predominantly loamy with medium fertility. June (380 mm). The soils at some places are as thick as 4 Metres. June to September amounts to 71% of the annual rainfall and that during North East monsoon months of October to December constitutes 11 percent of the annual rainfall. There are mostly red loamy soils. H.3 Availability of Minerals. The district mostly gets rainfall during both the monsoon seasons of Southwest and North East. During the fine weather season.9 But. It is likely that the thick soil cover might represent alluvium along the valleys. PRODUCTION OF MINERAL 2010-11 S. 2 3 4 MINOR Manganese Ore Lime Kankar Quartzit Moulding Sand 274154 600 70422 500 NAME OF MINERAL PRODUCTION in tones 2010-2011 Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. SOILS The main soils in the District are Red soils. After the withdrawal of the South-West monsoon. 1. temperature begins to decrease progressively. The normal rainfall during South-west monsoon months. Andhra Pradesh . RAINFALL The Rainfall is being recorded at 34 rain gauge stations in the Mandal headquarters in the district. Different types of rocks are in abundance in the District. MAJOR MINERAL 1. as far as dry lands are concerned and clay loamy in case of wet lands.NO. December and January are the coldest months with the mean daily maximum temperature at about 28o C and the mean daily minimum at about 18o C.

I. 1 2 Name & Designation Sri.P. DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION SNo.10 1.DIVISION .2 8.No.5 Administrative set up. 1.A. Road Metal And Building Stone 288493 186.. M.S Collector & District Magistrate Contact nos and mail ids Phone : (O) 08922-276720.Sobha Joint Collector Phone : Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. 2 3.2 563.gov. (R) 08922-276177 Email : collector_vznm@ap.2 4 0 19 19 5 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 7 402 0 402 8 0 0 0 9 70 64 134 10 472 91. Division/Office 1 1 2 2 Social Forestry Division Vizianagaram Vizianagaram (r) TOTAL Teak 3 0 8.11 (In Hectares) Beedi Leaves Eucalyptus Casurina Bamboo Cashew Others Total S.A.42 95305 Colour Granite Gravel SOURCE:.2010 .WISE & SPECIES . Veera Brahmayya. Andhra Pradesh . 276902 ( R ) 08922- Smt.in 08922-276658 (O) .1 . OF MINES & GEOLOGY.WISE AREA PLANTED .4 FOREST TABLE .DEPT.2 1.

Mutyala Naidu District & Sessions Judge Phone : 08922-255823 (O) .gov..15’ and 19° .in Phone : 08922-233678(O) Sri. B.S.P.45’ of the Eastern Logitude 6539 Sq.0’ and 83° . I. Andhra Pradesh .gov. Population (A) Sex-wise i) Male ii) Female 17° . Rama Rao Additional Joint Collector Sri.pdj-ap@indianjudiciary.in 3 4 5 6 Karthikeya. P.15’ of the Northern Latitude 83° . S.No District at a glance Particular Year Geographical features Unit Statistics 1 (A) Geographical Data i) Latitude ii) Longitude iii) Geographical Area (B) Administrative Units i) Sub divisions ii) Tehsils/Mandal iii) Sub-Tehsil iv) Patwar Circle v) Panchayat Simitis vi)Nagar nigam vii) Nagar Palika viii) Gram Panchayats xi) Revenue villages x) Assembly Area 2. Kms 2 34 ----4 931 1551 9 2011 2011 1161913 1180995 Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. Hema Sundar District Revenue Officer Phone : 08922-275560 (O) Email :dro_vznm@ap. 08922226677 (R) Email : spvzm@appolice. 08922255185 ( R ) Email : viz.in Sri..11 Email : jc_vznm@ap. Superintendent of Police Phone : 08922-276163 (O).in 2.gov.

