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EL-7. Serenity City =========================== Home of the Move Deleter Freebies!

Miracle Seed (hotel) HM02 Fly (cooltrainer in hotel) Trades Sandshrew for Graveler Pokemart Great Ball $600 Ultra Ball $1200 Super Potion $700 Hyper Potion $1200 Antidote $100 Paralyz Heal $200 Awakening $250 Revive $1500 Super Repel $500 Wood Mail $50 Enter the City and youll walk right into a confrontation between Team Steam and t he Pokemon Police! They get away quite easily though, and youre free to wander th e city. Be sure to pick up HM02 Fly from the Cooltrainer in the first house! The Gym leader isnt in the Gym, so check the Power Plant. =========================== EL-8. Power Plant =========================== Items TM25 Thunder Trainers Scientist Kater $1216 Houndour Lv38 (927) Purugly Lv38 (487) Miner Steven $456 Pikachu Lv38 (667) Scientist Trevor $704 Baltoy Lv39 (484) Baltoy Lv22 (273) Ninetails Lv39 (1486) Fight your way through the short Power Plant and talk to Rayner, standing with h is Electivire at the far right side. Hes been working on restoring power to the p lant and now that its all better hell return to the Gym. Head out! =========================== EL-9. Serenity City Gym =========================== Trainers Scientist Willian $1248 Electabuzz Lv39 (1303)

Luxio Lv39 (1002) Miner Carlos $480 Ampharos Lv38 (1579) Zebstrika Lv39 (969) Jolteon Lv40 (1687) Pachirisu Lv40 (1087) Electabuzz Lv40 (1336) Miner Trace $480 Shinx Lv40 (633) Purugly Lv40 (513) Scientist Mike $1280 Lopunny Lv40 (642) Jolteon Lv40 (1687) Scientist Daniel $1280 Ampharos Lv38 (1579) Zebstrika Lv39 (969) Jolteon Lv40 (1687) Pachirisu Lv40 (1087) Electabuzz Lv40 (1336) Leader Rayner $960 Ampharos Lv46 (1911) Zebstrika Lv47 (1167) Manectric Lv46 (1656) Luxray Lv47 (453) Electivire Lv48 (925) Not too difficult a Gym, just hit the switches to deactivate the electrical towe rs. Defeat the leader and get the Energy Badge and TM24 Thunderbolt. Now you can (finally!) use Fly outside of battle! Now its time to head out of the city. He ad east to Route 417, where youll find a dead end and the Pokemon Breeders. Hea d west to continue along to Route 413 and the next Gym. =========================== EL-10. Route 417 =========================== Pokemon Grass (all level 25-33) Roselia (20%), Kecleon (20%), Spinarak (10%), Budew (10%), Stunky (10%), Mienfoo (10%), Mareep (9%), Girafarig (5%), Oddish (4%), Skorupi (2%) Heatbutt (all level 20-30) Scyther (60%), Aipom (30%), Pinsir (5%), Pineco (5%) Items Light Ball Super Potion Nest Ball TM47 Steel Wing (Drakebreath side) Trainers Pkmn Ranger Maria $1824 Kadabra Lv38 (813) Buneary Lv38 (513) Lopunny Lv38 (610) Beautifly Lv38 (1311)

Camper Kevin $608 Luxio Lv38 (976) Mightyena Lv38 (1041) Dustox Lv38 (1302) Bug Catcher Sophia $608 Ninjask Lv38 (1261) Ninjask Lv38 (1261) Vibrava Lv38 (1026) Pkmn Ranger Sarah $1824 Breloom Lv38 (1342) Lopunny Lv38 (610) Beautifly Lv38 (1311) Here youll find the Daycare Center, where you can breed your Pokemon for eggs, or just leave them to level up. If you continue east youll find the way blocked by a ledge. Theres nothing else to do here, so you should head back to Serenit y City and continue onto Route 413. =========================== GL-1. Route 413 =========================== Pokemon Grass (all level 25-35) Sunkern (20%), Wooper (20%), Aipom (10%), Skiploom (10%), Stunky (10%), Hoppip ( 10%), Oddish (5%), Gloom (5%), Skarmory (4%), Rufflet (4%), Houndour (1%), Vulla by (1%) Surf Tentacool (lv2-25)(95%), Magikarp (lv25-30)(5%) Headbutt (all level 20-30) Scyther (60%), Aipom (30%), Pinsir (5%), Pineco (4%), Heracross (1%) Old Rod (all level 5-10) Magikarp (70%), Tentacool (30%) Good Rod (all level 10-30) Magikarp (60%), Tentacool (20%), Wailmer (20%) Super Rod Wailmer (lv20-45)(100%) Items Super Potion Max Elixer Ultra Ball Twistedspoon Trainers Youngster Bryan $608 Buneary Lv38 (513) Pigeotto Lv38 (919) Kecleon Lv38 (1074) Lass Carla $608 Drilbur Lv38 (471) Lopunny Lv38 (610) Munchlaz Lv38 (1351) Glameow Lv38 (528) Lass Michele $608 Kadabra Lv38 (813)

