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June 5, 2013 Mr. Keith Egli Chair, Transportation Committee Dear Ms. Egli Re: Proposed New Interprovincial Crossing and affect on downtown truck traffic I am writing to you with regards to the committees discussion of a proposed new interprovincial bridge in the East End of Ottawa. The Dalhousie Community Association is supportive of any efforts to remove truck traffic from Ottawas urban core. A, new crossing at Kettle Island seems to offer real hope in achieving this. The project is technically feasible, has already undergone a rigorous and length environmental assessment, and would remove a large number of trucks from downtown. However, for a new bridge to achieve the affect of removing truck traffic its construction must be tied to removing truck routes through downtown Ottawa. The principle function of a new crossing must be to provide a more sensible way for truck traffic to cross the Ottawa river, improving safety and traffic in central Ottawa. As part of this process, it is essential that both King Edward Ave. and Booth St. be removed as truck routes. Removing just King Edward would have the effect of shifting a significant portion of large trucks not to a new east-end crossing, but through the heart of residential Little Italy and China Town. Removing truck traffic from the urban core is an important goal; lets make sure that it is done properly. I would note that there is an opportunity to do this as part of Ottawas ongoing review of the Transportation Master Plan. Sincerely, Michael Powell President Dalhousie Community Association cc:

Councillor Diane Holmes Members of Transportation Committee Rosemary Theriault, Committee Coordinator Nathan David, King Edward Avenue Taskforce Jordan Charbonneau, President, CCCA