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FEB-20-2010 12:13 From:BUTTRI CK HALL

02/20/201B 11:17
P. Muld ", Cha/rm;m
FcbnlEl.ry 0, 2010
Joseph R. Urgo, ph,D.
198 Colle e Hill Road
Clint011,]\ VI York 13323
Dear Dr. 'rgo:
On the Ie ommelldation of the St. Mary' s College of Maryhmd search and screenjng committee
a.nd <),1\ 'be alf of the Board of Trustees of St. Mary's College of Marylnnd, Jam pJeased to offer
you (he Plition ofPrr-sidcnt of St Mary's Conege of Marylat!d.
The Pres! ent is the institution's cbief 0 fficer and chief of staff for the Board of
Trustees 0 St. Mary's College of Maryland ("the College"), Enclosed with this lener is a copy
of Sec:tio 14-404 from the AD110tated Code (If Maryland. This expresses [he legislntively
m:mdnted and responsibilities of the President of the College. Also included is a copy
of the By! ws of the Board of Trustees,
This ItPpO ntrnent shall be July 1, 2010 and is subject to the following terms and
J. As 'ndicatcd in Atiiclc V, Section 1 of :he Bylaws, your as President is at the
plc sun: of the Board, of Trustees, However, for a pl!:riod of three years, commenc1ng on
Su] I, 20 10 and ending on June 30, 2013, termination of this appointment shall be
sub eet to the terms 11 below.
2. Th Board shaH provlde an evaluation of your performance on an an,nua] basis In relation
to oals cstabl.ished by the Board and agreed upon by you. Your annual compensation
pac' ago will be bJ.sed on this performance r<::vlcw.
3. wlll be provided a base salary of $31.0,000 for .FY 2011 (July 'J, 2010 through June
30, 011).
'l895J E, Fi5h .. r St. Mary's (lty, Marylllnd 206M'lOOt
nL: www. smrm.onu 'AXr 2(/0895'4454

Fobl'UDt'y 20,
FEB-20-2010 12:13 From:BUTTRICK HALL
J081."Ph R. Ufg ,'Ph.D.
4. will be provided. with a houshtg allowance of $35,000 per year, prQrated for any
. nl year.
5. You will also be provided with an annual Rutomobile allowance of $14,400, prorated fer
any artiul year.
6. You wiJI receive the healt1\, vision and dental ben.eflts (including access to life and
disa ility insurance) offered under Maryland State law and College policy to employees
and heir families.
7. You shall be eligible for tuitio11 benefits for any dependent childron a.n.d/ot your S'pause lt$
of 0 ytl1:S tho da.te of hire; such tuitlOn remission benefits are detailed 111 the
Coli employee ha,nc\book.
8. Yo shall have the option to palticjpate in the Maryl.and State Penalol'! Program 01' the
Opt onal Retirement Program. You may participate in any supplemental retiremc:nt
pro Tam ava.ilable to e111ployees of St. Mary's College gel1erally in accordance with the
Stat a:nd federal laws governing programs.
9. An llowa11c: wil1 be provided to cover your relocation expenses to move from you.r
curr nt residl!:llCe to Maryland M well as personal travel. You nTe req\lcsted to
obt in three oompetltive bldsfi'om repu.table movillg companies to Bcl.ect the most
S1.1it blc bid.
10, (a) t is anticipated by the Board that St. Mary's Colloge will appoint you to a tenured
fae lty professorship. However, such an appointment may only be made in accorda11ce
wit the procedures set forth in the College's rnnk and tenure p,o.licics. Sh.ould you
ap intI'l1.ent as Presidel,t termjnate for any reElson other than cause as cause is defined jn
secr an ll(b), nnd you are to remal11 at tb.c College as a tl!ll1ur.ed faculty member., you wi11
be ffered 12 months of paid admlllistratlvc: leave at 70% of the level of your
pre &dential sal;;}ry, to l1elp you prepare 10 assume faculty dutle$. At the end of that leave.
you" shall be established by the appropriate College offi.cials.
11. (a) he Board may terminate your appointment as Pt.,sidl':'lt'lt at any time w1thout cause.
Sho ld the appoIntment be tettn:inatccl wilhout cause and not for a reason 1n
sec ion l1(e), at a:ny time plior to June 30, 2013 tho Board shall pay you a lump sum
oqu 1to tl1e present value, at the time of tem1,inatiol1, of your salary from the date of
the tet1ninatio.l1 through June 30
2013. Such payment shall the Board's only
... obll .ation in such
I...__........__.". . ..__._..._- ___., ___._ ...._ .. .
02/20/201a 11:17 2468954997 HUMAN RESOURCES PAGE !;I4
.10!Cl'h R. Ur 0, Ph.D
Fehrl.l"l'Y 20, 010
(b) Th" Board may tenninate your llPPO.1t'tment aa President at any for cause.
"C use" shall include a. breach of any duty owed the Board; re:L"Usal or failure to perfon"
the duties of President in good faith and with reasonable diligence; any act o:r omission
tha conslitlJ.tes morallurpitude, or cd.minel Or frauch.lle.nt conduct; a violation of Federal
or tate law, 01' of the College policies; !!t.ny conduct lnthe judgment ofthe Board,
refj cts adversely Oll. the Board. or tbe College.
. 1
(c) . our appointment as Prcs'ident shall terminate upon your death or. di.sability resulting
in OUT incapacity to perform all of the d.uties of President of St. Mary's College of
Iftllcl. Ma
lis section 11 shaH be in offect only from July 1; 2010 to JUt'I.e 30& 2013, p.rovided
on1 that the definition. of "cause" shall continue to apply in connection. with the
inistrative leave as provided in section 10,
You are auming the leadership of St. Mtlty's College' at a critica.l point in its history. The
Board and 1are confident that you are precisely the type of inspirational and etl0rgetic leader
College n eda at this time.
Please il1d your accepta.ncc of the position and the terms and conditions by signing below
and few ng to me.


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