Buneary Lv38 (513) Beautifly Lv38 (1311) Bug Catcher Thomas $608 Scyther Lv38 (1522) This grassy route takes you to the entrance of Mt. Icestorm. =========================== GL-2. Mt. Icestorm (1st floor) =========================== Pokemon (all level 25-35) Snorunt (42%), Seel (20%), Jynx (20%), Swinub (9%), Smoochum (5%), Piloswine (4% ) Items Super Potion TM07 Hail Ice Heal Ultra Ball Trainers Lass Mary $608 Vaporeon Lv38 (1596) Cloyster Lv38 (1653) Girafarig Lv38 (1212) Cooltrainer Gray $1824 Gardevoir Lv38 (366) Skuntank Lv38 (1221) Skyboard Mika $760 Jynx Lv38 (1114) Sealeo Lv38 (976) Youll probably hate this place by the time youre done with it, I know I do. Contin ue to the next section. =========================== GL-3. Mt. Icestorm (2nd floor) =========================== Pokemon (All level 25-35) Snorunt (40%), Jynx (20%), Swinub (19%), Shellder (10%), Piloswine (5%), Onix (4 %), Seel (2%) Items Lucky Egg Ultra Ball Trainers Skyboard Jessica $760 Jynx Lv38 (1114) Pilswine Lv38 (1302) Hiker Marlos $1520 Lunatone Lv38 (1221) Solrock Lv38 (1221)

Theres another Rock Climb wall that you cant use. So keep on heading north. =========================== GL-4 Mt. Icestorm (3rd floor) =========================== Pokemon (all level 25-35) Seel (40%), Shellder (20%), Snorunt (15%), Cloyster (10%), Spheal (9%), Jynx (6% ) Items Super Potion Ether Trainers Skyboard Barbara $800 Glalie Lv40 (1602) Metang Lv40 (25) Hiker Park $1600 Solrock Lv40 (1285) Cloyster Lv40 (1740) Okay, heres something a little different. Try to go north and your way is blocked by Team Steam members. So you have to exit to the east and enter Mt. Winder. =========================== GL-4. Mt. Winder (1st floor) =========================== Pokemon (all level 25-35) Zubat (55%), Swablu (20%), Vibrava (15%), Golbat (10%) Items TM14 Blizzard Silk Scarf Trainers T. Steam Grunt $760 Kadabra Lv40 (856) Lopunny Lv38 (610) Kadabra Lv40 (856) Gardevoir Lv40 (385) T. Steam Grunt $760 Kadabra Lv40 (856) Lopunny Lv38 (610) Kadabra Lv40 (856) Gardevoir Lv40 (385) T. Steam Grunt $760 Kadabra Lv40 (856) Lopunny Lv38 (610) Kadabra Lv40 (856) Gardevoir Lv40 (385) T. Steam Grunt $800 Staraptor Lv40 (1636)

T. Steam Grunt $760 Kadabra Lv40 (856) Lopunny Lv38 (610) Kadabra Lv40 (856) Gardevoir Lv40 (385) T. Steam Grunt $800 Gastrodon Lv40 (385) Lunatone Lv40 (1285) Here youll meet Cynthia, who has been waiting for your help to defeat Team Stea m. Follow her to the next section and keep going to the top. =========================== GL-5. Mt. Winder (top) =========================== Trainers T. Steam Grunt $760 Kadabra Lv40 (856) Lopunny Lv38 (610) Kadabra Lv40 (856) Gardevoir Lv40 (385) T. Steam Grunt $760 Kadabra Lv40 (856) Lopunny Lv38 (610) Kadabra Lv40 (856) Gardevoir Lv40 (385) Make your way to the top of the mountain to find Cynthia battling Team Steams S hirley. Walk around them and talk to Kratos, who has released Resihram and Zekro m in order to capture them. But first, hell try to "crush you". *Fight!* Steam Leader Kratos $4160 Houndoom Lv51 (2229) Umbreon Lv51 (2152) Flygon Lv51 (2152) Salamence Lv52 (501) As Kratos questions the possibility of what just happened, the two legendaries h ave decided they dont want to sit quietly any longer and the both proceed to sh red the other. Faithful Arceus to the rescue! At this point Kratos begins to (ob viously) lose his marbles and then calls for a retreat. Cynthia will thank you, and youre free to continue back to Mt. Icestorm, and head north. =========================== GL-6. Mt. Icestorm (3rd floor) =========================== Head to the exit and youll see its blocked by Kenta. Better make him move. *Fight!* Pkmn Trainer Kenta $1020 Magmortar Lv49 (2100) Typhlosion Lv51 (2283) Aggron Lv49 (472) And... onto Route 414! ===========================

