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KEY RESULT AREA (KRA) FOR ACCOUNT MANAGER OVERALL: 1) Lead and/or assist your team on current and

upcoming advertising projects of your set of clients including creative development and production of campaigns across various mediums like TV, Print, Radio, OOH, Online, etc. 2) Play an active role in gathering information, case studies and International learnings required for new strategic initiatives on the clients business 3) Ensure operational control on the client/s businesses at all times and be pro -active in identifying new growth and revenue opportunities for the agency. FUNCTIONAL 1) Managing day-to-day account activities / miscellaneous requests from the Brand Manager (Client) 2) Maintain adequate visibility at the clients end and be perceived as the single point of contact for all operational related issues 3) Coordinating efforts with other associates and vendors who are engaged in the client project. 4) Setting up meetings internally and with the client with a pre-fixed agenda. 5) Ensure job status reports, brief circulation with timeline discussion internally with the creative/ studio team 6) Ensure quality check individually and with the team below before any work gets in to print and production or media releases. 7) Keeping track of the status of each project, with timelines (before and during the project), raising alarm well in time in case of any emergencies. 8) Implement documentation of creative briefs on any project including mandates required to be followed for the communication, set timelines and intimate the client. 9) Coordination with internal teams, client on deadlines, presentation dates etc to ensure everyone is on the same page. 10) Demonstrate great presentation skills by leading a strong point of view on behalf of the agency and be the rallying force. 11) Demonstrate great communication skills in correspondences with the client, internal team briefs etc (both written and verbal) FISCAL 1) As part of the business team within the agency, you will need to be involved in the financial aspects of your clients business including:a) Maintaining budgets, estimates and amount of time your team is spending on any given project b) Issuing and gaining Client approval on project estimates c) Alerting Client of any changes in costs, budget, spending, etc. COMPETITIVE / INDUSTRY TRACKING 1) One of the most valuable qualities of an Account Manager is RESOURCEFULNESS. One example is being an expert on new happenings related to advertising or any new initiative done by any other player within the Clients categories and other related industries.

2) Undertaking competitive analysis on new advertising, identifying new trends in communication and discussing implications with your Client 3) Present competitive analysis to your internal team and/or the Client on a periodic basis 4) Keep abreast of evolving advertising trends, and how they may affect your clients business.

KEY RE SULT AREA (KRA) FOR VISUALISERS, Sr. VISUALISERS, ART DIRECTOR 1. Meeting with the account management team and the writer to discuss the client's/ account managements requirements; 2. Gaining an understanding of the target audience and business that the ad or piece of Communication is aimed at 3. Working closely with the copywriter to generate creative ideas and concepts to fulfill the client's brief and the creative brief. 4. Internalizing the brief and meeting with the writer and the Head of Creative to share the rough concepts before starting the execution. 5. Pitching ideas, share new concepts to Head of Creative on assignments of existing clients 6. Continuously monitor work in the design, retail and online space and share it internally with the account management team, other creative team members and senior colleagues 7. Taking complete accountability of work done right from design to execution including photography, illustration, artwork, printing etc to ensure complete quality of work. 8. Ensure that work is approved by Head of creative before it is shared with the client. 9. Ensure that the work is proof checked by the Writer 10. Identifying relevant talent outside like photographers, illustrators, artists or film-makers to work on projects keeping in mind the nature of assignment on hand. 11. On a monthly basis to identify new execution styles across different mediums and share with the Head of Creative and other colleagues in your department and in account management. 12. Keep track of new campaigns Either in TV or print that you like the most and share a note on:a) What is the idea behind the campaign? b) The insight that the campaign is trying to tap or leverage? c) Execution style Whats unique about it? 13) Browse through lifestyle, luxury magazines to check new campaigns, designs trends and try out new styles, concepts in execution