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Volume XXXII, Issue XI

JUNE 2013

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Saturday, June 8th, 2013 State Board Meeting 12:00pm Delegate Meeting 2:00pm

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WHO WE ARE We are a non-profit organization of motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life. We lobby and educate the government and the general public to promote motorcycling in a safe and positive image. We endeavor to enlist the cooperation and participation of all organizations and individuals that share a similar interest in preserving our American tradition of FREEDOM. We promote motorcycle safety, training, & political awareness. We ARE NOT A CLUB OR A GANG. We fund our work through toy runs, poker runs, campouts, and other motorcycle activities. We are your neighbors & friends who work, pay taxes, and get involved with our community. We serve and support our country and believe in freedom. We use all legal means to protect our rights without infringing on the rights of others. OUR GOALS To become a powerful and viable political force in legislative matters concerning the motorcyclist. To promote the safe riding habits without infringing on individual freedoms. To motivate the bikers to write letters to their legislators before, during, and after the legislative session. To furnish our members with a newsletter to keep all bikers informed in regards to upcoming legislation.

Southwest Chapter Meeting Schedule This months Chapter Meeting

JUNE 2ND, 2013 10 a.m. at Harley Davidson of Fort Myers

Located at 2160 Colonial Dr. Fort Myers, FL 33907 239-275-4647

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PO Box 60745, Fort Myers, FL 33906

Presidents Message

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

WOW! What a month. Motorcycle Safety and Awareness is in my blood. I take it personal when we try to back only a few bills and they dont even get heard. The Stiffer Penalties Bill or Traffic Offenses Bill HB 1335 died without consideration, again. The $250,000.00 Safety money from every motorcycle registration wont be coming our way anytime soon. Think about it, every time someone registers a motorcycle in Florida, $2.50 goes into a fund and we, ABATE OF FLORIDA, INC. received Safety money to promote of course, Safety in our areas. Now we have to find new avenues to continue doing what the Government thinks they can do cheaper than 7,000 volunteers can do. Guess the moral of the story is Welcome to Florida, protect your own ass. Another bill was introduced, HR 1861 the Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act. The bill incorporates Sensenbrenners legislation (H.R. 904) introduced in the previous Congress. H.R. 904 would prohibit the U.S. Department of Transportation from providing funds to state and local authorities for the purpose of creat-

ing motorcycle-only checkpoints. However, this bill also contains language to force the DOT to focus motorcycle safety efforts on crash prevention programs rather than on testing, such as on approved helmets which in my opinion, helmets do not cause crashes. Hey, another idea, why dont they take some money and budget it to a Non Profit who will do the work for free? Oh wait, we tried that. Well, glad I got that off my chest. Life goes on and as I think about all our Chapter Brothers and Sisters and those who support what we do, Its comforting to know so many good people. Keep doing what you do and know at the end of the day you saved at least one life, yours. Our Bears for Bears event went great with over 500 new stuffed animals were delivered to the Lee County Sheriff Office. Believe it or not, these bears will be gone within 3 to 4 months so, your donations are always accepted year round and we will deliver as needed. Thank you to Lt Tom Schmidt and Deputy Tyus for being on hand and providing our escort. Lets not forget Sheriff Mike Scott who has always supported ABATE and the SOUTHWEST Chapter, Thanks Mike. Chapter elections are June 2nd and I am excited to say that we keep getting stronger. The incoming Board is ready to step it up and I am looking forward to a great year. Every once in awhile life hands you lemons but, somehow, when it becomes an orange, its just funny. Ride Safe and keep your feet on the pegs,


ABATE of Florida, Inc. Southwest Chapter

EXECUTIVE BOARD & TRUSTEES PO Box 60745, Fort Myers, FL 33906-6748
President Wayne Cerra 239.989.3349 Vice President Jimmie Dennis 239.440.4213 Secretary Tracy Davis 239.645.7936 Treasurer Todd KC Burns 239.634.3080 Sergeant At Arms Ken Coon 765.464.9542 PR Gwynne Hickman Wayne Cerra 239.246.2025 Legislative Ken Teddybear Miller 239.693.7035 Newsletter Editor Barbara Babs Bardell 239.822.3272 Products Moe Moser 412.999.3397 Safety Coordinator Victor Piorkowski 239.823.6159 Webmaster Taylor Musburger 239.334.1620 Advertising Fred Glennon 339.235.2189 Photographer Pam Mix 239.362.8807 Chapter Chaplain Tom Provenzano 239.267.8641 Road Captain Brian Piercy 239.233.4559 Road Captain Scott Turner 239.633.5765

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Chapter Meetings held at Harley Davidson of Fort Myers 1st Sunday of each month



My Motorcycle Was Never Built for This !

