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If we want to develop economic and social status of Pakistan and no doubt,we are, we

should change this economic and social system with the “Quranic school of thought”because it provides rules and regulation in every field of life best for mankind. Quran says that” What ever in land is for whole mankind” “Surah Bakhrah.”Circulation of wealth is necessary for whole society then particular individuals or groups” “Surah Hasher”.

SUGGESTIONS If we want to develop economic and social status of Pakistan and no doubt,we are,

Because Pakistan came into being on the slogan of “

SUGGESTIONS If we want to develop economic and social status of Pakistan and no doubt,we are,

la ilaha illa Allah “.

There is no god but Allah. So we should follow the path described by Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)and his followers Sibha (R,Z).

Because system was developed by Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and his companions (R,Z) in 623 that serve mankind more than a thoughts and years and provide all basic needs and peace

and justice for without any kind of difference of religion ,cast ,creed and “colours”

Indeed Allah does not change the condition of any nation until they change their condition themselves .



After the study of economic system and polices from 1947 to 2010.I understood that this economic system (as based on capitalistic school of thought ) only gives us a fear and hunger nothing till today .Because upto 60% population on pakistan lives on life under poverty line till today .This system only provide billion and trillion of rupees to few capitalistic families and feudals and their families.

What is mean by economic development? Modern economists of 21 st century are agreed that “Economic development is a multi dimensional process which could involve major

changes in social structure popular attitudes and national institutional as well as acceleration of economic growth ,the reduction in inequality and to remove irradiations of

the poverty “

Economic development is not a number game it is based on materially and spiritually better life with best manners and provide basic needs to the people of whole society without any deference of creed,cast ,religion and colours.

What type of social structure and popular attitudes we possess in our society ? All type of bad ethics from mobile snatching to sucide attacks ,bribery and corruption and so on all types available in our society and we face all those daily basis.

Interest rather then national interests judiciary as said “justice delayed justice denied” our

judiciary institution could they provide just to all people of Pakistan on right time and equal basis.Recent report said that million of cases still running in court from up to 30 years ago and dual policy for poor and landlords and criminals provided by courts through unclear laws made by particular school of thought.

Management third important institution of any nation is management in which all departments like armed forces,police and law and order rules applying agencies counted .In th history of pakistan armed forces ruled 33 years over country and they play role for USA and put policies developed byUSA rather then national interest policies.Police is

“Homeland of crimers”said by scholar in his book .What type of role these department

playing in our society could they prove as peace and reduce or fear from crimers.The law and order situation is eye witness on the performance of those departments .Economic Growth.I f we compare the performance of Pakistan with other regional countries came

into being in same decade like India 1947 and China 1949.

Where the economy of India stands today and what type of economic growth captured by China from 1949 to 2010.Where we stand today?

Reduction inequality how many classes we possess in our socities and what type of policies made to reduce difference. As Benezair Bhutto (former prime minister of pakistan

)quoted it her speech in 2007 at Carlene that today in pakistan “Rich people bacome more

rich and poor people become more poorer”isn’t it is true picture of our society ?