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HS Student Circular

International School Manila

April 24, 2009

From the IB/AP Office:

For April 27 – May 2
Important notice for all grade 12’s
Monday, April 27
• If you are going to study in USA or Canada, you MUST
PTA Used Book Fair (CMC)
IB Visual Arts Exhibit (FAT Lobby) update ‘family connections’ by the end of May. If you
2.30-2.50pm Homeroom don’t update ‘family connection’, we won’t be able to
send your transcript and the IB won’t send your results
Tuesday, April 28 to your university.
PTA Used Book Fair (CMC)
IB Visual Arts Exhibit (FAT Lobby)
• If you are going to study anywhere else in the world,
11:30 ISSBA Year End Meeting
you need to let Ms van know by the end of April. Either
Wednesday, April 29 email or drop by the IB office to tell us which universities
Student Late Start you need IB results sent to. (If you have applied to study
PTA Used Book Fair (CMC) in the UK, you will also need to send me your code for
IB Visual Arts Exhibit (FAT Lobby) UCAS).
2nd Semester Final Exams for Grades 9 & 10
COCO End of the Year Report Due
10:55 Grade Level Assembly • If confused or in doubt, please see Ms van.

Thursday, April 30
PTA Used Book Fair (CMC)
IB Visual Arts Exhibit (FAT Lobby)
IB 11 Econ Comm Due Dates to Remember:
2nd Semester Final Exams for Grades 9 & 10
9-11am Parenting Workshop (1057)
5:30pm HS 3rd Season Sports Awards (HS Gym) May 4-22: IB Exams
May 5: Registration Deadline - SAT I/II for June 6, 2009
Friday, May 1 May 8: PTA Despedida
No Classes: Labor Day Holiday
May 21: Honor Societies Celebration
Saturday, May 2 May 25: Honors and Awards Assemblies (FAT)
GK Field Trip May 25-28: Graduation Rehearsals
7:30-1:30pm SAT (LT, AMR, ES Gym, 1057) May 28: Senior Celebration
May 29: HS Graduation (FAT)
June 4: Last Day of School- Early Release for Students
June 6: SAT (LT, AMR, ES Gym,1057)

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From the Athletics Office:
International School Manila

Badminton, Basketball and Soccer Camps will start on June 8 to 26, 2008.
These camps are open to ALL ES/MS/HS ISM students only.

A3 Basketball Camp will be run by PBA coaches and National Team Players
Asuncion Badminton Camp training will be conducted by the country’s top shuttlers Kennie and
Kennevic Asuncion.
ISM Soccer Camp will be made possible by our very own ISM soccer coaches.

Camp details are as follows:

Date: June 8 to 26, 2009
Cost: Php 4,000.00
ES/MS/HS Basketball T-TH 10:30am – 12:30nn MS/HS Gym
FRI 1:00pm – 3:00pm
ES/MS/HS Badminton M-W-F 10:30am to 12:00nn MS Gym
ES/MS Soccer M-W-F 8:00am to 10:00am HS Field

If you are interested in joining one or more of the camps please fill up form below and return to ATAC on or before May 13, 2009.

As soon as we have reached the minimum amount of participants to run the program,
a formal permission slip will be sent to you through your child.
Limited slots available…… This is of first come first serve basis.


Mark Pekin, Athletic and Activities Director

Reservation Slip

Date: __________________________

Please reserve a slot for my child for this years 2009 Summer Mini Sports Camp
(Please check sport/s below)

Basketball Soccer Badminton

(Gr. 1 & Above) (Gr. 1 & Above) (Gr. 3 & Above)

Name of student Grade Parents Name and Signature

________________________ _______ ____________________________

As soon as we have reached the minimum amount of participants to run the program, a formal permission slip will be sent to
you through your child.

