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Grade I Second Grading Test Name ___________________________________________ Grade _________ Teacher__________________________________________ Score __________ Read the questions below

and choose the letter of the correct answer. Choose the beginning sound of each picture. 1. a. p b. f c. b


a. p a. p

b. f b. f

c. b c. b

3. Read the words below. Choose the one with /ey/ sound 4. 5. 6. a. tap a. made med a. pin b. tape b. mad b. pan c. tip c. c. pane

Select the word from the box that completes the sentence: a. egg 7. My _______is a dog. 8. I eat an _____ everyday. 9. The fish is in the _______. a. an 10. It is _____ hanger. 11. This is ____eggplant. 12. It is ______vase. Study the given pictures. Choose the expressions found inside the box to complete the sentence . b. a b. net c. pet



a. This is a c. That is a

b. This is an


____envelop. a. This is an c. That is a

b. That is an


________ car.

a. This is a c. That is an

b. That is a

Select the correct plural forms to complete the sentence: 16. Mila has four ______________.a. pencil pen a. 17. Ron and Roy saw six ________. bees bes 18. Father gave me two_______. a. box b. pencils b. bee b. boxis c. c. c. boxes

Infer what one does. Select the letter of the correct answer. 19. Boy : What are these? Girl : ______________________. a. Those are toy cars. are real cars. 20. b. These are toy cars. c. These

Boy : What are those? Girl : ______________________.

a. Those are birds. b. Those are bird. c. Those are bees. Name the pictures on the left. Match them with the correct words. 21. a. flug b. flag c. flog

a. plag 22.

b. plug

c. plague


This is my younger ___________. He is cute. a. brother b. brothir c. brothier

Choose the antonym of the underlined words . 24. Our school is near. Your school is ______. a. close b. far c. beside 25. Nilo is brave, while Carlo is __________. a. afraid b. cold c. strong 26. The part of the book the tells the name of the book. a. Title b. Table of Contents c. Cover

27. What is the missing letters in the following pattern : ____b, c, d,____, f,____h, i a. a, c,g b. a, e, g c. a, e, f

28. The first day in a week with classes is _____________. a. Wednesday b. Friday Monday 29. Which pair of words that rhyme? a. make - made b. give - same c. c. dame - lame

30. Which statement should be read with a rising intonation? a. Is it raining? did you go? b. When is Christmas Day? c. Where