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desultorily - lacking in consistency staunchly - dependably arresting - striking vitiating - morally corrupting astute - shrewd - "judging" belied - fail

to give a true notion or impression of; disguise or contradict OR fail to fulfill or justify austerity - sternness, plainness jejune - nave, simplistic obsolescence - process of becoming obsolete ingenuous - honest uncouth - vulgar importuned - urged with excessive persistence abrogated - abolished or annulled, officially revoked salient - significant plangent - resounding loudly and mournfully malfeasance - misconduct committed by a public official misanthropy - loathing of people defection - desertion interred - buried impasse - stalemate, deadlock recriminate - to make a counteraccusation repudiate - refuse to accept (vindicate - exonerate) adulterate - to weaken by adding inferior elements surreptitious - furtive - secretive, sneaky explicated - analyzed and developed in detail unabridged - complete, uncut apocryphal - of doubtful authenticity carapace - a covering or shell repast - a meal zenith - highest point, apex, acme to contend for - to compete for luminary - celebrity punitive - punishing engender - to cause or give rise to, to beget quaff - to drink deeply/heartily, to guzzle, to swill immure - to enclose/imprison ("mur" means "wall") concession - something conceded or granted anathema - cursed by ecclesiastical authority impassive - not feeling or showing emotion vapid - jejune, offering nothing challenging or stimulation mendacity - untruthfulness deplore - to strongly disapprove of admonish - to warn or reprimand someone firmly sagely - wisely patrician - nobleman, aristocratic pedagogics - education clerical - relating to clergy (religious); relating to office work demagogue - A leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the em otions and prejudices of the populace (e.g. Hitler) sectarian - religious; narrow-minded banal - trite incendiary - tending to inflame, inflammatory bombastic - grandiloquent, pompous speech or writing taciturn - habitually untalkative, silent exhort - to urge by strong argument trammel - restraint disabuse - To free from a falsehood or misconception enervating - to weaken

galvanizing - to stimulate or shock, to arouse to awareness or action engender - to give rise to, to propagate, to procreate maladroitness - awkwardness effulgence - a brilliant radiance cupidity - excessive desire, especially for wealth; covetousness or avarice wizened - withered taciturn - habitually untalkative, silent overweening - arrogant, overbearing; excessive, immoderate presumptuous - going beyond what is right or proper