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From the HS Graduation Committee:
Graduation Announcement Cards
Graduation Announcement cards are formal cards that are sent to friends and relatives, particularly those who are abroad,
to acknowledge this special occasion. It looks like a very nice invitation card, but actually as the name connotes, it contains
detailed information regarding the graduation rites of the graduating student. Often the student includes a graduation picture
within the announcement card.
Reservations for announcement cards can be ordered through the high school office, look for Laurie Atilano. You can reserve
a minimum of 6 cards at 60.00 pesos each ( 360.00 pesos ) which must be paid at the Cashier’s Office.
There will only be a limited quantity available. Reservations will thus be on a first come first serve basis. You need to present
your cashier’s receipt to claim your reserved graduation announcement cards.
Thank you from the HS Graduation Committee

Dear Parents of Graduating Seniors,

We would like to appeal for your help in making the Graduation Day decor at the FAT an interesting and
sentimental one! Please send us pictures of your child when they first entered ISM as well as a current
close up photo of how they are today. You can email the pictures directly to us or send a hard copy of the
photos to Laurie at the HS Office. We need them by the end of April, so dig up all those cute shots now!
Thank you.
Emma Murray
Susana Fong

For Grade 12 parents (Letter for Grade 12 parents only)

Dear Parents,

In line with the forthcoming graduation of our seniors, we are preparing the return of the Special Project Deposit (SPD)
of $5,000.00 paid at the time your child entered International School Manila, Inc.

To enable us to release the refund on the last week of June 2009, may we remind you of the following:

1. Submission of the Special Project Certificate (SPD) duly endorsed by the holder of the certificate. The
refund in the form of check will be made payable to the holder’s name indicated in the certificate.
2. Clearance for the textbooks to be accomplished the last day of school.
3. Full settlement of all outstanding balance on clearance day

Thank you for your cooperation.

Very truly yours,

International School Manila

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Want to help students less fortunate than yourselves?

By donating school supplies, you will be helping many elementary school

students in Antipolo and Sagada for the year ahead.

We will be working in collaboration with

Each bag should include:

1 pencil
1 pencil case 2 pencils 1 ruler sharpener
Colored pencils
1 water bottle

WHEN? As soon as possible DEADLINE: MAY 15th

WHERE? HS OFFICE, ROOMS 2061A, 3071, 4010

3 exercise books 1 eraser

From the PTA Office:

Dear Parents, Teachers, Staff and Students of International School Manila.


(Note: Today, April 24th is the last day to donate books.)
Please be reminded of our much awaited book fair event that will be held at our Elementary and Middle School Media
Center. We are happy to announce that we have thousands of books and magazines and it promises to be a treasure
trove of wonderful reading material for all our avid readers.

The opening hours are from 8am to 4pm from Monday April 27 to Thursday April 30; please be advised that parents
will only be allowed to purchase children’s books from Wednesday onwards to give time for our students to browse and
pick up their chosen books first.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who contributed or helped in any way with
this initiative and feel sure it will render this event a great success as well as raise funds for our charitable causes.

So remember the dates APRIL 27 – 30 and if possible, be environmental friendly and bring your own bag;
For those who actually bring their own bag, we thank you in advance and will deduct P 10.00 off your bill.

See you all at the ISM Media Center!

