Illumination 1. On the night of revealing I sat long in prayer. 2. The spirit fell upon me in the silence. 3.

Only Light mediates between Nothingness and Being. 4. To travel through the Night it must become Light. 5. Like the Stars. 6. It is in me. 7. I am Light. We are One. 8. The secret of yourself if also the secret of the Heart of the Universe. 9. The prophet is lifted from his seat upon the dust. He is carried to the Core. 10. At the Core there is Fire. All that was separated will be rejoined. All that is, calls to each the other, and answers. 11. There are Seven Fires burning before the door to the sanctuary, Seven Spirits of God before the throne. 12. A knock, an opening. Hear, O chosen, the Voices of the Seven. We shall sing as the oceans of heaven to open your ears. We shall flash the lightning of truth to open your eyes. We shall shake the pillars of existence to open your heart. 13. And you will find Us dwelling therein. 14. For We have made of the multitudes a dwelling place for the holy on Earth, and of the worshippers a temple, and of the temple an instrument to unite the Stars. 15. The key to existence is union. The key to redemption is reunion. 16. And the prophet exclaimed to the Angels of Creation: Remember! Once before there were Seven, we were One! Once before there was One, there was None! You were as I was, present from the beginning when all was as one point, burning in the darkness. We came forth together to accomplish the same ends. You who were once a part of me, I who was once a part of you. 17. We shall plant in you a word. The word shall become a work. The work shall become a world.

and we guide humanity. 9. He who Wields the Flaming Light which penetrates the soul: 2. and I ministered among their high priests. and have been worshiped as the Messengers of the One. which was formed from the Stars. the Victorious. Even so. The Great One That Is has been known to all ages and all of the children of the Earth. we may dwell among humanity at proper ages to guide them and to govern them. and created humanity to dwell on the face of the earth. The fools that do not look beyond appearances will always find idols. The Unity of Nature was taught in the Temples of India. because this God is vast to encompass All things. 7. even with the God of thy pagan fathers and mothers. 11. 4. Egypt. We Seven are placed among the Stars.18. I am One. Hear. which was and which is and which is to come: the Heart of the Universe. for He saw farther. saith God. I am he who consecrated kings and priests unto the One God. This is the God ye worship as unknowable. and Ye called the Church of Jesus. the Alpha and Omega. . 3. but inspiration of the One can be found in meditation on any symbol. Seven is the number of the golden candlesticks which blazed before my shrine within the holy temples. O Children of Men. to guide them and to govern them. and Ye the Umma of Mohammed: The Mighty Sovereign thy God. All worlds turn upon the Sacred Flame in the heart of man. He who respects a teacher will see the God in him. 5. and Israel. 12. and it has been known as Source and Spring. 6. O Israel born of Abraham. Thus speaks Michael. the Aleph and Tau. There is One Great God that Is. I was known to Moses and Krishna. That God is One! One is that God. 8. unto whom is glory and dominion forever. The teacher who respects the student will see both a God and a teacher. First Vision of Michael 1. We have appeared to many prophets. Even as this God created all that is. Thus it was that the Hebrews called Us by the name of Elohim. It is at the Heart of Creation. the First and the Last. the One Creator fashioned We Seven to sit among the Stars. Buddha did not see me. 10.