This past week, I (Tom) attended a benefit motorcycle run. As I approached the staging area, I suddenly came upon a loose gravel area that had to be traversed, in order to reach the parking zone, to sign in. I abruptly stopped and said to myself, "My bike is not built for this!" As many of you know, Kathy and I ride a 2005 BMW-LT. The LT - stands for "Luxury Touring." The motorcycle is not equipped with knobby tires and the suspension and general design of the bike is not built for such terrain! I'm looking at some of the other bikes that apparently made it through the several hundred feet of rough terrain, unscathed. Many of the other bikes are heavy touring bikes, such as Ultra Glides, and they are about the same weight, 800 lbs - plus! So, I'm saying to myself, that if they made it through, I could make it through. With some precautions, planning, & a little concentration, I made it! Also, I remember, there was someone at the start of the rubble road, to encourage me onward! It has caused some reflection upon our lives and what we have to encounter, as we are passing through. Some theologians have come to the conclusion, that we (humans) were never built for what we encounter or endure! If you remember, the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament, tells us of this beautiful creation of God, called the Garden of Eden. Here, we are supposed to live in harmony and in perfect communication with God. However, God gave man free will and with that, man has exercised his free will to his own detriment. .. called, sin). With sin, comes separation from God. Man is removed from the Garden of Eden.

We have been suffering the consequences ever since. Sin, with all its consequences still affects us, today. Many still ignore God, think they are better than God, think that they are a god, think that they do not need God, forget that He placed us here to worship and praise Him, and go about doing whatever pleases one at the moment. It affects our friends, families, loved ones, and those who are innocent. Going back to the beginning of my story... I was riding our motorcycle in complete harmony with the road and traffic until I came upon the gravel road. Then, things changed drastically, with the gravel suddenly appearing. I couldn't stop there, because I saw my goal of getting to the sign-in table and meeting friends on the other side needing to be accomplished. And, don't forget, there was someone there to encourage me through. God has made a provision to see mankind through his failures and help us navigate something that we were not designed for. Since man has failed in the Garden of Eden and caused the rest of mankind to be placed upon that "loose gravel road," God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to see us through to the other side. Jesus said that he would never leave us nor forsake us. The Scriptures tell us in Romans 8:28, that anything we encounter in life, whether it be the good, bad, or ugly, all things will work to the good of those who love the Lord. Will you accept this and all God has to offer? Wouldnt you rather face lifes "gravel roads" with God, than without Him? Please pray this prayer. "Dear God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, my heavenly Father, I confess that I am a sinner and have been separated from You. I ask forgiveness of my sins. I confess with my mouth that your son Jesus is my savior and died for me. I believe in my heart that You raised Him from the dead. I receive Jesus into my heart and ask Him to become the center of my life. Im tired of facing lifes gravel roads without You. I will keep my eyes focused on you and no longer ignore You. Blessed be your Holy Name. All this I ask and pray, in the Name of Jesus. Amen." Blessings, Tom and Kathy Pastor Tom (Estero River ABATE Life Member and Southwest Chapter Chaplain) and Pastor Kathy (SW ABATE Life Member - Foursquare Chaplain)- or 239-267-8641




