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What are WE?

We are a Market Research firm, organized to gather information about markets or consumers across UAE and other MENA regions. Our research tools and methodologies allow the brand owners and the markets to gain advantage over competitors. We help in understanding and analyzing the market needs, market size and the overall competition. OUR Com mitm ents To provide uncompromising quality, services by understanding to our clients needs and responding to the constant market changes. Our experienced team of professionals, are committed to organizations and understands the essentiality of Market Research studies in setting up business strategy, hence the research tools are custom designed based on the needs of our clients. With these efforts, we continually aspire to be a successful global company. O ur Services -Market Information Customer/Employee Satisfaction -Advertisement Testing


-Market Segmentation -Concept testing -Exit Interviews

-Customer Analysis -Positioning Strategies -Media Studies

Our research activities also provide a spectrum of solutions for various stages of a Product Life Cycle.

Candid commenced its operations in Feb 2012 with a vision to provide quality data through surveys, visits, opinion polling to the market research industry. Since then we have continuously strived to meet the clients expectation by delivering quality data in a timely manner.

Our Credentials

We have a track record and have worked with some of the most prestigious Market Research organizations as well as brands in UAE. We are currently working towards stretching our wings across MENA regions with the aim of serving international brands and market research agency for their Field and Tab needs. Our team consists of well experienced researcher, analyst, field supervisors and bilingual interviewers. Our interviewers have a superior academic record and socio economic profile. They have been trained to conduct B2B , B2C interviews and mystery shopping visits for various industries. We can potentially recruit, train and brief brand new interviewers, while still maintaining our high quality consistency by rigorously monitoring their performance. We have an in house focus group set up, CA TI stations and facilities to conduct CAWI interviews. We aim to maintain a long term relationship with our clients, utilizing our capabilities and resources to achieve the tasks and satisfy client needs.

Syed Zafar Hyder


Expe rience Co-Founde r / Operations Manager

Candid Consultants Understanding strategic objectives Developing an operations strategy Designing the operation's products, services and processes Improving the performance Improve control of service levels and qualit y Set service level agreements for end-user applicat ions and for services provided Improve relationships with end-user departments

Our Team

Market Analyst - Client Training

PAN ARAB RESEARCH CENTER (PARC) Plan and design the market model for clients by utilizing the cluster and regression analysis. Prepare presentations and organize press release. Collect and analyze the data on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand. Prepare reports of findings, illustrat ing data graphically and translating complex findings into written text. Forecast and track marketing and sales trends, analyzing collected data. Measure the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communicat ions programs and strategies. Conducted research on consumer opinions and marketing strategies, collaborating with marketing professionals, statisticians, pollsters, and other professionals. Gather data on competitors and analyzed their method of marketing and distribut ion. Monitor industry statistics and followed trends. Conduct Client training for the market research tools and softwares bought by the clients like TGI, Seas & Spiral from Parc. Web Based Mapping Specialist - POD Lead Google Inc. Developed Google Maps

Akheela Begum
M.B.A, Finance & HR

Expe rience Co-founder / Research Manager

Candid Consultants Instilling a marketing led ethos throughout the business Researching and reporting on external opportunities Understanding current and potential customers Managing the customer journey (customer relationship management) Developing the marketing strategy and plan Management of the marketing mix

Our Team

Managing agencies Measuring success Managing budgets Ensuring timely delivery Writing copy Approving images Developing guidelines Making customer focused decisions

Field Manager
Feedback Market Research I have served as a Field Manager in Feedback Market Research - Sharjah, here I, have gained an intensive experience in the operations of Market Research Field work. Gained Understanding of various projects at field level and have trained various interviewers and moderators to achieve quality work.

Research Analyst (Qualitative + Quantitative)

Pan Arab Research Centre Quantitative, Qualitative Projects & Mystery Shopping Projects: 1. First Gulf Bank: evaluating customer satisfaction , market penetration, customer needs & expectation 2. Al - Futtaim (on behalf of Gallup) determining customer satisfact ion and expectation for after sales service 3. Determining the awareness among the general public of Abu Dhabi for marine safety & CNIA 4. Determining the awareness for Halal Cosmetic products in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia among all age group of females 5 A study conducted (on behalf of Gallup) among all sizes of business entities to understand how favorable/unfavorable is the business environment of Abu Dhabi for an aspiring or prospering business men. 6 A study conducted on international Oil & Gas companies for Saudi Arabia Chevron to help them understand market penetration 7. Mystery Shopping conducted for Volvo (Sales & Service) to evaluate their services and staff by visit ing their showroom 8. Mystery Shopping conducted for The Executive Council - Dubai to evaluate the performance of the entire Government department 9. Determining customer needs and perception for Mercedes Benz authorized Workshop

Salma Shah
BBA, Marketing

Expe rience Co-founder / Project Manager

Candid Consultants Determining how to plan (e.g. by level of detail or rolling wave) Developing the scope statement Selecting the planning team Identifying deliverables and creating the work breakdown structure Identifying the activit ies needed to complete those deliverables and networking the activit ies in their logical sequence Research projects: Sector Fmcg IT Technology Hospitality Hospitality Medical Medical Project details Advertisement product testing Customer prescriptions Brand awareness Launching new product in market Hotels stay satisfaction pharmacists response toward alternate medicine Advertisement and introducing new product Estimating the resource requirements for the activit ies Estimating time and cost for activit ies Developing the schedule Developing the budget Risk planning Gaining formal approval to begin work Methodology Face to face Cati +recording Face to face Cati + recording Cati+Face to face Face to Face In depth interview Cati +recording Sample size 500 350 300 50 330 500 30 600 9 malls Grouping 2 groups Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative Qualitative Quantitative Quantitative Qualitative