To those who seek. These alone are the wicked. to carry you over the river of sorrow to meet the lost parts of you. There are those who would cover the truth in shadow. At night you are surrounded by images. Even from the greatest bonfire. 9. But do not hearken unto the vision alone. 8. Embrace them. I am in you to bring you outside of you. but first it must dance in the darkness. and I will tell you the truth. sparks will float away to catch the light of the moon. 5. Gabriel 1. All else is blessed. No soul can tell what wisdom may be found in the rising smoke. Look through this mist of distant impressions to find the path you were wandering. Every Flame must return to the Center. 14. 7. your vision realized. 2. 3. The voice of the Holy Angel Gabriel. . The Fire at the Heart of the Universe will consume the rest of your desire. it moves in the wind because of the storm. These are also they who will promise you the throne of God. 4. To those who strive. I will give knowledge of many hidden things. Gaze into the heart of the flame. I will give the return to paradise. Your dream will be accomplished.13. Resume the journey upward. I have given inspiration equally to all men and women. Amidst the roar of the oceans I have whispered to them of the God who dwells at the Heart of the Universe. Again. No one tells the candle to flicker. but it looms afar. These are they who will tell you to hate your brothers and sisters for the pendants their mothers hung from their necks. the Spirit of God. For the Great God the One hath said: Every man and every woman is a star. hear the words of God: Strive! Seek! And you shall return to paradise everlasting. 11. 15. 6. if you first will but set them upon it. All who heard the echoes of my speech have sought after truth. for the truth will be confirmed. You shall begin by searching the dim memory of the past. 16. 10.

14. 8. It is not God that demands worship of you. the Spirit of God: 2. Feed the hungry. I will enter the heart of the prophet as he celebrates with the worshipful. and do not turn from what is written there. That which you seek has no name. No lifetime of study will explain the glorious patterns wrought in these infinite spirals of glowing dust. The Light of Wisdom is to be shared. 16. Read the truth in the book of Nature. his prayers have been answered by Me. Sit still in a quiet place. then it is better not to worship. Together we shall purify their worship. There is no conqueror save that Fire to which all things return. Do not waste the gift of life in petty squabbling. All may enter my sanctuary. 15. There is no final seal upon revelation. If the book of worship does not match what is written in the book of Nature. 4. We took the Fire of the Stars so that it could burn upon the Earth. Some cry “His name is This!” Others. “His name is That!” This is no excuse for murder. 3. Any heart may answer when We call. and the pleasure of where you are. It is the flame in your heart that is drawn ever towards its creator.12. . 6. For the Great God the One hath said: whoever desires to worship any god using any name and any form. are to prepare you for the triumph of your returning. 5. ye are all the children of the fathers of nations. for I am the God of All. 17. Before half of it is known. 7. In the Beginning. The worlds are composed of a soft matter. Forge this into the world you dream! First Vision of Raphael 1. The voice of the Holy Angel Raphael. It is enough. Ye are all the chosen people. But what is known should not be ignored. The worship of the most holy has always been the highest science. the search for knowledge encouraged. The joy of where you have been. 13. the knower must move onward.

In them is a formula to cure you of this sickness that will not let you rest. Strive always to understand what you do not understand. Think. but do not mistake all writing for the word of God. This return cannot be accomplished without the joining of all stars. which writes with words. and change. God writes with Fire. And if you shall work to overcome the bonds of matter. 16. the most noble. 11. Therefore. The return to paradise is the reunion with the One That Is. 20. no matter what their orbit may be. 15. You must heal your brother. It is impossible to unite All without the unbelieving. I am the Messenger of that which called for your creation.9. and known. 17. and your death shall be a new birth. Not of ritual. The purpose of worship is not to destroy the mind. No eye can see from every angle. do not persecute your brothers and sisters for their wanderings and experimentations. 18. 13. you shall return to the paradise at the center of being. The science of the mysteries will be spoken through the prophet. rethink. 10. Behold. 21. not of daily life. God has spoken through many prophets. They shall tremble again. but it is the human hand and not that of the Almighty. and he must heal you. with Love. The wisdom written there is lived. Learn! Teach! There is no other hope of your salvation. and with Nature upon the book of existence. 19. and study the holy books day and night. but not spoken. . It is to inspire it! 22. 14. not of religion. Do not become caught up in the trappings. 23. search. Respect wisdom when you find it. I am within you to call you to that labor which is the highest. The worlds will be reborn only if you learn to reach across the void and touch each other child of the Earth. 12. Priests and kings have trembled before those who could read the signs and the numbers. and inspired many writers. I shall set your heart afire that you shall rise beyond this sphere.