4 Year Old

With Case

Please Contact Member Roger @ 239.772.8448



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Good Morning Freedom Fighters: Fort Myers News-Press, May 11, 2013. An Estero woman who was charged with DUI manslaughter dragged a motorcyclist under her SUV for three miles on U.S. 41 Thursday night before being stopped by a Lee County deputy. The fatal accident was one of two involving motorcycles Thursday night in south Lee County. Donna Lynne Brown, 54, of 20740 Pine Tree Lane, Estero, was charged with DUI manslaughter and property damage, hit and run with death, DUI and careless driving. The dead man was identified as Carl Edward Patrick, 54, of Punta Gorda. Lee County Judge Rad Sturgis on Friday determined Brown was not a flight risk, reduced the state attorneys office request for bail from $250,000 to $70,000 and set arraignment for June 10. Brown was brought to the video arraignment wearing a restraint jacket. It was revealed during the arraignments that Brown had a DUI arrest in Michigan in 2001, but was later dropped to careless driving. A man who answered the phone at Patricks Punta Gorda home identified himself as Patricks brother and said the family would have no comment. After making a U-turn at Constitution Boulevard, Brown was driving her 2006 Lexus SUV south on U.S. 41 and failed to see the motorcyclist ahead of her. She rear-ended Patricks 2005 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and dragged it, along with Patrick, for about three miles. The FHP said Patrick was not wearing a helmet. A Lee County deputy saw sparks coming from underneath the SUV and eventually pulled her over in the outside lane of U.S. 41, just north of Corkscrew Road. The road was closed for five hours overnight during the initial investigation. Patrick was pronounced dead on the scene. Reading from a deputys report of the accident, Sturgis said deputies smelled booze on Brown and noted her slurred speech. A blood alcohol test is still pending, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Jean Sicilano, Browns former sister-in- law, told news partner WINK-TV that Brown was a good person who had struggled at times with alcohol. I cried when I heard the news, Its tragic and sad, she said. The other fatal motorcycle accident happened shortly after 11 p.m. on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway. The Lee County Sheriffs Office said Anthony David Krizka, 26, of Fort Myers, was traveling south in the left lane on Ben Hill Griffin, passed a vehicle in the right lane and was unable to negotiate the curve and get back into the left lane. Krizka crossed over the median and crashed into shrubbery and small trees and was ejected. Krizka suffered a critical injury and was transported to Gulf Coast Hospital where he died. A homicide detective from the Lee County Sheriffs Office traffic unit is investigating. 2013 Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Lee and Collier Counties Eric Santiago, 34, of Lehigh Acres, killed Jan. 13 in a motorcycle crash on Colonial Boulevard between Six Mile Cypress and Winkler Avenue Extension in Fort Myers. Carl Reese, 76, of Lehigh Acres, died in a motorcycle crash Jan. 18 on Daniels Parkway west of State Road 82. Alvin Lee Fails, 40, died Feb. 28 in Cape Coral on Del Prado Boulevard and Northeast Third Terrace. Carl Hoffman, 65, died following injuries from a March 7 crash on Pondella Road in North Fort Myers. Rodney Jack, 45, of Bonita Springs, killed March 25 when his motorcycle ran off Oil Well Road in Collier County. Carl Edward Patrick, 54, of Punta Gorda, killed May 9 when he was rear-ended and dragged along U.S. 41 in San Carlos Park. Anthony David Krizka, 26. of Dogwood Road, Fort Myers, died May 9 when he lost control of his motorcycle on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway. For updates, log onto NEWS-PRESS.COM/TRAFFIC. TEDDYBEAR Hey Everyone, Ive included the News-Press report of this senseless tragedy, in my Legislative Report this month, to reinforce the importance of what we do at ABATE and the Southwest Chapter. From MSAP training to stiffer penalties legislation, supporting rider training courses, state safety money and our chapters post card campaign, it all goes hand -in-hand to help reduce accidents and fatalities involving motorcyclists. If we keep at it, hopefully, one day, tragedies like these will be avoided. ABATE of Florida did not fair too well in the Florida Legislature this year. Our stiffer penalties bill died, along with a lot of other bills, with out being heard. Our safety money was deleted from the state budget, the money was sliced up like pieces of pie by the House and Senate leadership to fund pet projects in their home districts. Talk about pork barrel politics. For more detailed information see Waynes e-mail updates from last month. From ABATE of Florida, Inc. Darrin Scribe Brooks




Gov. Rick Scott will sign the texting-while-driving and Everglades-funding bills in separate South Florida ceremonies on Tuesday. The Everglades measure (HB 7065) will be signed at 9:30 a.m. at the Pine Jog Environmental Education Center in West Palm Beach. The measure provides $32 million --- $12 million in general revenue funds and $20 million from the Water Management Lands Trust Fund --- during the coming fiscal year to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for restoration work. Funding also is expected in future budgets through 2023. The texting measure (SB 52), which makes it illegal to read or type texts or emails while driving, is scheduled to be signed at 1 p.m. at the Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School in Miami. The measure has exceptions for use of GPS devices or for reporting criminal behavior and allows texting while stopped, such as at a red light.


A bio-energy company on the Treasure Coast is calling for Gov. Rick Scott to veto a measure that would repeal the state law requiring most gasoline sold in the state to include nearly 10 percent ethanol. But based upon the relative ease in which the bill (HB 4001) moved through the Legislature, and a stack of emails sent to the governor's office in support of the measure, Vero Beach-based INEOS New Planet BioEnergy has a hard road ahead. "The production of ethanol costs more than the production of gasoline, takes huge amounts of corn out of the food system thus raising the cost of food and causes severe damage to internal combustion engines," Linda Skidmore of Holiday emailed Scott. Skidmore's request for Scott to sign the bill was among the more than 1,000 emails sent to the governor this month in favor of repeal. Still, regardless of how Scott acts, David Mica, executive director of Florida Petroleum Council, said the legislation may be mostly symbolic because of federal mandates that gasoline be mixed with ethanol or other biofuels. The bill was sent to Scott on Monday. He has until June 4 to make a decision. Scott joined several other governors in October in asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration to suspend the requirement for putting a certain amount of ethanol into America's gas tanks, saying it was causing a shortage of cattle feed for Florida ranchers. Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Scott said he is reviewing the proposed legislation. Natural Gas Motor fuels A bill that supporters say would encourage the conversion of commercial fleets to natural gas is moving in both the

House and Senate. HB 579, as amended by the Senate, would establish a rebate program providing up to $25,000 per vehicle each year and up to $250,000 total per year for conversion of commercial fleet vehicles to natural gas. Natural gas is cleaner to burn and domestically produced, reducing dependence on foreign oil, bill supporters say. Many of the 32 natural gas refueling stations in Florida service only fleet vehicles, Ray said. Converting fleets to natural gas will encourage the development of refueling stations that can also serve the public, supporters say. Nopetro built a natural gas refueling station in Tallahassee in 2012 to service Leon County school buses and it is open to the public. A committee substitute for HB 579, passed March 5 by the House Energy & Utilities Subcommittee, eliminated a proposal that would have created a trust fund to pay for converting vehicles. The bill matched SB 560, which passed the Senate Transportation Committee on Feb. 21 by a 9-0 vote. Groups supporting HB 579 in its last committee stop included Associated Industries of Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Natural Gas Association.