Our Team

Automobiles Customer satisfact ion Auditing Fashion Store Audit Customer opinion




TNS Banking Ipsos Mashreq Ipsos Mubadala

Study Customer satisfaction Market Segmentation Study Staff performance evaluation Evaluating childrens behavior toward TV viewership Understanding parents perception for children activities in Abu Dhabi Understanding travel habits of adultsPanel Study Radio Listenership in UAE. An advanced mechanism placed in the mobile devices that captures the radio frequencies -Panel Study KTLM Determining Media habits of children below age 3 - 14 yrs Product testing Staff and Service Evaluation Brand Awareness

Mode B2B -,Face to Face B2B -Face to Face Mystery Shopping Face to Face Face to Face Media Tracking device Media Tracking device

Methodology Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative

Sample Size 300 300 100 1000 600 4 month Panel - 100 Ongoing panel for a year - 100 400 3 groups of 8 respondents 100 1500 by monthly 800 2100 1000

Our Credentials

Ipsos Media Ipsos

Ipsos FMCG Hospitality Health and Education Retail Entertainment TNS CityMax Abu Dhabi Health Authority UCS Mubadala Zarca Automobiles

Face to Face Focus Group Mystery Shopping Face to Face

Quantitative Qualitative Quantitative Quantitative

Employee Satisfaction Study Abu Dhabi Festival 2013 - Exit interviews Tire Data collection

Face to Face Face to Face Mystery Shopping

Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative


After sales service study Evaluate salesman performance Identifying a need e.g.: better family transportation Product quality monitoring Sales promotion tracking Customer satisfaction and loyalty study Testing brand loyalty and understanding beliefs , attitude, experience with the brand Psychological, sociological and demographic profiles of customer and subjective appraisalof the product Identifying customer future needs and perceptions relative to luxury cars/Small budget cars/SUV /Heavy vehicles Market segmentation Assessing the take rate of optional equipments Testing brand image Identifying effective distribution systems Consumer attitude and purchasing motivations towards products Strengths & Weaknesses relative to a group of direct and indirect competitors Store audits with respect to products and price of products on shelves

Our Industry Focus

M a nufa ct ur i ng

Malls & Hypermarket

El ectr oni cs

A ut om oti v e

Recognizing the importance of new product development, or determining the needs in market

Adhoc study - Customer satisfaction Deep understanding of customer needs Measurement studies to determine tourism's economic impact on special events and facilities, Market studies used for gauging specific attraction factors of convention and tourists destinations. Assess the effectiveness of entertainment concepts and pinpoint market needs for their new or enhanced tourism facilities. Measure customer satisfaction of overall facility and specific elements Measure likelihood of frequency of visitation and participation Better understand the demographics of current audience Evaluate the mix of activities undertaken by current audience Identify additional amenities, themes, facilities or activities that would enhance visitor appeal Test specific new concepts Identify target keywords for your web site

Travel & Tourism

T el e co m mu ni cat i ons

Understanding perception and image of products Measuring awareness

Our Industry Focus

Identifying more innovative courses of action in order to gain market share or to increase the sales volume To investigate comfort foods /products for the region with seasonal changes identify what , where and how people prefer these food/products To identify the associations with products and `personality identification To determine cause behind declining sales or product repositioning strategy Understanding consumer behavior underlying product consumption Understanding the purchase behavior, preferences and the underlying factors that influence them Identifying critical attributes of the product that are relevant in the market Appropriate positioning variants of the products for different attitudinalsegments, that lead to increased sales Product testing Identifying consumers true feelings for the product ( clothing and accessories) Determining the reasons behind low level of participation for the courses and what could be done to improve the programs appeal Need and Reasons that motivate student applicants to choose one establishment over another Determining satisfaction levels for the offers and how is this changing over time What could be done more, to improve your students' education or welfare. Understanding the needs of today's diverse and internationalstudent populations Identifying the drivers behind turnover of quality staff and the possible measures to reduce the staff turnover. How can the staff communication and support be improved Identifying qualifications that are needed in the future. What external factors are shaping the sector and will become matter s of concern for the future Steady Progress through Economic Uncertainty Study to understand the reasons and factors that influences customer non purchase decisions , evaluating the overall performa nce for the sales staff How Long Do Owners Stay? Why Do They Sell?

Real Estate


Malls & Hy permarket

Substitution behavior study to determine the factors that influence the patient/pharmacist to find a substitute product mentioned in the prescription Determining the success of a new medicine and medical equipment in the region Awareness and image studies for hospitals in to analyze the experiences, opinions and preferences of residents in a hospital's market area Patient staff satisfaction studies and loyalty studies

Hea lt hca r e

Our Industry Focus

New trends Evaluating brands ,Competitions Market Penetration study for Cosmetics brands Awareness of existing products in market and determining satisfacti0n level Gauging consumer perception with regards to trends in cosmetic industry/ Fashion Trends among Youngsters In depth evaluation toward brands Brand tracking study Determining the Trusted brands in the respective market. Gauging the need of halal cosmetics products in Islamic countries In-depth comparisons of banking-specific applications Core banking systems and customer satisfaction Payments and cash management systems, online and mobile banking In -depth evaluation components help financial institutions improve performance and meet market demands. Retail banking research New products and services feedback Awareness and prescription of product and services offered.


Fa shi on

Advertising Impression Studies Advertising Tracking Communication Strategy Research Communications | Media | Print/Publication | Radio | Television | Web | Newspapers/Magazines readership research Social Media Mining Television viewership tracking study

M edi a

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