GL-7. Route 414 =========================== Pokemon (all level 30-35) Snover (50%), Snorunt (20%), Shpeal (10%), Munchlax (5%), Abomasnow (5%), Tynamo (5%), Teddiursa (5%) Items TM46 Thief Nevermeltice Dive Ball Super Potion Full Restore Trainers Skyboard Fabiana $480 Sealo Lv41 (1053) Glalie Lv42 (1683) Skyboard Larry Teddiursa Lv40 Piloswine Lv41 Manectric Lv41 $820 (1062) (1405) (1476)

Skyboard Gabrielle $820 Piloswine Lv41 (1405) Glalie Lv41 (1642) Prinplup Lv41 (1255) Beauty Clarisse $2880 Toxicroak Lv40 (771) Manectric Lv36 (1296) Skyboard Carla $780 Snover Lv39 (475) Manectric Lv39 (1404) Skyboard Kleber $820 Teddiursa Lv40 (1062) Piloswine Lv41 (1405) Manectric Lv41 (1476) Beauty Michele $3360 Honchkrow Lv42 (810) Youngster Truey $640 Mightyena Lv40 (1096) Skyboard Gray $820 Ursaring Lv41 (1660) Snorlax Lv41 (1353) Floatzel Lv41 (1344) Youve reached the first of the snow routes! Make it over the frozen lake puzzle , head down the stairs and Diamond will come out from his "hiding" place behind a tree (where hes been waiting for hours just for you to come) and challenge yo u to a battle! *Fight!* Pkmn Trainer Diamond $1000 Tyranitar Lv49 (2289)

Electivire Lv50 (963) After hes beaten hell vaguely threaten you and leave. Shake it off and keep go ing! =========================== GL-8. Snowce City =========================== Freebies! Turtwig OR Piplup OR Chimchar (Professor Rowan in house) Trade Staravia for Poliwhirl (with Kings Rock) Pokemart Great Ball $600 Ultra Ball $1200 Super Potion $700 Hyper Potion $1200 Antidote $100 Paralyz Heal $200 Awakening $250 Revive $1500 Super Repel $500 Wood Mail $50 Welcome to Snowice City... err Snowce City. Someday Ill get it right. Head to t he Pokemon Center and Solana will literally drop out of the sky on top of you! S hell tell you that the Snowce City leader is in Mt. Icestorm and that youll ha ve to go convince her to come back. Better get on that. And dont forget, you ca n fly now for fast traveling. =========================== GL-9. Mt. Icestorm =========================== Just to the left of the southern entrance (1st room) youll find Sophia hanging out in the cold with her Froslass. Talk to her and shell say that shes headed back to her gym. If you go to her Gym youre going to be mad, because shes stil l not there. Shes sitting at the northern entrance (3rd room) of Mt. Icestorm. Talk to her again, and after shes done laughing shell finally go back to her G ym! =========================== GL-10. Snowce City =========================== Try to head into the Gym and youll run into Red whos just leaving. Hes just b eaten the leader, and wants to battle you before he heads on. *Fight!* Pkmn Trainer Red $1020 Salamence Lv50 (481) Lucario Lv51 (1890) Once hes gone, head into the Gym =========================== GL-11. Snowce City Gym ===========================