UPDATE May 2, 2013: The House voted 118-2 to concur with the Senate on HB 579 and send the bill to the governor. The vote put the House in agreement on a Senate amendment to provide provide $6 million per year over the next five years in tax rebates for converting fleet vehicles to natural gas. Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, DTallahassee, argued that the legislature should not give rebates to those who don't need it and should let energy ideas rise and fall on the free market. That put her at odds with another Democrat from Tallahassee, Rep. Alan Williams, who said the rebate program would encourage the use of cleaner natural gas and would create jobs in a domestic energy market.


It would be tougher for local governments to issue tickets to motorists caught on camera taking a right on red, under a wide-ranging transportation bill (HB 7125) sent to Gov. Rick Scott. Legislators late Thursday approved the measure, which prevents a notice of violation or traffic citation as long as the vehicle came to a stop, even after crossing the stop line, prior to completing an allowed right turn during a red light. The measure does not alter the ability of municipal and county governments to use red light cameras for traffic traveling straight or making left turns. The law currently states that a violation or citation may be issued unless the motorist made a right-hand turn in a careful and prudent" manner. The law does not define

"careful and prudent." JOYNER ELECTED SENATE MINORITY LEADER Senate Democrats on Friday elected Sen. Arthenia Joyner of Tampa minority leader starting next year. Joyner, who becomes the first African-American woman elected Senate Democratic leader, was first elected to the House in 2000 and then was elected to the Senate in 2006. Joyner, a lawyer, was vice chairwoman of the Judiciary Committee and the budget subcommittee that deals with criminal and civil justice. Loud Stereos In December, the Florida Supreme Court threw out a noise law that made it a misdemeanor to operate a car with its stereo blasting at high volume. The justices ruled that the state could not have "content-based" censorship. The old law made exemptions for political speech -- such as candidates in a motorcade, drawing crowds to a rally -- or commercial speech, such as a company advertising a grand opening by sending a car with loudspeakers through town. Two Pinellas County men, Richard Catalano and Alexander Schermerhorn, appealed $73 tickets in 2007 and won in circuit court -- arguing that the noise ordinance was unconstitutionally vague in outlawing any sounds "clearly audible" 25 feet away from a vehicle. The Supreme Court rejected that argument, saying the law was clear enough, but that not applying it to political or commercial content made it unconstitutional. Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, and Rep. Kevin Rader, DBoca Raton, introduced bills (SB 634 and HB 1019) to repair the statute by eliminating the exemptions for political speech and commercial advertising. Candidates seldom use loudspeakers in motorcades to draw a crowd, anyway. The Senate almost amended Simpson's bill to make the radius 100 feet, with a vote of 20-17. But the amendment by Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, required a twothirds vote on third reading, so it failed. UPDATE April 26, 2013: The Senate voted 19-19 to kill Simpson's bill. From the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Washington, D.C. Half The Story The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) recently released the results of their Motorcyclist Traffic Fatality 2012 preliminary report and the results are unfortunately distorted to present one single sided solution to motorcyclist safety. The GHSA is blaming the expected rise in motorcyclist's deaths largely on the extremely mild weather in 2012. They also cite the economy improving, allowing households to find themselves with discretionary income. Lastly, they acknowledged the fact that gas prices are at record highs and the desire for high mile per gallon vehicles is increasing.