Sincerely yours,

Gina Mohnani

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From the Modern Language Dept :
The Alliance Française of Toulouse in France is offering a Summer Language Study/ Homestay / Travel Program
from June 7 – July 4, 2009. This one month linguistic sojourn in France is being organized by Mme. Normelita C. Villajuan, former ISM
French and Spanish teacher who has been in-charge of this summer trip for 25 year.
This program aims to develop the student's language proficiency and to broaden their cultural knowledge. The participants will stay
with their host families in Toulouse, a magnificent city in southern France which is known as "La Ville Rose" (the Pink City) because of
the attractive pink ochre color of its brick buildings. From Monday to Friday they will attend an intensive language course at the
Alliance Française of Toulouse while weekends are reserved for excursions / outings to nearby towns and other places of special
interest. After the three-week homestay and language program in Toulouse, participants will be in Paris for five days (June 28- July
1) to enable them to visit its famous monuments and museums including historic Versailles as well as the Science and Technology
Museum of La Villette.
The Alliance Française recommends this Language Program to students. They will surely benefit from the rare experience of
living with a French family and learning French in France. Parents of interested students are requested to contact Mme. Villajuan
directly (tel. No. 7762579 / cell no.: 09153099594).
Details of the French Program: **Which includes
a. Language tuition - 3 1/2 hours in the morning for all
Duration: 4 weeks – June 7- July 4, 2009 levels plus an afternoon activity chosen by participants
Location: 3 weeks in Toulouse and 5 days in (history and civilization, oral and writing sessions,
Paris French cuisine, etc.)
b. Transfers on arrival/ departure
Airfare U$$ 1750.00 c. Full board accommodation during homestay
Communication fees 100.00 d. Activities in host community, excursions in Toulouse and
Chaperone Fee 500.00 daily meal allowance and transportation to and from
Program Cost** 2900.00 the Alliance Française
Total U$$ 5250.00 e. Four nights in Hotel Mercure in Paris including meals
(minimum no. of participants – 12) and transportation allowance
f. Visit to Versailles/ Science and Technology Museum of
La Villette / other famous monuments of Paris
Parents and participants are requested to attend
the first orientation meeting in March 2009
***Not included in the program cost**
(exact day, time and venue will be
communicated to you later). A series of meetings Travel tax, airport taxes, visa fees, civil insurance, spending
will be organized once a month for participants. money. The program cost is subject to change due to
Maximum number of students to join this increase / decrease in airfare rates and number of
program is 12. Pertinent documents and more participants.
detailed information about the host families /
activities in Toulouse / intensive language course
at Alliance Française will be discussed during the
orientation meeting.
An article written by a participant of this travel-study program to France

With packed bags, speaking only very basic French, 12 high school students set off on a trip to France, this past summer.
Chaperoned by Mrs. Normelita Villajuan, these students spent three weeks in Toulouse, France, where each one had his / her host
family. After attending a 60-hour intensive course on the French Language and enjoying the warmth and friendliness of Toulousains, they
flew to Paris where they enjoyed its scenic spots and historical monuments. One student said, "At first I thought it would become an
incredible culture shock but with the help of my (French) family and others, the transition was smooth and I found myself not wanting to
leave." Another one said "It was worth going and I would recommend it to other students because it was a great experience. Not only did
I improve my oral and written French but I now have a better understanding of the French people and their culture." All participants
agreed that their interactions with everyone and even the classes they attended everyday, all of it combined to form an experience that
none of them will ever forget.

Various other comments from students:

“I loved my host family so much! It was so hard for me to leave them!”

“During the three weeks we spent in Toulouse, we were able to visit the medieval castle of Carcassonne. It was so beautiful and it had
the best haunted house ever! After our stay in Toulouse, we were off to the most famous city of France: Paris! We saw everything there
was to see in Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Disneyland Paris, Les Champs Elysées, and l’Arc de Triomphe in only 3 days.
All in all, the French trip was definitely worthwhile, and everyone left with the ability to speak better French.”

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I am interested in joining the French Program. Enclosed is my deposit of US $500.00.
Tel. No.___________________________________

From the Fine Arts Office:

