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The Master Jesus in the inner Order of the R.R. et A.C.

and the Golden Dawn

It is an unfortunate truth, that in todays society most occultists have developed a rather skewed view or relationship with the Master Jesus. Most of the time, this resentment stems from holding a latent grudge against the various Christian religions and their actions that contradict the teachings of the Master Jesus. While we will not concern ourselves in this article with the problem of grudge holding or resentment towards religion, we will however attempt to shed some light on what happens if Jesus Christ is left out or put into the outer rims of the Mysteries of the R.R. et A.C, the governing body of the outer Order of the Golden Dawn. It must be stated here that the Golden Dawn and the R.R. et A.C. are to be viewed as two distinguished Orders of which the latter governs the first and pulls its members from. Based on this, it is naturally concluded that the teachings and symbolism of the two Orders vary on many points. This stems from the fact that in the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn, certain principles are more hidden and sublime, whereas they are openly expressed and shown in the Inner Order. In addition the Outer Order is based on hermticism while the Inner Order is almost entirely based on alchemical Christian Rosicrucian mysticism and Theurgy. The Inner Order is the driving force behind the Outer Order and although it will be eternally argued amongst opponents of Christian Mysticism within the Golden Dawn, any serious practitioner of Theurgy will adhere to this fact. Simply because the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn was officially founded by S.L. MacGregor-Mathers before the Inner Order of the R.R. et A.C., does not mean that the teachings of the Golden Dawn did not point always to the Rose and Cross and the profound Mysteries expressed in Christianity. Not without reason was and still is, in true and faithful Golden Dawn Orders, written on the back of the Jewel of the Adepts the words: Magister Jesus, Deus et Homo. Please refer to the article on the Rose Cross Lamen on our Website, or even check with the Israel Regardie Book on the Golden Dawn for further knowledge on the Jewel. Again, we are fully aware that there are people that will argue this very point to their last breath, but that does not change its truth. In many articles on our website, we have already stated that Master Jesus is and was the center of the Inner Order, and we wish not to repeat this here. It is important however, to observe what happens to the whole system, if this core is taken out. Many other groups replaced the sacred lamen with another symbol; while others changed the wording found on the back. For example, the traditional and true phrase: Magister Jesus, Deus et Homo was replaced with fluff phrases such as: every man and woman is a star. With changes such as these, the Mysteries would have to be altered as well, otherwise one would not point to the other. The lamen, as it was originally designed, was the key to the understanding of all rituals in the Order as well as to the five Mysteries of the Vault of the Adepti: Neququam

Vacuum, Libertas Evangelii, Jesus Mihi Omnia, Dei Intacta Gloria and Legis Iugum. Anyone proficient enough in Latin will agree that all these phrases point in a deep Christian Rosicrucian and Mystical direction. There is no doubt that the simple change of wording on the lamen can have a profound impact, in that the alteration depicts a fundamental diversion in the egregor of the Order. These people have mingled and changed the very core of what the Golden Dawn in the Outer represents, as well as what the Inner Order constitutes. Thus, the powers wielded in the Inner Order and the initiations of the Outer Order become sullied and detached from their true and original current. As stated earlier, there is a latent and hidden direction pointing to the mystical Christian Rosicrucian core within the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn. There is no escaping from the fact that every entrance badge belonging to the paths of the Outer Order grades is either a cross or a symbol of the Trinity. This Christian Rosicrucian current is also depicted in the Osiris godform taken by the Hierophant during the course of initiation; for Osiris is nothing else other than a veiled godform hiding the crucified and risen Master from the not yet prepared eyes of the initiate. One can only speculate the kind of current that will be infused into the initiate of an Order, which has so little understanding of its own Mysteries, as to believe that they can freely change the very cornerstones of the Order without destroying what it truly is. Licht, Liebe, Leben V.H. Frater T.S.O.