To quote the study: Riders will 'use their fuel-efficient motorcycles rather than automobiles for commuting and other everyday travel,' thus increasing rider deaths. 'An improving economy produces more discretionary income with which to buy and ride motorcycles' - Source: GHSA Those are facts. Warm days, extra cash and a way to beat the gas prices. It would be very difficult to argue that those factors would not increase the amount of motorcyclists on the roads. Simple arithmetic shows that more motorcyclists on the roads will increase the chances that more are going to crash. The same equation works for all vehicle types. Still the GHSA paints a very morbid picture and uses this false platform to push for mandatory helmet laws. After all motorcyclist fatalities are up. What they never mention is, so are registrations for motorcycles. The study's author James Hedlund, formerly of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, had this to say in an interview about the study, 'I found that over the past three decades, the number of registrations tracks closely with the number of deaths'. The long-term fatality flow chart used in the GHSA report would echo this if the registration numbers were also posted. As expected, those numbers were not included. What started off as a promising report on valid reasons for the increase in motorcycle usage, ended up as an attack on the freedoms of all motorcycle riders in this country. GHSA_Motorcycle_Deaths.pdf. Motorcycle Only Checkpoint Introduced The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) reports that Congressman James Sensenbrenner (Wisconsin) filed a bill on Tuesday, May 7th to prohibit the federal funding of motorcycle only roadside checkpoints. The bill, H.R. 1861, has nine original co-sponsors however, we need many more to pass this landmark legislation. Sensenbrenner had this to say in a 'Dear Colleague letter' that is circulating in the House of Representatives; 'In the 112th Congress, I introduced H.R. 904, a bill to prohibit the Department of Transportation (DOT) from providing funds to state and local authorities for the purpose of creating motorcycle only checkpoints. Section one of the Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act contains the same language as H.R. 904. However, this bill also contains language to force the DOT to focus motorcycle safety efforts on crash prevention programs, not national helmet mandates.' The bill was officially introduced on May 7th. It's important to contact your sitting member of the House of RepresenSOUTHWEST CHAPTER NEWS PAGE 15

tatives and ask them to be a co-sponsor of this important legislation. Ask them to contact Congressman James Sensenbrenner and lend their support as co-sponsor of H.R. 1861. You can contact the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 The MOTORCYCLE RIDERS FOUNDATION AWARENESS & EDUCATION, INC. (MRFA&E) has been invited to present the "3Rs Impaired Riding Campaign" at the 2013 State Motorcycle Safety Administrators National Summit. MRFA&E's 3Rs Impaired Riding Campaign, which has been presented at national, regional and state motorcycle rights conferences, will also be presented to the 2013 State Motorcycle Safety Administrators National Summit this August. MRF A&E 3Rs: I Don't Want to Ride in Your Funeral Procession! The presentation addresses the subject of impaired riding on a personal level. It says to the audience "I love riding with you, your friendship is important in my life. I don't want to ride in your funeral procession." By Being Responsible in what you do, Riding Responsibly when you are alone or in a group and Taking Responsibility for your actions we can successfully begin reducing fatalities due to impaired riding. The program was developed as a Power Point presentation that can be presented to your group or organization. A script is included on the disk to help develop talking points to make this program compatible with how you would like to address impaired riding in your group. When you get out there on the road remember, Be Responsible, Ride Responsible, Take Responsibility. MRF A&E would like to thank the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Alcohol and Awareness Committee and the Committee's Chair Steve Zimmer for providing the inspiration for this program. Committee member Wayne Wierson worked to adapt the idea to power point. Seeing that the presentation amplified the Awareness and Education role that MRF A&E was promoting, the presentation was placed under the management of MRF A&E. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness & Education, Inc. was established to promote motorcycle awareness and education due to an ever-increasing rider population creating a greater need. Go to for more information. For more information of this presentation contact From the AMA - motorcycle only check points Support federal legislation to prohibit the funding of discriminatory motorcycle-only checkpoints Take Action! Urge your representative to support today! On May 7, U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) intro-

duced H.R. 1861, the Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act. The bill will protect motorcyclists rights and promote crash prevention as the most effective use of taxpayer money to save motorcyclists lives. The bill incorporates Sensenbrenners legislation (H.R. 904) introduced in the previous Congress. H.R. 904 would prohibit the U.S. Department of Transportation from providing funds to state and local authorities for the purpose of creating motorcycle-only checkpoints. However, this bill also contains language to force the DOT to focus motorcycle safety efforts on crash prevention programs. The Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act amends Section 153 of Title 23, United States Code, by removing motorcycle helmets. This change will prohibit the DOT from providing grants to states to enforce helmet laws. It will also prohibit the DOT from interfering in state matters with federal funds. For many years, the American Motorcyclist Association has strongly encouraged the voluntary use by adult riders of helmets certified by their manufacturers to meet the DOT standard as part of a comprehensive motorcycle safety program to help reduce injuries and fatalities in the event of a motorcycle crash. However, helmet mandates do not prevent crashes. The AMA believes that comprehensive motorcycle safety programs must promote strategies to prevent motorcycle crashes in the first place. Current law states highway safety plans must prevent crashes and reduce injuries. The Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act would require highway safety plans to include programs that prevent accidents in order to reduce injuries and deaths resulting from accidents involving motor vehicles and motorcycles by amending Section 402 of Title 23, United States Code. Historically, the enforcement of helmet mandates has siphoned away scarce funds from effective crash prevention programs such as rider education and motorist awareness. This bill is critical to ending the discriminatory practice of MOCs and preventing motorcycle crashes. The motorcycling community needs you to contact your representative now to ask him or her to become a cosponsor. Just follow the "Take Action" option to send a pre-written email directly to your representative. To view the AMA's efforts to end motorcycle-only checkpoints, go to motorcycleonlycheckpoints.aspx. I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. --Winston Churchill