Nos.41 875. Rural Population 2011 1837000 Agriculture Land utilization i) Total Area ii) Forest cover iii) Non Agriculture Land v) cultivable Barren land 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 Hectare “ “ “ 653900 119303 77320 3826 4.12 (B) 3. 623 11 Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. A. 2010-11 201011 (c) Main District Highway 201011 (d) Other district & Rural 2010-11 Roads (e) Rural road/ 2010-11 Agriculture Marketing Board Roads (f) Kachacha Road 2010-11 (VI) Communication (a) Telephone 2010-11 connection (b) Post offices 2010-11 (c) Telephone center 2010-11 Kms 1774.44 200 122. 119303 Livestock & Poultry Cattle i) Cows ii) Buffaloes Other livestock i) Goats ii) Pigs iii) Dogs & Bitches iv) Railways i) Length of rail line V) Roads (a) National Highway (b) State Highway 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2010-11 Nos. 5. A. Nos.80 35812. Kms Kms Kms Kms Kms Kms 176033 259804 204680 25962 0 260. Forest (i) Forest 2010-11 Ha. Nos.19 B.31 32849 Nos. Nos. Nos.19 825. Andhra Pradesh .

No. Private hospitals (VIII) Banking commercial (a) Commercial Bank (b) rural Bank Products (c) Co-Operative bank products (d) PLDB Branches (IX) Education (a) Primary school (b) Middle schools (c) Secondary & senior secondary schools (d) Colleges (e) Technical University 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 Nos. Primary health centers h. Nos. per KM. Nos. Nos. Unani hospitals f. No. No. Andhra Pradesh . Beds in Allopathic hospitals c. No. Community health centers g. No. Allopathic Hospital b. Sub Health Centers j. No. No. No. 101 57 15 12 2516 455 444 218 0 Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. Ayurvedic Hospital d. Nos. Nos. Nos. No. No. No.13 (d )Density of Telephone (e) Density of Telephone (f) PCO Rural (g) PCO STD (h) Mobile (VII) Public Health a. No. Nos./1000 person No. Dispensaries i. Nos. 14 5 2576 NA 17 1040 0 (Dispensaries: 21) 0 2 3 59 5 3 NA 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 Nos. No. Beds in Ayurvedic hospitals e.

OF INDUSTRIAL AREA TURNOVER OF SMALL SCALE IND.1487 Land developed (In hectare) 10. Area Land acquired (In hectare) 13. Kantakapalle Total 2 466. 4. Sr No 1.2 YEAR WISE TREND OF UNITS REGISTERED YEAR NUMBER OF REGISTERED UNITS 1718 202 EMPLOYMENT INVESTMENT (lakh Rs. 8.5230 131. OF DAILY WORKER EMPLOYED IN SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES EMPLOYMENT IN LARGE AND MEDIUM INDUSTRIES NO. 2.1 Industry at a Glance Head REGISTERED INDUSTRIAL UNIT TOTAL INDUSTRIAL UNIT REGISTERED MEDIUM & LARGE UNIT ESTIMATED AVG. NO. IN LACS IN LACS TURNOVER OF MEDIUM & LARGE SCALE INDUSTRIES 3. 7.) 1200 No of Plots 50 No of allotted Plots 49 No of Vacant Plots -No.899 400 84 80 2 57 4 132. of Units in Production 47 1 IE. Unit NO. Andhra Pradesh .6462 400 507 478 17 20 3 72. NO.0061 Prevailing Rate Per Sqm (In Rs.8807 645 609 20 126 3. NO. Name of Ind. NO.) 6215 918 Upto 2001 Upto 2001-07 1795 1565 Brief profile of Vizianagaram District.14 2. 3.9026 28. Particulars 2156 4210 31 NA NA 4 NA NA 5.2136 339.3294 124 4 2 1 2 684. NO. INDUSTRIAL SCENERIO OF VIZIANAGARAM DISTRICT 3. NO. Nellimarla IP.1 Existing Status of Industrial Areas in Vizianagaram District S.7879 509. No. 6. Vizianagaram Growth Centre Bobbili IDA.

