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SESSION PLAN Sector Qualification Title Unit of Competency Module : Agriculture : Animal Production : Raise Poultry : Providing feeds

water and light requirements

Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcomes: 1. Preapre and clean feeder and water trough regularly 2. Provide feed to poultry species appropriately 3. Dispose spoiled feeds properly 4. Perform the Selection & transfer of poultry from brooder house and laying house. 5. Cull chicks with undesirable traits 6. Provide pullets with extended exposure to lighting system.

A. Introduction The key points for introduction are: 1. Different types of feeder & water trough 2. The importance of disposing spoiled feeds 3. The importance of installing lighting system

B. Learning Activities
LO 1: Prepare and clean feeder and water trough regularly Learning Content Presentation 1. Proper cleaning of feeder Read information sheet on Practice 1. Self-check Feedback 1. Compare to answer key Resources 1. Information Time

& water trough

2. Air drying & setting of feeder & water trough

on praparing and cleaning of feeder (answer & water written trough questions) 2. Apply/Perform the activity by following the step by step procedure in cleaning and preparation

sheet/Learning Materials 2. Instructor will check 2. if the activity was Waterer,feeder,soap, carried or performed water, scotch brite

LO 2: Provide feeds to poultry species appropriately 1. Nutrients requirements Read information sheet on 2. Feedstuff characteristics feeds and feeding 3. Different feed ration 4. Different system of feeding

1. Self-check (answer written questions)

1. Information sheet/Learning 2. Self-check & answer key 2.Determine,analyze 2. Instructor will check 1. Chick andunderstand the booster,starter type and amount of mash,grower feed to be given. mash,finisher 3. Perform the mash,developer activity by following mash,layer the procedures mash,scoop, weighing scale,birds 1. Self-check test 2. Evaluation and actual disposal of spoiled feeds 1. Compare to 1. Pail, dust mask, answer key feed scoop, spoiled 2. Instructor will check feeds, learning materials

1. Compare to answer key

LO 3: Dispose spoiled feeds properly 1. Characteristics and Read information shhet on appearance of spoiled feed proper spoiled feeds 2. Proper collection & disposal disposal of spoiled feeds 3. Hazards associated in feeding spoiled feeds

LO 4: Perform the selection and transfer of poultry species from brooder to grower to laying house 1. Relevance of poultry life stages to transferring from different houses 2. Different types of housing 3. Different space requirement per bird 4. Significance of body weight and appearance in transferring. Read information sheet on Selection and transfer of poultry species to different houses. View film on poultry housing 1. Self-check 1. Compare to 2. Perform the answer key activity by following 2. Instructor will check the procedures & determine the space requirement per bird Chicks, growers, pullets, layers, gloves, duct mask, activity sheet or learning materials

LO 5: Cull chicks with undesirable traits 1. Characteristics of Read information on culling unhealthy poultry species 2. Desirable characteristics of poultry species 3. Characteristics & appearnce of culled birds

Answer provoking questions Perform the activity

Instructor will check

Healthy & unhealthy birds Productive & unprodcutive birds & lm

LO 6: Provide pullets with extended exposure to lighting system 1. Behavior of pullets Read information sheet on 1. Self-check Instructor will check 2. Heat & light requirements lighting system & its effects 2. Perform the 3. Different stages of birds to birds activity by providing correct light & heat requirements to the birds

Heater bulbs birds Lerning Materials Light regulator

C. Assessment Plan 1. Oral test on preparation & providing feeds, water & light requirements 2. Performance test: In poultry house area the trainee will be assessed through the following performance: a. Prepararing & cleaning the feeder & waterer b. Providing feeds to poultry species c. Disposing spoiled feeds properly d. Installing/providing lighting system Students are expected to document the said activities for assessment purposes.