Great show this morning with Wayne Cerra from Abate!! The Biker Map Live on KRock! With Wayne Cerra, Chris Proffitt and Patti Proffitt. 05.12.13

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ABATE Bears for Bears drive under way

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -A motorcycle awareness group is teaming up with the Lee County Sheriff's Office to comfort children during traumatic situations. The Bears for Bears drive is happening right now, through ABATE, American Bikers Aimed Towards Education. There are several locations across southwest Florida you can donate a new teddy bear. That bear will be given to children caught in the middle of crime scenes, or involved in car crashes. "The sheriff's deputies want to make sure that they're just put a little bit to ease and they feel a little bit more comfortable and not quite so scared and terrified of whats happening right then," said ABATE spokeswoman Gwynne Hickman (Pictured above). *The bears were collected and presented to the sheriff's office on Sunday, May 26th at the Harley Davidson in Fort Myers.

Membership Report
As of this writing, we have had a very successful Spring Membership Drive, welcoming 42 new members! Thanks and congratulations to those who recruited so many new freedom fighters!

Bill Neilson Robert Houle Those due to renew in June:

ride free. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN IN FLORIDA! Thanks, Moe Chapter Membership Trustee

Uri Animov Theresa Baker Deanne Boozer Josh Boozer First- lets acknowledge current Anthony Cincotti members who renewed in May- Ray Carla Flack Kuczera, Tom Conlon and Bob Pam Mix Speakman. Thank you for your con- James Roberts tinuing support. Robert Scamporino Secondly- welcome to those new members who joined in May: Nicole Mangina Walt Skewis John Sullivan Mitchell Gilman John Romeo Joanne Carullo Adam Smith Larry Lance Charles DeBono Rosalie Goldstein Dani Janssen Please renew your membership for another year- we cannot afford to lose a single member. The more we are, the stronger our collective voice. Isnt your freedom worth $20 a year? Lets not be the next Louisiana- they modified their helmet law about the same time we did. Unfortunately, too many ABATE members lapsed and within 5 years, the mandatory helmet law was back in full force and it may take another 35 years for Louisiana to be able to

Renewals expire the last day

of your month. Membership applications can be picked up at local motorcycle shops throughout Lee County and many offer discounts to ABATE Members (just show your card) and at our Tuesday Bike Night at The Joint in Cape Harbor from 6p-9p

Membership Is $20.00 per

year or a life membership for $150.00. Membership includes a $4,000.00 accidental death or dismemberment policy, local discount with participating businesses and a VOICE to be counted as a member of a Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) to make roads safer and drivers accountable for their actions.

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NEWSLETTER: BARBARA BABS BARDELL 1. Anyone who would like to submit an article please see me, we are open to member articles approved by the board WEBSITE: TAYLOR ATM MUSBURGER 1. Please let Taylor or Wayne know if you see any changes that need to be made. SAFETY DIRECTOR: VIC PIORKOWSKI 1. MSAP class will be held at Fred Glennons house on May 23rd @ 6:30pm. PRODUCTS: WAYNE CERRA 1. We now have T-Shirts & Patches LEGISLATIVE REPORT: KEN TEDDYBEAR MILLER 1. In the newsletter DELEGATE REPORT: Brett, Excused. 1. Wayne will report with Bretts notes. 2. In the newsletter ROAD CAPTAIN: SCOTT TURNER Excused. Brian Piercy to report 1. Safety is our priority. Im looking for someone to help with bike safety. 2. Todays ride is out to Low Key Tiki St James City. OLD BUSINESS: 1. Florida budget 2. Billboards up in the air 3. State meeting, June 8th all set. 4. 2nd amendment poker run NEW BUSINESS: 1. Nominations 2. Send Mayor Sullivan an invite to the State Meeting 3. Working on possibly getting Bench Billboards. 4. 5-Star will be Aug 2-4th. Our Chapter meeting for Aug 4th will be held at the Peace River Campground. 5. Leadership Training July 13-14th. GOOD OF THE ORDER: 1. KC & Doreen will be moving to Texas. We would like to thank them and wish them good luck on their move.

Anyone besides the Sec taking notes? No Please silence Cell phones. Salute flag/Prayer/ Welcome Guests/new members
PRESIDENTS REPORT: WAYNE CERRA 1. Proclamation, Welcome Mayor Sullivan 2. May is Nat. Motorcycle Safety month, spread the word, texting bill 3. Tallahassee, last bell for Dale Vest and his name read by his granddaughter 4. Bears kick off at sun sports went well, boxes out, Thanks Lt Schmidt VICE PRESIDENT: JIMMIE DENNIS 1. Ft Myers Bike night, next Saturday, need support 2. Bears for Bears, May 26 @ HD w/Sheriff Dept We need people to man tables. 3. Everyone should be working on donations and door prizes for events. SECRETARYS REPORT: TRACY DAVIS 1. Motion to accept last months minutes as written

in the newsletter made by Carl and 2nd by Jerry

TREASURERS REPORT: TODD KC BURNS 1. Motion to accept last months report made by Larry and 2nd by Carl SARGENT AT ARMS: KEN DIESEL COON 1. No incidents to report MEMBERSHIP REPORT: MOE MOSER 1. New members 2 0 Renewals 2. Membership drive continues until the end of the month ADVERTISING: FRED GLENNON, Excused 1. Allstate to donate $500 to State meeting 2. Please help with new advertisers