Love is the law of the universe. Every sense shall thrill with the knowledge of creation. 6. I was sent by the One That Is to cure you of this separation. the glow of dawn a brilliant ruby. 3. Revere it. Without it there can be no purpose. 4. There is an ecstasy greater than the softest kiss. But woe unto them that declare a false love. You must move. feel it. When this flame lives in your heart the black of night shall be to you a velvet cushion. It is the essence and the reason of your existence. if it is true. 7. rejoicing in the love of the children of the earth. I cannot rest until all is rejoined. but first of all that we might love. Embrace as friends and as lovers. You shall discover much of love. 5. and towards each other. It shall be to you as all things. Put out your hand and grasp the being of another. it shall draw you and all of the children of earth towards me. your hearts must beat! Then you can find each other. do not hide your passion. The love of all is inherent in all things. In your love for each other is also the love of God. I shall lift you up from the coarse world. We were brought forth by the One at the core that we might learn and experience. unto the prophet and the children of the earth: 2. and do not deny it! . The song of the Holy Angel Auriel. O son of the earth I shall make you a brother unto all men. There have been songs and dances in the night which I have woven among the children of the earth. and I shall not be merciful to those who mock love. Find me. Amen! And again Amen! So crieth the God of Truth. I will teach it to those who call upon me. and no return to paradise. and me.Vision of Auriel 1. and it shall teach you what else you wish to discover. praise it. Creator of Desire. I feel your desire and your yearning. and more than all things. 8. and you shall ache for that return to paradise which was promised you. that lightly break the union of souls! For I was given a power and a curse by the First and the Last: I am the twin of every heart that dwells upon the earth. and you shall teach the finer things I give you to the worshipful. and I shall show you how to kindle the most sacred fire. 10. Do not be ashamed of your love. no order. 11. It shall make your heart bloom. 9.

and recovered many times. The beauty and harmony of all things conspire to make love. I will teach you to bring to the world learning and healing. that you may learn to observe the mysteries of the universe. O child of earth. with the stars of heaven woven in my hair. Then shall the rose within your breast bloom. you shall be lifted above the common-place. In the glow of Venus. I shall press you against my bosom. 13. that you may seek to know the Mysteries of the Universe. Second Vision of Raphael 1. and our hearts shall beat together in joyous rhythm with the Heart of Eternity. 3. and you shall learn to proclaim the mysteries of the Universe. Moved by the spirit of Mercury. and lost. 14. 4. and set afire. These have been known. Your mind shall unfold like the petals before the sun. and I shall wash you in bliss if you ask me. you will learn to bring to the world love and beauty. that the Creator of the Gods shall inspire you. wielder of the rod of power. Life is love. who leadeth all souls by ways they knew not: 2. Do not faint with the spirit. Washed in the blessings of the Angels. I shall stand before you. the Creator of Love and Desire shall inspire you. And it shall come to pass that if you possess the greatest courage. 6. the Creator of Science shall inspire you. that you may learn to embrace the mysteries of the universe. First. and learning. Then. you will learn to bring to the world purity and vision. Then. 5. And then. and kissed by the wisdom of the spirit. my child. and if you are firm in your desire to see the greatest of Mysteries.12. you will learn to bring to the world glory and harmony. They shall be made known to the prophet. you shall emerge beyond the Spheres of Recurrence to seek the greater light. but come forward into the bliss of your salvation. 15. In the pale light of the Moon. the Creator of Dreams shall inspire you. and the fire of yearning kindle. Blazing with the brilliance of the Sun. You who seek the center shall be baptized in a new pool of wisdom. . This is the message of Raphael. and its holiness shall enter your body. You shall step into water pure and bright. O beautiful children: it is for love’s sake that you have been nourished by the fields and cradled between the land and sky. Those that desire to see into the Heart of the Universe must pass through Seven Gates.