Trainers Skyboard Sarah $820 Glalie Lv40 (1602) Jynx Lv41 (1203) Skyboard Kevin $820 Dewgong Lv40 (1507) Cloyster Lv41 (1783) Skyboard Maicon $820 Snover Lv40 (487) Lapras Lv41 (1923) Skyboard Jessica $820 Piloswine Lv40 (1371) Vaporeon Lv41 (1722) Skyboard Mika $820 Sealeo Lv41 (1053) Dewgong Lv41 (1545) Leader Sophia $1080 Piloswine Lv51 (1747) Lapras Lv52 ( 2439) Walrein Lv52 (2139) Abomasnow Lv52 (1317) Froslass Lv54 (693) Now that Snakebyte fixed the "trapped forever" glitch, this gym is a piece of ca ke! Make it through 2 small frozen puzzles and take on the Leader! Your prize is the Glacier Badge! Dive is now available to use. And of course, your free TM, t his time TM13 Ice Beam. =========================== Route 415 =========================== Pokemon (all level 30-38) Snover (65%), Snorunt (25%), Teddiursa (8%), Swinub (2%) Items Super Potion Max Revive Full Heal HM08 Dive (woman in Solanas house) TM43 Secret Power Dive Ball Trainers Lass Camila $288 Croagunk Lv39 (501) Scraggly Lv18 (334) Skyboard Roberto $560 Dewgong Lv39 (1470) Scraggly Lv28 (522) Skyboard Carmen $620 Glalie Lv38 (1522)

Scraggly Lv31 (577) Beauty Leslye $2720 Marshtomp Lv42 (1287) Scraggly Lv34 (633) Skyboard Pedro $740 Prinplup Lv40 (1225) Scrafty Lv37 (1458) Head along this route and soon youll come across Solana and Lunicks house! Sol ana is standing outside the door and when you talk to her, shell tell you that shes giving up battling. Before she does, Solana wants challenges you to one la st fight! *Fight!* Pkmn Trainer Solana $1020 Torterra Lv49 (472) Blastoise Lv51 (2295) Now that thats over, shell express her new goal of raising Pokemon for Beauty Contests! Follow her inside her house, and talk to the woman in the hat to recei ve HM08 Dive. Leave the house and keep going towards Route 416. =========================== Route 416 =========================== Pokemon Water (all level 25-40) Remoraid (60%), Goldeen (30%), Horsea (5%), Staryu (4%), Tentacool (1%) Old Rod (all level 5-10) Magikarp (70%), Tentacool (30%) Good Rod (all level 10-30) Magikarp (60%), Tentacool (20%), Carvanha (20%) Super Rod (all level 20-45) Carvanha (100%) Items Super Repel Great Ball Super Potion Ultra Ball TM41 Torment Water Stone Trainers Swimmer(m) Bruno $328 Wailmer Lv40 (1173) Sharpedo Lv41 (1537) Swimmer(f) Yara $328 Tentacruel Lv39 (1713) Feraligatr Lv41 (1845) Swimmer(m) Marcelo $328 Wailmer Lv40 (1173) Wailord Lv41 (1809) Swimmer(m) Criss $336 Wailmer Lv41 (1203)

Blastoise Lv42 (1890) As you get out of the snow, Kaori will stop you to talk about Team Steam. Theyr e going to start some trouble, so you need to find their base and start trouble first! Get on the water an head on south, Team Steam is in a big tower on a litt le island. Make it there to watch Kratos and Percys little display. Time to go put an end to "Plan Alpha!" Before theyll let you in youll have to put back on the Team Steam Uniform that you got back in Esmerald City. Use it, and enter. =========================== Team Steam Secret Base =========================== Items Master Ball Elixer Hp Up Super Potion TM16 Light Screen Max Revive Spell Tag Alpha Scripture Trainers T. Steam Grunt $860 Glameow Lv41 (570) Purugly Lv43 (552) Purugly Lv43 (552) T. Steam Grunt $860 Glameow Lv41 (570) Purugly Lv43 (552) Purugly Lv43 (552) T. Steam Grunt $860 Glameow Lv41 (570) Purugly Lv43 (552) Purugly Lv43 (552) T. Steam Grunt $860 Glameow Lv41 (570) Purugly Lv43 (552) Purugly Lv43 (552) T. Steam Grunt $860 Glameow Lv41 (570) Purugly Lv43 (552) Purugly Lv43 (552) T. Steam Grunt $860 Glameow Lv41 (570) Purugly Lv43 (552) Purugly Lv43 (552) T. Steam Grunt $860 Glameow Lv41 (570) Purugly Lv43 (552) Purugly Lv43 (552) T. Steam Grunt $840 Magmortar Lv42 (1800)