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Last Name First Name College Accepted In:
University of British Columbia (Arts, Faculty of)- w/ $3,000 scholarhip,Brock University,McMaster
Abasta Richard
University,Simon Fraser University,Trent University,University of Victoria,York University
Barnard College,University of California at Berkeley,University of California at Davis,University of California
Abundo Arianna Racquel
at Irvine
University of Bristol,University of Durham,University of Edinburgh,Imperial College of Science, Technology,
Ahmad Kamran
and Medicine,University College London
Concordia University,DePaul University (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences),Knox College w/ $3,000
Ahmed Sara Jane
scholarhip,Loyola University Chicago
Allingam Natalie Josephine Savannah College of Art and Design
An Joong Kap University of Illinois at Chicago,Michigan State University
Ateneo de Manila University,Boston University,University of British Columbia Okanagan,De La Salle
Ang Mark Jedric University Manila,Lewis & Clark College,Loyola Marymount University,University of the Philippines,Seattle
Angeles Ma. Cristina University of British Columbia (Arts, Faculty of),St. Lawrence University
Ateneo de Manila University,De La Salle University Manila,University of Dundee,University of
Birchenall Daisy
Leeds,University of the Philippines,University of Stirling
Boston University (College of Communication),Chapman University,New York University (Tisch School of
Bitanga Paolo Benjamin
the Arts)
Curry College,University of Maine,Manhattanville College,Salve Regina University,Suffolk
Brias Antonio
University,Wheaton College
Brillantes Antoinette Syracuse University (Accelerated Liberal Arts)
Browning Gladriann Reizeld Indiana State University,Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis,Purdue University
Buenaventura Gil Gerard Saint Mary's College of California
Burton Peter University of Dundee,University of Leeds,Nottingham Trent University
Butt Ashleigh Enderun Colleges Inc. w/ $4,113 Dean's scholarhip
Campos Daniel Tomas Boston College,Boston University,Fordham University
Cha Eun New York University
University of California at Davis,University of California at Irvine,University of California at Santa
Chamberlain Isabel Barbara,University of California at Santa Cruz,Mills College - w/ $17,000 Provost scholarhip,Saint Mary's
College of California,San Francisco State University
Michael Yuen-
Chan University of British Columbia,University of Maryland, Baltimore County,Ursinus College
Coventry University,University of East London,University of Essex,Northeastern University,Queen Mary,
Chin Brandon Shih Wei
University of London
Boston University,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,University of Southern California,Syracuse
Choi Jiwon
Choi Soojin Emory University,Indiana University at Bloomington,College of William and Mary
University of British Columbia,University of California at Berkeley,University of California at Davis,University
Chu Elysia Whitney
of Hong Kong,Santa Clara University,Wellesley College
Chua Franz Louie University of California at Santa Cruz,University of San Francisco,Santa Clara University
Ateneo de Manila University,Boston University,University of British Columbia,De La Salle University
John Jacob
Co Manila,McGill University,University of the Philippines,University of San Diego,University of
Toronto,University of Waterloo
Vicente Jaime
Constantino Ateneo de Manila University,University of the Philippines,University of Virginia (School of Engineering)
Academy of Art University,Parsons School of Design, New School University,Pratt Institute,Rhode Island
Cordingley Sasha
School of Design
Cruz Jan-Michael De La Salle University Manila
Dargani Jasmin Lesley University,Loyola Marymount University,Pace University, New York City - w/ $11,000 scholarhip
Davis Suzannah Bangor University,University of Exeter,Lancaster University,University of Stirling,University of Sussex
University of California at Santa Barbara,Chapman University,Occidental College,Santa Clara
Dayan Daniel Anthony
University,Syracuse University
De Castro Quintin University of California at Santa Barbara (College of Letters & Science)
University of British Columbia (Arts, Faculty of),Brock University,Seneca College of Applied Arts &
De Guzman Amiel Leandro
Babson College,Bentley University,Boston University (School of Management),Loyola Marymount
De Leon Cristina Isabel
University,New York University
De Mesa Maria Lovell Kyna University of British Columbia,Trent University