Saturday, June 8th, 2013 State Board Meeting 12:00pm Delegate Meeting 2:00pm











AD EXPIRES: 01 Dec. 2012



JUNE 2nd, 2013


Our Caring Circle Please keep in your thoughts & prayers the following members and their loved ones.

Smokey Clark Lily Arenas

Loss of Member Marcia Penn


Floridas Lee County Legislative Delegation

Rep. Matt Caldwell, R-79, Chair T. Wayne Miller Jr. Building, 15191 Homestead Rd. Lehigh Acres, Fl. 33971. Phone: (239) 694-0161 E-Mail: Legislative Assistant: Charlotte Gammie Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-30, Vice Chair 1926 Victoria Ave., 2nd Floor, Ft. Myers, Fl. 33901 Phone: (239) 338-2570 E-Mail: Legislative Assistant: Matthew Hunter, Tiffany Edwards, Lynda Fino, Tamara Holliday Florida Senate Web site: Office of Senate President Don Gaetz 404 S. Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100 Phone: (850) 487-5229 E-Mail: Chief of Staff: Chris Clark Florida House of Representatives Web site:

The Honorable Will Weatherford, Speaker Florida House of Representatives Sen. Garrett Richter, R-23 32999 E. Tamiami Trail, Suite 203, Naples, Fl. 34112-4961 402 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300 Phone: (850) 717-5038 Phone: (239) 417-6205 E-Mail: E-Mail: Legislative Assistant: Joy Hampton, Ralph Lair Legislative Assistant: Becky Kokkinos, Michael Nachef, Sandra Mummert United States Senate ( Rep. Dane Eagle, R-77 Nelson, Bill - (D - FL) 1039 SE 9th Place, Room 310, Cape Coral, Fl. 33990 716 HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON Phone: (239) not yet determined DC 20510 E-Mail: (202) 224-5274 Legislative Assistant: Paige Biagi. District: Bradley Web Form: Davidson Rubio, Marco - (R - FL) 317 HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen, R-78 DC 20510 2120 Main St., Ft. Myers, Fl. 33901. Phone: (239) 533(202) 224-3041 2440 Web Form: E-Mail: Legislative Assistant: Edward Metzger. District: Christine contact United States House of Representatives Deramo ( Rep. Ray Rodrigues, R-76 U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R, FL-17 Alico Lake Commons, 17595 S. Tamiami Tr., Suite 218 Washington DC Office Fort Myers, Fl. 33908. Phone: (239) 433-6501 221 Cannon HOB, Washington, DC 20515 E-Mail: p (202) 225-5792, f (202) 225-3132 Legislative Assistant: James Mullen. District: Jasmine Punta Gorda Office Villanueva 226 Taylor Street, Suite 230, Punta Gorda, FL 33950 Office of Governor Rick Scott p (941) 575-9101, f (941) 575-9103 State of Florida Contact Congressman Rooney through his Congressional The Capitol web site. 400 S. Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 U.S. Rep. Trey Radel, R, FL-19 Phone: (850) 488-7146 Washington DC Office E-Mail: 1123 Longworth HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515 p (202) 225-2536 Office of Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll Cape Coral District Office State of Florida 804 Nicholas Pkwy, East, Suite 1, Cape Coral, Fl. 33990 The Capitol p (239) 573-5837 400 S. Monroe St.. PL-05, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 Contact Congressman Radel through his Congressional Telephone: (850) 488-4711. Facsimile: (850) 921-6114 web site E-Mail:

Citizens lost on our Roads this May In our Community Caring Circle
Eric Santiago, 34, of Lehigh Acres Carl Reese, 76, of Lehigh Acres Alvin Lee Fails, 40 Carl Hoffman, 65 Rodney Jack, 45, of Bonita Springs Carl Edward Patrick, 54, of Punta Gorda Anthony David Krizka, 26, of Fort Myers

~ Victor Piorkowski

Jimmie Dennis, Vice President Tracy Dennis, Secretary Wayne Cerra, President SOUTHWEST CHAPTER OF ABATE OF FLORIDA, INC.

A Group of Southwest Chapter Members off to

With our Peace River Chapter Brothers and Sisters


Looking for a FEW GOOD MEN!!