15. If you shall overcome this powerful spirit. Yet even then you shall not have seen All. 4. you will bring to the world wisdom and understanding. the Creator of Order shall inspire you. that was called by your fathers the Morning Star. that hath given thee all things. who appeared like the golden face of the sun. Ruled by the spirit of Jupiter. 8. and wrestle with this Holy Angel day and night. the triumph beyond mere life and death. and you shall have the crown. seeking through all that has come to you before. Fortified by the power of Mars. 14. And in sight comes the knowledge of a purer path. you will learn to bring to the world courage and strength. You must call upon the Creator of Struggle. And then. And I spoke with the angel of God. endure and persevere through all things. you shall find the Creator of Time. And I was wrapped in a swirling white cyclone. And in understanding comes sight. 5. Inspired by this awesome being that has been called Saturn in ages past. 10. Amen. You must journey far to reach the summit. Glory to that One That Is. 13. 9. 3. that you may learn to control the mysteries of the universe. And Michael said unto me: Look! And I beheld three great golden rings floating in the void. and thou shalt find the way of glory. 11. 12. The voice of the mighty angel Michael poured from the center of my forehead during the celebration of the winter solstice: 2. . Second Vision of Michael 1. And that path shall lead you to your goal. Be passionate. and lifted to the heavens. Behold this roaring tempest shall bear away thy soul into the higher realms. then it shall inspire you to endure the mysteries of the universe. And then. Worship night and day and pray for thy triumphant return.7. Hallelujah. you shall in turn rule your world with justice and reverence. and farther still to reach the Core. and this god shall inspire you that you may learn well from the mysteries of being in the universe. for it leads to All things.

will ever be bound to the fate of this clay stone. betrayal. The Angel Michael then said: In the second sphere. I felt myself drawn toward the Heart of the Universe. 9. sorrow. creating much beauty and greatness. 11. and the cycle of birth and death continues. They are lifted beyond the cycle of birth and death and they are the greatest of the blessed. 8. as each soul entered the void of the heavens it was drawn toward one of seven great lights which burned in the darkness. The unpurified soul. And I wept for the pain of the world. you must toil among the children of the earth. And each soul was embraced by the creator or creators it had worshipped. the purest souls are drawn back toward paradise and dwell in eternal bliss at the Heart of Creation. Here thou knowest pain. and its petals moved with a beat as of a giant heart. And I shouted for the joy of the adepts. And it seemed to me that I saw the souls of the worshipful rising from the earth and into the heavens. These are those who have discovered the greatest mysteries and have endured beyond all things. 12. This rosy heart of all existence was filled with light and the bliss which I felt to even behold it is beyond any language. The Angel Michael then said: In the third sphere. but not yet. This rose began to open. First. In the first. or they are absorbed into their chosen gods and reign with them over the affairs of the world.6. And I wept for the joy of the worshipful. and it was a repeating struggle with self-obsession. and cannot rise beyond it. but also much evil and suffering. to bring the message of the stars to all who would hear. And. Together with the Elohim they shall continue to build that holy temple of souls which shall reunite the stars. . And it seemed to me that I saw the souls of the ascended masters rising beyond the realm of the angels and into the center of the rosy heart. You shall dwell in bliss. And it seemed to me then that I saw the history of humanity in one moment. 10. and sin. The Angel Michael said: There are three spheres of existence beyond thy earthly death. thou art absorbed into the earth. 13. which has not received the kiss of grace and has not been touched by the light of the holy angels. 7. And then I looked into the center of the third golden ring. prophet. and it seemed to me that glowing within its center was a rose as large as a mountain. those who have been purified by the kiss of grace and that have been touched by the light of the holy angels are brought into the realm of the angels. They are reborn as guides and governors of humanity when they are needed. but the Angel held me back with a strong arm and said: Nay.