Quagsire Lv42 (1233) Espeon Lv42 (1773) T. Steam Grunt $840 Medicham Lv42 (1377) Dusclops Lv42 (1611) T. Steam Grunt $840 Dusclops Lv42 (1611) Krokoroc Lv42 (1080) T. Steam Grunt $840 Lairon Lv42 (810) Dusclops Lv42 (1611) T. Steam Grunt $840 Lunatone Lv42 (1350) Solrock Lv42 (1350) T. Steam Grunt $840 Glalie Lv42 (1683) Honchkrow Lv42 (810) T. Steam Grunt $860 Glameow Lv41 (570) Purugly Lv43 (552) Purugly Lv43 (552) T. Steam Grunt $860 Glameow Lv41 (570) Purugly Lv43 (552) Purugly Lv43 (552) Steam Adm Shirley $2000 Absol Lv50 (1863) Steam Adm Sheila $2000 Drifblim Lv50 (642) Welcome to the Top Secret Headquarters of Team Steam! Make your way to the top a nd take on Kratos and Percy! Wait, nevermind. They announce their plans and then calmly walk away. Darn it. On the bright side, look over to the left and youll see a stone tablet. Its the third piece that Professor Jasmine was looking for ! Grab it and head out of the base. Keep going south to reach Drakebreath City. =========================== Drakebreath City =========================== Name Rater lives here. Freeebies Dragon Fang (cooltrainer in house) Axew (cool trainer in house) HM07 Waterfall (Red in Supermarket after defeating leader) Trades Pokemart (2nd floor, left lady)

Pokeball $200 Great Ball $600 Ultra Ball $1200 Escape Rope $550 Full Heal $600 Antidote $100 Parlyz Heal $200 Burn Heal $250 Ice Heal $250 Awakening $250 Fluffy Tail $1000 (2nd floor, right lady) Potion $300 Super Potion $700 Hyper Potion $1200 Max Potion $2500 Revive $1500 Repel $350 Super Repel $500 Max Repel $700 Wave Mail $50 Mech Mail $50 (3rd floor, left lady) Protein $9800 Calcium $9800 Iron $9800 Zinc $9800 Carbos $9800 Hp Up $9800 (3rd floor, right lady) X Speed $350 X Special $350 X Attack $500 X Defend $550 Dire Hit $650 Guard Spec. $700 X Accuracy $950 (4th TM38 TM25 TM14 TM15 (4th TM17 TM20 TM33 TM16 floor, right lady) Fire Blast $5500 Thunder $5500 Blizzard $5500 Hyper Beam $7500 floor, left lady) Headbutt $3000 Safeguard $3000 Reflect $3000 Light Screen $3000

(6th floor, Vending Machine) Fresh Water $200 Soda Pop $300 Lemonade $350 Here it is, Drakebreath City, the city with the giant Supermarket! Also on the f irst floor is the Pokemon Lotto, where you can try to win fabulous prizes! You c

ant go to the Gym right now, its "closed because of the Team Steam attacks". A lso, you cant enter the cave, because thats closed off too. You still have tha t Alpha Tablet though, and Professor Jasmine back in Yellow Town would sure like to have it. So once youre done shopping, its time to head back to Yellow Town . =========================== Yellow Town =========================== Head over to the Lab and Prof. Jasmine will tell you a story. Enjoy! After warni ng you about the terrible things that are happening, shell go right back to her usual message about how youre going to be a great trainer. There is absolutely nothing there to hint about how the cave in Drakebreath City is now open and th at thats where Team Steam is setting up its latest operation. But thats what w alkthroughs are for! Back to Drakebreath, and Mt. Draken! =========================== Mt. Draken (1st floor) =========================== Pokemon (sorry, cant get any to appear here) Items Ultra Ball TM15 Hyper Beam Not much here on the first floor. =========================== Mt. Draken (2nd floor) =========================== Pokemon (sorry, Pokemon wont appear here either) Nothing at all here except at the end youll find Team Steams Percy blocking yo ur way. Hell battle you with some ominous music. *Fight!* Steam Leader Percy $4720 Tyranitar Lv58 (2709) Garchomp Lv59 (2325) Once hes taken care of, head up to the top. =========================== Mt. Draken (top floor) =========================== Talk to Kaori, then watch a weakened Arceus get smacked around by three legendar ies. Percy will step right in front of Gratina and... well if youre playing you know what happens. Everyone else has the good sense to get away, but you get su cked in to the Distortion World! =========================== Distortion World =========================== Pokemon (all level 26-32) Spheal (50%), Zubat (45%), Golbat (5%)