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Marco Luis
Del Rosario University of California at Irvine,Occidental College,Santa Clara University,University of Washington
Endelman Thomas Michael University of British Columbia
Fernandez Oro Inigo Ateneo de Manila University,De La Salle University Manila
Fong Michael Gregory Dominican University,Saint Mary's College of California
Forbes Adam Boston University,Colby College
Fores Alberto Raul Ateneo de Manila University,University of British Columbia Okanagan - - w/ $1,500 scholarhip
Fuentebella Eugene Adrian Menlo College
Garcia Franco Lorenzo University of British Columbia
Go George Bentley University,Occidental College,Whittier College
Go Jahnne Racquel Barnard College,Bryn Mawr College,University of Chicago,Swarthmore College,Vassar College
University of British Columbia (School of Journalism),Carnegie Mellon University (College of Humanities &
Go Jenna Marjerrie
Social Sciences),Chapman University
Guingona Francesca College of the Holy Cross,Mount Holyoke College,Wheaton College
Habla Ron Richard Ateneo de Manila University,Babson College,Bond University,Chapman University
Carnegie Mellon University,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,University of Michigan,University of
Han Joon-Sup
Southern California
Hartley Esther Leonie Blue Mountains Hotel School
American University,Boston University,Pennsylvania State University, University Park,Stony Brook
Hissourou III Mohammad
The University of Arizona,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Liberal Arts & Sciences),New York
Sung Yeon
Joo University (Tisch School of the Arts),Northeastern University,Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey at
New Brunswick (School of Business),University at Buffalo The State University of New York
Amherst College,Boston College,Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,New York University
Keum Bo-Won
(College of Arts and Science),Princeton University
University of British Columbia (Sauder School of Business) w/ $3,000 scholarhip,University of
Khamudkhanov Khasankhon Massachusetts, Amherst (College of Engineering),Queen's University (Faculty of Arts and
Sciences),University of Toronto (University of Toronto at Scarborough)
Kim Hyun Ki Portland State University
Kim Ji Hun Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
University of California at Davis,University of California at Irvine,University of Illinois at Urbana-
Kim JinBae
Champaign,University of Rochester
Kim Jong Wan Boston University
Boston College,Brown University,Cornell University,Duke University,Georgetown University,New York
Kim Ju Myoung
University,Wellesley College
Northeastern University,Rochester Institute of Technology,University at Buffalo The State University of New
Kim So Youn
York,Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Kim Sung Mo Indiana University at Bloomington,Pennsylvania State University, University Park,University of Washington
Pennsylvania State University, University Park,Purdue University,Syracuse University,Wentworth Institute of
Kim Sung-Yun
Ko Jun Hyun New York University
Boston University (School of Management),University of California at Santa Barbara (College of Letters &
Science),Fordham University (College of Business Administration),University of Illinois at Urbana-
Ko Shao-Ting
Champaign (Division of General Studies ),Pennsylvania State University, University Park (Smeal College of
University of California at Berkeley (College of Engineering),California Institute of Technology,Columbia
University (Engineering & Applied Sci.),Cornell University,Duke University (Pratt School of
Kwon Ha-Kyung
Engineering),Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,Northwestern University,University of
Pennsylvania (School of Business),Princeton University
University of Asia and the Pacific,Ateneo de Manila University,La Salle University,Saint Mary's College of
La O' Maria Michelle
La O' Noel Martine Le Cordon Bleu Austrailia
University of Alberta (Arts),University of British Columbia (Arts, Faculty of) w/ $4,000 scholarhip,Capilano
Labrie Jennifer College,Carleton University (Sprott School of Business) w/ $12,000 scholarhip, Simon Fraser University at
Harbour Centre w/ $4,500 scholarhip,University of Victoria (Faculty of Business)
University of California at Davis,Loyola Marymount University,University of Miami w/ $16,000 Dean's
Lau Jobo
scholarhip,Santa Clara University
Binghamton University,University of Massachusetts, Amherst,Michigan State University,Pace University,