Seethanagaram (M) Vizianagaram District. with Telephone No. Jute & jute based Ready-made embroidery garments & NUMBER OF UNITS INVESTMENT (Lakh Rs. silk & artificial Thread based clothes.4 Medium and Large Scale Industries / Public Sector undertakings Sl. 25. Name of Unit Locational Address No. 35. 26. Plastic & petro based Mineral based Metal based (Steel Fab. 29. 30. Andhra Pradesh .15 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 Total 32 71 52 81 2156 549 1412 1317 2992 9630 615 2269 512 981 11510 Source: DIC ------ 3.. 27. 33.& Fax 1 M/s N. 31. Wood/wooden based furniture Paper & Paper products Leather based Chemical/Chemical based Rubber.S.C. PIN-535573 Phone Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. (V).) Engineering units Electrical machinery and transport equipment Repairing & servicing Others Kachori Making Source: DIC ------- 3. 32. 36. 01. 28. TYPE OF INDUSTRY Agro based Soda water Cotton textile Woolen. Seethanagaram(M).) EMPLOYMENT 20 22 23 24.Ltd.3 DETAILS OF EXISTING MICRO & SMALL ENTERPRISES AND ARTISAN UNITS IN THE DISTRICT: NA NIC CODE NO. 97. Latchayyapeta Latchayyapeta(V).

258879.Ltd. L. 8 M/s Sri Laxmi Srinivasa Jute Mills Ltd. Ph. Ph.. Latchayyapeta (V).08922-246267 Nellimarla (V&M).08944-255352.Power Systems Ltd. Bobbili. Appannapalem.P. Kothakopperla (V) 18 M/s Maa Mahamaya Industries (P) Ltd.Agraharam. 255716.P. Ramannadora Valasa. 25 M/s Andhra Ferro Alloys Ltd. Jami (M). Seethanagaram (M) Kothavalasa. L. Poosapatirega(M). Ph.08922255715.No. Garividi (M).08922-273643 V. 15 M/s Alshama Freezer Food & Cold Storage (P) Ltd. PIN-535214 Phone & Fax No. Vizianagaram District. Vizianagaram District. FAX No. Munjeru (V).Acqua Culture (India) Pvt. Vizianagaram District. 12 M/s Matrix Labs 13 M/s Perpetual Energy Systems Ltd.T. VZM Dist Kandivalasa (V). Ph.VZM Dist. VZM Dst. Vizianagaram District.B.276736.. VZM Dst. 10 M/s A. Bobbili Amatam Ravivalasa (V). Vizianagaram District. Ph.No. Mandal 2 M/s Ferro Alloys Corporation Ltd. Poosapatirega (M).08944-254239.08952282098/282035.No. Ph. 277244.244210. Ramannadora Valass.Ltd.Kota (M). Seethanagaram (M).08922-258839. Merakamudidam. 5 M/s Sri Vijayarama Gajapathi Cooperative Sugars Ltd. PIN-535101 Ph. 273327.08966-273326 Kumaram(V). Vizianagaram District. 7 M/s Sri Laxmi Srinivasa Jute Mills Ltd.08964-252267 Annamrajupeta (V). Bhogapuram(M). Kandivalasa (V) 20 M/s N. Saluru(M). Poosapatirega (M). 6 M/s Nellimarla Jute Mills Co.08944-255353 Contonment. 11 M/s Sri Chakra Cements Ltd.08966272254. Jami (M).Chodavaram (V). Vizianagaram District. Vizianagaram District. Bhogapuram (M)..No.. Nellimarla.08922-258827 Appayyapeta (V).08922-248500. Poosapatirega (M).No.Kota (M). FAX: 08944-255216 Shreeramnagar.No. Vizianagaram District.Ltd. Andhra Pradesh . Vizianagaram District.(FACOR) 3 M/s GSAL(India) Ltd. PIN-531183 Ph. 271655 G.Chodavaram (V)..08966-277244 Jindal Nagar. Brief profile of Vizianagaram District..L. FAX No. 244246 VCP Road. Fax.No.No.08952-282188 Srirampuram (V). Bhimasingi..No. G. Ph.. Industrial Development Area. Vizianagaram District. 23 M/s Heritage Foods (India) Ltd. 21 M/s Uma Jute Mill 22 M/s Navya Jute Mils (P) Ltd... Garbham. Bobbili.No. 24 M/s Chettinad Morimura Semi Conductors Material (P) Ltd. Vizianagaram. Ph. 244244. 9 M/s Sri Laxmi Srinivasa Jute Mills Ltd. 19 M/s H. Ph:258490 to 258498 Kothakopperla(V).250997.No. Bobbili. 16 C. Ph: 0891-2731634. Kothavalasa. Ph. 4 M/s Jindal Stainless Ltd.S.08966-271616. FAX No. FAX No.16 No. Fax No. FAX No. 17 M/s Vijiyanagar Biotech Ltd.Fibres Ltd..No. Ph. Vizianagaram Distric t Growth Centre.08966-277144.C.Ltd. 14 M/s Miracle Software Systems (I) Pvt. 0891-2731633 Relligourammpeta (V)..08922-255032 Jeegiram (V). Vizianagaram. FAX No.