The Distortion World is a very strange looking place. Head to the left, drop thr ough the hole, then continue to the right to face Zero. Being the optimist he is , hes sure youre both going to die here. He makes new plans, and decides to el iminate you as a threat! *FIght!* Steam Leader Zero $4880 Salamence Lv59 (568) Garchomp Lv60 (2365) Hydreigon Lv61 (1411) After you defeat him hell take off to find Gratina. You should probably do the same!Head to the next area to find Gratina! *Fight!* Giratina Lv50 (1285) Whether you catch it or defeat it, youll be transported back to Mt. Draken. As you head out youll find Kaori. Hell let you know that the Drakebreath leader i s at the Gym, waiting for you. (And that Team Steam got away again.) =========================== Drakebreath City Gym =========================== Trainers Cooltrainer Thiago $2016 Dragonair Lv42 (405) Shelgon Lv42 (405) Cooltrainer Tamires $2064 Gabite Lv43 (1105) Cooltrainer Patrick $2064 Fraxure Lv43 (414) Cooltrainer Fabian $2016 Shelgon Lv41 (394) Dragonair Lv42 (405) Cooltrainer Sabrina $2016 Gabite Lv41 (1053) Flygon Lv42 (1773) Leader Wesley $1280 Kingdra Lv58 (2572) Flygon Lv60 (2532) Garchomp Lv61 (2404) Haxorus Lv63 (1080) Dragonite Lv64 (2989) This Gym has paths over lava. Defeat the trainers and activate the switches to r each the Leader! Once you defeat Wesley himself, youll receive the Claw Badge a nd TM02, Dragon Claw. You can also use HM07 Waterfall outside of battle. Head ov er to the Supermarket and show your new badge to Red (hes by the elevator) and hell hand over the HM. Now its onto Victory Road! =========================== Route 416 ===========================

Head north out of Drakebreath City and climb the waterfall on the north end of R oute 416. Blocking the way is Solana, who says that Lunick wants to fight you fi rst! Head west back along Route 415 to the little house. =========================== Route 415 =========================== Enter the little house and talk to Lunick to start the battle! *Fight!* Pkmn Trainer Lunick $1220 Infernape Lv60 (2686) Garchomp Lv61 (2404) Alright, back to Route 416, up the waterfall and (finally!) onto Victory Road! =========================== Victory Road (1st floor) =========================== Pokemon (all level 38-42) Yamask (40%), Phanpy (10%), Donphan (10%), Lunatone(10%), Solrock (10%), Golbat (10%), Meditite (4%), Aron (4%), Lairon (2%) Items Full Restore Super Potion Ultra Ball TM08 Bulk Up Trainers Hiker Yuri $1760 Lairon Lv44 (847) Beauty Carmen $3520 Luxray Lv44 (423) Cooltrainer Fabiano $2160 Swellow Lv44 (1527) Toxicroak Lv45 (876) Cooltrainer Sandra $2160 Breloom Lv44 (1555) Pochyena Lv45 (529) Welcome to the last cave before the Zhery Elite 4! Just keep going! =========================== Victory Road (2nd floor) =========================== Pokemon Golbat (lv40)(40%), Lairon (lv35-40)(25%), Meditite (lv36-40)(15%), Graveler (lv 40)(10%), Aron (lv35-40)(5%), Meditite (lv36-40)(5%), Medicham (lv38-40)(5%) Items Fire Stone TM42 Facade Trainers

Cooltrainer Kevin $2160 Mismagius Lv44 (801) Purugly Lv44 (577) Hiker Pedro $1800 Golem Lv44 (1668) Machamp Lv45 (1860) Lass Sarah $720 Mightyena Lv44 (1206) Manectric Lv45 (1620) Lairon Lv44 (847) Just some more trainers and items. Continue on! =========================== Victory Road (outside) =========================== Pokemon Surfing (all level 38-42) Tentacool (60%), Remoraid (30%), Wailmer (5%), Tentacruel (5%) Old Rod (all level 5-10) Magikarp (70%), Goldeen (30%) Good Rod (all level 10-30) Magikarp (60%), Goldeen (20%), Corphish (20%) Super Rod Carvanha (lv25-35)(80%), Krabby (lv30-35)(15%), Wailmer (lv35-45)(5%) Items Super Potion Ultra Ball TM22 Solarbeam Trainers Swimmer(f) Camila $360 Gyarados Lv42 (1926) Tentacruel Lv44 (1932) Gyrados Lv45 (2062) Swimmer(m) Tom $368 Vaporeon Lv44 (1848) Wailmer Lv45 (1320) Lapras Lv46 (2158) Swimmer(f) Fabiana $368 Seadra Lv44 (1461) Tentacruel Lv45 (1975) Gyarados Lv46 (2109) For this leg you need a Pokemon that can surf and dive. Head towards the water, but before you get there Kenta will come out of the cave to battle you. *Fight!* Pkmn Trainer Kenta $1280 Typhlosion Lv64 (2865) Aggron Lv64 (616) Hell head back to the cave and you can continue to the water. Make your way to the dark water patch, and use dive to enter Zhery Underwater.