Lee Da Hee New York City,Pennsylvania State University, University Park,Purdue University,Temple
University,Washington State University
Lee Jun-Ho University of Michigan
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Lee Louie Angelo University of Pennsylvania
Lee Myung Soo Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
University of British Columbia,Duke University,Johns Hopkins University,Korea Advanced Institute of
Lee Sang Yun
Science and Technology
University of British Columbia (Okanagan),Purdue University (School of Science),Syracuse University
Seung Jae
Lee (College of Arts & Sciences),University of Toronto (Arts and Science, Faculty of),Worcester Polytechnic
University of British Columbia,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,University of Richmond,University
Libihoul Julian
of San Francisco
Patricia Maria University of California at Berkeley (College of Letters & Science),University of California at Davis,University
Josefina of California at San Diego (Warren College),Stanford University
Carlos Roberto
Lopez Menlo College,Notre Dame de Namur University
American University of Paris,University of British Columbia,Clark University w/ $7,000 scholarhip,Fordham
Lopez Isabelle Marie
University (Fordham College at Rose Hill),Smith College
Lorenzana Raisa University of Asia and the Pacific
Luna Gabriela Alexandra Hillsong International Leadership College
Boston University (College of Arts and Sciences),Fordham University (Fordham College at Lincoln
Luy Carlo Fong
Center),Manhattanville College w/ $3,500 scholarhip,New York University (Liberal Studies)
Matsunaga Emily Sandra Chaminade University of Honolulu
Maupin Marine Charlotte University of Dundee,Middlesex University
University of Cincinnati - OMI College of Applied Sciences,Pratt Institute,Rhode Island School of
Min Hae Bung
Design,School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Ateneo de Manila University,Boston University (School of Management),University of Brighton,University of
Maria Lourdes
Mojica British Columbia (Sauder School of Business),University of Durham,University of Edinburgh,University of
Murray Marie Elysee University of British Columbia,McGill University,Queen's University,University of Toronto
University of Cambridge,University of Chicago,Columbia University ,Cornell University,Harvard
Nandkishore Arjun
University,Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine,University of Pennsylvania
Napoles Jeane Catherine Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Irvine
Navas Gabriella Glion Institute of Higher Education,Johnson & Wales University
University of California at Davis,University of California at Irvine,University of California at Santa
Nelson David
Barbara,Pitzer College,San Diego State University
Ng Jennifer Patricia De La Salle University Manila,Pratt Institute,University of Santo Tomas,Savannah College of Art and Design
Boston University,University of California at Davis,University of California at Irvine,University of Illinois at
Oh Marianne Urbana-Champaign,University of Michigan,University of Minnesota, Twin Cities,Mount Holyoke
College,New York University,University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ohyama Yu Glion Institute of Higher Education
Concordia University,Knox College w/ $12,000 scholarhip,Savannah College of Art and Design w/ $12,000
Olondriz Maria Mercedes
Ateneo de Manila University,Babson College,University of the Philippines,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific
Opinion Rina Noelle
University w/ $12,266 scholarhip,University of Rochester w/ $12,000 scholarhip
Menlo College w/ $32,000 scholarhip,Notre Dame de Namur University,Saint Mary's College of California
Paredes Janina Marie
w/ $10,000 scholarhip,University of San Francisco
Bentley University,University of British Columbia,Dominican University,University of San Francisco,Santa
Payne Christopher James
Clara University
Boston University,Florida Atlantic University,Florida International University,Florida State
Perez O.
Ana Laura University,University of Florida (College of Business Administration),The University of Tampa w/ $8,000
Ateneo de Manila University,University of Brighton,University of British Columbia,University of California at
Plaza Maria Rebecca Los Angeles,University of Edinburgh,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,Loughborough
University,University of the Philippines
Rae Antheia Brittni Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design