2 Potentials areas for service industry: Break up information is not available. Merakamudidam-Mandal Gurla village & Mandal Srirampuram village L.. 27 M/s Jayalaxmi Ferro Alloys (P) Ltd. Bobbili Srirampuram village. No: 4 3.9 Service Enterprises 3.) 29 30 31 M/s Steel Exchange India Ltd. Bobbili Growth Centre. M/s Steel Exchange India)Ltd M/s Yona Smelters M/s RVR Smelters (P) Ltd.6 Growth Trend: Average 3. Andhra Pradesh .17 26 M/s Sri Mahalaxmi Smelters (P)Ltd.7 Vendorisation / Ancillarisation of the Industry: NA 3.9.2 Major Exportable Item: Pharmaceuticals 3. Rice Mill Cold Storage Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. in Lakhs) 450MTS 140.00 Employment potential per unit 12 1. 2.. 3.8. Medium Scale Enterprises 3. Garbham.8.Kota Mandal 3.. L.1 List of the units in Viziangaram district : Enclosed at Sl.10 Potential for new MSMEs SNo Name of the product Capacity/Per Investment Annum (Rs.Kota Mandal Growth Centre.8.. 28 GSAL (India) Ltd.5 Major Exportable Item: NA 3.

50 6 10 8 12 13 24 8 8 5 12 20 4 4.1 DETAIL OF MAJOR CLUSTERS 4.00 16 12.00 5. 8. 11. Fruit processing Spice grinding Bakery products Papad making Noodles Cashew nut processing Cashew nut shell liquid Mini dairy farm Engineering Workshop Hawai Chappals MS Wire drawing Steel Fabrication Unit 72Tons 42Tons 360MTS 60MTS 150MTS 30MTS 45MTS 100KL JobWork 90000pairs 1000MTS 40MTS 6. Existing Clusters of Micro & Small Enterprise 4.18 3.00 16.00 25. 4.00 15.2 Details for Identified cluster Bheemali Mango Jelly 4. 7. 13. 9.1. Andhra Pradesh .3 Name of the cluster: Associations in cluster M/s Bheemali Mamidi Thandra Tayaridharula Sankshema Sangam (Bheemali Mango Jelly Manufacturers Welfare Association) 1 2 Principal Products Manufactured in the Cluster Name of the association Mango Jelly M/s Bheemali Mamidi Thandra Tayaridharula Sankshema Sangam (Bheemali Mango Jelly Manufacturers Brief profile of Vizianagaram District.80 10.1 Manufacturing Sector 4. 12.00 4.00 3. 6.2 Service Sector 4.2. 5.1. 14.50 45. 10.00 2.