The SWFL Chapter of Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Intl., Inc. We welcome Marine Veterans, FMF Corpsmen And Active Duty Men and Women Marines If you love riding a motorcycle and want the Brotherhood/Sisterhood you had in the Corps, then we are what you want! For further information contact RailRoad at: 239-321-3298 Or visit our website at:

Someone is looking a little nervous

Rachael Rafanelli and Camera Man, Lucas Bogg seem to get some footage they werent expecting as Rachael rides off with Jimmie Dennis, VP of the Southwest Chapter, to get a real understanding of the vulnerability motorcyclists feel when they are on the road.

The Southwest Chapter would like to thank the following for their efforts with donations for our Annual Bears for Bears Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Event; Mels Diner Pine Island Rd Southwest Cycles Cape Coral City Hall

Sun Sports Haus of Trikes and Bikes Grand Pas Cycles ALLSTATE - Orr Agency Harley Davidson, Ft Myers Lee County Sheriff Office Latin American Motorcycle Association

The Douglas Jacobson State Veterans Nursing Home in fications had been destroyed, and hundreds of enemy soldiers Port Charlotte, FL is named for WWII Medal of Honor had been killed. But it would take four more days before Hill Recipient Douglas T. Jacobson. 382 was captured. On Oct. 5, 1945, Private Jacobson rePFC DOUGLAS T. JACOBSON ceived the Medal of Honor from President Harry S. Truman. Medal of Honor March 23,1945 Iwo Jima "I don't know how I did it," he said later. "I had one thing in Iwo Jima is often rememmind - getting off that hill." bered for the photograph Douglas Thomas Jacobson was born in of five marines and a Rochester, N.Y., and raised in Port WashNavy combat medic raisington on Long Island, the son of a caring the American flag penter. He left high school at age 17 to over Mount Suribachi on join the Marines and fought on Tinian and Feb. 23, 1945. But the Saipan before the Iwo Jima invasion. carnage on Iwo Jima, an He came home to a hero's parade, but eight-square-mile speck found that receiving the nation's highest of volcanic ash, continaward for valor did not necessarily bring a ued for 31 more days in smooth transition to civilian life. what Lt. Gen. Holland M. "The jobs turned out to be either $20-aSmith, the top Marine week office-boy jobs or being a salesman commander in the Pacific in order to wave the medal in a customer's theater, would call "the face and dare him not to buy the product," most savage and the he told a reporter. most costly battle in the He re-enlisted in the Marines in April history of the Marine 1946, graduated from officer candidate Corps." school after serving in China, saw duty Private Jacobson, asaboard helicopters in the Vietnam War signed to the Fourth Maand rose to the rank of major. rine Division, had come When Major Jacobson was preparing to ashore on Feb. 19 in an invasion by 75,000 marines ordered to seize Iwo Jima, which retire, his commanding officer decided there was unfinished business at hand. had immense strategic value. "During my last month in the service, in 1967, the old man told Iwo Jima, halfway between Tokyo and the M ariana Islands, held two airfields needed as bases for short- me I was among the few majors in the Marines who did not range American fighter planes escorting B-29 bombers in have a high-school diploma and asked me to consider taking raids over Japan and as emergency airstrips for crippled the general equivalency diploma test," Major Jacobson rebombers unable to return from Japan to their bases in the membered. "After seeking the help of two of my captains, I Marianas. Defending Iwo Jima, about 700 miles south of To- re t u rn e d t h e t e st a n d go t my d ip lo ma . " kyo, were more than 20,000 Japanese in caves and concrete After retiring from the military, Major Jacobson lived in Marlton, N.J., and Willingboro, N.J., and sold real estate. He blockhouses. moved to Florida in 1987. Three days after the flag-raising, Private Jacobson, a 19-yearold from Long Island, carried out one of the war's most ex- On the 50th anniversary of the Iwo Jima battle, Major Jacobtraordinary feats in the assault on Hill 382, the highest point on son joined President Clinton and other Medal of Honor recipinorthern Iwo Jima, at a sector so violent it was called "the ents in ceremonies at the Marine Corps Memorial. On the 40th anniversary, he had spoken at the Golden Gate meat grinder." When the advance of Private Jacobson's platoon was halted National Cemetery in San Bruno, Calif. He reflected on a 36on the hill, he grabbed a bazooka and a satchel of explosives day battle in which almost 7,000 marines died and all but from a fallen marine. The bazooka was designed to be 1,000 Japanese defenders were killed. wielded by two men, but he carried it alone. First, he de- Those were the days when men were men and proud of it," stroyed a 20-millimeter aircraft gun and wiped out its crew. he said. "They never asked if this island was needed, or if the Then he knocked out two machine-gun positions, two large war was just. When they were called to do their duty, they blockhouses and seven rifle emplacements. After that, he de- stood up and were counted." stroyed a tank and continued his attack on blockhouses. Douglas T. Jacobson retired from the United States Marine When Private Jacobson had finished his foray, 16 enemy forti- Corps as a Major after serving his country for 27 years.

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