University of British Columbia (Science, Faculty of),Concordia University,McGill University (Faculty of
Science ),McMaster University (Faculty of Science),University of New South Wales,Queen's University
Rahman Saadia
(Faculty of Arts and Sciences),University of Sydney,University of Toronto (Arts and Science, Faculty
of),University of Waterloo (Faculty of Science),University of Western Ontario
Razon Katrina Northeastern University,Saint Mary's College of California
Arcadia University,Ateneo de Manila University,Babson College,George Mason University,Northeastern
Recto Iah Unys Daisy
University,Randolph College w/ $15,500 scholarhip,Randolph-Macon College,University of Richmond
Salazar Kannah Marie Ateneo de Manila University,Boston University,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(Engineering),University of Michigan (Engineering),New York University (College of Arts and
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Science),Purdue University (School of Engineering),Smith College,Wentworth Institute of Technology
Babson College,Boston University,University of British Columbia,University of Illinois at Urbana-
Shakeel Haider
Champaign,New York University
Clark University,Manhattanville College w/ $21,000 scholarhip,University of Massachusetts,
Sibtain Zara
Amherst,Randolph College w/ $20,000 scholarhip
University of British Columbia (Arts, Faculty of),Fordham University (Fordham College at Lincoln
Siguion-Reyna Rafael Lamberto
Center),Pitzer College,Sarah Lawrence College
Sison Elaya Promsiri Ateneo de Manila University,University of British Columbia
McGill University w/ $3,000 scholarhip,Queen's University w/ $10,000 scholarhip,University of Toronto w/
Smith Laura Jean
$5,000 scholarhip, University of Western Ontario
Sondjaja University of California at Berkeley,Carleton College,University of Chicago,Reed College
Tan Alexander Craig University of Dundee,University of Essex,University of Stirling,University of Sussex,University of Toronto
Tan Caitlin Marie Glion Institute of Higher Education
De La Salle University Manila,Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey at New Brunswick (School of
Tan Kenley Aldridge
Tan Kenley Aldridge Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey at New Brunswick (School of Engineering),Boston University
Tan Martin Rufino Boston University,Fordham University,Santa Clara University
Tsusaka Ateneo de Manila University,Bentley University,Fordham University,Northeastern University,University of
(Cumagun) San Diego,University of Toronto
Tumurbaatar Solongo Glion Institute of Higher Education
Van Klaveren Rachel Universiteit Utrecht
Vargas Janella Concordia University,Savannah College of Art and Design
Lincoln University,University of Maine,Northwest College,University of Nottingham in Malaysia,South
Vo Anh Hai
Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Brandeis University,Columbus College of Art and Design,Hampshire College,Maryland Institute College of
Wang Yi
Art,Minneapolis College of Art and Design,Pace University, New York City
Wong Winnie University of British Columbia,University of Massachusetts, Amherst,Mills College w/ $12,500 scholarhip
University of California at Berkeley (College of Letters & Science),University of California at San Diego
(Revelle College),Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,Lehigh University (Engineering,
Woo Minkyu
Science & Mathematics),University of Michigan (Engineering),University of Rochester w/ $12,000
Carnegie Mellon University,Haverford College,Kenyon College w/ $8,000 scholarhip,University of
Wood Margaret Maureen
Virginia,College of William and Mary
University of British Columbia,Concordia University,McGill University,Queen's University,University of
Wurie Mariama Seray
Binghamton University (Harpur College of Arts & Sciences),Indiana University at Bloomington (College of
Arts & Sciences),Pace University, New York City w/ $17,000 scholarhip,Pennsylvania State University,
Yoon Hyun-Joong (Sean) University Park (College of Science),Purdue University (School of Science),Rutgers, The State University of
New Jersey at New Brunswick (School of Arts and Sciences),Stony Brook University,Syracuse University
(College of Arts & Sciences)
Yu Amanda Duke University
Yuen Wei Onn Cornell University (College of Art, Arch., & Plan.)
Zeitoune Nissim Curry College,Manhattanville College
Zhou Mo Yu (Mandy) Johns Hopkins University
Zimmerman Brian University of South Dakota

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