=========================== Zhery Underwater =========================== Pokemon (all level 35-42) Chichou (40%), Lanturn (20%), Gorebyss (10%), Huntail (10%), Clamperl (10%), Sta ryu (4%), Horsea (4%), Seadra (1%), Spheal (1%) Head left and go through the cave entrance. Just below the strange tooth shaped rock is a lighter area, use dive to return to the surface or Victory Road and pi ck up TM22 Solarbeam or you can just keep going. At the next light colored area, use dive to continue along Victory Road. =========================== Victory Road (outside) =========================== Pokemon Surfing (all level 38-42) Tentacool (60%), Remoraid (30%), Wailmer (5%), Tentacruel (5%) Old Rod (all level 5-10) Magikarp (70%), Goldeen (30%) Good Rod (all level 10-30) Magikarp (60%), Goldeen (20%), Corphish (20%) Super Rod Carvanha (lv25-35)(80%), Krabby (lv30-35)(15%), Wailmer (lv35-45)(5%) Trainers Swimmer(m) Daniel $386 Seaking Lv44 (1602) Wailord Lv46 (2029) Starmie Lv44 (1951) Mandibuzz Lv45 (1522) Head south and east to finish the water route, and head up the stairs to activat e a confrontation with Red! *Fight!* Pkmn Trainer Red $1300 Charizard Lv64 (2865) Lucario Lv65 (2409) Hell push past you and now youre free to head towards the Elite 4! =========================== Zhery Champion =========================== Pokemart Ultra Ball $1200 Hyper Potion $1200 Max Potion $1200 Full Restore $3000 Full Heal $600 Revive $1500 Max Repel $700 Youve made it to the home of the Zhery Elite Four! Head inside to find a Pokemo n Center, a Pokemart, and a neat display of all the Zhery Gym Leaders. Ash and D iamond are waiting for you at the north exit. Ash wants to thank you for your he

lp, and Diamond wants a fight. *Fight!* Pkmn Trainer Diamond $1300 Samurott Lv64 (2605) Metagross Lv65 (40) After defeating that high-leveled Metagross that only gives a freaking forty poi nts of experience, Ash will bring out an Alakazam and teleport the two of them a way. The way to the Elite 4 is clear! First up is Aisey, user of Ground Types! Elite Four Aisey $1072 Steelix Lv65 (2730) Hippowdow Lv66 (1272) Krookodile Lv67 (3015) Torterra Lv66 (636) Claydol Lv65 (2632) Second, Triton, user of Water Types! Elite Four Triton $1104 Blastoise Lv67 (3015) Gyarados Lv67 (3072) Tentacruel Lv68 (2986) Samurott Lv68 (2767) Wailord Lv69 (3045) Third, Lucia, user of Dark Pokemon! Elite Four Lucia $1136 Houndoom Lv69 (3015) Scrafty Lv70 (2760) Honchkrow Lv69 (1330) Umbreon Lv70 (2955) Absol Lv71 (2646) And fourth, Elizabeth of the Steel Type! Elite Four Elizabeth $1168 Empleon Lv71 (3195) Bronzong Lv71 (1140) Skarmory Lv72 (2592) Aggron Lv72 (693) Metagross Lv73 (46) And, finally, the Champion Kaori! Champion Kaori $4620 Charizard Lv74 (3313) Lucario Lv75 (2779) Salamence Lv75 (723) Rampardos Lv76 (2181) Garchomp Lv76 (2995) Haxorus Lv76 (1320) Defeat the Elite Four and the Champion and you;ll get your Pokemon entered into the Hall of Fame! Apparently the excitement is too much for you, you black out a nd wake up in you room back in Yellow Town. =========================== Yellow Town =========================== You Mom congratulates you, and tells you to head over to Professor Jasmines Lab