Andhra Pradesh . 20 Millio(estimated) -1500 Totally unorganized sector due to lack of awareness in statutory proceedings etc. Vizianagaram-dist. Traditional and primitive technology Lack of technology upgradation support Lack of testing facilities No storage and preservation facilities Poor of hygiene . open drying Lack of working capital Lack of quality packing practices Weak institutional linkages Lack of marketing knowledge/support 4. Denkada.2 Name of the cluster: Artisan bases Cotton Sarees.19 Welfare Association) 3 4 5 6 7 8 No. of functional units in the clusters Turnover of the Clusters Value of Exports from the Clusters Employment in Cluster Average investment in plant & Machinery Testing needs Thrust Area Access to Export Market Artisan bases Cotton Sarees NA 65 Rs.2. 30 Lakhs NA NA NA Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. of functional units in the clusters Turnover of the Clusters Value of Exports from the Clusters Employment in Cluster Average investment in plant & Machinery Major Issues 250 units Rs. 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Principal Products Manufactured in the Cluster Name of the SPV No.00 Crores NA 300 Rs.

Computer Hardware maintenance.No. Food Processing.. User friendly tax system should be implimented 1. Fashion Designing. Action plan for MSME Schemes during 2012-13 S. Supply chain Management ---- 10 3 6 10 7. Chemical products. Readymade garments etc. Prospects of training programmes during 2012-13 S. 2. 5. Retail Marketing. Name of the Scheme No. 1 MSE-CDP 2 ISO – 9000 / 14000/ HACCP reimbursement 3 MSE-MDA 4 5 CLCSS Capacity Building & strengthening of data base International cooperation TREAD for women VDP National awards NMCP schemes I. Leadership & Team building. DTP. Name of the programme ESDP Subject No of proposed programme to be conducted 20 1 2 3 4 5 MDP BSDP EDP IMC Cosmetology. Identification stage. Lean Proposed activity on the scheme Awareness programme will be organized Two units will be guided for attending international trade fairs 6 7 8 9 10 One NGO will be guided and assisted for the scheme 2 units will be guided for applying for national awards Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. General issues raised by industry association during the course of meeting 1.20 Present status of the cluster :-. Communication skills. Andhra Pradesh . Marketing assistance by government agencies 3. Computer Applications. There is huge problem of power cuts in the district.

Visakhapatnam DGFT. Andhra Pradesh . Visakhapantam and District Industries Centre. Vizianagaram AND NSIC. 3. 8. Provisional Registration Certificate ( EM-1) & Permanent Registration Certificate ( EM-II) Identification of Project Profiles. VT Agraharam. Vizianagaram MSMEDI.21 Manufacturing II Design Clinic III Market assistance & Tech. Power/ Electricity Technical Know –how. STEPS TO SET UP MSMEs Following are the brief description of different agencies for rendering assistance to the entrepreneurs. Autonagar. Industrial Estate. S. Industrial Estate.No Type of assistance Name and address of agencies 1. Vizianagaram APSFC and all Nationalised banks District Industries Centre. VT Agraharam. Vizianagaram APIIC. 8. Supply 6. Land and Industrial shed District Industries Centre. 2. Visakhapatnam AP EPDCL. Industrial estate. Visakhapatnam APITCO. 11. 4. Visakhpatnam NSIC. Plant and machinery under hire / purchase basis. & quality up gradation support VI ICT VII Bar Code VIII IPR IX Incubator scheme One awareness programme One awareness programme One awareness programme Review of existing business incubator Note: All awareness programmes will be organized provided the funds are allocated. market survey and economic survey reports. VT Agraharam. technoeconomic and managerial consultancy services. KVIC.. 9. Vizianagaram MSME-DI. Quality & Standard Marketing /Export Assistance Other Promotional Agencies Brief profile of Vizianagaram District. Visakhapantam BIS. Financial Assistance For raw materials under Govt. Industrial Estate. up gradation IV QMS/QTT V Tech. DIC etc. 5. 10. 7.

Andhra Pradesh .22 Brief profile of Vizianagaram District.

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