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Basel Favel.

Basel was born on the Beaver River in Manitoba the Metis son of Thomas Favel 1 and Sally
Cree Pa-sa. [Thomas Favel was born circa 1807 in the Red River Settlement he died in July 1896
at Cut Knife Hill, near Battleford, North West Territories. He was married to Madeleine-"Pa-sa"
a Nakoda woman who was born in 1803 in the North West Territories, they married November
23, 1841 in St Andrew's, Red River Settlement.]

Basel and his wife Eliza (b. 1852) had the following children:
Basil, born 1883 at Poundmaker Reserve.
Thomas, born 1885 at Poundmaker Reserve.
Johnnie, born 1887 at Poundmaker Reserve.

Basel was a plains buffalo hunter who traded at Fort Carlton and Battleford. He was
interviewed by Dr. Mandelbaum on July 28, 1938:

This old man was one of the headmen during the '85 rebellion... Basils paternal grandfather
was a Whiteman his mother was an Assiniboine. Her people came from Mistikwatci
Wood Mountain (?) southeast of Regina. There were two chiefs there, Pieca-Kotcesgauit,
"Thunder Horn," and Apistseukimas, "Small Chief," also one called Wiste-pahkwuipwat
(meaning unknown). When I asked him what kind of Stony they were, Basel replied, as had
many other informants, that there was only one kind of Stony. His chief at the Treaty was
Pistigwahauapi-win Poundmasker who had an Assiniboine father and a (Half) Breed
mother. His band was all mixed, Saulteaux, River People, and Assiniboine. But most of them
were Assiniboine.

When Basel was about ten when his father came up to this country and never went back. His
father was evidently a freighter for the Hudson's Bay Company, and again we find the
potency of the Company in shifting peoples. Not only the trapping end, but the freighting
business sent many young men long distances from their original homes.2

Basel lived at the base of Cut Knife Hill. Basel, his brother Louison (b.1842) and father
Thomas were on the Treaty pay list of the Carlton Stragglers in 1879. Louison was married to
Emma Breland. Later Basel was a Metis member of Poundmakers Band (Band Member No. 73
on the treaty pay list). He was arrested on May 27, 1885 and charged for his Resistance
activities, namely horse theft and was sentenced to three months imprisonment on June 29,

1 Thomas Favel held HBC lots 529 and 551 at Red River.

2 D.G. Mandelbaum, interview with Basel Favel on July 28, 1934, Provincial Museum and Archives of Alberta tape # IH-DM.32, transcript disc


Scrip Record:

Favel, Louison; address: Battleford; claim no. 849; born: 1842 at Winnipeg; father:
Thomas Favel (Mtis); mother: Pa-sa (Indian); married: 1862 to Missa-tim-wa-sa-keg, and
1872 to Emma Valade, and 1884 to LaRose Gaudry; children living: Louison, Louison (2),
Julianne and Teetis; children deceased: Gabriel, St. Pierre, Isabella and Catherine; scrip for

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell

Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research
Louis Riel Institute

3 Douglas W. Light, Footprints in the Dust. North Battleford: Turner-Warwick Publications Inc., 1987: 318