. Shell give you a Lauren Pass and let you know that her friend Professor Ellie is expecting you. Now you can head to Seanport City and take a boat to the Laur en Region! =========================== Seaport City =========================== Head over to the port on the east side of the City and exit through the back to reach the dock. Talk to the Sailor in front of the boat and youll be on your wa y! Do note that there is no Pokemon Center in the first Town, and the boat doesn t take you back. Bring a Pokemon that knows Fly! =========================== Suner Town =========================== Freebies! Mystic Water Welcome to Lauren! Head north through the town to talk to Professor Ellie. Shel l introduce you to Yellow, and ask you to meet up with her again in Carmine Town . =========================== Route 501 =========================== Pokemon (all level 30-40) Poochyena (50%), Wurmple (20%), Shinx (10%), Luxio (5%), Pidove (5%), Tranquill (8%), Nincada (1%), Taillow (1%) (There are Headbutt trees, but there are no Pokemon in them) Items Super Potion Ultra Ball Cleanse Tag Trainers Lass Raquel $672 Eevee Lv40 (787) Nidoqueen Lv42 (1746) Purugly Lv41 (526) Pidgeot Lv42 (1548) Youngster Pedro $672 Pikachu Lv40 (702) Bibarel Lv41 (219) Ninetails Lv41 (1563) Kricketune Lv42 (450) Bug Catcher Jorge $688 Butterfree Lv41 (1405) Pinsir Lv42 (1842) Scolipede Lv41 (1396) Vespiquen Lv42 (810) Scyther Lv43 (1722) Youngster Gabriel $672 Drifloon Lv40 (882)

Staraptor Lv42 (1719) Exeggutor Lv42 (1908) A short route with a few trainers. Keep going to Carmin Town! =========================== Carmin Town =========================== Freebies! Snivy OR Tepig OR Oshawott Pokemart Potion $300 Anitdote $100 Parlyz Heal $200 Awakening $250 Head on over to the Labratory to find Professor Ellie. Also present are her neph ew Yellow, and niece Pearl. New rivals! As a present for starting in Lauren, Pro fessor Ellie will let you choose one of the Black and White starters! Youre not allowed to leave the City to the west yet, so head east to Route 407. =========================== Route 407 =========================== Pokemon (all level 30-40) Tranquill (40%), Swellow (20%), Shroomish (20%), Buneary (10%), Glameow (8%), Ke cleon (2%) Items Super Potion Luxury Ball Trainers Beauty Katya $3520 Ivysaur Lv44 (1329) Camper Paulo $704 Marowak Lv44 (1168) Lass Catarina $688 Hypno Lv43 (1519) Head through the route until you reach the impassable cliffs, then turn north an d wrap around to find Pearl! Talk to her, and prepare for battle! *Fight!* Pkmn Trainer Pearl $1300 Arcanine Lv63 (2875) Sceptile Lv65 (2869) After defeating Pearl the west exit from Carmin Town will be open. So head back, then continue to Route 502! =========================== Route 502 =========================== Pokemon (all level 30-40)

Glameow (50%), Tranquill (30%), Chatot (14%), Swellow (6%) Items Trainers

/-------------------------------------------------------------------------\ | IV. Safari Zones | \-------------------------------------------------------------------------/ =========================== SZ-1. Desert Zone Pokemon =========================== Grass (all level 3-7) Drilbur (40%), Sandile (30%), Scraggly (10%), Trapinch (10%), Shellos (9%), Sand shrew (1%) Surfing Psyduck (lv 20-35) (95%), Golduck (lv 30-40) (5%) Fishing Old Rod Magikarp (lv 5-10)(70%), Goldeen (lv 5-10) (30%) Good Rod Magikarp (lv 10-30) (60%), Goldeen (lv 10-30) (40%) Super Rod Goldeen (lv 25-35)(80%), Seaking (lv30-40)(20%) =========================== SZ-2. Marsh Zone Pokemon =========================== Grass (all level 3-7) Croagunk (60%), Wooper (25%), Skorupi (13%), Venipede (2%) =========================== SZ-3. Ice Zone Pokemon =========================== Grass (all level 3-7) Snorunt (50%), Swinub (25%), Smoochum (10%), Spheal (9%), Snover (6%) =========================== SZ-4. Field Zone Pokemon =========================== *[NOTE]* There are no Pokemon in the water in the Field Zone

Grass (all level 3-7) Oddish (20%), Electrike (20%), Vullaby (10%), Nidoran(m) (15%), Mienfoo (10%), N idoran(f) (10%), Hoppip (5%), Pikachu (5%), Buneary (4%), Rufflet (1%) Ngun: Birdie. C g cc bn gp kh khn on no th c hi mnh,mnh s tr li trong time sm nht **************** Hy cng chia s vi bn b bng cch ****************