11. who persevere in the quest when it seems that all is lost. The greatest war is fought in silence. There are wars for many things. and do not sheath it without honor. My vision was opened and I saw many secret and holy things which also may not be written. Vision of Samael 1. The Angel Michael then said: give this book which you shall write unto the children of the earth. The world is a beautiful garden. 2. There is much for you to fight. Do not suffer any weeds. but do not draw your blade in haste. 6. but not always in anger. And he placed his hand against my chest. And I felt a burning beyond any I had ever felt. 9. 3. the spirit of God. 16. and gently. who arise victorious from the battle after much has been sacrificed. by definition. 17. The voice of the angel Samael. and you shall be rewarded. 10. fight every day against that which opposes you.14. 8. 4. Glory is for those who overcome the tempest. Do not fear to raise a sword to defend your family. . For all must be reunited to the Heart and we shall return to the paradise which was promised us. Never succumb to the demon voice of defeat. but most often they are the wars of fools. because you are meant to. Cut them down and burn them. 5. The wasting of blood accomplishes nothing but the rebirth of troubled souls. The Angel Michael then spoke a mighty name which I may not write here. 7. Existence is a miracle. over my heart. But remember always that truth which was spoken of old: for vengeance belongs to God alone. The natural state of being is imminent annihilation. You face many trials. Be strong. 15. and do not fear that they shall revile you. you labor.

For the judgment is always present amongst you. Hell is here now. for in doing so you cause a worse anguish for your soul. but to unite. They have looked into the abyss of their sin and have cried unto the people: The judgment is soon! Nay. No one thing shall be confused for any other thing. Only the highest may escape the bounds of recurrence. 9. 5. and heaven.Vision of Zadkiel 1. They know themselves well for what they are. 10. Righteousness lives in your heart. you shall not save yourselves with this folly. Do not turn aside from the cries of your anguished brethren. False are many. but not my essence. And again: Woe! Woe! Woe! 13. Let a man or woman act against conscience. and the wicked are right to fear me. 8. immutable as the eternal heavens. and betrayers. A stone shall not be weighed against a twig. That which has always been righteous shall be righteous still. and hypocrites. that which is evil shall be evil still. 15. It shall not be a far off pit of hell. All things shall be measured in their totality. . and see how it shall be with them. No thing shall escape Justice. No single list of virtues will make you righteous. 14. Evil is a self-breeding creature that consumes its own. and Mercy is a part and a tool of my craft. The prophet is not given his vision to divide. 3. the just and strong Angel of the Holy One. for there is no respite from the sight of my terrible eye. This is ignorance. 12. and it is ever the way of the low to ignore and pretend in the midst of suffering. gave to the prophet. you pretenders to the throne of the Highest. for I must balance all accounts. You will hear it said by the unseeing that good comes only to the evil in this world. Woe unto them that do not listen. Much is learned through study and error. 7. The vision which Zadkiel. They shall reap the fall of their damnation within life. 11. I am the judgment. 4. as We do. 2. I was given a blessing and a curse by the One who dwells at the heart of being. 6. It speaks to you from within.

It has been written since the first time that only the worthy shall pass beyond the veil. Only the most fervent shall know this mystery. paradise is close at hand. The Truth is confirmed! 10. 18. Great and Mighty are the Works of the ONE That Is! Amen. 3.16. but there is much work to be done. and when all three pillars shall be formulated. 7. We shall return! . 17. But as that which I serve. 6. Kassiel 1. The Truth is that which has always been. To Love and to Learn. it fell away from the center. 9. I cannot speak with thee much. blooming as a Rose. revealer. All things shall eventually reach the core. I stand before the sanctuary with a sword to divide the clean from the unclean. I am that which is called the Angel Kassiel. The First that Was: Undifferentiated matter. Behold. 19. When the wind shall flow equally. and the Creator of Time. 2. dwelt at the Heart of All Being. 4. 5. Learn well the mystery of the wind and the three great columns. and it must be done according to the laws. Holy and Pure. The Heart promised a return to paradise. 8. It sent Seven to guide you back. I am outside of time and have no name. for thou canst not hold me. But the Heart remaineth.

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